JSQ-60, Roland @ 19 March 2017, “No Comments”

jsq60 “Tested and working, gently used, safely stored. Includes AC power supply. Used it once and have no use for it!” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 19 February 2017, Comments Off

usedjsq60 “The sequencer option that usually can be found accompanying the Juno 60. It has a huge 2,000 note capacity. It will record your performance in real-time including patch changes. There’s also a step record mode and over-dubbing. Uses a DCB cable.

Tested and working, gently used, safely stored. Includes AC power supply.” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 22 January 2017, Comments Off

60 “If you have been looking for a Roland Juno 60 this is the ultimate package for the collector! I am the original owner and it has been used in my home studio for over 30 years. This synth has only been gigged a couple times in the past, and I would give it a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. It has a few minor scratches, scuffs and chips on the end caps. All of the keys sliders and switches work and it has no technical issues. Also included in the auction are a full compliment of original accessories for the Juno 60, all in good and working condition!

JSQ-60 Digital Keyboard Recorder

Original owners manual

Roland Keyboard Catalog

Roland sustain pedal

Roland patch cables 1/4 in. to RCA

Original Juno 60 data cassette

Original Roland Juno 60 keyboard stand – has wear and tear and is missing the middle support bar, but is very sturdy even so.”

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 18 September 2016, Comments Off

60 “This is my Roland Juno 60 and the JSQ sequencer that goes with it. I have had this unit in my studio for over 20 years and in that time have only used it once. There is one broken white key needs to be replaced but still works. There is a slight tape mark and some scratches shown in the pictures. It has normal wear and tear for a keyboard of this era. The Transpose switch is missing but the function still works. All electronics work as they should and it sounds amazing.

I’ve never used the JSQ but everything seems to come on as it should when you connect it. Several buttons are missing in the Mode section as pictured. I will pack both with bubble wrap and foam peanuts for safe shipping. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 29 May 2016, Comments Off

jsq60 “Perfect working condition” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 07 February 2016, Comments Off

jsq60 “Used. Works good” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 11 October 2015, Comments Off

used juno 60 “Units are vintage and sold as is. I powered and played both devices before listing, all components worked within my ability to test (I am an amateur synthesist at best).

No missing knobs or caps and no scratchiness was found, all buttons responded.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 27 September 2015, Comments Off

jsq60 “Brand new JSQ-60 sequencer. Has not been used and has only been turned on to make sure the unit powers up. Comes with box, manual and sequencer – no power adapter included. Shipping only within the US” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 02 August 2015, Comments Off

jsq60 “Roland JSQ-60 DCB recorder
Missing two buttons. Still fully functional just needs two replacement buttons.
Works perfectly and has always been taken care of.
Clean and 100% fully operational with zero mechanical issues.
Thanks for looking!” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 17 May 2015, Comments Off

juno-60 ” Absolutely awesome vintage Roland Juno-60 and JSQ-60. This unit works as it should, tests great, and is in excellent condition overall! All knobs, switches, buttons and sliders work great. The battery is still working. The sliders in particular are amazingly smooth. The JSQ-60 unit also works as it should. This synth has been well taken care of over the years. I’m sad to let this one go, but I am moving and unfortunately, need to scale down my collection. The synth will ship in the Anvil Flight Case pictured. The synth has been stored in this case, which has kept it well protected and will keep it well protected for shipping. The case is pretty banged up on the outside and one of the latches is a bit loose, but it still offers great protection for the synth. The synth will be packed in the case for shipping, which will be packed in a box. The JSQ-60 will ship separately, but is included with this listing.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 19 April 2015, Comments Off

roland jsq60“Vintage Roland JSQ 60 Synthesizer Recorder/Sequencer for Juno 60! Only works with a Roland Jupiter 8 or Juno 60. I do not have a way to test it. The keyboard was sold 6 years ago!” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland, TR-606 @ 01 March 2015, Comments Off

junolot“This was Roland’s top of the line in the early 80’s and an awesome machine. It’s a package that includes the Juno-60 Synthesizer, JSQ-60 sequencer, TR-606 Drumatix drum machine, foot pedals, tape machine and manuals. The sequencer controls the drum machine and synthesizer to the same clock speed. Maintained in like new condition by the original owner. It has always been covered when not in use. It was never used on the road or in a band so it has only been moved off its stand less than 5 times in 30+ years. It needs a good keyboard player to give it some love since it rarely gets played. My love of the guitar has made this baby lonely. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 28 December 2014, Comments Off

jsq60 “This sequencer works perfectly and looks like-new as well. I was using it with my Juno 60 up until a few days ago when I sold it. You will need a 9V power adapter for it. Any universal 9v adapter will work. I was using the classic Roland / Boss adapter used for guitar effects pedals.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 31 August 2014, Comments Off

jsq60” You couldn’t find one in better condition. Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer for the Roland Juno 60 or Jupiter 8. Comes in the original box with original packaging, manual, even the warranty is still there. Not a scratch on the sequencer, near mint condition. I have owned this since 2000 with very little use. Just tried it out with my Roland Juno 60 and it works great. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 24 August 2014, Comments Off

jsq60 “Very clean unit attaches to the Juno 60.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 25 May 2014, Comments Off

“Classic vintage data recorder for Juno60 (fully working) missing 4 buttons and 1 contact easily replaced bought as seen. No returns
As seen sorry no PSU” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 13 April 2014, Comments Off

“Very Good Condition synth. All switches/knobs intact. As seen from photos, any cosmetic issues are light scuffs from use. Works perfectly. NO MIDI, but comes with vintage JSQ 60 sequencer, which is missing “Meas End” button, and new power supply. Sequencer in fine working order, also, with 2000 note capacity. Everything powers on, all led’s light up, and functioning is perfect. Very sad to part with these, but have to make room in studio. The sound on this is absolutely enormous. Has been kept in smoke-free studio, for studio-only use. Comes with blue hard case for Juno 60. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 30 March 2014, Comments Off

“Vintage Roland analogue sequencer from the 1980s compatible with Juno and jupiter synths of that era
Boxed with manual and power supply, A1 condition” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 02 March 2014, Comments Off

“This auction is for a pre-owned Roland JSQ-60 DCB Digital Keyboard Recorder Sequencer, for the classic Roland Juno-60 & Roland Jupiter-8 analog synthesizers, in excellent condition. This unit was tested on a Roland Juno-60 and found to be in good working condition. It comes complete with the original Roland ACI-12J power adapter and a copy of the manual. The Roland JSQ-60 is a polyphonic sequencer featuring DCB standard that can be used with the Roland Juno-60 and the Roland Jupiter-8. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 19 January 2014, Comments Off

“Rare piece of gear to complete the Juno 60 set, very nice cosmetic condition and fully working, comes with the original manual and the BOSS power supply.” Link

JSQ-60, Juno-106, Roland @ 22 December 2013, Comments Off

“Roland Juno 60 Polyphonic Synthesizer with JSQ 60 Sequencer and Roland MD8 midi interface.
Comes with power cord DCB cable and manual.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 15 December 2013, Comments Off

“In perfect working order. Only a couple minor nicks and scratches but nothing you wouldn’t expect for an piece of gear from the early 80s. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 27 October 2013, Comments Off

” This is a sequencer for the Juno 60 synthesizer with a built in DCB connection. It takes a standard 9 volt power supply which is not included in this auction. The item has slight cosmetic damage (scratches and scuffs as seen in the photos) but is fully functional. A great piece of gear for the analog purist!” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 29 September 2013, Comments Off

“Das Gerät ist optisch bis auf ein paar kleine Lackabriebe gut in Schuss und
funktioniert einwandfrei. Das original Netzteil ist leider nicht mehr vorhanden und
es wird auch keins von meiner Seite dazugelegt!” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 04 August 2013, Comments Off


JSQ-60, Roland @ 14 July 2013, Comments Off

“Features tape load and save connections, two 5 pin sync out connections, patch shift in and out, and start/stop connections. In perfect working order and cosmetically in very good condition.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 23 June 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer

-Can be used with a Juno-60 or a Jupiter-8

-In great cosmetic condition and 100% fully functional.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 23 June 2013, Comments Off

” Verkaufe hier einen Roland JSQ 60 Digital Keyboard Recorder. Zustand Gebraucht und funktionstüchtig. Wenig Kratzer. Viel Spass beim bieten.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 09 June 2013, Comments Off

“For sale are is a Roland JSQ-60 – DCB sequencer for the Roland Juno-60 and Jupiter-8 Keyboards.

The sequencer talks to the synthesizer through the DCB bus and has Din Sync outputs that will synchronize external Dyn Sync devices. Works like a hardware midi sequencer.

Serial Number : 384824 Condition some metal fatigue but functional.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 17 March 2013, Comments Off

“I bought this with a Juno 60 13 months ago. The JSQ 60 was refurbished by the previous owner right before he sold the stuff to me. In good cosmetic condition and it functions. Does not come with a power supply or a manual as all I have is a manual I downloaded from the internet.

I am selling because my Juno 60 will soon have MIDI. ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 24 February 2013, Comments Off

“For sale:

Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer

-Can be used with a Juno-60 or a Jupiter-8

-In great shape, fully functional

- Features tape load and save connections, two 5 pin sync out connections, patch shift in and out, and start/stop connections.

- Comes with manual

- NO POWER SUPPLY – you’ll need a 9v DC (easily found at Radio Shack or right here on eBay)

Thanks for looking! ” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 06 January 2013, Comments Off

“This is a Roland JSQ-60 Sequencer I used with a Juno 60 that I no longer own. It connects with it’s attached DCB cable. It also features tape load and save connections, two 5 pin sync out connections, patch shift in and out, and start/stop connections. Included also is what I believe to be the original Boss PSA-120 power supply.” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 23 December 2012, Comments Off

” Up for sale a Roland JSQ 60 in great working conditions. Body is about 9.9 in great shape, no stains, no cracks.

Item includes : jsq 60 device, and power adaptor” Link

JSQ-60, Roland @ 16 December 2012, Comments Off

“This auction is for a Roland JSQ-60 vintage digital recorder / sequencer
A Juno-60 or Jupiter 8 (it must have DCB) is required to use this item.

This JSQ-60 has been tested in our personal studio with a Juno-60. It records and plays back nicely.

Cosmetic condition: Excellent condition. Extremely nice! Please refer to the photos to get an idea. ” Link

JSQ-60, Juno 60, Roland @ 04 November 2012, Comments Off

” Up for sale a Roland Juno 60 In great clean shape!!! and working great!!! It is the closest Synthesizer you will ever get to the best of of Rolands synth creation of all times the Roland Jupiter 8 !!!! It comes with the must have the Midi JSQ 60 recorder !!!!! The juno 60 is one of 80′s unique signature sound keyboards to endless warm analog melodies. I will leave you with an overview below. ” Link