JP-8080, Roland @ 29 January 2017, Comments Off

JP8080 “Roland JP-8080 Synthesizer Module
Used in a smoke free home studio. Never seen the road.
Functionality is 100%. Cosmetically there are a few light scratches, but in great shape overall.
Includes power cable. No Smartmedia cards or manual included. Roland has the manual free to download.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 02 October 2016, Comments Off

jp808 ” Roland JP-8000 with Roadie Light Duty ATA Case.
New Battery
Very light wear.
Please see photos. Previous owner had key tabs above keys.
Case has light wear.
Comes with Power Cord, Manual, and Software.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 04 September 2016, Comments Off

8080 “> The unit, as you can see from the pics, is in a perfect working condition
> All sliders, buttons ..etc function perfectly

What’s Included :

> The unit itself
> The power cable
> No MIDI or any other cables are included”

JP-8080, Roland @ 31 July 2016, Comments Off

jp8080 “Works great. Has some scuffs/scrapes but no major issues.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 31 July 2016, Comments Off

jp-8080 “Hey all!
I’m finally putting my Roland JP 8080 for sale :(
I honestly don’t want to sell it but I use all soft synths now so she is just collecting dust.
The Roland does have some ware on it, like scratches/rubbed off paint (pictured), and the volume knob is a tad wobbley but 100% functional with no crackling sound. ” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 17 July 2016, Comments Off

roland jp-8080 “Roland JP-8080


Synth has been thoroughly tested and cleaned and is in working condition.

Comes with power cable.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 01 May 2016, Comments Off

“Here is the amazing JP-8080 synthesizer. It is in excellent condition, with the pots and sliders in full working order. Only a few light scratches from normal wear. This has been delicately taken care of and doesn’t look its age of nearly 20 years.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 13 March 2016, Comments Off

jp-808 “For sale: Roland JP-8080 in 100% working condition.
Sounds amazing! Has full vocoder built in!
Has a pen mark on one of the buttons.
There’s also a stain on the bottom right corner of the top.
See the pictures for the details.
Comes with the power cord.
No rack ears. No manual.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 10 January 2016, Comments Off

jp8080 “Roland JP-8080 in perfect working order. Looks almost brand new. Includes original manual, rack ears, power cord and 4 MB flash memory card.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 08 November 2015, Comments Off

used jp8080“I purchased this legendary synth in May 2010 from Ehime, Japan. As far as I know, I am the third owner. When I received the synth I noticed there were two cosmetic issues which I have highlighted in the pictures. There is some rusting on the left hand side of the synth underneath the headphone volume. The arpeggio knob is also deformed.

Despite this, everything on the synth has always worked perfectly. I have never had any issues with the performance of the synth, and it still sounds as fantastic as when I purchased it. The only reasons I am selling it is because of lack of use and a lot of space being taken up in my current studio. I hope that someone out there is interested in giving it a proper home and will put it to good use. Happy bidding!! ” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 08 November 2015, Comments Off

jp-8080 ” I bought this unit a couple of years ago from someone who used to work at Roland and who had this but never opened it. I am the original owner and have, unfortunately, never had the time to give this device the attention it deserves. I have had it for a couple of years, but it sat in my smoke free home hobby studio because I have just not had the time. This also means that it is very much in MINT CONDITION. I know the words “mint condition” are abused on eBay, but I really do mean it… you won’t find another JP-8080 in better condition unless it comes straight out of the box new. And because this device is now 17+ years old, that’s pretty unlikely. It has NO SCRATCHES or nicks or imperfections. No signs of wear, not a discernible flaw. It is beautiful, and in perfect working condition as far as I’m aware.

This is one of my top two favorite sounding synth modules of all time. I still love it dearly, and it pains me to get rid of it, but I have to simplify my life and am getting rid of all my midi gear. I hope this unit finds an owner that gives it the love it deserves.

The contents of this auction are:

Roland JP-8080 module
Power cord
Rack ears
Owner’s manual (book)
Owner’s manual (video)
Original box
Original packaging” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 18 October 2015, Comments Off

8080 “Excellent cosmetic shape with just minor marks/scratches. Studio used only” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 12 July 2015, Comments Off

8080“For sale is a Roland JP-8080 rack mount synth module. It is in great condition and comes with rack ears. ” Link

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JP-8080, Roland @ 21 December 2014, Comments Off

jp8080“Up for auction is this beautiful Synthesizer. Fat bass and lead sounds. OUT OF THIS WORLD PADS. It was kept in a smoke free studio. Very slight wear do through time. ” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 30 November 2014, Comments Off

jp-808 “The synthesizer is in great condition but the mic input and vocoder do not work, otherwise no physical damage and only slight decolorization due to it’s old age. The manual is the one that came with the original purchase and the DVD is one I purchased seperately as a tutorial guide for how to use the JP-8080.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 26 October 2014, Comments Off

jp-808 “The synthesizer is in great condition, no physical damage and only slight decolorization due to it’s old age. Everything works as it should. The manual is the one that came with the original purchase and the DVD is one I purchased seperately as a tutorial guide for how to use the JP-8080. It is rare to find a JP-8080 in such great condition as well as with the manual.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 27 April 2014, Comments Off

“Mint Shape Roland JP 8080. Works and sounds fantastic.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 17 November 2013, Comments Off

“Absolute Mint Condition! Comes with original manual in original box.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 10 November 2013, Comments Off

” Unit is in excellent condition and works/sounds great! Includes the synth, the original rack ears, custom wood sides and the power cord. The power button sticks a little bit but it’s nothing major. Would love to keep it but the holidays are coming. Buyer pays shipping. Will only ship to addresses within the U.S.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 03 November 2013, Comments Off

“Roland JP-8080 Synth Module. Very versatile and sounds great. Lots of knobs and sliders for tweaking sounds. Endless possibilities. Excellent Condition.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 20 October 2013, Comments Off

“The legendary JP8080, sounds amazing ! I’m currently in the process of selling my whole studio off due to work and migration reasons. It’s a truly sad time for me as I turn from hardware to a software only environment, but it’s my only option for foreseeable future. My JP is in 100% perfect working condition with no scratches or blemishes. She has been kept in a smoke free studio and well cared for. I will have it well packaged with manual, power lead and will also throw in two balanced jack to XLR leads. Hope she goes to a good home and check out my other equipment being sold incase your interested, Thankyou.” Link

JP-8080, Roland @ 15 September 2013, Comments Off

“I’m the original owner. The module has always been rack mounted and kept in the studio. It is in perfect working condition.
Included are rack ears, power cord and original manual.” Link