D-70, Roland @ 30 July 2017, Comments Off on Roland D-70

“Purchased April of 2016. It has one of the later bug-free O/S versions and I believe (can’t confirm) this is the faster chipset Roland later retrofitted.
New Telesis Backlight last Year. This is the 4th D-70 I’ve owned because everytime I find one cheap I pick it up and swear I’m keeping it.
I swore THIS D-70 is my keeper because:

1) Has A Custom Anvil Flight Case Fitted for the D-70 that appears to have been Pro-Used/Custom Made (I purchased it in California)
2) Key assembly appears to have been replaced with An Original-New Keybed within the last few years OR it was a later model without
the RED GLUE key issue OR maybe it was stored just right and maintained perfection.
*When Cleaning/Inspecting/Replacing Backlight I sealed all the key weights with a clear epoxy that would Seal the original Red Glue just for good measure.” Link

D-70, Roland @ 25 June 2017, Comments Off on Roland D-70

“This synth is in very good clean condition. A new LED lbacklight was installed in 2014 and the unit was cleaned and certified as 100% working. It has been my second unit, as I had a band where 2 keyboard players needed identical soundbanks. It was a mainstay of my band, as the programmed sounds were fantastic. ” Link