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rd10 “Here is a Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synth with sustain pedal and stand and 2 sound cards, for local pickup only. This instrument is owned by renowned recording artist T.K. Blue.” Link

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d-10 “Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer. UNTESTED. Being sold as is, no return. See photos.” Link

D-10, Roland @ 23 October 2016, Comments Off

10 “Restored to factory sounds.

A few keys don’t work, but I accessed all the sounds via my midi setup so never really got round to replacing the pads under the keys.

Great 90′s sounds on this baby.” Link

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d-10 “This hasn’t been used in many years, but is in great shape! The unit most likely needs to be opened up and cleaned up a bit, because the following notes do not sound: C2, G#2, E3, C4, G#4. Other than that, it is in good condition. I have only used it for note entry in Finale.” Link

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d-1 “Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer. UNTESTED. Being sold as is, no return. See photos” Link

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used d-10 “Vintage Roland D-10 Linear Algorithm synthesizer” Link

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d10 “Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer.

Average wear.

No Case.

No discs.

Power cord included.

Appears to work when tested.

Please examine all pictures prior to bidding.” Link

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d-10 ” Up for bid is a Roland D-10 Multi timbral linear synthesizer w/ hard case. It worked when tested. Unit is missing the value knob. Item is used and sold as is, no returns.” Link

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d=10 ” Up for bid is a Roland D-10 Multi timbral linear synthesizer w/ hard case. It worked when tested. Unit is missing the value knob. Item is used and sold as is, no returns.” Link

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d-10 “Comes with original box.
It’s super clean and the keys are really white.
Everything works. ” Link

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roland d10 ” Roland D 10 vintage 80s synthesizer. All all keys, sliders, and buttons in great working condition. ” Link

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d10 “Comes with original box.
It’s super clean and the keys are really white.
Everything works. ” Link

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d-10 “Unit powers on but does not produce any output. LED display comes on, but there is no functionality from any of the keys or buttons.” Link

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d10” Mein D10 hat leider eine sehr lange Bootzeit und stürzt auch mal ab. Die Klaviatur ist in Ordnung. Angeboten als defekter Ersatzteilspender.” Link

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Sounds and display working, but some keys did not appear to work when we tested it: whether this is a mechanical problem or an electronic / programming issue is difficult to tell, hence why we are selling this as a restoration project.

In addition, the keys had been marked with the names of the notes in indelible marker – the letters have been erased but the ink has left a pink residue on some keys. A better solvent or more elbow grease might shift it.” Link

D-10, Roland @ 23 August 2015, Comments Off

This D-10 and PG-10 is in perfect working and very good condition!!
This unit was overhauled and changed internal battery by professional technician.
with 2 MIDI cable and AC adaptor for PG-10(100V) ,original case. ” Link

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roland d-10“This is a used Roland D-10 Keyboard Multi Timaral Linear Synthesizer. It comes as seen in the pictures and has been used. It does show some wear, but has been tested and works fine. It has some dust on it that is on all the keys that can be seen on the 6th picture. I couldn’t get anything up in the groove to clean it off. Shipping is free to the registered paypal address in the continental US. If you are not happy with the keyboard, it can be returned for a refund excluding return shipping.” Link

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d-10” This acution is for a Roland D-10 in very nice condition. I’ve bought it last year but I have to get rid of some of my gear and this one has to go. It comes with the hard case and pedal shown on the pictures.” Link

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d10“Roland D-10 synth
Includes Power cord. Factory Sounds loaded.

Only defect is missing buttons. All controls work, but the Value slider knob is missing and the top row of plastic buttons are missing. The switches underneath all work, but require a piece of plastic or something to push the button down inside the slot. They are the edit and setup buttons, not the patch select buttons so they are the least used.

Due to the buttons missing, a very inexpensive way to get a working Roland D series synth.” Link

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d10” A very nice Roland D10 in great condition and in full working order.Inc. Power cord” Link

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d10 “Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer including a stand
Great Synth all in good working order only selling to make more room.” Link

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roland d10” being sold “”AS IS”” because 5 of the keys DO NOT work. As seen in the 3rd picture the keys with the yellow tags are the ones that do not work. ” Link

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d10 “Hi and welcome to this auction for my Roland D10 synth. It is in excellent working condition. Unfortunately there is no manual but one can be downloaded via the web. Please note that due to its weight and fragility it must be collected – can’t risk it being chucked around in a van!” Link

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“Roland D10 Linear Vintage synthesizer. No road case. Buyer pays for shipping.” Link

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“Up for sale is a Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer. This instrument is in almost perfect functional and cosmetic condition (though a quick cleaning wouldn’t hurt). It has had a very recent factory reset and has a fairly new battery. There are no dead keys and no stuck buttons (though a couple buttons, mainly bank 2 and 8 and sometimes a couple of the editing buttons, need to be pressed slightly harder). I have not tested the memory card slot, but everything else works. This instrument also comes with the original manuals AND a scanned portion of one of the manuals is taped on to the synth for easy voice editing reference (easily removed with minimal residue).

Now, there are a few flaws:

Occasionally the synth will restart itself seemingly randomly (it will do it whenever it wants, be it idling or being sequenced or even while editing – nothing seems to trigger it directly).
Rarely, when sequencing (or at least multi-track sequencing in Multi Timbral mode), the instrument will freeze while displaying ‘MIDI BUFFER FULL’, then restart. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but I’m mentioning it anyway.
It is a fairly complex instrument, and as such programming it is not very easy. I’d argue, as a DX7 owner, that it’s about as hard as a DX7 to program properly. Could just be my experience though.

Overall this may be one of the better D-10s on the market currently. ” Link

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” I am the original owner and I purchased this D-10 from Sam Ash. I play jazz flute. I kept this unit standing in a closet along with my computer with wires running out to the keyboard, monitor and my amps and speakers. I used it only as a sound generator/module.
This has never been on a gig, it has only been played, as a keyboard, a few times when I had somebody over to lay in some backing/accompaniment tracks for me to use later. This is why it is l*ke new!
It comes with all of the original paperwork – both manuals (which I’ve seen listed on Ebay for $30 by themselves!) and the miscellaneous additional data sheets, the Instrument chart (performance and multi-timbral), Owner’s manual addenda, Quick operation table, and a guide to rom play.
I just put a new lithium (2032) battery in it (this only takes about three minutes and is very easy to do) which refreshed all of the settings/instruments to factory original (this can be done any time and very easily as per the manual). I played around with it and hooked it into my midi/computer system and verified that, of course, everything works perfectly. As the factory setting is for a split keyboard I adjusted the setting to make a non-split keyboard (easy to do, if you read the manual, by just setting the split point at the bottom of the keyboard range, and just as easy to reset any way you like). I did this because I’ve seen some people on the internet having some trouble with this – undoubtedly they did not have manual.
To make a long story short – you will not find a better D-10 than what I am offering. If you could buy a new one, then it would only be the same.” Link

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“Roland D-10 Multi Timbral Linear Synthesizer. Works good, hard to find, case included. Two small chips on the bottom of two keys. Does not affect anything. Includes foot pedal and amp cord. Amp not included.” Link

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“This keyboard is in working condition with the exception of the Data Transfer and Enter button Which are stuck and caved in. Also the Tune/Function button feels a little stiff but I was not able to verify if it is working or not.

Otherwise this keyboard is ready to play with all keys working great.

No Accessories will be included.

Everything else is guaranteed to work.” Link

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“Minor wear. In good cosmetic condition and functional.” Link

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“Very cool and clean, in great shape. Great Hard Case!” Link

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“Roland d10
Multi timbal linear synthesiser
Has a two a two pin plug
And I do not have an adapter to test
So selling as parts spare / repair as I have no idea if works” Link

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“Classic Roland D-10 Linear Synth. All working except for a couple of keys that don’t make a sound. So better suited to studio work and for creating sounds that playing as a live instrument. It may be that it’s easy to fix since all the other keys work fine. Includes the original manual and fixed power supply. It’s obviously quite old but has been well looked after and other than the keys mentioned is fully functional.” Link