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roland cr-68 “Up for sale is a vintage Roland CR-68 drum machine with one issue…

the VCA in on the hi-hat channel is constantly open. Therefore no matter what you do, it will always be active. But, there’s ways around it. By adjusting your balance and tempo accordingly, this extra layer of white noise can become densely useful. Other than that and the gradual wear and tear of vintage units, this is in pretty good condition. ” Link

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68 “The CR68 is in excellent condition. All parts are original. The wooden case only has some minimal marks. The red paint from the Roland logo and the line “CR68 CompuRhythm” has faded but the logo and letters are still intact and clearly visible. There are some hardly visible marks from removed stickers on the control panel. All by all this 38 year old cult drum machine still looks great.” Link

CR-68, Roland @ 18 December 2016, Comments Off

cr68 “Cosmetically good, sound is great. Looks to have once been in woodgrain but was painted black. Will Ship to Usa & Canada” Link

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cr68 “This vintage Roland Drum Machine is in perfect condition. I put new because I did not know how else to describe it accurately. It was slightly used, but only slightly. and has no sign of wear or use of any kind, it also has foot pedals. This was owned but a member of my band who was a pro and a perfectionist and super fussy about his musical equipment. When I ship it, I will double box it to insure that it will be perfect when it arrives at your door.” Link

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68 “I got here a Vintage Roland CR-68 Analouge Drum Machine made in Japan, it is in Excellent “but used” working, and physical condition. ” Link

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cr68 “ROLAND CR-68 CompuRhythm Analog Drum Machine ac117 8 watts. This is machine is like new and in working order. The item will be shipped according to buyer location through Canada Post.” Link

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cr-68 “For sale is an extremely cool Roland CR-68 CompuRhythm analog drum machine.

This unit works great and is in used condition with some minor cosmetic wear from use.

This is super versatile, and the presets sound great. Everything is fully functional and original to the unit.

The only issue is that the Waltz button cap is missing, however the button is still easily pressed and works as intended. ” Link

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used roland cr-68 “Great example of the classic Roland CR-68 drum machine in full working order. No marks on cabinet.” Link

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cr68” works and sounds great! only used in studio. all buttons and knobs work cleanly. sound is clean and clear, everything works. ” Link

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68“Rare Vintage 70′s ROLAND CR-68 Rhythm Drum Machine CR68

Fully Tested & Working 100%!” Link

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roland cr-68 “Enjoy the warm analog glow of this Vintage Roland CR-68 Rhythm Machine.
Great sounds for that retro feel…
Tested for functions, all OK.
Cosmetics are good, but shows its age – with minor peeling (at corners) and one ding (see photos).” Link

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cr68 “Enjoy the warm analog glow of this Vintage Roland CR-68 Rhythm Machine.
Great sounds for that retro feel…
Tested for functions, all OK.
Cosmetics are good, with minor peeling (at corners) and one ding (see photos).” Link

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cr68“Vintage Roland CR-68 Rhythm Machine.
Tested for functions, all OK.
Cosmetics are good, with minor peeling and one ding (see photos), typical of these.” Link

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cr68“In great working condition, small defect in the output due to loose connection (needs to be checked)” Link

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cr68“BRAND Roland

CompuRhythm CR-68

Perfect working condition!

Rated voltage AC100V
Rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Electricity consumption 6W” Link

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cr68 “For your consideration … This Vintage Roland CompuRhythm CR-68 Drum Machine. The unit is in fantastic condition, there is a scuff mark on one side (you can see it in the pictures), it would probably come off when you shine it up. The black tolex covering has no rips and is not separated at all. It has been very well cared for and has been tested and works just as it should. It’s a very nice unit. What you see in the pictures, is what you will receive.” Link

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” Great condition and fully functional.” Link

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“My father has over the years accumulated a collection of different musical gear, mostly synthesizers and various delays and effects. He has recently decided that it is time to start getting rid of some of it so he has asked me, his son, to help him sell some of it on eBay.” Link

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“Very good condition. This item has never left my bedroom and was used very lightly.

No scratches, nice black casing, and knobs, switches, and buttons in tact and working fine.” Link

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“Used(very good)
perfect working condition.” Link

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“You are looking at one of the genuine classics of analogue synth history.
Precursor to the programable CR78 this beauty has exactly the same sounds.
It has a really nice accent function and for some reason these babies have their own ‘groove’ which modern drum machines and DAWs just don’t.
The wood is close to pristine, the front panel has a little sign of use and age, a little rust.
Recently serviced by Audio Circus.
Bid on a piece of history.” Link

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“VINTAGE ROLAND CR-68 CompuRhythm Drum Machine

This CR-68 is one of the cleanest I’ve seen, an excellent addition to any studio or collection.

Recently serviced by Tim Wallhead.

I’m starting up a new business so have to sacrifice some of my home studio – please see other items.

I’m sure that you can find loads of technical information on the net so won’t bother pasting in this listing.” Link

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“This Roland CR-68 CompuRhythm is an analog rhythm machine, is not programmable but does have breaks & fills, an accent that really livens up its beats. There is a nice balance knob that can be used to alter sounds a bit. This CR-68 offers basic rhythms and sounds such as; 4 rock, 2 disco, waltz, shuffle, slow rock, swing, foxt trot, tango and more! The sounds are analog and include kick, snare, rim, hi-hat, cymbal, maracas, claves, cowbell and congas. This machine was a blast from the past looking for a new lease on life with the new owner. Auction to include exactly the items featured in the pictures only. Have a great day.”

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“For sale is a vintage Roland CR-68 drum machine. It is very clean and has little to no physical damage. Its condition is absolutely immaculate for a 30+ year machine. It has not been turned on for a few years but did work perfectly fine last time it was played.” Link

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“Roland CR68 Analog Drum Machine in Fully Tested Perfect Working Condition. Cosmetically the drum machine
is in nearly perfect condition with no imperfections that are nasty to the eye. Used only in a smoke free studio
and never gigged.” Link

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” This is likely the sweetest cr-68 you’ll ever find. It’s been in my studio for several months, in which time I’ve sampled it and put it away. Before me, the original owner used it for a month, decided it “didn’t rock”, and put it in a box in the corner of the music room, where it sat until this year when I persuaded him to part with it.
The covering and faceplate are looking brand new. seriously- collector shape. It functions flawlessly.” Link

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” Selling a vintage and increasingly ever hard to find classic Roland CR-68 analog drum machine. All functions work perfectly. There is some slight wear and tear on the sides and bottom of the unit (as evident in the pictures). Kept in smoke free studio over the last 3 years. Due to the rarity of this vintage item… the value will most likely continue to rise. ” Link

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“This awesome rare vintage Roland CR-68 analog drum machine is practically in MINT condition! Very hard to find, yet looks as if no one has used it since it came out of the factory in the 70′s. All functions work perfectly, no issues at all! don’t miss out on this!” Link

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” This is a Roland drum Machine in very good condition with foot pedal.” Link

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“Get the sounds of the legendary CR-78 drum machine at HALF THE PRICE!

In proper working condition and great physical shape!” Link

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” Vintage roland cr-68 compurhythm. Comes with foot pedal.” Link

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“Zum Verkauf steht eine Roland CR-68 Analog-Drumbox, mit nachgerüstetem MIDI Interface.
Die Maschine ist in gutem bis sehr gutem Zustand für ihr Alter und kann mit dem MIDI Interface, welches alle 11 Instrumente antriggern kann, auch noch in einem modernen MIDI-Setup genutzt werden.
Der interne Sequencer arbeitet selbstverständlich auch noch und alle Funktionen außerhalb der MIDI Funktionalität sind voll gegeben.

Sehr schöne Maschine mit den bekannt knackigen und percussiven Sounds.
Wann genau das MIDI Interface dort hineingekommen ist kann ich nicht sagen, ich hatte das Teil damals so gekauft.
Die CR wird auch nur verkauft, weil ich zwei davon habe.” Link