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keytarax1 ” This is an auction that includes both a Roland AX-1 Keytar, and an Alesis QSR, with a 512kb Pretec card. The Keytar comes in a modified guitar case that could use further modification to make it more padded.

I have NOT tested either unit, so I have no way of knowing the status or working condition of any of the items included in this auction. Everything seems in decent condition and doesn’t appear to have gotten wet, and doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke!” Link

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ax1keyrtar ” This is an auction that includes both a Roland AX-1 Keytar, and an Alesis QSR, with a 512kb Pretec card. The Keytar comes in a modified guitar case that could use further modification to make it more padded.

I have NOT tested either unit, so I have no way of knowing the status or working condition of any of the items included in this auction. Everything seems in decent condition and doesn’t appear to have gotten wet, and doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke!” Link

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ax1 “Selling my used ’92 Roland AX-1 Keytar. There are some marks on the back of the keytar because it’s been well loved and played. The keys on the front are a custom job and, I think, add character to the instrument. Still works great, battery powered option works, 9V DC plug works, and midi works.” Link

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ax-1 keytar “See more below.

The AX-1 is a MIDI-only controller, meaning it doesn’t have an internal sound engine. Like any typical MIDI controller, you connect it to an external sound engine via a MIDI cable. This is were the TransMIDI comes in. It takes a MIDI signal in, converts it audio, passes it to a 1/4″ connection (that you would then connect to your own wireless system). That wireless system then passes everything to the far end, which then inputs to a remote TransMIDI unit, which converts it back to MIDI, and then hands it off to a sound engine.

You can see the three general pieces of the system in the picture. The larger one (and the power supply) is the receiver for the far end that plugs into your sound engine/module with a standard MIDI cable, and plugs into your standard audio wireless system. The smaller box is what pairs with a MIDI controller and the other part of your wireless receiver (typically people would velcro or hang them off a strap). In this case, the guts of that smaller module have actually been mounted inside the AX-1. This way the AX-1 can do two things; output MIDI via a standard MIDI cable, or output MIDI via 1/4″ to your wireless system.” Link

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ax-1keytar “Up for sale is this great shape and fully functional Roland AX1 Midi controller. It will run on 6 AA batteries or an optional power supply (not included). Thanks for looking and happy ebaying!” Link

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ax1 “I’m a keyboard player and I used this myself for many performances.
It comes with the Roland strap and (German) Schaller Strap Locks.
The owner’s manual is included and also a free case.
The case has some issues. It is worn, and was not a custom case for this keyboard.
Inside, it has some very rough-cut foam, but it works. I’ll include the case mostly because
it will be good for shipping. The case is as-is and free, so don’t be disappointed by it.

Everything works normally, but the keyboard has been damaged and repaired.
First, if you look closely at the keyboard, you can see that 2 of the black keys are shorter
than the other black keys. They have been replaced, as have one or two white keys.
The repair shop did not have exact matching keys, but these work and feel perfect.
They just are not the exact same key.

Second, on the right side of the keyboard, where the strap mount is attached,
the plastic has been repaired. See the 2 photos that show this.
One photo shows the mount with nothing attached, one
photo shows the mount with the strap attached. It is not pretty, but it is solid.
Behind this area, the keyboard has the original metal plate that holds the strap mounting post.
Everything is very solid, it just doesn’t look great.” Link

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ax1 “Roland AX-1 Keytar Syntar MIDI controller keyboard for sale.
Keytar is in great working condition.
Strap and adapter included.” Link

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roland ax1” Hi Ebay’ers. What we have here is an original vintage (I guess something nearly 20 years old would be considered vintage, compared to today’s standards!) Roland AX-1 MIDI controller keyboard. I am the original and only owner to date. If this controller could talk, oh my what stories it could produce! I have been playing keyboards 33 years; I’ve been fortunate enough to play internationally 3 different times. This keytar did not come with me overseas; however, it DID join my rig in 2000, 2001 (when I opened for LaBouche), and in 2004 when I opened for 80s legend Howard Jones. Presently, it’s rather sad living upright in my closet, and I’m using the notorious AX Synth these days. I figured it’s time to sell her off to another worthy user, and this is why I’m here today. She was manufactured in Italy apparently, and considering most of the synth gear today is made in China or Japan, I’m remarkably astounded at the build quality of this controller. Hell, even the serial number badge on the back looks like it was printed on aluminum and bolted on, unlike gear today where it could be just a metallic sticker. This is a great item for the simple fact that we have wireless MIDI packages that allow you to virtually go free and give you the flexibility of covering much more area than the stage itself. This and the build quality together make this an exceptional piece with a TON of potential. Keytars today just aren’t being made the same as these were. I’m downsizing because I’m content with my AX-Synth, and plus, I’m saving for a Studiologic Sledge 2.0!” Link

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custom ax1“Used Roland AX-1 with custom Purple paint job, it seems like a pearl textured automotive paint, depending on the light it can look dark burgundy or really purple, you can see the photos for how it reacts to the different lights.

This is a commission so we don’t have the history of the keyboard, but we have tested all the midi functions (since we have experience with this model) and everything seems to work perfectly, it sends midi notes, midi CC#, program changes, the mod/ribbon works as intended, the buttons all work, transpose/octave works,sequencer start/stop works, basically everything is fine in the operational side, due the paint job there’s no lettering on the buttons anymore, so in order to program the unit you’ll need to use a photo as a guide of the unit or an editor.

Physically looks great, but there’s some kinks and dinks every here and there and there are what appears to be cracks on 2 parts of the body (see pictures) we believe both have been glued already but we don’t know if it’s directly on the body or just in the paint. Again,with this being a commission we don’t know if it has been repaired previously or anything else, but we do know it all works perfectly as intended and it looks pretty good for its age and the paint job is still really good.

Also the the original strap buttons where exchanged for new ones that seem to be extremely similar to original Fender one’s, which is a plus since the original ones are very cheaply made.” Link

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1b “I am selling my black Roland AX-1b in perfect working condition. I bought it about 4 years ago, but it has not had much use from me, so I’m hoping to find a better home for this classic. There is a little bit of scuff damaging on the neck of the keytar, but it is very minimal.” Link

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ax1 “Selling my Roland AX-1 keytar. Bought it used here on eBay about four years ago and it was my beloved instrument before hard times forced me to sell it.

It has been used, and thus, it’s in good shape for its age but with a few blemishes on the body. The battery pack was missing from the AX-1 when I bought it and was never replaced, so you’ll either need to buy a battery pack or use the A/C adapter (included) to play it.

It still works flawlessly, including the fun pitch bend ribbon. It makes no sounds of its own, which is why I’m including a Roland JV-1010 sound module with this keytar to help you get started.

Also included in this sale:
- MIDI cable
- Audio cable
- Three microphone adapters (2 3.5mm adapters and 1 1/4in. adapter)
- 2 A/C wall adapters (one for the AX-1, the other for the JV-1010)
- Strap w/ Straplok fasteners
- Softcase” Link

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ax1“This is a gently used unit.

It has never been beat on or dropped. It has only minor surface scratches and a few minor scuff marks.

It operates and plays perfectly, and comes with the original Roland strap.” Link

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red keytar
BODY: The body has some scratches and some scuffs as you can see in our last pictures. It also has some small discoloration by the start/stop sequencer button. (IMPERFECTIONS IF ANY- see last pictures)” Link

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roalnd ax1“ROLAND AX-1 MIDI Controller
This item has been tested and it works great!!!
It has no sound, but you can connect it to any general midi device to produce sound.
It is in a good cosmetic condition, showing some signs of use (please see pictures for details).
It comes with a strap and adapter.” Link

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ax1“ROLAND AX-1 MIDI Controller
This item has been tested and it works great!!!
It has no sound, but you can connect it to any general midi device to produce sound.
It is in a good cosmetic condition, showing some signs of use (please see pictures for details).
It comes with a strap and adapter.” Link

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ax-1” Roland AX-1 Midi Keyboard Controller. Black. Brand new, in shipping box.” Link

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used rolandax1“This example is in beautiful condition (see pics below) and is in perfect working order. It is supplied with the original user manual. There is no power supply as i have always used it with batteries so that i can move around freely but should you need one they are available on ebay. Also included is a very sturdy, custom built flight case which is worth £200 on its own.

Overall then, a great looking keytar which is in perfect working order and is ready for you to strut your stuff. ” Link

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“You are bidding on a used Roland AX-1. This keytar is in great shape overall. It works well with no known issues. It is also in great cosmetic condition. There are no cracks or gouges in the plastic body. There some scratches and scuffs in the paint, but it is nothing major. Overall this is a great instrument. This auction will include the Roland AX-1 with strap.” Link

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” For sale is my Roland AX-1 keytar synthesiser. It is in immaculate condition minus a few minor belt marks on the rear. Comes in a felt lined flight case and the original strap. Selling as is surplus to current requirements.

The keytar has been modified to take a 9v battery which lasts longer and is cheaper to replace than the 8 AA batteries it used to take. To change it back to AA batteries, you simply plug a long battery holder into the battery clip. ” Link

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“Up for auction is a Roland AX-1 MIDI Keytar in excellent condition. A couple of scratches on the backside, everything in working condition. Comes with a gig bag and power supply. Thanks for shopping by. Good luck!” Link

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“Roland Black Keytar with gold lettering. Great keytar in great condition.” Link

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“Perfect Condition, you’d almost think it was brand new from factory.

32 patches, allows both layered and solo mode. Has awesome ribbon controller.” Link

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“A classic Roland AX-1 Midi Synthesizer controller with midi foot control/switches – cosmetically a “10 footer” with a few minor nicks/scratches in the finish but certainly not whipped. I don’t readily have the means of testing this unit at this time so it’s being sold “as-is”. I’m confident it works but then again that’s just an educated guess. Used from 1999-2003 for over the shoulder performances running my Korg Triton Pro sounds, then retired to climate controlled storage after removing the batteries. I never used the foot controllers, didn’t even figure how, so their condition is entirely unknown. I had great fun getting out of my corner stage of double stacked keyboards with this rig… I hope someone else will as well! What you see is what there is, no other cables or accessories included.” Link

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“Almost new Roland A-30 Ax-1, cherry red, keytar for sale
Keytar unused and in excellent condition
Package original but opened
Instruction booklets included” Link

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“Cheaper then any working AX-1 on Ebay! Priced to sell for Christmas. Very good condition, with gig bag and strap. Worked perfectly with my Roland XP-30 keyboard. Fantastic midi controller for studio as well. ” Link

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” This keytar will literally make you cooler. It’ll set you apart no matter your skill level – people just love to see it. More importantly, it’s a blast to play, with such features as touch pad pitch bending, sustain button, expression/modulation bar, arpeggiator button, volume knob, etc. It can really spark creativity!

It’s built like a tank, works just like new and only has minor scuffs and scratches despite being 20 years old. I’m the 2nd owner – the first owner (who played bass for Menudo) purchased it in the early 90s and I bought it from him 6 years ago. I used it in my band for a couple years before storing it away. It’s never given me any issues and should serve you well.

It comes in the original box with the original strap (which has a strap lock on one end) and is 100% functional. Batteries are not included. (6 AA batteries required.)” Link

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“Good condition!

I think it is beautiful as old instruments.

It has case as photo.

It works with battery.” Link

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“I have used this keyboard mostly for music videos and on stage. It has some small scratches on the corners and the back which are not visible when you are holding it. There is one screw missing in one of the corners, but it will not open unless you pull it with both hands. Otherwise, It works fine.” eBay Link

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” Roland AX-1 Cherry Red Keytar Synthesizer. In perfect working condition, all keys and buttons work perfectly, i used to play it frequently via Ableton. A few small cosmetic damages on the corners. Strap is still in good condition. Battery power setting works fine, i do not have the attachment for wall power.” Link

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“45 key Roland ax-1 midi controller. Very cool piece to have in your collection, most definitely going to miss this one. Very little use since I’ve owned it. It does work, but I do not have anything that was original to go with it since I lost it moving but I can assure you it did work last I used it and I am confident it still does. I will include an extra 9v power supply. IT IS A MIDI CONTROLLER, not a keyboard or synth. It needs to be connected to something(a rack, computer, keyboard etc) in order to have the sounds to play. The keytar its self is in great shape. One nick in the plastic near the “neck” and a bigger nick on the back as pictured. ” Link

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” This keytar is used and in good working condition. It has wear and scratches from use.

Please see pictures. Pictures shown are of the actual item(s) you are bidding on.

This auction includes only what you see pictured.

Auction includes:

Roland AX-1 Keytar Midi Controller
Foam” Link

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“ROLAND AX-1, KEYTAR MIDI-Controller, das kultige und mittlerweile seltene Masterkeyboard zum Umhängen, mit sämtlichen Befehlsmöglichkeiten, Ribbon-Controller und Expression-Bar! Deutsche Bedienungsanleitung, Gurt mit Strap-Locks und sechs Meter langes MIDI-Kabel inklusive. Rock the stage! Endlich uneingeschränkte Bewegungsfreiheit für entfesselte Keyboarder! ” Link

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“I’ve had the AX1 for a number of years and works perfectly, I have found it to be a very useful MIDI Controller not withstanding it’s portability in live playing situations.

It has a pitch bend ribbon and a touchpad-like expression bar on its neck. It also has a sustain switch on the back of its neck for ease of playing. It has 45 velocity sensitive keys. It does not produce its own sounds but must be plugged into a MIDI device in order to be played.

The AX1 comes with an M-Audio Midair Wireless MIDI system giving freedom to roam – included is a new Ritter gig bag.” Link