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ax09 “My Roland Lucina, never been on a gig , had plans to use it but joined different type of band that doesn’t really fit the style . Really nice condition. Plays and performs as it should. I will include the dedicated Roland strap , manual and generic ac adapter and it will have batteries in it ready to go ! Shipping to lower 48 only. ” Link

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ax09 “I won it at a charity auction and paid too much for something I never used. Best deal on ebay. Selling used on Amazon for $595. Stylish, lightweight, compact design with easy-to-use, intuitive user interface 150 high-quality sounds that cover a wide stylistic range, plus extra customized premium quality sounds (high demand) 37-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, 128-voice polyphony External-In Jack and USB-Memory Audio Player Function (You can enjoy playing your favorite songs) Runs on AC or battery power” Link

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ax09 “Comes with all owner’s manuals, 8 enloop hi-performance rechargeable batteries, plus spare hi-quality replacement headphone jack.” Link

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ax09 “I’m selling this Synthesizer because I have hardly used it at all since I bought it brand new. It’ll come with the Synthesizer in full working order, the original power supply, and the original strap. This thing is a lot of fun to play with as it has many stock sounds you can use, but you can also use it as a midi keyboard. ” Link

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ax09 “Here is a black Roland Lucina AX-09 Keytar synthesizer/controller with it’s Factory owner’s manual and Factory power supply in very good condition. There are no issues with this keyboard except very minor body wear. All buttons, knobs, keys and inputs/outputs work well. ”

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ax09 “Like new Roland Lucina w gig bag, power supply, Roland strap and manual. ” Link

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ax09 “Nice Roland Lucina keyboard. Used very little. Great condition. Original packaging and manuals included.” Link

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09 “Selling: Roland Lucina AX-09 Keytar. Documentation, Strap, and Power Supply included.

I purchased this brand new about a year ago, it has been lightly used and is in excellent condition. Works great as a standalone synth and as a MIDI controller. Has a Ribbon and Modulation bar, as well as a D-Beam controller for realtime modulation.” Link

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ax09“Up for sale is a like-new Roland Lucina AX-09 keytar synthesizer! I purchased it new and did not use it much. It comes strap and power supply. It is in the black finish and everything works as it should. It shows hardly any signs of use.” Link

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sc09 “Used one time for testing in a home studio environment, I quickly realized that this instrument is better suited for live performance…not to say an innovative studio artist couldn’t find use for this as well. With that said, this “Keytar” is in near mint condition, with minute cosmetic damage of less than 1% along the neck of the item (Came with the item and thus was slightly discounted upon original purchase), and really does provide full, powerful tones any musician could appreciate.

Comes repackaged in original box with all accessories. (including padded strap with slot for cellphone or other devices).

Get what you see!!” Link

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ax09 “Hi, I am sorry but please do not bid if your unwilling to pay. The winner is to pay immediately from the end of auction (not hours or days). Failure to do so will result in re-listing & report to eBay. I know most of you guys are honest eBayers but I had several problems lately hence the disclaimer. I am sorry & thanks for understanding. As usual, my auction starts at a $.01 with no reserve! my lose is your gain :)

I am selling the barely used Roland Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer. And because it was only used twice it is in like new condition with only the tiniest of wear & of course it works just fine.

As the pic shows, the auction comes with: Roland Lucina AX-09 Synthesizer, Strap, CD, & Manual only.” Link

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ax-09 “Like New Roland Lucina AX-09 Keytar. I bought it to use in a band back in November, but we disbanded before I could use it. I practiced with it a couple of times and it works great, but I no longer have a use for it. It is in great condition and has all of the original manuals and accessories.” Link

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ax09” What you are looking at is a very gently used Roland Lucina. This is a full featured, professional level keytar/keyboard. This is a gorgeous piece! It has not been to gigs, so the finish is conservatively near perfect.

They don’t make this unit anymore, and when you do find them, they are very expensive, and often scratched, etc. The capabilities of the Lucina are mind blowing, and I recommend you look at YouTube to get an idea what this keytar can do!

The unit comes complete with the original manual, box, strap, and power supply, so you can get it, plug it into your amp and power, and play!

Why am I selling it? Well, although I am satisfied with it’s performance, I work in my studio nowadays. This unit is for playing on stage, and although it is great in the studio, I have other keyboards for this purpose. It needs a home on the road, and it will serve you very well.” Link

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ax09” Roland Lucina AX-09 Shoulder Synthesizer in excellent condition with only minor wear from normal play. Stylish, lightweight, compact design with easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. Includes Official ROLAND Lucina gig bag, Roland Keytar strap, optional power supply is not included. The gig bag has normal use. All straps and zippers are intact.” Link

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lucina“Very clean. With original box.” Link

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lucina “You are bidding on a used but mint condition ROLAND Lucina AX09 keytar synth.

Auction also includes the power supply, but unit can also be powered by 8 AA batteries. Never gigged with, used only in non smoking home to control soft synths/modules” Link

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custom ax09 “This Roland Lucina had a really bad accident, was sent to a repair shop, and this is what came up looking and working like:
Downsized from 37 to 32 keys, you can see the scars where it sustained it’s injuries and then painted Red. Part of where the pitch ribbon controller is has been removed and now its a neck.
Dbeam no longer works, instead there is a high intensity blue LED, only the left side audio jack works, same with the headphone jack. Easier to sling it on your shoulder than the regular lucina, smaller, lighter., as true road worrior survivor., it has a lot of bumps, scratches and buises. Besides all the above mentioned it plays great.” Link

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ax09 keytar “Barely used, very clean. Complete with all original packaging, literature, power supply and shoulder strap.” Link

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“You are viewing one Roland Lucina AX-09 synthesizer.

I am selling this for a musician who had an accident.

This synthesizer and all other features work fine!


This synthesizer can only be played with the power cord.

What you see is what you get in this auction.

Comes with manuals, stickers, strap and power cord.” Link

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“As new. 3 weeks old, bought for a film shoot. In 100% working condition no scratches. Sold with flight bag.” Link

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“Used but like new, less than one hr of play time on it.comes with Manuel,original stickers,power supply, but not original box.” Link

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“works, but headphone jack is broken and there are some cracks in the plastic” eBay Link

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” Great shape – comes with bag – I upgraded to an ax-synth – cont.US only ” Link

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“Up for sale is my Roland AX-09 “Lucina” shoulder synthesizer, aka “keytar”.

This thing is just another awesome keyboard from Roland, and has a ton of great features for such a small,

compact keyboard.

However, last time I played this, the modulation bar seems somewhat sticky, but works as far as adding in the

modulation effects when desired. This keyboards has been priced accordingly!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the minor modulation bar issue, I have priced this keyboard accordingly at

BIN $199! w/free shipping.” Link

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“Great shape – comes with bag – I upgraded to an ax-synth – cont.US only” Link

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“This auction is for a Roland Lucina AX-09 Synthesiser Keytar

I have only owned it for a short time and have only used it 3 times.

It is in immaculate cosmetic condition and in perfect working order.

This auction also includes the mains power adapter and keytar strap.

This synth is a keytar so can be worn with a strap like a guitar.
It can also be placed flat on a table top and be used like a regular synth.” Link

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“Keytar comes fully functional. Has small crack on left side. Everything else is great. Selling with straps, manuals, CDs, power adapter, quarter inch cable, and Roland Lucina Backpack Carrying Case” Link

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” This is a return from Best Buy. The volume knob is missing but the volume control still works. Other than the volume knob the synthesizer is in perfect condition. Includes the adapter and software as well as a shoulder strap. The box that the item is packaged in is damaged but don’t let that fool you about the quality of the synthesizer.” Link

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“Roland Lucina AX-9 is in mint conditions.
You get what you see.” Link

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“This KeyBoard Was Purchase For My Daughter 4 Months Ago. The Gig Bag Was Purchased Separate.Reason For Selling, She Does Not Play It. She Played For One Week And Thats It. No Scratches, Dints!!!! The Unit Looks Brand New! Includes Manual,Power Supply,Strap And The GIg Bag.” Link

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“Hier wird ein neuwertiges Instrument Roland Lucina AX-09 angeboten.
Das Instrument wurde als Geschenk gedacht und nur einmal zum Testen ausgepackt.
Es ist noch eine Werksgaratie ca. 20 Monate vorhanden.” Link

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“Here we have a cool AX-09 synthesizer / keytar from Roland. This AX-09 is in great condition and only has a few minor nicks and scratches (pictured). All the functions work properly, including all the keys and lights. This unit has some awesome sounds and is great for live stage performances. This unit comes with the original Roland strap and power supply. No manual or software disc is included. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This keyboard is in EXCELLENT condition and has been used only once!!! It comes with original owner’s manual, power cord and strap!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.