Polyfusion @ 20 December 2016, Comments Off on Polyfusion PCBs

polyfusion-pcbs ” 20 years ago I bought two sets of PCBs for Polyfusion analog sequencers from Kevin Lightner. These boards were used in the AS-1 table top unit and in the module for the Polyfusion modular system. I stuffed parts into the boards and had the idea about what I would do with them. I bought some BUD chassis AC-408 boxes and intended to get panels made to fit them and the pots/LEDs/switches from the PCBs, but life got in the way I moved all over the place and carried them with me. Anyway, an ambitious synth specialist could make something great out of these. I’m moving back to Europe so I need to unload some of my hoard. ” Link

Polyfusion @ 29 December 2015, Comments Off on Polyfusion Sound-a-Round

sound-a-round “Up for sale is a (1) very rare Polyfusion Quad Panner, model QP-1. The unit can be used in two modes: auto and manual. In the auto mode you can control the panning by the depth and speed knobs. It has a build-in LFO which can be used in normal or reverse mode. In auto mode you can control the panning by the joystick. The depth and speed are CV controllable then. The unit is working fine. Optical it’s in nice condition for its age, but there are some minor scratches and wear and tear on it (see photo’s). One screw is missing at the bottom plate. It’s an original 110V version with USA plug and the serial number is: 7705.” Link

Polyfusion @ 21 July 2015, Comments Off on Polyfusion AS-1 Analog Sequencer

Polyfusion AS-1 Analog Sequencer “Polyfusion AS-1 Analog Sequencer. Serial# DEMO. It is in good condition cosmetically. Works as designed. I replaced the STEP button a number of years ago. The sale includes the Manual/ Cookbook and a Jones plug for possible expantion.” Link

Polyfusion @ 22 July 2014, Comments Off on Polyfusion Keyboard Controller

“The Polyfusion Model 2052 Keyboard Controller features, Two voices, each with glide (switchable for either logarithmic or linear response), velocity sensitive control output, Micro-Touch transpose switches and an X-Y controller.” Link

Polyfusion @ 27 May 2014, Comments Off on Polyfusion Voltage Controlled Oscillator

“This is the real deal, the best Oscillator from the best modular synth ever built. Polyfusion standard sized modules, fits directly into existing Polyfusion hardware racks. This Oscillator has been tested and works perfectly ” Link