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crumar performer” For auction used vintage CRUMAR Performer Analog Synthesizer in very good working order. Made in Italy 1981. You can see an original warranty paper work. The synthesizer is in excellent working order and fully functional. All cords included. Original leatherette soft case. Two pots have a broken knobs(please see pictures) but works fine.” Link

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crumar “ALL AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. Powers on and hums, thats it. In need of full restoration. Bid accordingly. Cosmetically very good. Includes original CRUMAR vinyl zippered gig bag!” Link

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crumar ” Here I have a Crumar Performer, but this one produces NO sound. It does power on (as can be seen in the photos). Cosmetically, the case, wood, and keys are in good condition. However, quite a few sliders are broken. The master volume is missing a cap. This item is sold AS-IS. No power cord included.” Link

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“This CRUMAR Performer synthesizer will not power up! I do not know what is wrong with it. Everything looks descent however there is some rust and signs of use but this was owned by a professional traveling musician and it is at least 40 years old. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you will get! This is a rare piece and a desirable one too! It needs to get in the hands of someone who knows how to fix stuff!” Link

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“I’m selling my Crumar Performer synthesizer which comes with the original carrying case from the late ’70s.

It’s missing two slider caps (as seen in the picture) but the sliders themselves are functional and slideable (just missing the caps). These can be ordered for about $8/cap from a few synth part websites.

It’s an amazing/malleable synth that can make long string/brass sounds and short funky, beefy squelchy bass sounds and analog blips” Link

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“The classic string synth from the late 1970s used by Nick Rhodes on the legendary first two Duran Duran albums.

This baby has seen a lot of use! The Brass section doesn’t work, but if you are looking at this, it is the sublime string sound you are after anyway. The string section works, and the equalizer is surprisingly useful. Every once in a while, a couple of the notes in the string section change to sounding more like sine waves instead of sawtooth, which is actually a pretty cool effect. A couple of the keys need their contacts cleaned.

In the Modulation section the “FM” (vibrato) mode works (including Delay Length), but the VCF mod doesn’t seem to be working.” Link

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“CRUMAR PERFORMER ! An Kenner und oder Bastler ! Bitte genau lesen !

Ich biete hier einen ANALOGSYNTH an der mit einem Deopfer Midicontroller ausgestattet wurde leider wurde bei diesem Umbau die Klangerzeugung
ausser funktion gesetzt, allerdings ist alles was orginal da rein gehört auch drin was für einen versierten Elektroniker sicherlich eine gute Grundlage wäre das Gerät wieder zu beleben !

Ich habe dazu einige Service Unterlagen von Crumar mit allen Schaltplänen , Messpunkten und was man noch so braucht für eine evtl. restauration.

Wer das nicht machen will der hat ein sehr solides MIDI-Keyboard mit 49 Sehr guten Tasten !

Das Gerät kann bei mir besichtigt werden in Alsdorf (nähe Aachen) ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a CRUMAR PERFORMER PRF SYNTHESIZER. This unit works great and looks nice. There are 5 slider caps missing but you are still able to use sliders without the caps. Cosmetically there is tiny numbers etched on top and a couple small blemishes on the wood otherwise it looks fantastic! It also comes with power wire and case. The carrying case shows wear, the straps are partially ripped away from it but still functional and case also has other small rips as shown in the pictures.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is an old crumar string machine. its rusted up and i wouldnt dare plug it in without taking it apart and sorting it out but i have a feeling it would work if someone took the time on it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is a Crumar Performer analog string and brass synthesizer in nice cosmetic shape and in great working condition. Cosmetically, a few of the slider caps are missing (as pictured). Functionally, a couple of keys are intermittent in operation. Overall, this Performer is in great shape for its age.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Great condition! Absolutely Beautiful String Machine Here!

Well maintained. Has one small crack in the back wood, which appears to be a normal thing with this model. This is the same string/brass synth used by Duran Duran, The Cure, Washed Out, etc.

Comes with original gig bag.” Link

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“Voll funktionstüchtig. Verfügt über eine Brass und String-Sektion sowie Modulation (FM + VCF). Bei der Brass-Sektion fehlen bei 4 Schiebreglern die Plastikköpfe, was bei der Bedienung jedoch nicht stört. Alterbedingtes Poti-Kratzen ist schon mal zu hören, ist jedoch nicht besonders auffällig. Ansonsten fetter Sound. Auf der Frontseite hat ein Vorbesitzer mit Goldstift was draufgemalt, sticht aber nicht besonders ins Auge.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a vintage Crumar performer. This is an analogue synth that seems to be working well. Looks like it’s missing on slide knob.. see last pic. All keys are working… all functions are working. No static. Has some rust on the fron panels. The wooden case has a few scratches and dings, but it’s ready for more war.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for a Vintage Crumar Performer Analogue Made in Italy Synthesizer. All original without any repairs or modifications. All functions work as it should. Its missing one slider knob and the slider shaft on the Brass Resonance slot is broken off. You can still slide it up or down with your finger. In excellent cosmetic condition with no rust and all keys work as they they should. . Comes with original Crumar carrying case-in excellent condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“very good cosmetic condition, clean, very little to no wear on the wooden edges, powers up and works, everything functions BUT the output for the string section is a lot lower than it should be. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“up for sale vintage crumar string ensemble!

master volume knob is broken but all keyboard is working great!

very well wrap for shippping!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage Crumar String-Performer Polyphonic Analog Synth

From The personal collection of Paul Savoy:

Paul is the guitarist and main songwriter for A-ha, one of the most successful bands of the 1980s. He has written most of the band’s biggest hits, including “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.”, “Hunting High and Low”, “Take on Me”, the James Bond theme “The Living Daylights” and the ballad “Summer Moved On”. Mr. Savoy is a patron of the Woodstock Music Shop.

In great condition, some minor wear, but expected for a synth this old, works 100%.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Welcome Bidders, you are bidding on a great piece. This is the vintage Crumar Performer synthesizer. The Performer is a 49 key synth that came out in the late 70′s and is fully polyphonic. It is best known for its string sounds. The String section features 8′ and 16′ settings with 2 oscillators per voice. Attack & Sustain sliders control the envelope. The is also a Brass section with one oscillator and a square wave generator. Each section completely changes the overall tone, giving you access to lots of really cool synth tones. Crumars were used by such artists as Duran Duran and Sun Ra. This beauty has been tested and works well- some small static in the sliders. If you need that incredible polyphonic analog synth tone- this is where you want to be. No reserve. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Italian manufacturer, Crumar, produced some truly great products in their time but sadly they never made the impact they deserved (possibly because Crumar also made some real lemons that soured the manufacturer’s reputation somewhat).
Crumar brought good sounding synths at affordable prices – they gave us the Bit 01 synth (and its derivatives), one of the first affordable dual oscillator polysynths and their ‘Organiser’ series of organs were surprisingly good as well.

One of the other products they made was the Crumar Performer, a versatile string synthesiser that was as good as any of their more famous rivals.

An offshoot of their ‘Multiman’, the Performer was a string synth first and foremost but, like the ARP String Ensemble, they also included a ‘brass’ section which was actually not bad for simple polysynth sounds. It was the string sound, however, that was the best thing about this underrated little gem!

It was lush and swirly, featured a three band EQ section, adjustable attack and release envelope controls and an LFO and you could coax a lot of sounds out of its simple feature set. Well orchestrated, it could sound surprisingly realistic.

The Performer was most famously used by Duran Duran but it was (is?) a staple part of the St Etienne sound as well.

Here are the known things I should bring up. One of the G keys isn’t playing. I think it’s a contact issue which would be easy to fix. The Brass button works when you press it but does not stick to the ON position. Should be fairly easy to fix that too. There was some rust that I took off and repainted which you can see in photo. that being said the sounds this produces are awesome!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Crumar Performer 1978 Italian String/Brass Polyphonic Synthesizer

Minor cosmetic flaws: chipped right wood end, missing octave switch(the wires are there and touching them operates switch-changes octave),cigarette burn in a higher white key(doesn’t affect playing) Missing slider caps, one slider is gone(but still has enough to move up and down(easy fix,as are the other 2 issues)

That being said,p this thing, sounds awesome- works fine despite octave switch(i never used anyways), with Brass sections, and Strings workinghow they should. Forget Duran Duran, I used this on recordings.And havin a few legendary poly synths(this is every key polyphony) at my disposal,
i always reached for this one…very rich sounding, fat bassy brass -mix em’ together…
This is my 2nd Performer, and my last one didn’t have functional strings…
There is a big difference.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage Crumar Performer
Italian made, Crumar is to vintage keyboards
as Vox is to vintage amps, a sound
all their own. I’m offering this item as
a ” for parts or repair” because the Ab key
needs replacement and the fuse holder cover on
the back panel is gone.
This piece can find new life if the two items listed
are addressed. I do have and will include a power
cable as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“A must for the vintage synth. fan. The Cumar Performer was one of the best string and brass synths of the 70′s. This unit is in working order. all sliders and switches in good condition. the strings sound great. As was tipical of early poly keyboards the brass is a bit disapionting. I have used this instument in my studio when i just have to have that vintage sound. The bag is included but the ziper dose not work. Sold as-is” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The Performer is a polyphonic analog Strings and Brass instrument produced at the end of the 1970′s.
49 keys, fully polyphonic.
Programming is simple and clearly laid-out with just 15 sliders and a few buttons.
A solid black chassis and wood end-cheeks round out this classic and often overlooked string machine.

I am the original owner of this instrument. Bought it new in 1979.
And it STILL sounds and plays GREAT!

Comes with the original case.
Case has some wear; not excessive. One of the zippers is missing the pull tab, but works.

The top octave “D” key has a blemish, see picture.

Even comes with the orginal power cord.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“the only issue with this is that the [B] note plays the whole chord no matter which setting is used. This could be an easy fix. It sounds great and other than a few slider buttons missing, it’s all there. Sliders are not busted. It has a ton of scratches and rust pits also. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“>>>>> CRUMAR CRUMAR CRUMAR Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Item is Used In Good – Fair condition Working 100% ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is a Crumar Performer Synthesizer. It is 100% functional and has very light cosmetic wear and tear for it’s age. This is the best looking performer I have seen on eBay so far; as they do not show up often. It comes with it’s orginal carrying case that has one broken fastener that you can see in one of the images. All keys, buttons, and sliders work great and do not stick; all keys are level. I have lightly used this synthesizer in a smoke free home studio and to my knowaldge the first owner did as well. I have described this item to the best of my ability. Due to the age of the synthesizer, it is sold as is.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Good working condition, all keys have tone, but key contacts need a good cleaning.
Snapped off slide bar on resonance slider, missing 9 slider knobs.
Cigarette burn on one key, and chipped bottom on another.
This is same synth model made famous by Duran Duran on “Duran Duran” and “Rio” Albums.
Serial Number A 416″ Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for bid is the Vintage Crumar Performer synthesizer. Just have my tech checked the unit. The volume slider pot was replaced. It’s in good working condition. All controls & keys works. Fully functional unit. Few plastic sliders cover are missing, some top 1/2 of the plastic sliders are broken but functions perfectly, no performance issues. Few rust spots (where screw is attach on front panel-see pix). The cardboard material on the rear panel as seen on pictures #22 & 23) is slightly damaged, it can probably be glued and repaired. Shows visible scratches, scuffs, dings. Overall it’s still in fair-good shape. I hope the pictures describe the physical condition. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.