Moog, Percussion Controller @ 03 August 2009, Comments Off on Moog Percussion Controller

“This auction is for a Moog 1130 Percussion Controller. It is in excellent cosmetic condition and measures about 8 inches across. It has 2 knobs labeled “Scale” and “Sensitivity”. Bought this from a surplus inventory sale at FAME Recording studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. I was told that it works and has been stored away in a closet for a few years. Sorry I had no way to test it myself. It looks well taken care of. I researched on the internet and found out that this Moog Model 1130 Percussion Controller was made in the 1970s and was very popular among musicians. Also, here’s some more information I found from an article:

“An analog drum pad CV controller.
Produced in the early 70s, marketed as an accessory for Moog synthesizers, including the MiniMoog and Sonic Six.
Also known as Moog Percussion Controller and Moog Drum.
According to the original ad, the 1130 “actuates unique musical tones with drumsticks”.

There are two CV outputs for controlling volume and pitch on the connected synth (harder hit = higher tone). In addition, an S-trigger jack is available. The device is powered by a six-pin connector plugged into the controlled instrument.”” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.