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sy1 “Super rare vintage Pearl Syncussion SY-1, two channel analogue drum synth.

Amazing sounds, from 80’s disco to Aphex Twin and beyond!

Comes with synth and 2 pads, not original Pearl power supply.” Link

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sy-1 “Up for sale is a (1) rare Pearl Syncussion SY-1 percussion synthesizer including two original Pearl drum heads, the stand for the drumheads, instruction manual, brochure, cable to connect the main unit with the drumheads and the 12V power supply adaptor with European plug installed. The Syncussion is working fine and sounds incredible good! The drum heads are also working fine. Cosmetically they are in used condition. The case of the Syncussion has a few signs of use, there’s wear and tear on the bottom side, there are some scratches on it and the drum heads are in very used condition too (see photo’s). The serial number of the SY-1 is: 518070.” Link

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sy1 “A superb example of our favourite drum synth: for sale serviced and in perfect working order. Comes with the original carry case, drums for triggering it still in their original box, power supply and some of the original paperwork. The condition is excellent / near mint: there’s barely a mark on it with only one ding to the casing visible from the front – please see the detailed photos in the listing to assess it for yourself: it doesn’t look to have ever been near a drummer. The plastic case is in fair condition with various tears along the edges but still functional. The drums have seen some use but both skins are intact. Serviced by James Walker at Synth Repair Services, and also modified for separated outputs on a TRS jack” Link

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drum-x “Power on all button work but no further testing sold as is for part or not working” Link

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sy1 “Fully working, with original pads and new Pearl tom stand.” Link

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drum-x “This auction is for one Pearl Drum-X (also known as DRX) analog drum synthesizer. It is in good shape and works great. It can be triggered either via the Pearl pads or any source of audio/gate-in. That means any other drum machine, sequencer, acoustic drums; anything that can be plugged into the 1/4″ jack. The drum sounds can be programmed from the front of the unit and saved into one of the eight kits. Auction includes the drum synth and power cable. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

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sy1” Hey there. Up for sale is one of my beloved Pearl Syncussion drum modules. If you like making techno or dark synth stuff this is the module for you. It makes beautiful clangy analog sounds and never gets old. Its a very musical box and can even sound like a normal analog synth on its clean square wave setting. It comes with one drum pad but I usually just trigger it from the trigger outs of a drum machine, it can trigger with audio outs as well. This thing sounds absolutely insane, Ive always dreamed of having 4 of these chained up but Im not aphex twin so I must sell this little guy. ” Link

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sy-1” Here for sale, Pearl Syncussion with CV AND separate output modification

-You can play notes with your external sequencers (Tune input jack accepts 2x CV signals, adapter cable included in sale)

-Main output had modification, you can have separate output for each voice. (Adapter cable included as well) ” Link

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“This sought after SY-1 is in great condition. One of the instrument selector knobs is not original, but easily changed.” Link

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“Pearl DRX-1 Drum Synthesizer

Excellent bit of vintage equipment

Beyond plugging it in and switching it on, this has not been tested at all – it is, therefore, sold for spares/repair only” Link

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“zu ersteigern. Der Synth hat deutliche Gebrauchsspuren am Gehäuse, ist technisch aber vollkommen ok. Das Modul ist trotz vielfältiger Einstellmöglichkeiten einfach zu bedienen und die Sounds sind sehr durchsetzungsfähig. Du kannst 5 Pads anschließen und lostrommeln.” Link

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“Each channel has an oscillator that can produce different basic waveforms which can be shaped with its own simple envelope generator.
Oscillator pitch can be swept with the SWEEP control either positively (i.e. start high and drop in pitch -)
or negatively (the pitch rises through the sweep).
However, each channel also has an LFO with variable speed and depth and a choice of square and sawtooth waveforms.
There’s also a noise generator and a sample/hold function and so, with some adventurous programming, a very wide range of sounds is possible.” Link

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“Description: An original Pearl Syncussion SY-1 Drum Synth with carry case and power supply but no pads or stands. Serial Number 507017. Works well.

Two-channel electronic percussion unit. This device was originally meant to be triggered with drum pads, thus serving as an extension to an acoustic drum kit. Still, it accepts any trigger signal. It is a very versatile unit having two LFO:s (one/channel), sample/hold for random pitch sounds, filter, and envelopes for pitch and velocity.

It’s excellent sounds were used by UB 40 and the Krupps, and in the 90s it had a renaissance with bands like Skinny Puppy, Third Electric and Oliver Lieb.

Size: Case measures 39 x 12 x 22cm. Weighs 3kg

Condition: This unit is working well. A few small dings on the wood and a screw missing from the bottom, otherwise the condition looks good. The case is a bit rough and the power supply has been modified.

The music equipment I am selling is from a deceased estate in Bathurst. Most of it has been in storage for at least a decade. I will try my best to give accurate descriptions of the equipment – but I am not an expert in this area. I welcome any questions and have a 14 day return policy if you have any concerns.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Sought-after and hard to find vintage electronic ‘drummer’ vintage 1979.

Includes the electronics, AC supply and attachable mount. Trigger drums not included.

Works 100%, every switch, fader and controller. All inputs and output.

Sounds amazing. There is nothing else that has ever quite captured the sounds that this unit can make.

I’ve included pics from the original owner’s manual here. Will include these as a printout with unit. Also will include printout of the original schematic.

This SY-1 has two added options via 2 switches installed on the rear panel (see pics) which add, in my opinion, 2 extremely useful features:

1) The left switch adds approximately 30dB of gain to the input tigger signal(s)- what this means is you can use much lower-level signals to trigger… for example with this feature switched in (switch in UP position), you can plug in a dynamic microphone (with appropriate adapter) and trigger the SY-1 by just tapping on the mic, or speaking into it. Switch in DOWN position is normal direct input for typical drum-trigger levels.

2) The right added switch in the UP position joins the 2 channels, so a trigger on either Ch 1 or Ch 2 input triggers BOTH channels of this SY-1. This allows many more tone possibilities by allowing 1 source to trigger both channels simultaneously. The 2 channel output faders control the mix of the 2 different sound sources combined.

The only issues- the sides of this unit are cosmetically not great- some scars and scratches, and the right hand side has a piece missing from the rear corner. See pictures. Note that while not pretty, this in no way affects the performance or functionality. Other than the sides, the main panel, and all knobs, switches, LED’s and faders are in great condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ich biete hier eine absolute Rarität und Sammlerstück an:
Pearl Syncussion SY-1 Drum Synthesizer

Das Teil ist in einem wirklich super Zustand. Makellose Oberseite, und auch der Vekleidung sieht man die 30 Jahre kaum an.
Technisch ebenfalls 1A.
Super fette analoge Kickdrums ala 808, 909. Snares, Toms, Hihats und abgefahrene Elektro-Sounds lassen sich dem SY-1 entlocken.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Pearl SY-1 Syncussion Analog Drum Module works great sounds amazing. Comes with the toms and stands, these are super rare and this the second set I’ve listed for sale, first one sold. A power supply is included, it’s a universal power supply and needs to be set to 12V so be sure you set it to 12v not 9v! There is a ding on one corner but honestly if you’re buying this to keep for the long run you should have an awesome wood case built for it or rack it up which is what most people do. There are only a few screws that hold the case to the unit so it’s super easy to build an nice custom wood case which is what I was planning on doing anyways. These are really awesome for expanding on your drum machine setup and using with your 808/MPC/Elektron type of gear. You can actually sequence it with CV if you put the jack halfway into the “tune” input it will track CV pitches! Not super accurate CV control but you can make some really awesome modular sounding bloopy bleeps and tight punchy basslines, that right there is something that no other analog drum trigger setup can do! This is 2 channel, 2 independant synth voices with 7 waveforms, Tune, Decay, Width (Cutoff), Speed, Range, LFO and sample and hold! Using the LFO set to square you can make just one channel sound like two toms while the LFO modulates the pitch way cool!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.