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oscar ” For sale here is a rare OSCar Oxford Synthesiser Company. This OSCar has midi and is 100% fully functional. It came just back from servicing and plays perfectly. Cosmetically it’s in excellent shape. It sounds AMAZING, with a huge set of features for the time, including programmable harmonic waveforms, patch memory, sequencer, an awesome arpeggiator, duophonic capabilities (yes you can play two notes at once) along with one of the best filters I have ever played, allowing for LP, BP, HP, overdrive capabilities. Huge bass, leads, effects unlike anything else. One of my favorite monophonic synthesizers of all time, & I’ve played them all, from Minimoogs to Arp Odysseys to Synton Syrinx. If I had to describe the sound I would say it’s instant Boards of Canada, smooth, bubbly, analog with an aggressive Aphex Twin side that can get gritty & rough. Check out the detailed pictures below. Very rare operates at 110v! No need for a transformer for use in the USA. These Oscars rarely show up for sale, maybe only once or twice a year. Check out the detailed pictures to make sure you like it. Don’t miss out on this one! ” Link

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osacr ” It is very important you know what you are getting into before you buy this. Needs to have a qualified technician with patience restore it. All the boards and Main ingredients are present but there is a good deal of work to be done here. When this was handed to me several technicians had already did the repairs on it, and they were obviously not competent enough to finish the job. Have decided I am never going to get to do this, so I might as well give it up to someone who wants to do it. As you can see in some of the pics, there are some knobs and Stems that are not present on the instrument but I have most of them and I am including them. I haven’t done an actual count, but probably 95% of all the knobs and switch caps will be included. A few items will not such as the rotary switch selectors. But those can actually be purchased quite cheaply. Top key is missing a nub on the frame to hold it in proper place, that will need to be dealt with by buyer.” Link

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OSCar “This is from my private collection, I purchased this beautiful holy grail of synthesizers in England, 2002. It was overhauled by now defunct FX Music Control in England, all of its internal components were tested, then only replaced as necessary. It has the original 220v power cable, which I use with a step up/down transformer to run off USA 120v.

Included is also another rarity which is an original copy of the owners manual. This synth is in 9.5/10 “near mint” condition and is 100% fully functional. It is missing 1 knob cap for the LFO Amount potentiometer. You will not find a better OSCar than this!

It comes with factory MIDI as well and has the latest version OS installed. This is a very rare opportunity you will not find again. Pics are of the actual unit for sale. This wonderful machine has been very well cared for in my private non-smoking professional studio. Serious buyers only please.” Link

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oscar ” Up for sale is a super rare Oxford Oscar Vintage Analog Synth in near Mint condition. It was recently FULLY serviced and it’s even been converted to 120V so no step down converter is necessary. If you’re unfamiliar with Oscars, they are notorious for having issues inherent to the design. This one, however will not. Let me explain.

Oscars pop up on eBay every now and then and claim to be ‘serviced’, but I implore you to ask the seller what exactly that means. Sometimes they just open up the synth, spray the connections with Caig Deoxit and call that a service, which it isn’t. In fact a lot of ‘serviced’ vintage synths have the bare minimum done to them and claim to be fully serviced, which was the case when I bought this one from a dealer in the UK. ‘Just serviced’ they said. When I received it, everything seemed to work fine. Then I got busy building my studio and the Oscar was not used for almost a year. When I carefully moved it to the new studio and turned it on to test our cabling, I only got a few red lights on and nothing worked, no sounds. I contacted the dealer and of course he sounded surprised and claimed he knew exactly what to do, which was some nonsense via a midi update. Of course that didn’t work. So I sent it to Analogics and Wes worked on it when he had spare time, because I didn’t want to spend a ton of money. After a year of him working on it, I finally get it back and it works great now. The total cost was $1000 and would have been closer to $2000 he said, however since he took that long and it was a learning experience for him, he only charged me the former.

The last Oscar on eBay sold for $4000 from the UK, plus $260 shipping, plus import duties, so probably around $4500. I paid nearly the same for this one a few years ago and now an additional $1000 on the service. If you think my price is too high, I understand. However, if you think finding one cheaper means a better deal, think twice. There are only 2 or 3 people in the U.S. that know how to work on these and you could easily be looking at a $2000 service if something goes wrong with your Oscar. Not to mention the downtime.” Link

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OSCar ” Up for sale is a super rare Oxford Oscar Vintage Analog Synth in near Mint condition. It was just serviced by one of the top analog synth techs in the country so it has years and years of use before needing any attention. Everything works perfectly and sounds incredible. If you’re unfamiliar with Oscars, they are notorious for crapping out. Well, this one had all the connectors, solder points, etc. redone and is rock solid. And it’s even been converted to 120V so no step down converter is necessary.

Its many functions include programmable harmonic waveforms, patch memory, sequencer, great arpeggiator, duophonic capabilities (play two notes at once) scorching filters allowing for LP, BP, HP, overdrive capabilities. Does great bass, leads, crazy sounds that no other synth can reproduce. This is truly a one of a kind!

It doesn’t have the preset sounds loaded b/c I could not find the appropriate midi files, however, from what I recall those sounds aren’t anything to write home about. The fun part is creating your own sounds than nobody else has.” Link

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OSCar “Oscar is tested working, the only issues noticed are cosmetic. A missing pot cap and the underneath of a key is broken (which does not affect playing).” Link

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oscar ” This auction is for a fully functioning, recently serviced and totally overhauled OSCar synthesizer, with MIDI. This is a great sounding synth with a lot of features that are unique even today. This one has been fully overhauled (see below), so if you’re looking for one in great condition, this is it!

The following work was recently done on it:

New backup battery installed.

Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors (full recap).

All potmeters have been cleaned.

The keybed has been disassembled and deep cleaned.

The pin connectors between PCB’s have been replaced with hardwired flat cables, gone are your random OSCar issues! A superb mod.

There is one functional issue to note: the Separation knob does not work as specified in the manual. Whereas the manual suggests filter separation is at 0 when the knob is fully CCW, on this model 0 filter separation is at 12 o’clock. I have confirmed that this is the case for many OSCars–it appears to be a change that was made during production–but most importantly, it doesn’t affect the how the function works.
Please note that the OSCar runs on 220v and will need a step-up converter to use in the US.” Link

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iscar“This is a rare and desirable machine. Cosmetically, this is not the smartest example, although not too shabby either– one of the rubber ‘fins’ which divide the control panel has been missing since before I bought it, and the others have some stress cracks where they’ve been removed during servicing over the years. These are not unusual issues with OSCars after many years of service and are highlighted in one of the photos. (The aperture for the missing ‘fin’ has been covered with black PVC tape – keeps the dust out and looks tidier).

The synth comes with original user manual (again, not the smartest condition, but reasonable) and a CD backup of the current set of sounds. ” Link

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oscar“apart from some light scuffs MINT condition fully working (guaranteed)REcent (last week) pro service” Link

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oscar” For sale is a very rare Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar. This synth is in excellent near mint shape & fully functional. Cosmetically looks great, bright graphics & easy to read, only a few small scratches. Sides back & bottom are all in excellent shape too. It operates at 220v & comes with a new high quality step up/step down transformer for use worldwide. Latest version with midi, new battery & replaced caps for perfect future operation. This is an amazing monophonic/duophonic synth with very advanced features for the period, including sequencer/arpeggiator, patch memory. You can even change the harmonics of the waveforms. Very warm unique analog sound, unlike anything else & the quality is on par with the greatest of them, equal in capabilities to Minimoogs, Arp, Roland & Korgs. Possibly my favorite vintage monosynth. Check out the pictures below. These are getting harder to find with each passing year, & rarely come up in such nice condition. Don’t miss out!” Link

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OSCar“The incredibly rare and incredibly brilliant OSC Oscar…sounds amazing. Its in great condition and has been fully serviced including changing all the pots. This is the later MIDI model.” Link

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“This thing makes some very unique sounds and I have played a lot of synths, I understand now why these units are so desirable

Another wonderful treat from the ongoing keyboard collectors estate sale in Miami


Sysex file was reloaded and almost all the factory sounds have been restored. Unit has been turned off and on and battery is holding programs.

I have tested all the knobs and switches and they are working, I have tried to test the sequencer but is function is cryptic, download the manual from the Oscar pages UK and see for yourself

Arpreggiator is working, the duophonic feature is working, the filter sounds great

The harmonic waveforms were reloaded with the sysex file, I have tested them and they sound correct per the manual

Some knobs are missing the top cover which can be purchased online. In addition a couple of knobs are slightly bent but still function as intended

Unit has midi in out and through, looks like someone added labels to the top for identification

I do not know the serial number and will not open this up to look for it !

I have used midi software and unit is transmitting midi data

A reprinted manual is included” Link

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“Oxford OSCar Analog synthesizer in very good condition with reprinted manual

This thing makes some very unique sounds and I have played a lot of synths, I understand now why these units are so desirable

Another wonderful treat from the ongoing keyboard collectors estate sale in Miami” Link

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“Zum Verkauf aus (Nichtraucher-)Studioauflösung steht ein OSCar, ein sehr seltener, analoger Synthesizer
der englischen Firma Oxford Synthesiser Company.

Das Gerät ist vor knapp anderthalb Jahren im Ingenieurbüro von Herrn Fischbach in Düsseldorf
generalüberholt worden und ist seitdem zeitweise in Betrieb gewesen, technisch also einwandfrei.
Einziger, fairerweise zu erwähnender “Mangel” ist, dass der “Function”-Poti der
“Envelopes and Triggering” Sektion nicht genau auf die Beschriftung angepaßt ist.
Dies hat aber keinerlei Einfluß auf die Funktion” Link

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” I am selling my OSCar. It’s in fantastic shape cosmetically and electronically. I am the second owner since new, the first owner had it in his non smoking personal studio the whole time, as have I. Comes with metal flight case and original manual…

I had it serviced a year ago. It was deemed in great shape then, it had the pots sprayed and a couple of dry solder joints re-soldered.

There are a couple of small marks on it, you will see in the photos under the ‘S’ of the main OSCar logo there is a small scuff and next to the mod wheel where the previous owner got funky. There is one pot cap missing as seen above the ‘OSC1 harmonics’ button though this is easily replaced.

MIDI works perfectly as does the external sync via MIDI, used for syncing the clock for the arp. This is a very unique synth, the filter sounds killer and well, I don’t really need to say much more…. It sounds amazing, no faults of any kind sonically, all factory presets loaded in to internal memory.” Link

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“My rare, vintage Oscar synthesiser is up for auction. The Oscar is a dual oscillator, digitally controlled mono-synth with analogue filters and user memory patches. This Oscar is a later version and has the MIDI board fitted, it also comes with the original manual and copies of the hand drawn schematics that are available on-line.

It has been fully serviced and tested and is in very good condition. That said, it is a 30 year old synth and it has a few quirks.

The arpeggiator up mode only works above the first c# on the keyboard. This seems to be an error in the operating system, given that the oscar was programmed in assembly language in a garden shed/workshop. Another Oscar owner (“arnsky”) has had the same problem from June 11, 2009: http://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/oscar.php?comments_page=3#comments_anchor All other arpeggio functions work perfectly.

Three of the pots are a little scratchy which is to be expected from an instrument of this age. But these do improve with use.

The battery has never leaked so the circuit boards are in very good condition. The battery has been replaced as of August 2013 so the original factory presets aren’t available. ” Link

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“In immaculate condition.
Factory fitted Midi Interface” Link

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“I am reluctantly selling my beloved Oscar Synthesizer.

It’s in excellent condition, sounds fantastic and has been recently serviced, including a new battery, so it’s functioning perfectly.

I’m sad to see it go but needs must.” Link

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“OSC OSCAR – legendärer analog Synthesizer mit Midi

guter Zustand, voll funktionsfähig

letzte Revision mit der besten Midi-Implementierung Version “M2″

inkl. Handbuch

OSC Oscar synthesizer in good and fully working condition
latest revision with factory built in midi (version M2)
incl. Manual” Link

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” Oxford Synthesizer Company OSCar Analog Synth SN 802 (M2) with case.
This is a rare beauty, in good working condition though a few pots need a little cleaning.

Very well kept in my studio, one owner.
Comes with original English manual.” Link

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“Works great! Needs new lithium battery to store settings. Comes with attached power cord.” Link

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“This is a great example of the wonderfully rare and brilliant-sounding mono-/duo-synth that its fans reckon outclassed the Minimoog as soon as it was introduced in 1983 and just got better and better as the Oxford Synthesiser Company tweaked the controls, added MIDI and offered more patch storage. At number 833, this is a relatively late model, which has (as far as I know) all the revisions that matter.” Link

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“For auction is this OSCar Synthesizer serial # 553

The synthesizer is fully functional and has seen very little use over the years.” Link

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“This OSCar is in perfect working order and is a later MIDI version. It has just been professionally serviced by James Walker of Synth Repair Services so you can be confident that everything works perfectly, smoothly and correctly. James has replaced the often troublesome ribbon connector, he has fitted a new memory battery and replaced the mains plug and tested the OSCar for electrical safety. He has also reloaded the original factory presets. The operating system is OSCar MIDI 2A and the serial number is SN 0109. It is set for UK mains voltage but if required James can change it to 110 volts for an additional £50.

Cosmetically the OScar is in excellent condition for its vintage with just a few marks here and there, i’ve included plenty of pics so you can judge the condition for yourself.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a unique, classic and increasingly rare instrument that will provide sounds unavailable elsewhere.” Link

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“OSCar Synthesiser – Overhauled – VGC – Serial Number 0810

Thanks for looking.
This is a great opportunity to get hold of a unique, rare and classic British Synth.
Cosmetically very clean, this superb synth is Version M2 (MIDI) with sounds that will inspire musicians, synth freaks and sound designers alike!
The synth has recently been beautifully overhauled by James Walker at Synth Repair Services with the replacement of various components including:

1 New OSCar Midi OS EPROM Ver OM2a
1 New Back up Battery
1 New Mains Plug
28 New Pots
1 New Power Supply Parts( regulators and Capacitors)
1 New 40 Way DIL Socket
1 New 40 Way Component Header
1 New 24 Way Component Header
1 New 24 Way DIL Socket
2 New Knob Caps

A fairly comprehensive overhaul I’m sure you’ll agree, giving the synth as pretty ‘clean a bill of health’ as is possible, (receipt available on request). All it needs now is a good home!” Link

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“OSCar Synthesizer in great working condition with a copy of manual.
Serial #0488L
Missing some knob caps (see photos), but everything works great.
Good cosmetic condition for its age.” Link

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“Hello and welcome to my auction!

I hate to see this go….but unfortunately i have to give it away to pay my debt…

Everything works as it should, no glitches or problems, price is high because this is one of the very few Oscars that are in such a good shape.” Link

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“The Oscar is in my opinion the greatest and most interesting monosynth ever made. It sounds like nothing else and is absolutely a joy to play. This one is in amazing condition and was gone through by a tech in boston last year and is in perfect working condition. It does have one small blemish to two of the keys but it looks fine and is barely noticeable. It has the newest midi and comes with a copy of the manual. ” Link

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“in sehr gutem Zustand! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Offered for sale is this Oscar in excellent cosmetic condition and perfect working order.

It has just been serviced by James Walker at Synth Repair Services and he’s given it a clean bill of health.
After nearly 30 years OSCars need a fair few things replacing/improving if they are to continue working as intended – everything necessary has been done to make this amazing vintage synth as reliable as possible.

It’s a fairly early model – serial number 0069 – but has Kenton Midi and has had the OS Eprom upgraded to the latest version (OM2a).

It has some very minor scuffs and scratches but is incredibly clean for a synth that’s nearly 30 years old: there is minimal wear to the metalwork, the keys are shiny and clean, the rubber casing is very good indeed with no obvious signs of perishing – one of the small sections at the rear has cracked, but this is barely-noticeable (see detailed photos below). Our definition of ‘mint’ is ‘as it left the factory’ – clearly very few, if any, synths of this age that have been used can be thus described; this OSCar is in near mint condition – the best one we’ve seen for a long time. It has belonged to a professional musician for the past 19 years, who kept it cased and regularly-serviced, and the condition reflects that.

There are no known operational faults with this synth: later models used British-made pots which degrade with age, often requiring replacement of the whole lot; early models such as this used French-made pots which are much hardier and they are all still functioning as they should.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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NO 0365” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Note: This is not working at the moment!

When switched on some of the LED’s light up but no sound or control is achievable (sound out of audio socket is a digital noise). It comes with a factory ‘preset’ cassette tape but I don’t have a cassette player to try it out.

If you know how to fix these things then they are selling between £1300 and £2000 on ebay so here’s a chance for us both to make some money!

What you have here is a full factory midi version (one of the last few ever made) OSC OSCar Synthesizer, complete with manual and factory cassete tape. Visually it is in mint condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“OSCar (w/MIDI) Oxford Synthesizer Company, England

in Good Working & Cosmetic Condition.

It is repaired a few years ago, fully functional, and has preset sounds (not factory sounds).

No major visible damage.

Except 10 knob caps are missing. (see photo)

No major scratches nor dent, has very minor scratches.

Good cosmetic condition as its age.

comes with copy of instruction/manual.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a rare OSCar synthesiser, it has been upgraded to the final spec and has the last midi operating system.Unfortunately it is not reliable , and does not always boot up .It often takes several times for it to remember it is an OSCar , and you have to keep switching it on and off until the second ocatave light blinks.Once it is happy , it will then function .It is therefore been sold as seen for repair .The OSCar is one of the great monosynths, with a legendary dual filter design that can range from moog like tones to vowel sounds.The oscillators are digital , but amazingly can sound warm and deep.They can also be programmed with your own custom waveforms with a unique harmonic synthesis system, give it digital tones and edge when needed.It has a very flexible step sequencer , with extensive sync facitlites and a built in clock divider that can sync to midi or analogue pulses.The envelopes have repeat functions that can create pulsed tones for instant basslines and there is an arppegiator.
The keyboard can transmit polyphonic midi information , letting you layer the OSCar with another synth.It also has an unusual key assign ( which can be tunrned off ) where a key off triggers the next held note.This can give some really great effects in basslines and solo’s.There is a comprehensive LFO and the oscillators have their own PWM setting that doesn’t use up the LFO for a rich chorus sound.
The case is currently missing two rubber bits , which when I find I will send on and a few knob caps – none of these effect the operation.In fact the OSCar is probably better off without all the rubber , as it puts pressure on the circuit boards.
This particular OSCar has featured on a number of recordings and was upgraded to the final Midi spec by the designer Chris Huggett himself.It hasn’t been used for several years , and so as it does not always start up , it is sold as seen .
I will supply the original paper manual and if needed the sysex files for the factory patches.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.