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” In amazing vintage condition. Grey vinyl carrying case included. A little wear on the corners of the wood sides, otherwise pristine. ” Link

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opus3 ” Ich biete hier einen Moog Opus 3, den ersten polyphonen Synthesizer dieser Marke. Er hat eine String, eine Organ und eine Brass Sektion. Alle kann man beliebig mischen und vielfältig im Klang verändern.

Der moog besitzt einen Monoausgang Klinke, und zwei seperate Klinkenausgänge für den rechten und den linken Kanal. So kann man jedes Instrument beliebig stufenlos einem Kanal zuweisen, also z.B. Organ nach rechts und die Strings auf den linken Kanal. An einen der beiden Kanäle könnte man zum Beispiel ein Effektgerät einschleifen oder zwei Verstärker ansteuern.

Das Gerät wurde gereinigt Es sieht aus, als hätte es nur als “Heimorgel” gedient. Dabei noch das deutschsprachige Handbuch, ein Schaltplan, von dem ich kein Photo machen wollte, ein Serviceheft und eine Einführung in die Welt der Synthesizer, plus “Sicherheitskopie”, auf der der Vorbesitzer Notizen gemacht hat Das Gerät läuft, getestet an einem Gitarrenverstärker. ” Link

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“A Moog Opus – 3 in great shape. It’s a cool poly synth that has three different sectioned off sounds that you can blend together in any combination. I got it about two years ago and had VanSickle Audio in Columbia, MO run through it, clean it out completely, and make sure everything was in tip top shape. Have been playing it lots since then, just don’t have room for it in my collection anymore.” Link

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“Synth is complete, but DOES NOT POWER UP. I opened it up, changed the fuse, and still nothing. Gotta be something simple. Bought it on eBay, supposedly working, but arrived DOA. Common on these models is the rubber turning to gunk inside. I got a lot of it out but still more to be done. Chorus and VCF mixer switches are broken but can still be moved with a pen. Finally bought a working one so this goes. Shouldn’t take much to make it sing again – classic Moog. ” Link

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Moog Opus 3 Vintage Synth Fully Working







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“A wonderful vintage keyboard from the 1980s. It plays well, but could use a good cleaning. It is 29 3/4 inches wide and weighs about 17 lbs ” Link

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” Hello everyone, here is my nice and clean polyphonic Moog Opus 3 for sale in fully working condition. There is not too much to say about this rare synth, you probably know this if you are here, the net is full of info regarding its really massive and unique sound. The Opus has been fully serviced a month ago, which included removing the horrible sticky black foam from the board, and cleaning all the sliders and faders knobs (taken out one by one!!!), replacing a cap, fixing some scratchy switches and washing the keys, and tracking down the signal path ensuring every part is working perfectly, so the OPUS is ready to go for another 30-40 years for sure! The cost was almost 400 Euros for the service!!!

One thing to mention, one slider on the modulation section goes a little stiff, but did not bother me enough to replace the slider since its working OK for me. If you want to replace it it would cost around 10 dollars. ” Link

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“This vintage synth powers up and plays but does have some wear and tear to it, with 2 missing knobs in the Chorus Delay and the Chorus On/Off Switch. The wood grain casing has some wear to it that is documented in the pictures. All of the keys are intact and in good condition and work. When testing, there were some audio clipping and I would assume the unit needs a professional cleaning.” Link

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“Vintage MOOG Opus 3. This has been in storage for about 15 years. I plugged it in and it powers up and plays, but it needs professional cleaning, and likely some repair or replacement of a couple of the sticky sliders. Everything is there as far as all knobs, sliders, etc.. with the exception of 1 missing C key (see photo). Some of the sliders are hitching up and all the knobs, switches and sliders are noisy, so this will take some work to be a perfect piece. As you can see from the photos, it is in decent condition otherwise. It could use a new face template (I see these here on ebay all the time) because there is some peeling etc.. on the one that is in place now. I am selling this AS-IS because it does need work. ” Link

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“Moog Opus3 Stereo Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Great Condition for its age! Everything seems to work properly. All the knobs and sliders appear to be original. The slider for the attack parameter has a very slight hitch at the bottom- all the rest of the travel is very smooth. All the rest of the sliders are extremely smooth and function properly. All the keys work fine. The volume knob is a little stiff but works fine with no noise. All the switches work fine. This is one monster synth….it can get extremely fat and loud and can quickly overpower any instrument in a band or mix! The 3 sections _string/organ/brass can be mixed to the stereo output…a very original and fascinating synthesizer from Moog!” Link

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” I purchased this synth in Los Angeles 3 years ago. This synth is in great functioning condition and was serviced shortly after it was purchased at Main Drag in Brooklyn. There is some slight wear on the wood panels and a few caps missing from the sliders. Missing slider caps can be replaced easily and found on eBay. This synth sounds HUGE. Slight, slow modulation give you that instant Boards of Canada sound! I hate to get rid of it, but I am in need of some dire studio upgrades, so this must go!” Link

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“This auction is for one Moog Opus 3 synthesizer. Here’s the story, I bought the keyboard about four years ago and it worked fine albeit for some scratchy sliders. My idea was to restore it to its original condition so I bought new sliding pots and promptly fitted them. Now they work fine but it seems I have caused a problem elsewhere. As you probably know the Opus is divided into three sections; the brass the organ and the strings in fact it’s not really a proper synthesizer at all as it works on organ technology and is polyphonic, although it does have two classic Moog filters. The organ section still works as does the brass but when it comes to the strings they don’t make a sound, only when you switch between 1st and 2nd mode on the articulator section do the strings and chorus briefly sound. So it was self inflicted, I do love this synth it is so warm, full and very punchy. I paid £435 for it and I estimate it would cost me £100 to get it fixed so ill put a starting price at £299 and if it sells great. If not ill get it fixed and sell it for what I paid. I’m saving for a Pro One so I could consider a part x deal. As for condition it’s not too bad, the wooden end cheeks are ok and all knobs and slider caps are original, there is quite a long scratch in the vinyl ( see picture) and the front wood trim under the keyboard although screwed firmly in place now is actually unglued from the other wooden parts. ” Link

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“Used Opus 3, cosmetically challenged but all original knobs.
Recently removed the nasty foam inside, cleaned all the sliders and pots, everything works with very few crackles.
This works, and works well.” Link

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“Selling a Moog Opus 3 keyboard. It was serviced a few years ago, according to the previous owner, but I am sure it could use at least a little attention. The only things I notice are some sounds when I turn some knobs and move some sliders. It sounds like slightly dirty pots on a guitar. Since it’s not a guitar, I decided not to clean them, as I am not familiar with the electronics in a keyboard. What I can say is this keyboard makes some really cool sounds, and is in pretty nice cosmetic condition for its age.” Link

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“This synth is in good cosmetic shape, and retains most of the original sliders, slider caps, control knobs, toggles, and plastic keys. The walnut-stained wood side panels display scratches and storage wear, though there are no cracks, no splits, and no repairs otherwise. One toggle tip is broken, though the switch still works, and another has been replaced with a screw. Though not pictured an IEC power cable is included.” Link

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“I’m selling my vintage Moog opus 3 synth. The keyboard is in very good working and cosmetic condition and comes complete with all of the knobs. There are a few scratches on the wooden portions of this instrument. All of the outputs work correctly and the instrument is in tune. Also included In This auction is a home made wooden case with hardware for legs. I believe Wurlitzer legs would work.” Link

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“This synthesizer is in good shape with just minimal wear to note. I spent quite a bit of time enjoying the huge variety of sounds this synth can produce. All keys, buttons, knobs, outputs, and electronics work without issue. There are scratches, scuffs, and corner wear on sides and bottom. The control area is quite clean. The keyboard has some minor soil in crevasses. This synth has tons of life left in it. See pictures for a clear idea of condition.” Link

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“I’m selling my vintage Moog opus 3 synth. The keyboard is in very good working and cosmetic condition. There are a few scratches on the wooden portions of this instrument and a few (1 or 2) of the sliders could use a bit of contact cleaner. All of the outputs work correctly and the instrument is in tune. Also included I. This auction is a home made wooden case with hardware for legs. I believe Wurlitzer legs would work. No legs included in this auction.” Link

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” MOOG OPUS 3 – mint – good condition” Link

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“moog opus 3 in very good condition
fully serviced by audio circus all working perfect
cosmetically the work surface is flawless the wooden side panels have only a few marks for a synth this old 9/10 see pics

the foam service has been also done
( most opus 3 / mg1s / rouge suffer from internal foam melting sticking on faders which needs to be removed goggle it )
the internal foam has been removed and new felt rings in place arround switches so service complete” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 11 November 2013, Comments Off

“Professionally serviced 2 months ago!!! The Mix to Chorus knob is missing its cap but still works correctly (the original cap looks like the ones found on older vintage stereo receivers and electronic equipment).” Link

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“Good condition for its age, no scratchy pots, stereo and mono outputs work as they should. Sustain rear panel jack has been replaced with a standard 1/4″ jack from the original proprietary jack which would only fit Moog’s extremely hard to find sustain pedal. Trust me, this is a big improvement. All knobs and sliders work perfectly except for the chorus which is intermittent, but does work. Light duty hard shell case is in great condition and will do a fine job protecting it in travel. ” Link

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“I’m selling a pristine Moog Opus 3 Synthesizer. It is quite rare to find an Opus in this kind of condition–inside and out. It plays fabulously with no scratchy pots or any other functional irritations. The pots were recently cleaned to prevent any conceivable issues. Knobs and switches are wiggle-free; keyboard action is excellent. Cosmetically, it is virtually blemish-free. The nicest Opus I’ve seen. It hasn’t left my home studio since I bought it. Of course, it’s been used forever by Stereolab, Kraftwerk, and plenty of others.” Link

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“Original Moog-Synthesizer zu verkaufen.
Herstellungsjahr: 1980; Polyphony; Oscillators – Strings, Brass, Organ; Filter – 2 VCF’s (brass/strings) Hi/Low/Band pass,
Keyboard – 49 keys, kein memory” Link

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Zum Verkauf steht ein Moog Opus 3 Synthesizer.

Der Opus-3 ist ein ein sehr genialer analog synthesizer mit tollen string and lower octave techno-organ sounds.

Klassischer analog Moog Sound in schönem vintage Design mit schmucken Holzseitenteilen .

Der Moog Opus III ist ein exzellent klingender analog poly Synth der einen erstaunlich warmen und druckvollen Sound hat.

Gerade frisch überholt und geserviced von Elektroakustik Wagner.

Das Gerät hat einige Gebrauchsspuren ist aber sonst in schönem Zustand.

Alle Fader / Schalter gehen leichtgängig und ohne Kratzen, alle original Poti / Faderkappen sind vorhanden.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 20 May 2013, Comments Off

” Rare polyphonic Moog synthesizer in very good condition. It is sold as is.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 13 May 2013, Comments Off

” Sie bieten auf einen analog Synthesizer der Marke Moog Opus 3! Aufgrund seines Alters hat er einige optische Markel ist aber vollfunktionstüchtig!!

Wer möchte kann ihn gerne vorab in 61440 auf Funktionalität und Sound testen kommen!!” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 13 May 2013, Comments Off

“This is a magnificent machine. There are very few of them left. If you’ve never played one it’s hard to describe what it does but you get some incredible sounds out of it.
It’s not in perfect condition. One of the keys is damaged but this does not affect playing. You can see it in the pics. It’s also missing some of the knobs on the faders but this is also purely cosmetic. There is a little bit of crackle when you slide a couple of the faders but again nothing major. It is still an amazing machine to play.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 22 April 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage, rare Moog Opus 3 Analogue Polyphonic synthesiser. In full working order. Please note: two of the switches have come away from the unit, these can easily be replaced – only the top of the switches have come away, the function of the switch still works by using something like a pen to move the switch mechanism into place as a temporary measure – the last two pictures show what I mean. Other than this, the synth is in full working order and sounds amazing. It sounds distinctively ‘Moog-ish’ and is incredibly versatile, able to achieve sounds such as spacey, smooth, sweet, deep, punchy, squelchy and sweet – it can do realistic vintage/60s organ sounds as well – all sounds can be mixed in together and thus offers an exciting range of sounds to be explored, I have lost count of the number of different sounds it can produce! Also comes complete with AC power cable.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 01 April 2013, Comments Off

“This is being offered for a friend who is a professional musician and he bought this new. He believes it was in the early 80′s but not positive of the exact time frame.
He states this unit is in normal working order. He has tested it and is confident there are no issues as far as he can determine. Manuals seen provided.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 11 March 2013, Comments Off

“Moog Opus 3 analog polyphonic synth – superb condition, no missing pots or knob caps/sliders, full working order. Sounds AMAZING and always inspiring.” Link

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“Up for sale is my MOOG OPUS 3 Analog Synth.

Looks and sounds amazing, these Moog’s are very hard to find especially in such good condition.

Some small marks here and there but no more that to be expected of a vintage synth. It’s the cleanest one I’ve seen.

Also included in the sale, printed manual and power lead.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 11 February 2013, Comments Off

Polyphonic analogue string synthesizer with Stereo outputs.
Comes with manual!
As used by Stereolab, 808 State, etc. A very powerful synth in the right hands!
This a 120v us power version, so it needs a UK mains adapter which you can cheaply from ebay, Maplin etc.” Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 04 February 2013, Comments Off

“This is the famed Moog Opus 3 up for sale. This keys on this are in excellent condition as is the wood, metal case, jacks in the back etc. The faceplate plate plastic has a couple hairline cracks from age that are so faint, I am not even sure it will show up in the high rez photo. You have to strain to see them It is missing 4 slider knobs but they are available for purchase pretty reasonably. Some of the sliders and the main volume pot will need to be replaced. Some are scratchy, don’t work well, and in the case of the volume pot, it only works when turned all the way up. You probably can fix a lot of this with deoxit but I would recommend new sliders. You can get them directly from Moog for like 120 dollars. This keyboard works but the sliders and volume pot are sketchy as I said. The rubber feet on the bottom of the keyboard are intact too. Beautiful keyboard but due to the issues I mentioned and the age of the unit, it is obviously sold as is.” Link

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For your consideration is a Moog Opus 3 synthesizer in excellent functional and cosmetic condition. This Moog Opus 3 is a fantistic sounding synth for a fraction of the cost of a Minimoog or Memorymoog. It works flawlessly and sounds great!” Link