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moog_opus_3I’m selling my vintage Moog Opus 3, it’s in great working condition and has had all of that nasty black stuff removed from the inside. All of the sliders and pots work as they should, although I noticed a bit of noise in the master volume pot and one of the string sliders that could use a drop of contact cleaner. Ascetically it’s great, you can see in the picture where one of the wood ends had been chipped and glued at some point. I’m selling this synth with a hard shell case made by roadie that cost around 200.” Link

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opus3 “This item is in working condition however has a few missing switches. Needs servicing but does play sound. This mixer is vintage and can be restored with a little tlc!” Link

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usedopus3“MOOG Opus 3 Vintage synth with heavy duty case. All keys and functions work properly, except the mode button switch on the articulator section. This is stuck in the first position. Other than that all sliders are great with minimal crackling and all pots are perfect. Pitch wheel and tuner work properly. Only a few scratches on the wood panels, and some green paint smear on the front plate. Comes with hard case and power cord. I don’t want to sell this great synth, but I need to do some work on my car.” Link

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opus_3 “As far I can tell everything works on this Moog Opus 3. It hasn’t been serviced but it’s in a very good condition. Mono and stereo outputs are both working. No switches or knobs are missing and no keys are missing or sticking. The moog has always been covered while it’s not been used. Slight wear on wooden slides which is visible in the pictures.” Link

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opus-3“As far I can tell everything works on this Moog Opus 3. It hasn’t been serviced but it’s in a very good condition. Mono and stereo outputs are both working. No switches or knobs are missing and no keys are missing or sticking. The moog has always been covered while it’s not been used. Slight wear on wooden slides which is visible in the pictures.” Link

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used moog opus 3 “Moog Opus 3 analog polyphonic synth organ. Nothing else like it out there for that unique retro feel.

All voices and keys in proper working order. Stored in a non-smoking, climate controlled room. Studio equipment – was not taken around to gigs and so forth. Used semi-regularly over the years.

Body in good condition. ” Link

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used moog opus 3 ” Up for sale is a (1) vintage Moog Opus 3 synthesizer. All functions are working, but almost all faders, knobs and switches are heavy crackling when you turn or move them. The vcf organ/brass on/off switch is broken. Because of this problems we sell the synthesizer as-is, for spares or parts only. It needs service. Optical it’s in very nice condition for its age. The wooden case is still in beautiful condition. There are a few scratches at the bottom plate and there’s some wear and tear on the frontpanel (see photo’s). We deliver it with a power cord with USA plug installed. It’s a 110V version, you need a converter to use it with 220V (converter is not included in the sale). The serial number is: 5129.” Link

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opus3“This is a Moog Opus 3 synth. Near Mint condition. No dents or scratches. Wood looks factory new. Works perfectly and sounds amazing. Serviced and calibrated to factory specs.” Link

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opus 3“used moog opus 3

it sounds great

all functions work correctly” Link

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opus 3“Used. In excellent condition for its age.
Slight scratches on some area but has no effect on the synthesizer performance itself. The pad just below the ‘CF’ in ‘Voltage controlled filter’ section is raised a little. Please see the last picture.” Link

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opus3 ” The Moog Opus-3 is a fairly rare and extremely unique-sounding synthesizer manufactured in Buffalo NY between 1980-1983. This model is extremely clean, is in good working order, has a few minor scuffs and is missing a couple of fader caps but otherwise is in surprisingly excellent condition for it’s age. This description was taken from the website :”The Opus 3 is a string/brass/organ polyphonic instrument with a 49-note (C-C) keyboard. It features a very noisy chorus (which you are unable to put the brass section through) and 2 VCF’s, one for brass section and one for the string section (with switchable high, low, or band-pass filtering and resonance). The Opus 3 features stereo outs and each of the sections can be panned.”
If you want a unique analog instrument to add to your mix, this is it! It has been turned on and as far as I can tell, all the effects are in good working order. It would make an excellent gift for the home or studio recording musician!” Link

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used moog opus 3 “used condition some scratches sounds great all functions are working look at pictures” Link

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used opus 3 “This auction is for Moog Opus 3 Vintage Analog Synthesizer. Everything works the way it should, no issues whatsoever. This synth is in Great condition, please refer to the pictures.


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opus3“This is Beautiful and Very Rare

MOOG “Opus-3″

Model – 339A


49-Key Vintage Analog Synthesizer



Made in USA.

Powers UP and has a sounds,

but need Service, calibration and Professional adjustment.

Organ section and Brass section works with all section sliders.

String section sounds Very quiet, but sliders works.

Keyboard works mostly with attack delay.

Chorus mix slider Not working and must be replaced.

Chorus filter section Not working.

Voltage controlled filter section partly working.

Need a professional Service and Repair.

Inside Everything Original and in a Right places.

Cosmetically has a Minor surface blemishes,

but nothing Major. Keyboard is pretty clean.” Link

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moog opus 3 “On offer here we have a good example of the venerable Moog Opus 3 synth. This unit makers some of the coolest sounds that any Moog ever did. I personally used it for drones, organs and synthy retro strings. The synth was only used in my smoke-free studio and never gigged at all. I’ve had it about 10 years and it has never given me any trouble” Link

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opus3 “Vintage Moog Opus 3 in working condition with custom Roadie hard case. Please be forewarned that the synth was looked over by a tech recently and although in working condition will need some cleaning and refurbishment in the future, like most vintage synths of its age, as it has not been serviced in many years. Wood is in decent shape although not perfect. It has no dents or scratchy pots, and no missing knobs or sliders. See photos. ” Link

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used opus 3 ” Moog Opus 3 generally good condition,,,,works,,,,, all buttons and sliders work see pics for bent and missing knobs
has been stored in a storeroom for quite some time we believe it was cleaned before the band purchased it in the 90.’s
the sliders are still silver inside no sign of the black crud we hear so much about see picIwill onl sip to america sorry” Link

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opus3“For sale is a nearly functional Opus 3. It needs work, but not a whole lot. All the keys play and have like-new action, but some don’t give the sustain function when the key is released. The “CONTOUR AMT” potentiometer is broken and in need of replacement and has a chipped knob. The chorus “DEPTH” knob is also slightly chipped. Some of the sliders are “scratchy” and need a cleaning. But other than that, all the functions work and sound wonderful. I especially like the 3-mode filter in the string section. Cosmetically, it could almost pass as brand new. To the best of my knowledge, it is all original and has never had any repairs done. Since it is not completely functional at this time, I’m selling it as-is.” Link

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opus-3 “Used. In excellent condition for its age.
Slight scratches on some area but has no effect on the synthesizer performance itself. The pad just below the ‘CF’ in ‘Voltage controlled filter’ section is raised a little. Please see the last picture.” Link

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opus3 “This listing is for a Moog Opus 3 Vintage Analog Synthesizer keyboard. This unit is in fair cosmetic shape. Looks to be operating as intended but will probably need a little electronic attention. There is cracks in the vinyl cover as well and chipped wood. Please see pictures for exact condition and what is included. Comes exactly as shown. ” Link

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opsu 3” I am selling my much loved and now very rare Moog Opus 3. Cosmetically it looks great and it sounds glorious. All of the knobs and sliders which are designed to alter the sound work, with a few minor exceptions, detailed below. The string, brass and organ sections can be heard clearly together and independently. All modulation sources, Organ bands, and envelopes work. All the keys work properly. I always thought I’d find the time to restore it to it’s original condition, but alas, it’s time for it to be enjoyed by a new owner, who I hope will enjoy it and restore it properly.

The issues:
1. The pitch-bend potentiometer has no effect on the pitch. I tried to rectify this by replacing the potentiometer, but this had no effect, so the fault still exists.
2. The master tune potentiometer also has no effect on the pitch.
3. The Organ Section on/off toggle switch has snapped off at the root of the stalk. The switch can still be operated by pushing the stub.

All keys can be played and if you play a tune using the full range of the keyboard it sounds great. When I switch it on the unit is perfectly in tune with my modern synthesizers. However, once it’s been switched on for a few minutes the pitch starts to drift ever-so-slightly and because the master-tune potentiometer has no effect, there is no way to adjust the tuning. I must stress, the amount of pitch drift is very small and it is uniform across the entire range of the keyboard, therefore all keys are still in tune with each other.

I think I would prefer local pick-up as I can then demonstrate these minor issues to potential buyers.
So, if anyone wants to try out the OPUS 3, you are welcome to come to my house in Norwich.” Link

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uysed moog opus 3 “Great working condition. One switch replaced with screw and another snapped off. Still can turn on/off with a pen. Has some some scratches and stains to the wood sides-see photos. Comes with flight case and gig bag. Light weight so easy to transport to gigs in bag. Located in westchester county NY. Can deliver to brooklyn/nyc on weekends or Stamford ct during weekdays.

Also comes with rare original manual & grey power cord. ” Link

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opus_3“Above is the generic information about this synth. Here’s my personal information about mine. I cleaned out the infamous black foam, all the voices work, and all the keys work. It’s in pretty good cosmetic condition and includes both wooden sides. The reason I’m listing it for cheap is because it can be wonky when it comes to the master attack and decay. So it’s going as is. All the filters work also, brass and organ are louder than string but that can be dealt with via the volumes for each voice and the master volume. So Here’s your chance to own a piece of Moog history for very cheap. ” Link

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moog_opus 3
missing a few slider caps (3 to be exact). these sliders still work as they should
Articulator “Attack” slider and power on LED need to be resoldered
works perfectly aside from the above mentioned
the infamous black foam has been removed from the panel backing and switches/sliders (if you are familiar with vintage Moog items you know how much of a PITA this can be)
all keys have been removed and individually cleaned, then reinstalled” Link

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ioys 3 ” Moog Opus-3 Synthesizer in very good+ condition. ” Link

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opus-3“Moog Opus-3 Synthesizer in very good+ condition. Includes manual on CD and power cable.” Link

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opus3“Moog Opus-3 Vintage analog Synthesizer Opus III string synth with ladder filter

Recent service. It’s had the black foam removed. Some cold solder joints were repaired and this item was gone through and calibrated. It has some normal wear on the wood finish and a little wear on the front decal. Overall good condition, works well, sounds great. ” Link

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moog_opus_3 “This Moog Opus 3 is in great working condition. It is fully functional – all voices and parameters effectively operate. I really hate to get rid of this synth. It is the first hard sell I’ve had to make in a long time. The modulation on this one is very controllable and helps get a lot of movement in the voices.

The dreaded black foam has been dealt with. You can see tiny remnants of it, but it doesn’t effect functionality.

As you can see, there are some scratches on the control panel and wood panelling. The wood panel under the keys is a bit loose but this is merely cosmetic, it does not effect playability or functionality.” Link

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opus3“Powers on bit doesn’t generate sounds.

Being sold for parts or for repair.” Link

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used opus3“Here is a Moog Opus 3 synthesizer. This synth has had all the dreadful foam removed and is currently being serviced and calibrated. It will arrive to you in perfect working condition. ” Link

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moog opus3“Moog Opus 3 in fantastic condition.

The unit is cosmetically flawless and has next to no scratches, marks or blemishes.

All slider caps and knobs are present, all keys trigger and work perfectly.

The Opus had a service from James Walker at Synth Repair Services late last year where all 3 SAD512D chips were verified as fully working and in good health.

Unfortunately, the chorus section stopped providing any output just last week. The chorus section has always worked perfectly fine up to this point. I have tested the SAD512′s and they are all running efficiently so I would guess the problem lies within a power or connection fault.

I would send it off for repair myself as I am positive it will be a very small job however I really need to get some money together by the end of the week.

This synth really does sound amazing and you will not find one in this cosmetic condition again.” Link

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used moog opus 3

Plays beautiful fat analog goodness – all sliders are clean and responsive – all keys work. Moog built it some time in the early 1980s, and I’ve owned it since ~1994. I have always taken good care of it and kept it in a smoke-free environment (never on the road). A few blemishes are shown in the photos (they were present when I bought it: two pieces of wood broken off, one knob missing (slider still works fine), face “bubbled” near the power button). I’m giving it up because I’ve moved more toward guitar. You can put it to better use than I can, and I can use the cash for guitar gizmos! ” Link

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moog opus3“Vintage Moog Opus III analog synthesizer keyboard recent service opus 3″ Link

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opus3“This auction is for my personal Moog Opus 3 in near mint condition. This is a vintage Moog form 1980 pre midi and digital, and will appreciate as all Moogs do. In August 2009, 99 % of all internal pots and sliders and external knobs and slider caps were replaced with new clone parts manufactured by Technology Transplant. There were a few switches and one slider not in the restoration kit during the service but I have since acquired them and have included them in this auction. The few remaining original parts were thoroughly cleaned by tech and are functioning perfectly. I will also include all the old original parts that were removed for spares. The service manual and a copy of the owners manual are included as is the power cord (not seen in photo). This Moog is amazing and plays chords ! One minor detail, the chorus effect, since the restoration sounds like a pitch LFO and it may still be assigned to the strings and organ synths, some may like this, but my workaround was to run the String channel through a nice chorus pedal wallah !. I suspect the chorus slider was installed upside down, or an in correct value slider was accidentally installed from the kit. You may have very little trouble fixing this with the spare new sliders included or by flipping the installed slider, check the values. Examine the pictures, wood still very nice, panel is pristine. Everything works this Moog Poly synth is gorgeous sounding plug it in and start making music !” Link