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stretch dx“OBERHEIM Stretch DX Drum Machine Midi – Drum Sampler Old School Original

Missing One Fader Knob
Inside Picture shows eproms. ” Link

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obie stretch dx“Up for auction is a rare, one-of-a-kind Oberheim Stretch DX drum machine! This unit has been customized with five ZIF sockets on the top of the drum machine case. In addition, the stretch module has five internal ZIF sockets as well. The auction also includes an original Oberheim “Sound Kit” case with six extra eproms, see list below.

The unit has factory midi and is in excellent condition. Everything works. All buttons work well. However, occasionally, and I mean occasionally, the right most drum trigger button number 1 on the stretch module is intermittent. I will include a spare drum switch for replacement if needed down the road. I just tested everything, and all the drum triggers worked perfect. Also note that one tuning pot on the stretch module is slightly bent. Does not affect performance at all.

The eproms included are:

1. OB Electric Kick
2. OB DX Snare 64
3. OB DX Hat 1A
4. DigiDrums Electric Toms #3
5. OB DX Shaker/Clap
6. OB Crash / Quijada
7. OB DX Toms
8. DigiDrums Rock Snare #1
9. Tambourine/Rimshot
10. Fat Snare
11. Conga

Spares include:

1. Punch & Zap effect
2. TR-909 Snare
3. TR-909 Kick
4. TR-606 Snare
5. TR-808 Kick
6. CR-68 Snare

The eproms with the Roland samples were created by me when I was the only Ebay seller in the 2000s selling custom eproms. These are under the MadKnobTech.com label. And they ROCK. ” Link

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“Here is a Oberheim DX 1983 Drum Machine with stretch.
I paid $1000 to have the factory add the Stretch!
Very good condition, but has a minor issue
Used only in the house, works mostly very well it could use a minor tune up as the Cymbal Channel, there are 3 buttons for each: soft, medium, loud. On the cymbal channel when you push the soft channel it doesn’t sound. Then when you push the medium or loud channel they work, but immediately after you push the medium or loud cymbal right after they work and they work fine, the soft cymbal sounds and plays afterwards. For instance if you play the loud cymbal you’ll get that and then the soft cymbal sounds immediately afterwards. If you push medium, you’ll get the medium cymbal and then the soft cymbal. This can be easily fixed, i’ll leave that up to the buyer. That is the only issue as other then that this works very well and in very good working condition. Plays as it should other then the soft cymbal playing after the loud and medium. Also the 4 front Thumb screws are missing, which has no effect on the machine. This works well, I took them off as to change the chips for the sounds and now I can’t locate them in my home, no big deal. This comes with 4 extra chips, and this has the factory DX chips in it. The stretch cost me $1000 alone!
This only came with 6 sounds and I sent this back to the factory and they put the stretch on that expanded the 4 sounds added the 6 sounds to make it now 10 sounds, and also it added a Midi. This comes with a total of 10 chips. All 10 channels have sounds.” Link

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“Super Rare Vintage (1983) Oberheim Stretch DX Drum Machine!

This particular one is fully serviced and in perfect working order.

No scratchy sliders or double triggering buttons, ready to go and sounds incredible. Side panels are hardwood, not plastic like the later ones.

Stretch adds MIDI and 4 or more extra sounds among other extra features. This one is loaded with “electric kick” which sounds 909’ish, Congas, Tambourine, Side-Stick and also a kind of gunshot/clap sound.

The main unit contains the original factory soundset, which is very similar to the DMX, in fact having owned the DMX and this I have to say I prefer the DX sounds.. they are crisper and more punchy to my ears.

All sounds are externally tuneable(unlike the DMX) and have their own separate output!

Super physical condition with minimal marking and scratches.

Original 220-240 Volt machine. Manual and power lead included!

Ridiculous iconic sounding drum machine used on many hit records over the years! From New Order to Run DMC to Madonna…etc etc!

The sound of these is just amazing! ” Link

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“Oberheim SDX-1 Strech Expander for Oberheim Dx drum machine! Perfect conditions and 100% working, complete with chips sounds installed.” Link

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“For sale today is an Oberheim DX w/ Stretch expander(mega rare).

This thing is in great condition with few signs of wear, check out the pics to see now nice this piece is.

The STRETCH expander on is a rare piece that could be purchased separately that had to be installed on your own or by your favorite tech.

Occasionally the highest Cymbal button doesn’t trigger when turned on, it seems to start working after a few minutes(possibly needing to warm up) ” Link

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“Offered is this 1983 Oberheim Stretch DX (DMX) Programable drum machine with “Sync-to-tape” feature. I am the ORIGINAL from 1983. VERY nice condtition works great, sounds great and no reserve. Cosmetically there are a few very small scratches and an area about an inch long that had paint rubbed away from usage and I touched it up. This unit was not used very much and has been taken-out and cleaned and used once every July 4th and put back in storage since I owned it. Just to keep it in good working order. This awesome unit will ship with it’s Original manual / Original Power Cord / E-Proms with the ORIGINAL instruction sheets.” Link

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“This auction is for one Stretch expander unit for vintage Oberheim DX drum machines. Unit is in good cosmetic condition but was not working when removed from the otherwise fully functional DX it was mated to. I’ve installed it according to the instructions at Electrongate (where there is lots of tech info on this) and gone over the wiring several times but could never get it to work. It looks to be complete except for missing the 2 larger cymbal eeproms, so perhaps this was the problem or perhaps I installed it improperly, or perhaps it just doesn’t plain work. This would be a good source for rare DX parts (jacks/buttons/pots/chips/hardware etc) and will ship with 3 factory eeproms– tambourine/rimshot, conga and timbale. Or it might be something simple and you can fix it, it’s up to you… ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a

Oberheim Stretch DX Drum Machine w/ MIDI

(serial # D43822 / S61820)

It is in overall excellent cosmetic and 100% working condition.

(see pics)

All function switches work accordingly with no stickiness along with the drum pad switches. No scratchy sliders. All leds light when activated. Display is nice and bright with no missing pixels. Silkcreen clean and fully legible.

The DX is stocked with original factory eproms. Stretch unit has the following 4 eproms installed: Punch & Zap, Scratch, Cowbell & Rim, and Shot

Includes copy of Stretch-DX owner’s manual and power cord.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a used Oberheim DX Stretch model vintage digital drum machine. The DX Stretch features the standard DX drum machine with an additional four drum sounds added by the Stretch section. This unit is in great working condition for its age. All functions of the DX section work great but 2 of the pads of the Stretch section aren’t working. This doesn’t mean the entire voice is out…..just one tuning of a sound and one volume level pad of another is out. Other than that everything else about this vintage drum machine works great!!! It features MIDI and has individual outputs and tuning pots on the rear panel for each sound. It’s in absolutely fantastic cosmetic condition as can be seen in the close-up photos. If you want to program beats like early hip-hop and classic 80s pop then this is what you’re looking for. Due to the age of this item (over 25 years) I can provide no warranty or guarantee that it will work forever. It hasn’t given me any problems besides the ones stated previously. Also includes power cable, DX manual, Stretch manual and installation instructions in case you wish to remove the Stretch portion. The EEPROMS included are DX Kick, DMX Snare 6, DX Hat, DX Tom, Shaker 2 + Clap, Crash (cymbal socket only), Long Ride (cymbal socket only), Electric Tom 3, Fat Electronic Snare, Tambourine + Rim Shot, Tabla, Triangle, African Drum, Click (cymbal socket only), Long Noise (cymbal socket only), and Electronic Snare. That’s a lot of sounds and there are companies out there on the web that will burn new EEPROMS with just about any percussion sound you want to use in the DX Stretch.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a Oberheim Stretch Dx there are a few marks on the top of machine which you can clearly see otherwise works fine.
Please note there are no eproms/sounds installed on faders 1-3 on the stretch.
I also have a gig bag which I am able to include in the sale.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oberheim DX Stretch Vintage Synth Drum Machine
I guess if you’re interested in this item you know all about it! A quick internet search will reveal all. I’ve inherited this with some other kit and know very little about it, when it’s plugged in and turned on the letters ‘Err’ appear on the display – see photo. I don’t know how to test if it’s actually working or how to go about repairing it so i’m selling it as not working/spares.

Good chance to own a famous piece of vintage synth history.

Sold with case” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is an Oberheim Stretch DX drum machine. It is in nice shape overall.. everything works, except for only 3 out of 12 of the drum buttons work in the stretch section.. which is weird.. I think they need to be cleaned. But all the channels work and outputs and it has 6 extra sounds I think. Sequencing on this is awesome… tuning on the back is great. Because of the button issue it is being sold for repair, please dont bid if you dont understand this needs cleaning. Right now it does work 100% as a DX but the stretch section needs to be cleaned (the sounds can still be swapped out for other sounds if you want).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“A vintage Oberheim DX programmable digital drum machine with the Stretch module addition. I just picked this up and don’t really know a lot about it. It does power up. I tried to get some sound out of it with no luck. I am more of a guitar guy. All I could get it to do was change the numbers in the display as I pushed different buttons. A couple of times the display did show “BAD” and “Err” so I am guessing there may be a bad chip. I opened it up and it couldn’t see any obvious damage or missing parts. I am selling this unit in strictly AS IS condition for parts or repair.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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oberheim stretch dx “For sale is a used vintage Oberheim DX Stretch digital drum machine with MIDI. The DX stretch adds four additional voice channels to the standard DX model. This particular unit is in near mint cosmetic condition with only a couple of scratches in the lower left front corner (see last photo).

The DX Stretch EEPROMS currently installed are ‘Fat Electronic Snare’, ‘African Drum’, ‘Tambourine + Rimshot’, ‘Tabla’ and ‘Triangle’ (last two in voice 4).

There are only two issues I have found while testing the unit out. First, the middle pad of the first voice of the stretch section does not trigger. This voice produces three tunings of a single sound so the middle tuning trigger does not seem to work. It does however trigger via the MIDI in port. The second issue is the top pad of the third voice of the stretch section does not seem to trigger either. This voice plays one sound on the third pad and another at two volume levels on the top and middle pads. I’m not sure if I’m using a proper EEPROM in this slot but the high sound level doesn’t work in this case. But the low volume triggered via the middle pad works so the insturment is played but only at one level. I don’t have the time to get these problems fixed but they might not be a hard fix for a tech.

Other than the two problems previously mentioned, all other pads, sliders, buttons, tuning knobs, and connectors work. The only thing I didn’t check was the cassette interface. This DX Stretch looks fantastic and only has a couple minor issues for its age (about 25 years old).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is an Oberheim Stretch DX Drum Machine w/ MIDI v 2.02 (serial # Q52408 / N51937). Only minor flaw are the scratches on the Stretch unit between the 2nd and 3rd slider as I have shown in one of the pics, otherwise everything else is in overall excellent cosmetic and 100% working condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.