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sem “This Oberheim CPS-1 Synthesizer Expander Module in perfect working condition. All internal and external parts are 100% original. It has a manufacture date of June 27, 1977. Cosmetically speaking, only the most minor scuffing is observable on the vertical front panel, and the sticker which read “VCA CTRL” is faded . Also, the rubber foot pads on the bottom have moved slightly, however they are still very strongly adhered. I did not want to re- position them and glue into place, rather I figured the new owner can make that decision. I am including documentation showing that it has recently been given a thorough inspection, testing, cleaning, and lubrication of pots and switches by Synthtronics Electronic Music Services in Southborough, Massachusetts. I am also including the original instruction manual, however I believe the outside cover is missing. The unit is 9 inches wide, 8.5 inches deep, and 6 inches tall at its highest point in the back, and 3 inches tall at the very front. Free shipping. ” Link

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4 “So this is a really unique piece of equipment. I got it from a friend who passed away several years ago and it has been sitting (like many other synths in my studio) for several years without use. I took it out and set it up, and it needs the following: SEM#2 needs to be calibrated. It is out of tune with the three other SEM’s. All of the knobs and switches work on SEM#2, it just doesn’t track with the others, so I turned it down in the mixer section to test the other three SEM’s. The other three work great. The other thing missing is the bulb behind switch number two in the programmer section. The switch works, but it doesn’t light up. I usually recommend taking any old analog synthesizer to a qualified tech who can give it a tune up because often the oscillators can come out of calibration during shipping. The bulb is not necessary to operate the machine, but getting the 2nd SEM calibrated is not negotiable in my opinion, because it sounds so amazing when they are all in tune. I almost sent it off to the famous JL Leimseider for tweaking, but decided that anybody who knows what this is, and wants to own it, has access to a tech who can do the work, and why risk shipping it more than I have to? Most large cities have shops that can work on these things.

If you are not familiar with this synthesizer, this is one of the very first analog polyphonic synthesizers ever produced by Tom Oberheim back in the 1970′s. It was used by Josef Zawinul to get the “Birdland” horn sound on Weather Report’s “Heavy Weather” album, and Lyle Mays on the first couple of Pat Metheny albums amongst many others. It is unique mainly because unlike the Prophet-5, or JP8, or even the OBXa, it was more like playing four Minimoogs from one keyboard. Each SEM is an independent synthesizer and can have it’s own settings. And speaking of the keyboard this one obviously doesn’t have one. This might be a problem for some collectors, but frankly the keyboard that came with this unit was only four octaves, had no velocity or aftertouch, and the overall unit was HUGE and HEAVY. My friend had his rack mounted by one of the great synth shops in Los Angeles decades ago and they added MIDI. It also has CV gate ins/outs, which I have not tested, but I would be surprised if they do not work because they are very simple connections. The owner’s manual has all the original patch sheets in the back as well as CV/GATE diagrams and what appears to be a service manual. I told myself I would never sell this for several reasons, but I need the cash. ” Link

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sem “This set of Oberheim Electronics Synthesizer Expander modules comes from my late-husband’s recording studio. I do not know if it works. I know nothing about it. It looks like he bought two modules and built a synthesizer with it? The modules aren’t attached to the front of the unit, so they move around. This will be a very difficult and delicate operation to ship.” Link

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sem “This is an original vintage stand-alone Oberheim SEM, one of the true classic analog synthesizers. It has been recently serviced and is in very good cosmetic condition, with a few minor scratches.” Link

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sem ” Up for auction is an original Oberheim SEM module, CPS-1, from 1978 or 1979 (serial number 102). I am the 2nd owner of this unit and have very much enjoyed owning it since 1985 (30 years). As you can see from the pics it is pretty clean overall cosmetically. There are few scratches on the side panels, but nothing major.

I would say it definitely needs to be looked over and cleaned/calibrated by a tech since it is vintage 1970s era Oberheim electronics. I have not used it all that recently, but it was working well a few years ago. It has always been kept in a good environment (either a smoke free studio or climate controlled storage)” Link

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sem ” Fully tested and all working, sounds amazing !! I loved this so much I just bought a SEM 2 Voice keyboard which is why this is now for sale… ” Link

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em” Fully tested and all working, sounds amazing !! I loved this so much I just bought a SEM 2 Voice keyboard which is why this is now for sale… ” Link

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“Power switch is broken so I can’t power the unit. Assume it is in non working condition. Inside is complete and clean.” Link

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“For someone who doesn’t mind a project, these are the elements of an incredible vintage Oberheim 4 Voice Rack! It needs work in terms of wiring in the back although it has a huge head start plus some bonus extras like an 8 channel midi to CV converter rack as well as the 20 space rack it is housed in (pictured) which is all included (with the front and back covers as well).

What you get in this auction is the following modules:

Oberheim SEM Programmer Modular with 8 cards (capable of controlling an additional 4 SEMS if you wanted to make it an 8 voice… note that only 4 SEMS are included in this auction)
4 X Oberheim SEM Synth Expander Modules (one of the best sounding analog synths and filters ever made)
1 X Polyphonic Keyboard Module
*Note that there is no output module so individual SEM outputs would have to be wired to jacks and run into a mixer (part of the “project’ unfinished)
There’s also a power supply but it is currently 220V (European power) however you can use a step down transformer available from Radio Shack (not included). Power cable not included.
1 X 8 Channel Midi to CV converter. I believe this was a custom kit and I have no idea if it works. Everything is sold AS IS with no returns. However, it was my understanding that it all did work it just needs someone to get it all wired up. No guarantees that it won’t need some repair but I am optimistic that it won’t need much if any actual repair and another GREAT thing about this analog synth is that it’s discrete. No rare chips in Oberheim SEMS and most keyboard techs can work on them without a problem. So, as “vintage synth projects” go this one is one of the least risky because it’s discrete and everything is accessible. In fact, if you REALLY wanted to make it an amazing project you would have all of the patch points brought out turning this into a complete modular synth. Everything is VERY easily accessible on the boards of the SEMS to get to the filter, amp, osc, lfo in/outs. ” Link

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“The unit is 100% functional and in vert nice cosmetic condition. All inputs and outputs, buttons, knobs and faders and been tested and are fully working. ” Link

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” This is a piece of equipment that is appreciated by the seasoned user. If you have ever used an original Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module you know that the quality of service you can expect hasn’t been improved on with “new” models. You won’t find them often in “like new” condition, if at all. If you have a use for it, they are worth hanging on to.This unit falls into that category.

It is used and still works great. It has minor scuffs but has not been abused in any way. You can expect many more years of service as part of your musical system. Unfortunately, I don’t have the owners manual any longer. What you see is what you get.” Link

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“5 Vintage Oberheim SEM “Synthesizer Expansion Module” analog modules, and 1 Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer in wooden rack

This is being sold for repair or parts because we cannot verify that these units are in proper working condition.” Link

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“Vintage Oberheim SEM Synthesizer Expander Module model CPS-1 1976 analog synthesizer module.

This is being sold for repair or parts because we cannot verify that it is in proper working condition. Picture #5 shows that the unit powers up.” Link

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“Vintage Oberheim SEM Synthesizer Expander Module model CPS-1 1977 analog synthesizer module.

This is being sold for repair or parts because we cannot verify that it is in proper working condition. Picture #5 shows that the unit powers up.” Link

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“For your consideration is the original Oberheim SEM synthesizer expander module.
The unit was gently used but shows some cosmetic wear(see pics).
The SEM has been fully tested, everything works great, and it sounds amazing.
Included in the auction is the vintage Oberheim SEM as pictured.” Link

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“I am downsizing my setup and am selling this amazing sounding vintage Oberheim SEM. Sounds sweeter and more compelling than the new version, to my ears. I had 1/4″ patch points installed for modular versatility. I also had an expensive Furutech gold A/C inlet to use with different power cables. fabulous sounding machine. ” Link

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“It should be in normal working conditions, but as it hasn’t been turned on for years, I can not confirm exactly.
It’s been very well kept though – away from humidity etc – and you can see by the pictures, that panel and circuit boards are in very good shape.” Link

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“Oberheim Synthesizer Expander Module in Power supply box

I am selling this unit from a Synthesizer Collectors estate

I have no way to test it

Unit turns on and lights up red

This is an old vintage and rare piece of equipment” Link

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“You’re looking at a very rare racked Oberheim 8 Voice with midi interface. Here’s what is included:

8 X Oberheim SEMS
1 X Oberheim 8 Voice Programmer
1 X Keyboard module (w/ portamento etc)
2 X Output modules (8 channels of discrete mixing)
Rack power supply (please note that this unit is set up for European power – but can be used with a converter in the US)
Custom Midi to CV interface
All build into a road case (case included)

Some of the modules are in front of the rack and 2 SEMS plus keyboard module and power supply are racked in back of the rack.

I listed this as “non-working” only to set expectations lower so you know that if you buy it there will be some work required. How much work is unknown though. While it is being sold AS IS with no returns, I can tell you a couple things that will give you confidence in buying it. There’s nothing known to be actually wrong with it. In fact, I believe all of the SEMS function just fine. I have a binder with all the information on how to connect it all up plus all sorts of details. I just don’t have the time to get into it. If I do have my tech go through the whole thing, fix anything if he finds a problem (which is easy by the way because SEMS are all discrete! no rare chips or anything) then I’ll either keep it or relist it at a higher price. This is a chance to get it for thousands less and take a small risk on what it would take to get it 100%.

I also don’t mind keeping this either as SEMS are some of the best sounding analog synths ever made. The filter is incredible! To have 8 of these racked plus the other modules of an 8 voice is really powerful. It doesn’t have all the patch points brought out but that’s not hard to do for a tech, just a bit time consuming. I do have a few extras I can throw in though like a mini jack patchbay with tons of cables connected to it and an Oberheim pitch and modwheel module that supposedly works with this 8 voice. It’s the levers like later Oberheims. I have no idea if that works though. But if you buy this you can have it plus a few other things depending on what it ends up going for. ” Link

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“Studio Electronics Oberheim “Obie Rack”

If you are looking at this item you no doubt know what it is and what it is capable of. You will also be aware that they are very rare and don’t often come up for sale.

The Studio Electronics “Obie-Rack” is effectively two Oberheim SEM modules in a rack but with a list of very useable modifications, which make it an incredible performer. This unit uses the “ORIGINAL” Oberheim cards (NOT REPRODUCTIONS). Each module has 2 VCO’s, 2 Envelope Generators and a single VCF section.

It has extensive MIDI performance modifications, which include Dynamics (VCA / VCF) Modulation (VCO / VCF) Aftertouch (VCO / VCF). As well on the front panel you have access to three “switchable” octave ranges HLM, Multi-Trigger, Midi Channel assignment, Pitch Bend, DVCF, LFO, Glide and Master Volume. Located in the center bottom of the front panel is a switch to choose between Midi Poly 1, Poly 2 or Mono. This switch allows you to play two notes at the same time and depending on how you have the VCO’s set four separate notes can be had. On the rear of the unit you have Midi In, Out and Thru, an IEC rated three prong power connector, an On / Off Switch and two unbalanced audio outs (Module L & Module R (Mono).

This unit has had only one owner, myself and is “virtually” new. Since purchase it has been stored in its fully enclosed shock-mounted transport rack case (case not included). Cosmetically the front panel face is excellent, there is only minor rack rash. As for the rest of the unit there is a minor abrasion here or there but nothing abnormal considering its age. It was stored in a smoke free and climate-controlled environment.

This unit was bought new in October of 1990 directly from Greg St Regis of Studio Electronics and shipped to Europe (where I lived at that time) with the idea of hopefully attempting to market the product there. There was great interest in it but it was hard to compete in Europe with Roland, Korg and Yamaha and what they were selling at that time. Needless to say the lack of voices was an insurmountable hurdle sale’s wise.

Myself, being a Moog guy and owning two Mini’s has unfortunately meant that the “Obie Rack” was only used for its initial product demonstrations and twice to record sound effects for a theater production I was involved in, so it has never known the wear and tear of the road. It has only ever been transported to Europe and then back to the USA.

The Obie Rack has a great and unique sound all it’s own but I just haven’t found myself setting up this wonderful synth and exploring all its possibilities. I find it a big waste to just let it sit idle so I am selling it. It has recently been tested both by my synth-tech and myself and it works just like the day I bought it. Since it had not been used in years I recently did a 24hour burn in with absolutely no adverse effects other than as expected some initial scratchiness on a few of the pots which went away after a few turns.

Unlike other “Obie Rack” unit’s created by Studio Electronics, this one was special ordered with a switchable power supply which means the unit will work on either 120 or 240 volts. Greg St Regis of Studio Electronics informed me that the power supply used in this unit greatly surpassed the original Oberheim specifications and provided much improved power stability. This is a big plus when it comes to the operation of vintage anything let alone synths.

To change the voltage requires that a simple adjustment must be done internally, requires the unit be free standing at the time and the removal of the top panel (removal of four screws, 2 on each side of the upper side of the case). With the panel removed you simply switch the power supply circuit to the appropriate voltage as labeled, reattach the panel and that’s it. The rear of the unit says that it is a 220volt unit but internally it has been set to 120volts. If the unit is purchased for use anywhere where 220 / 240 volts is required I will make that adjustment for you prior to shipping.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Verkaufe meinen Oberheim SEM Modular in technisch voll funktionsfähigem und optisch einwandfreiem Zustand. Das Gerät ist absolut professionell gebaut und beinhaltet 2 SEM Module (die Originale), den Sequencer, sowie Erweiterungen wie z.B. 2 zusätzliche LFO, 2 Ringmodulatoren und zahllose Patchpoints auf 6,3 Klinke. Meines Wissens ist das Gerät ein Unikat.

Das Gerät kann bei Kauf gerne in Köln abgeholt werden; auf Wunsch ist selbstverständlich auch versicherter Versand möglich.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Very rare collectors item. Huge basses and leads as well as other classic synthesizer sounds. In excellent shape, used exclusively in smoke free studio by one owner. The scratches on side panel are only cosmetic and in no way effects the sound quality. Don’t let this opportunity to own the real deal pass you by! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim FVS-1 four voice SEM output module. The unit is untested and is being sold AS IS with no warranties or returns allowed. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim SEM that has been custom racked and “modularized” with patch points and sub oscillators added! The unit is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic shape.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Nice little synth! It is near perfect except for a couple of small scratches (as seen in the pictures). The small scratches are from being shipped in a box its power supply not wrapped up. It has been covered in my studio and carefully taken care of. This synth works perfect. The box even has ole Tom’s signature on one side! This auction includes the synth, box, manual, power supply and a couple of patch cables to get you started. Thanks for looking and good luck” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a vintage Oberheim FVS four voice system SEM, a four voice analog synth. This it the VERY RARE Black face SEMs. These are also the original vintage SEMs, not the reissues. It’s fully functional and in great shape. Tuned up and serviced last year. There is no keyboard, it’s rack mounted, but it’s nicely modularized with a patching interface that makes it much more versatile than a regular FVS with keyboard. You have much better control of the voices and voice assignment, and those membrane keyboards stink anyways. With a good midi to cv converter like a Roland Mpu101 you can flexibly route the voices as four mono synths, two two voice synths, one huge four voice mono, mix and match, etc. and run various sequences through one or more while playing melodies on top

This is a one of a kind synth, you won’t ever see another one like this! Vintage SEMS sound amazing! Last and only time I saw black face SEMs for sale they went for $1500 each.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is one of two SEMs + the mixer I received over 10 years ago as part of a trade. They were pulled from a working Four-Voice which the owner was parting out for trades at that time.

Both SEMs worked at the time they were removed from the synth. Unfortunately my friend Nathan started playing with this one, snapping off several of the plastic connectors, which I saved but can no longer find.

Needless to say Nathan is no longer my friend.

Both modules were judiciously stored in a foam-core padded box. I am selling the one missing the connectors right now because this is a restoration I am afraid I will never get to.

I am describing this as accurately as I can but I am not making any guarantees that it works. This has not been tested in over 10 years and who knows what state the electronics are in at this time.

The panel looks great and so does the circuit board, except for those missing connectors of course.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oberheim Electronics Synthesizer Expander Module. Model CDS-1. Serial #0013. Has a sticker w/ date of 12-15-75.

105-125 VAC
60 HZ
5 Watts
1 Amp Fuse

Made by Oberheim Electronics, Inc. in Santa Monica, CA. Found it when clearing out the home of a relative who was a musician/pro audio engineer here in Los Angeles, so we don’t know much more about it and have not tested it. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You won’t find a cleaner unit. I had this listed a couple of weeks ago and there was a question about the pickup so I pulled the listing and took the pickup to ALL SERVICE MUSICAL ELECTRONICS REPAIR in Portland Oregon and had them go through it and make sure all of the wires were connected properly. I am the original owner of this item and it never left my studio. It has very few hours of use. It has been in climate controlled storage for the last thirty years. It looks just like it did when I bought it. It works perfectly.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“First official Oberheim synth from 1974. Fully analogue. The signalflow is fixed, but You can add or take audio- or control-signals and more over the small-jacks on the top of the unit.
Many years ago the previous owner has built in a Doepfer Midi-Interface, You can see it in the picture: on the top of the unit left side to the mini-jack-connectors there is a “Learn-Button” and on the right next to the connectors there is a red LED, Midi-in and out connectors are on the backside.
Of course the sound is ORIGINAL! Yes the clones and replicas of SEM are very good too, but not identicallly!! Same to the new edition of SEM by Tom Oberheim – You can only compare the sounds if You have an ORIGINAL, of course Tom Obeheim and all the others clone-manufacturers have not the ORIGINAL electronic parts….
For all who do not know the typical Oberheim-Sound, it is not fat and brute like Moog, the sound is more etherious – nearly thin, but exactly this is the thrill and You can hear the sound thru every complex production thru.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You’re bidding on the NEW-CONDITION

“Oberheim SEM MIDI to CV Patch Version Analog Synth”” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for your consideration today is a custom Oberheim SEM MS1A Modular. The Modules themselves work fine but this is an AS-IS auction. Either you can either go over the patch wiring or you can toss the box, use the circuitry for your own Oberheim project, OR add a reiusse to the combo and you will have yourself a keyboardless TVS! I designed the front panel in Illustrator, sent the CAD file to a laser cutting facility on 3/16″ black anodized aluminum with the added bonus etching the labels. One of the previous owners stripped the paint from the MS1A. The jacks are all 1/8″ switchcraft. If you would like the name of a person who agreed to work on this I would be happy to supply that to the new owner, I just don’t have the time pr patience for a project… even if I am not the one doing the work.

An excellent tech brought the SEM (also added a blue LED) and MS1A back to life and also recapped the power supply. The power supply is from a four voice unit. No buffering was added to the patch points since I just went by what was in the manual that came from SEM manual itself. The patch points were just brought to the front.

In my opinion, there’s four areas that need addressing

1. clock input doesn’t respond although the CV input for the internal clock does.

2. the trig step outputs aren’t properly hooked up.

3. the bottom right hand i/o with the switches for transposition need to be gone over.

4. one of the molex connectors came off the board on the SEM and the three wires were soldered to the board.

All of these I believe are working just need to be fully gone over.

I grabbed the info on the patch points from http://www.angelfire.com/music2/theanalogcottage/sem1.htm and http://www.angelfire.com/music2/theanalogcottage/miniseq.htm

As for sizing, the faceplate is 20″ wide and 15.75″ long with a slight angle to the front for ergonomics. It is in a desktop style enclosure, very solid and functional but I am by no means a craftsman.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for an Oberheim SEM Module. The SEM is in full working order and good condition considering it’s 35 years old. It’s a very rare early model with the 1080B board. It allegedly has a slightly different filter sound and envelope but to be honest, I think you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference between this and the later revision. It’s a great synth and I’m sure the auction winner won’t be disappointed. It’s 110V so you may need a step down transformer to run it which will be included in the auction. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.