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matri6r “Up for sale is the classic Oberheim Matrix-6R vintage analog rack synthesizer.

The unit appears to be working fine as I did some basic testing through MIDI, all the keys and sliders and buttons working fine to the best of my knowledge including editing patch programs.

Cosmetically its in reasonably nice condition for its age as you can see. There are some wear and scuff marks here and there with slight bend on the top panel as pictured, but nothing too major. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.

Power Cable included.” Link

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matirx6 “Vintage Oberheim Matrix 6-R Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

MIDI sound module
It’s a little scratched, but it’s no problem to use.

There is no problem in operation. ” Link

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matrixd6re “Oberheim Matrix 6R Classic Analog Synth rack. 6 voice DCO synth. Very powerful under the hood. incredible amount of modulation options. and can also drop some bass. Unit has a few issues. Issue 1 screen sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. I can make it work by tapping on the screen/front panel. Ive been doing this for 10 years, lol. may be as simple as a connection issue, i never had enough reason to get into it and figure it out. Issue 2 = noisey fader pot on master volume. I just turn it up all the way and never touch it, all good. Issue 3 some membrane buttons need cleaning but all work. some take a little extra pressure to work. Personally i use this with a software editor so i never really have to tweak the real unit much and these issue become non issues. good chance to get a classic synth at a decent price.” Link

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6r “The top has scratches but this unit has been tested and works great!” Link

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matrix-6r “Relisted because of non paying buyer. Up for auction is an Oberheim Matrix 6R polyphonic analog synthesizer. The issues it has: 1.) The last two digits of the display do not always light up. This is where you would see the value for parameters like cutoff, resonance, etc. Tapping the display will sometimes make them reappear. It could be loose wiring or something inside the unit. I don’t know. I used an iPad app called Matrix Touch to control the synth and it worked perfectly. It allowed me to see all the values inside the app and to control every parameter including the modulation matrix. Highly recommended! 2.) The front panel has a big dent on it and the right “double arrow” button is damaged as well. However, ALL THE BUTTONS WORK! So to sum it up, the synth display is the only bad issue since you can’t see what your adjustments are but the synth is completely functioning and sounds glorious. Therefore this item is being sold AS-IS. ” Link

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used matrix 6r “Up for sale is a mint condition Oberheim Matrix 6R 6-voice analog synthesizer.

I am the second owner. I purchased this unit in like-new condition from its original owner who bought it brand new in November 1986 (see warranty sticker for purchase date and location).

Cosmetically 9.5 out of 10 – there are a couple of very tiny scratches on the top cover from racking, and perhaps one or two minute blemishes on the front panel, but the unit is otherwise mint. It’s absolutely pristine inside as well and is in full working order.

It has Tauntek’s verison 2.14 firmware installed – this firmware has been rewritten to minimize processor lag when sweeping through parameters over Sysex and actually makes a noticeable difference in how responsive the synth is when programming it.

Includes the original printed manual, a “Getting the Most Out Of Yours” programming guide, two sheets listing factory patches, and the original owner’s own programming notes, including photocopies of the Oberheim programming sheets. Also includes rack ears, rubber feet, and power cord.

Unit is set for 120V AC line voltage, but can be easily switched to 100V, 220V, or 240V internally by moving a connector.” Link

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6r “Up for auction is an Oberheim Matrix 6r. Beside a few cosmetic issues, it works great. ” Link

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6r“The unit turns on & I am able to go through the menus & play notes via MIDI. When you turn off the unit it loses the patch memory & have to do a factory reset almost every time. I was able to load patches via tape. It is a little wonky. It probably needs a new battery, maybe new os, chips, etc.

This is being sold as-is. To be honest it sounds like an easy fix but I don’t have time. I’ll let the next person handle that. Absolutely no returns. I’m treating this as a fixer or part unit. I checked basic functions so I am not able to diagnose any other problems. I’m being as honest as I can. Check pictures for cosmetic condition. Thanks for looking!” Link

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6r “Up for auction is an Oberheim Matrix 6r. It has the v2.13 OS. There are a few scratches here and there and in full disclosure, it has a dent on one side (see pics) but it is purely cosmetic. Beside a few cosmetic issues, it works great. ” Link

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matrix6r “please see the pictures” Link

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6r“Hello today I am selling an overhaul I made this item is in working condition and no problems have occurred since I have purchased it. It is an analog synthesizer produced in the late 80s. If you’re going to bid on this I suggest that you listen or are aware of the sound capabilities of this and feel free to ask any questions. The matrix will come with two rare tapes” Link

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6r “Unit did power up and respond to midi note, velocity, aftertouch, just had issues changing patches and recalling things. Membrane buttons all depress and click, but could not tell if they were registering sometimes. Slider and headphone worked. Battery appears detached from board, pictured. Easily replaceable apparently with a temperature controlled soldering iron. In original shipping box, but with a few scratches from moving in and out of racks. So, technically I am selling for parts even though it works (and yes, sounded amazing). I received as a gift with no knowledge of the previous owners. There aren’t many of these around, I’m not using it and I’d rather it finds a good home or someone gets use from it’s parts. Will ship with (worn) original box inside another box in case buyer is a collector :) Happy bidding.” Link

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matrix6r” Up for grabs is the classic Oberheim Matrix 6R. Rackmount version of the Matrix 6. Those of you looking at this are but probably well aware of the Matrix’s glory. Absolute powerhouse of a synth, covering territory from fat bass to lush pads-and everything in between. Unit is in good working condition.” Link

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6r project “Oberhiem matrix-6r for parts

Item being sold as is for parts. Untested. Fault unknown.” Link

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matrix6r“Oberheim Matrix 6R Rack Synthesizer in very good condition. Includes manual on CD and power cable. ” Link

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oberhem matrix 6r “Selling my Oberheim Matrix 6R in good used condition. Display is easy to read, chassis and rack ears in good condition. Item will be packed well and shipped quickly with insurance. ” Link

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oberheim matrix 6r “Oberheim Matrix 6R Polyphonic Synthesizer

- Used in very good condition
- Tested
- Original ownner’s manual
- Picture shows Eprom M6R2.13 from Japan
- 2 cassettes with factory patches Vol 3 & 12 (not tested)
- Everything as shown in pictures
- Zoom pictures to see details and condition” Link

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6r “Awesome oberheim matrix 6r module. All of those amazing, analog synth sounds you know and love. Includes manual and power cord.” Link

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6r “OBERHEIM MATRIX 6R RACK MOUNT VINTAGE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER MATRIX-6R SYNTH. This synth is from a storage unit. Length: 17 1/4″. Height: 5 1/2″. Width 12 1/8″. There are scratches on the right side, and the top of the synth as shown in the photos. Item does turn on. The plug included is not the original.” Link

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This rack mount synthesizer module is in VERY GOOD condition, like new and barley used. I am the original owner, purchased new. It sounds and performs great. Physically, it looks great. A few VERY small scratches on the bottom. No dents. When the rack ears or mounted, they are like new, straight and true. The membrane “touch buttons” all work perfect, and show NO sign of age or cracking. I have re-checked everything before packing this up, and everything works like new. The oscillators are in perfect tune, and keyboard tracking is precise. There is no “warm up time” and it is very temperature stable. The main volume slide works smoothly and makes no “static” sound when moved. Both audio outs work great. The florescent display screen is clear and bright with no missing or faded pixels. Presets edit, save and recall like new. Midi functions have been verified to work correctly. The external pedal inputs (on the back side) have been tested. This synth has very low hours and was never “gigged” with; only used in my small solo home studio, which is dust controlled and smoke, pet, child free.

This unit has firmware version 2.13

Here is what is included in this sale:

The Oberheim Matrix 6R six-voice synthesizer module.

A detachable A.C. mains cable for power.

The original operation manual, also in very good condition.

The original factory patches “cassette” tape.

The original removable “rack ears”, with 4 screws.

The original 4 rubber feet (also removable) for desktop use.

The original factory box, with the form fitted “foam” protectors.

This item will be packed securely in it’s shipping box, with the accessories, with the form fitting foam shipping protectors and bubble wrapped.” Link

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oberheim matrix 6r“Up for auction is an Oberheim Matrix 6R rackmount polyphonic analog synthesizer. Item is in excellent condition and fully functional.” Link

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6r “This is a perfect working order analog synth with the powerful matrix synthesis also found in the xpander and matrix12″ Link

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matrix-6r “You are bidding on a 1980′s Oberheim Matrix-6R rack mounted Synth. I am the original owner. Comes with the original power cord, manual and box. I also found a cassette of “Vol two” of original patches (not sure what I did with Vol 1.) There are some scratches consisted with the age of the unit. The unit was working fine the last time I used it (two years ago). I only sell and ship to verified Paypal addresses in the lower 48 United States.

Update: At the request of a potential buyer, I pulled out an old Synth to hook up to this Matrix 6r to determine its functionality. It powered up fine and seemed to work fine. Being the original owner, I have never had any issues with it.” Link

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matrix 6r“Unit works great, always used in a studio situation.
Classic Analog synth Module……great Patches” Link

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matrix6r “You are bidding on a 1980′s Oberheim Matrix-6R rack mounted Synth. I am the original owner. Comes with the original power cord, manual and box. I also found a cassette of “Vol two” of original patches (not sure what I did with Vol 1.) There are some scratches consisted with the age of the unit. The unit was working fine the last time I used it (two years ago)” Link

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matrix 6r” Selling my Oberheim. Everything works. There is one small tear, gouge on face ( see pic ) ” Link

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matrix6r “Great 80s analog sound! Works perfectly. Power cord included. A few scratches on top but otherwise great.” Link

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obie 6r“Up for sale is my Oberheim Matrix-6R analog synthesizer. It doesn’t work, so you’re buying it for parts or repair.

It powers up, goes through the calibration cycle, and then displays random characters where the patch name should be. It does not produce sound. I have no idea what’s wrong with it. Has cosmetic wear as shown in the photos.

This sale includes only the Matrix-6R shown: No power cable, no manual, no box, no rack ears, etc. No returns accepted. Please bid accordingly. ” Link

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matrix6r ” You are bidding on a vintage Oberheim Matrix-6R rackmount synthesizer. Has a few scuffs on the top, but otherwise in great cosmetic condition and works perfectly. Also includes power cord.” Link

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matrix6r“For parts only, or try to repair yourself. Does not power on. ” Link

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matrix 6r “For parts only, or try to repair yourself. Does not power on.” Link

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matrix 6r“Selling my Oberheim Matrix 6R
This is a killer sounding synth.

This one doesn’t have rack ears.

I replaced the DAC chip in this unit last year (yes, this is an analog synth, but it has a DAC also) and also replaced the battery while I was in there and gave the switch contacts and volume slider a good clean.
So, you know you are buying a unit that doesn’t need anything doing to it.

Front panel is clean with no marks or signs of wear, but the chassis does have a few scratches and rack rash around it, you could take to it with a sharpie if it bothers you! ;)” Link

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matrix6e “Synth is in excellent working condition, fully tested by our technicians. All patches, buttons, jacks, and functions are fully operational. Sound is excellent and free of noise, hum, and crackle. Cosmetic condition is excellent; unit lived in a rack case for most of its life. Some minor wear including scuffs and scratches on finish and faceplate. See photos for full details.” Link

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6r “This OB is great if you already own a midi keyboard. It is the matrix 6 without the keyboard. It’s in near excellent condition and comes with the original manual. There is slight marking on the ear holes from having it in a rack, but its near unnoticeable.” Link

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6r “For sale: Oberheim Matrix 6R Polyphonic Synthesizer

I just purchased this rackmount synth last year and it is in perfect working condition. Some scratches on the box but the face looks pretty pristine. It is a rackmount so there are bound to be some scratches here and there from entering and removing from the rack. It comes with the original patch list. It was serviced within the last year and works perfectly guaranteed. Included is the power cable.

Also included is the Obimagix 6000 controller box from Volt Crafty electronics. The Oberheim Matrix 6/6R were difficult to program using the face buttons. This box allows you to control 72 parameters of the Matrix without any menu diving. Just select your parameter and turn the knob. It is a GODSEND.

ALSO included is a midi merger box from Midi Solutions. It allows you to plug the Obimagix and a midi keyboard in at the same time.

All in all, it is the complete package to make this vintage synthesizer a fully functioning and pleasurable instrument.” Link