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12 “Very light wear. Light scratches on wood sides and one screw missing on side panel. The unit has been sitting in it’s original box in a climate controlled setting for years and may need service. The only testing that was done is the “tune all” test, which it passed (see pictures). Selling as is, no warranty expressed or implied. No return and no refunds” Link

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oberheim matrix 12 “Hello here I have for sale my pride and joy the legendary king of poly synths the Oberheim Matrix 12!! it is in absolutely stunning condition looks brand new for a mid 80′s classic (museum grade) please see pictures, fully operational and has had a complete service with overhaul, 12 voice analogue king, this is probably the best example you will find also has the 12 voice expansion output.” Link

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oberheimmatrix12 “Oberheim Matrix 12 Analog Synthesizer Keyboard – Juicy VCOs, VCAs

Classic powerhouse analog synthesizer, one of the greatest ever made with incredible modulation matrix and 12 complex VCO voices (24 OSC), 15 VCAs. Velocity keyboard (not aftertouch). Tunes perfectly, every time. Memory works perfectly – custom Kid Nepro M12 sound bank included installed. Works flawlessly (aside from encoders starting to go; repair/replace kit included).

Awesome power even today: five multi-wave LFOs (each of which offered no less than 64 control waveforms), plus tracking generators, ramp generators and lag processors.

Why Selling?

Downsizing my small home studio from stuff I bought over past decade and have not used as much as I’d like. I simply have/had way too much stuff, and no longer have time to be a “collector.” Going from 37 synths/rack/keyboards down to 8 – about 60% of the stuff already sold (Sunsyn, Solaris, Waldorf, etc.).


Great shape, no big scrapes, dents, broken keys, etc. Tunes perfectly, always has. Keys and displays all work perfectly. Buttons all work, couple are a little sticky as with all of these at their age (buttons can be replaced if ever needed thanks to great aftermarket for some things like buttons and encoders).

Memory still works just fine and I’ve loaded in the Kid Nepro custom sound set for the single patches to verify that for the new owner. (Factory patches provided on the USB key and cassette.)

One of the wood pieces had a split (bottom left) and original owner repaired/glued that. I have replacement wood piece but does not match wood of right piece (see notes about that below). Many M12’s end up with a split in the wood due to taking keyboard off a stand one inevitably sets it down on the corner of one of the wood pieces, and eventually it can split from the front center screw/bolt. Most folks glue and set the piece and leave it (as the original owner did with this 10 years ago). Never bothered me since it sat on my keyboard stand the past 7 years.

As with all Matrix 12 keyboards, the encoders on the big dial knob controls start to go after a period of time/use, and I noticed a couple of these are starting to do that now finally. So, I bought the Syntaur repair kit with new encoders, which need to be installed and then they will be minty fresh. I left the buyer to install so you know 100% they are new, as anybody can say stuff is new but how would you know?

Smoke free, pet free home studio; gear never gigged, loaned, rented; never thrown around like a juggler on crack; never ever left out in the rain as part of a cake, etc. J” Link

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used matrix 12 “Wohl der beste der je gebaut wurde: Oberheim Matrix 12. Technisch und optisch im Top Zustand. Stand immer abgedeckt in meinem Heimstudio und wurde wenig benutzt. Ich habe ihn 1993 vom Erstbesitzer gekauft. Er stand nie auf einer Bühne.

Die Speicherbatterie müsste gewechselt werden. Mit dabei sind zwei Soundspeicher Kassetten, zwei Bedienungsanleitungen, deutsch u. englisch und eine Abdeckhaube.

Das wunderbare Teil kann man nicht in ein Packet stecken und mit der Post verschicken. Deswegen nur Abholung aus Hamburg.

Da Privatverkauf, keine Rückgabe, keine Garantie

Auf vielfachen Wunsch verschicke ich den Synthi auch. Nur innerhalb Deutschlands.” Link

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matrix-12“Up for auction a fully functional Oberheim Matrix-12 in excellent condition. Low Reserve! The rich analog sound is incredible. Here’s what ‘Vintage Synth Explorer’ has to say about this synth: Oberheim’s Matrix 12 is a legendary analog synthesizer from the mid-eighties that is still the king of analog sounds. One of the fattest, roundest, pleasantly analog synthesizers around! It’s long been known for creating some of the thickest and best analog pads, sweeps, buzzes, basses and textures. It features Matrix Modulation for extremely wild virtual patching for almost unlimited range of sounds and modulation capabilities!” Link

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obie-12 “Up for auction, my beloved Matrix 12. Recently serviced, all voices are tuned up and it sounds amazing. It has never left my smoke free studio. It comes with it’s own custom made road case and original owner’s manual. The white tape you see on the face is the preset list of the synth. It can be easily removed, it won’t damaged the paint. This one has been babied and it looks amazing. ” Link

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matrix12“Up for auction, my beloved Matrix 12. Recently serviced, all voices are tuned up and it sounds amazing. It has never left my smoke free studio. It comes with it’s own custom made road case and original owner’s manual. The white tape you see on the face is the preset list of the synth. It can be easily removed, it won’t damaged the paint. This one has been babied and it looks amazing. ” Link

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” Here it is guys – the legendary oberheim matrix 12. This is an early USA made model with the factory upgraded outputs for each of the 12 voices. Inspected and fully serviced in May of 2014. All functions respond as they should and the overall aesthetic is immaculate. Included in the sale are the original owners manual and the factory cassette which contains the original 200 factory patches. Your new synthesizer will be carefully shipped resting in it’s original anvil case which will then be packed in a box to ensure maximum safety. ” Link

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“The Mother Ship has landed: The Oberheim Matrix-12 w/ 12 individual outs. Take command of the ultimate analog synthesizer. Huge control surface with big chunky knobs and switches. She’s truly a joy to program and play. Includes 12 individual outputs factory modification. Functions perfectly and sounds absolutely amazing. All original condition, has gracefully aged for 30yr old synth and it appears the patch/voice display VFD segments are slightly dimmer than the top. See pics for more.” Link

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“If you do know anything about this keyboard then you will know that they are rarely seen for sale (I should know as I had to wait years to own one!) so if you want to own the king of analogue synthesisers then this is your chance.

It comes with its own custom made flight case and has been sitting in my studio for far too long without any use, which is criminal! It, therefore, needs and deserves a new home. Sad but true.” Link

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“Oberheim Matrix-12 Analog synth in great condition! All keys tested and working, there is wear/fading/scratches and use on the board itself but everything is functional. Please note I am not a synth expert, I did test it to the best of my knowledge and ran into no issues.” Link

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“This is the second time I have listed this keyboard. The first winning bidder did not pay and wasted my time.

I dreaded this day but I knew it would come. I am selling my much loved Matrix 12.

All knobs and buttons are present and are working.

KNOWN ISSUES:1) The audio output jacks are broken on the inside and need to be repaired. It should be a fairly inexpensive fix but they do need to be repaired. One of the jacks still works but you have to position the cord just right. I would have liked to have repaired it before I sold it but I need the money now.

2) Using the pitch bend causes the synth to go out of tune and stay out of tune until the unit is turned off and on again.

3) Normal scuffs and scratches for a synth this age. One of the keys has a chip out of it on the bottom. You don’t notice it when you are looking down at the keyboard. I am very busy during the day but I am available to speak on the phone between 7pm and 9pm central standard time if you have any questions about the synth before you bid. My number is 913 dash seven 7 five dash 3 nine 80. Please keep in mind that this synth DOES NEED REPAIR. The audio jacks and pitch bend need repair. As you can see the bottom is scratched up. There are also missing screws on the bottom.” Link

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” For auction is my Oberheim Matrix 12 Synthesizer recently serviced, proof in picts. It’s in perfect working condition and in perfect physical condition. It has custom Dark Walnut wood sides.” Link

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“Oberheim Matrix 12 Analog Synthesizer

This auction is for an Oberheim Matrix 12 Analog Synthesizer in excellent condition. I have personally owned this keyboard for ten years and have kept in my smoke free recording studio. The keyboard has never been used for live events and has only been used for studio use. Cosmetically this synthesizer for its age is in excellent condition. There is very minor wear that can be seen clearly in the photos. The wood ends are original to the synthesizer. This synthesizer has had a modification to the first rotary knob. The first knob has a continuous non-detented potentiometer. This is really nice as it is typically used to control the filter cutoff giving the user a nice smooth, non-detented feel. All buttons, knobs, and keys are fully functional. All 12 voices are fully operational. The synthesizer fully passes its tuning calibration.

This is a very special keyboard that has been very well taken care of.

The synthesizer will include the power cord and original manual.” Link

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“Used Oberheim Matrix-12 in excellent working and good cosmetic condition with only a few very minor surface scuffs from normal use. This unit has been professionally serviced and tested. Comes with the anvil case shown. Power cord included. Manual not included.” Link

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“For sale is an Oberheim Matrix-12 in very good condition.This auction includes 6 CEM 3372 IC’s as very valuable spareparts for the Matrix-12.Included also is a copy of the Oberheim Matrix-12 manual.See the pictures attached to this auction.This analog Oberheim synthesizer is completely tested and in perfect working condition.The keys and the wood side panels are in good condition.The Oberheim Matrix 12 is similar to the Xpander but the Matrix 12 is much fatter and more programmable than either.It features Matrix Modulation for extreme patching. I’m shipping worldwide.The shipping-costs must be paid by the winning bidder of this auction.” Link

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“For your consideration is a classic Oberheim Martix 12 analog synthesizer complete with a high quality Roadie brand padded case with wheels. If you are looking at this listing then I am sure you already know all about this piece. I don’t need to go on and on about what an amazing instrument this is but simply put, this is considered one of the best synths ever made! This comes fresh from the estate of the original owner. I honestly have no idea why this was in her home. They lady was a NY state political bigwig who had obvious interests in art and music in her family. This may have belonged to one of her children at some point but it looks like they hardly used it. The synth was set up in the living room just sitting there for many years. So strange yet so cool. The cosmetic condition is quite impressive with very little signs of wear in the form of a few minor blemishes. All of the keys are level and in good working condition. The wood side panels look great too. I have tested this and found it’s basic functions to be working fine. It is a very complicated piece and has many functions that are out of my league to try and test. I have a video I took of me trying it out but am not savvy enough to post it on-line. I can possibly email it to anyone who is seriously interested. If you are local you are welcome to come test the unit for as long as you’d like before purchasing it. Please see all of the photos for a good visual description. ” Link

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“Das Gerät ist optisch bis auf ein paar kleine Kratzer im Gehäuse und zwei eine kleine Dellen im Blech auf der Rückseite des Gerätes (obere Kante, siehe Fotos) gut erhalten. Technisch ist das Instrument ebenfalls in einem guten Zustand. Alle Stimmen funktionieren, das Tuning arbeitet einwandfrei. Ein paar Drucktaster sind etwas schwergängiug, funktionieren aber auch. Vielleicht sollten diese irgendwann mal saubergemacht werden.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim Matrix 12 with output expansion. The unit is 100% functional and aside from a few minor blemishes it is in nice cosmetic shape as well. It will come exactly as shown below in the pics so take a peek. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This Matrix-12 is in great shape for a used item of its age. It’s been thoroughly tested and is in excellent working order – all voices tune properly and pass all the internal tests as seen in the pictures. All encoders work reliably, all buttons work, all LED segments work well! We did not test the tape in and outs but see no reason for them not to work. Patches can be saved and transmitted via MIDI as well.

Cosmetics are very good. There are some light scuffs as you might expect on a vintage synth almost 30 years old – take a look at the photos and you’ll see it looks great.

The sound is INCREDIBLE….. Very warm and inspiring to play!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oberheim MATRIX-12

demonstration unit come from Oberheim / No serial code.

Perfect Working Condition – Professionally Serviced!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a very well kept (see pics) COLLECTORS ITEM Oberheim Matrix 12 with some famous history/ownership/usage behind it. This EXACT Matrix 12 and sounds created by it was used by PRINCE on a album !!!, Mariah Carey’s producers on 2 albums !!, Jefferson Starship, Journey,
Huey Lewis and The News on 2 albums, Toni Toni Toni, Too Short, and a lot more !!!


This Matrix 12 has had 2 owners. Currently me (the second owner), and before me the original owner who bought it brand new in 1984.

This original owner whom I personally bought it from was Arne Frager the owner of world famous recording studio “The Plant Studios”
(Link Here: THE PLANT STUDIOS ). Arne Frager is also a famous musician and producer. He did that song “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell at his studio (The Plant Studios) with producer Curtis Anthony Nolen. Great story how he met Michael Jackson (who sang the hook in his studio) and Berry Gordy (owner of Motown and Rockwells dad), etc..

Anyway, Arne Frager bought this Matrix 12 brand new in 1984 when they first were released for his studio’s (The Plant Studios) “in house synth”. It remained as The Plant Studios’ main “in house synth” from 1984 till The Plant Studios went out of business in 2008. Thats when I bought it from him. Thats 24 years of usage in a worldwide known famous studio like that. That studio was visited by various famous people everyday, literally.

Now, Arne had plenty of great stories about this Matrix 12, and who used it over the time on their albums/singles while it was in use at The Plant Studios. But to make it short, just do the math = Most artists that recorded at The Plant Studios between 1984 and 2008 and ALSO recorded a synth sound on their song has used and personally touched this exact Matrix 12 you are bidding on. Not to mention this EXACT Matrix 12′s sounds are heard on their famous songs that are/were all over the Billboard Charts. To get a rough idea of just a few artists/producers that have personally used this exact Matrix 12, just go to the discography page of The Plant Studios here: THE PLANT STUDIOS DISCOGRAPHY , then look at every artist that recorded there between 1984 and 2008, and if they also had a synth sound in their song(s), then that synth sound on their album/single/Billboard hit is this EXACT Matrix 12 you are bidding on !!

According to Arnie, to name a few that for sure personally used this EXACT Matrix 12 in this listing (or their producers) for their famous song(s) or album(s) that you know of so well are:

MARIAH CAREY on 2 albums !!, PRINCE !!!, Jefferson Starship, Journey, Huey Lewis and The News on 2 albums, Toni Toni Toni,
Michael Bolton, Kenny G, Too Short, and many others. Those were just the main ones that stuck out.

I mean Prince’s hands literally have touched and used this EXACT Matrix 12 in this listing !! Mariah Carey’s producers literally touched and used this exact Matrix 12 in this listing for 2 albums of songs !!! Plus many others as you can see. Sounds this EXACT Matrix 12 has created are the ever so famous catchy synth sound you hear in the above mentioned artists Billboard hits of the time. When you hear their songs on the radio, them sounds are this EXACT synth ! This is what happens when a instrument is in such a world famous well known studio such as The Plant Studios. So this Matrix 12 is POURING over with Mojo, and historic history making vibes from the Stars !

On this page with all the other pictures of the unit, I have included a picture of the receipt Arne Frager gave me when I bought it, and will include that ORIGINAL receipt with the Matrix 12 as a “Certificate Of Authenticity”. As you can see, it has The Plant Studios letter head, and Arne’s signature (worth something in itself really !), and no, the blurred out marks on the picture of it are NOT on the original that you will be receiving. Between that and calculating the discography of that studio, you can piece the rest together.

As far as the synths condition itself. It is in 100% flawless functional condition. It never left The Plant Studios non-smoking, temperature and humidity controlled environment, and once I bought it, it never left my studios non-smoking, temperature and humidity controlled environment. It passes all tunings (see pictures), and I recently had it to a tech for complete calibration, tune ups, check ups, etc.. and it’s operating at Factory Specs.

Cosmetically it is in “Near Mint MINUS” to “Excellent PLUS” condition. See pics. Which for a 27+ year old synth, is pretty much considered Museum Quality condition. But due to some ever so slight blemishes and imperfections here and there (see pics), I give it a “Near Mint MINUS” to “Excellent PLUS” condition. Just FYI, most sellers would call this Mint Condition for sure. But I’m a very tough condition grader and grade condition on a PSA standard.

Included in this auction is the Vintage 1984 FAMOUS USED Matrix 12 synth, Original Power Cable and Original Receipt from Arne Frager owner of The Plant Studios from which I bought it from (Certificate Of Authenticity). It will all be packed in the “box in a box” method with plenty of bubble wrap by a experienced packager (ME). Its a BEAST and very heavy. So to protect it well, the box and packaging will be huge too. Don’t expect cheap shipping on this one.

GUARANTEED to NOT arrive DOA or YOUR MONEY BACK !!! but due to being a Vintage Synth, beyond my DOA guaranty, it is sold as is. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Oberheim Matrix-12 Synthesiser

It’s a true classic and not many come up for sale so don’t miss this one.

Serial No. P52809

Very Good Condition. only a couple of minor scratches (see photos near Volume knob and on the bottom) but apart from those is fully working and has been in recent use in the studio. Power transformer was professionally replaced last year by Synthesiser Service Centre in London.
Only reason for selling is it’s too big for the space we have now.
Sounds from this synth are superb.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The mighty Oberheim Matrix-12 – in prestine condition. She looks absolutely gorgeous and sounds even better. Includes original box, rare Matrix-12 manual, original factory patch cassette tape, and power cord. Fully functional after-touch, all buttons/switches/levers/encoders/LEDs/jacks work as if new, official final release firmware revision v1.6 installed, and all 12 voices pass tuning routine. This is the ONE! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This Matrix 12 is working perfectly and comes with a super heavy-duty flight case. Shipping will be a lot so bear that in mind when bidding. Monster Sounds! Good condition not near mint.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This listing is for an Oberheim Matrix 12 vintage analog synthesizer. The unit is 100% functional and in nice cosmetic condition as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Matrix 12, Oberheim @ 22 February 2011, Comments Off

“Just been serviced…working condition 10/10

I also included the manuals,(photocopied). it’s always been in smoke free studio, its just the way it should be.I treat my babies very well

The only reason I am selling this is because I bought a Synthex so i have to let this one go” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Matrix 12, Oberheim @ 13 April 2010, Comments Off

“Oberheim matrix 12 synth. Very excellent condition. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Your bidding on a classic original Oberheim Matrix 12 analog synthesizer

all is in excellent condiotion, all 12 voices work perfectly, all tuning pass,
Extremely wide pads, low basses, nice bells you name it you got it. Best of it you can pan the voices independently!
Probably the best analog synth with program memory available.
Comes with a cd with Matrix 12 patches wich you can send through sysex.
In very good condition, the only thing is that the plastic plate on the front plate were the buttons and displays are have become coloration during the years. Almost all Matrix 12 have this, there is a method of fixing this but i didn’t realy care, it is not anoying in anyway.
i almost forgot, this is a later model with working aftertouch!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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matrix12 “This Matrix-12 is in good shape for a used item of its type and age. This unit was manufactured in 1984. It’s been thoroughly tested and is in perfect working order. The voices tune properly, all the encoders work, all LED segments work, and all other tests passed. One of the pictures displays that the tuning passes for Voltage Controlled Oscillators(VCOs), PulseWidth(PW), Resonance(RES), Voltage Controlled Filter(VCF) and Voltage Controlled Amplifier(VCA). The Tune Page, Master Page and Page 2 buttons need to be pushed a couple of times to activate. Just a couple other buttons act like this as well, only a minor issue. With that exception all of the buttons work 100%. I did not test the tape in and outs but they should work. I am not sure if it has after touch but is velocity sensitive. Patches can be saved and transmitted via MIDI as well.

Software version – lower voice 1.4, upper voice 1.4, main software 1.1, cassette 1.0. I have additional photos of the other tests shown to pass as well as photos of the inside. The battery is good shape and all the boards are clean. The Caps on the power supply are in great shape. If you want them I can email them to you if you are serious about bidding.

Cosmetics are fine. There are some typical minor scuffs and scratches here and there but nothing worth mentioning in detail. The photos should depict the imperfections.

Other than what I have described about the buttons and its shape, its in perfect working order. It has never left the home. Its always been in a dry air conditioned room in its case. I only used it a few times.

It includes a flight case as you can see in one of the pictures. I am putting bubble wrap inside for more protection. Its a good flight case but I want to make sure the synth is completely protected from any bumps from shipping.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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matrix12 “You are bidding on the ultra-classic Oberheim Matrix 12 analog synthesizer.

This model includes the optional 12 output patch and has the aftertouch feature.
Serial #P55403
Includes a softcase and the original manual

Some of the adjusting pots appear a little dirty, which results in sluggish adjustment and there is some slight static on volume pot. Doesn’t really affect the operation, and probably easily remedied with a cleaning.
Overall, this synth is in excellent condition: all the electronics and programming work, there are some minor knicks and finish marring, but nothing serious. There is one loose screw on the back.
This Matrix 12 was used for both touring and studio work.
This is my friend’s instrument, and he was the sole owner/user. It’s been in storage for some time as he is using all virtual instruments now.
So, this is your chance to get a great analog synth to get that unmistakable vintage sound.
Does NOT include instrument stand in photo.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Matrix 12, Oberheim @ 26 January 2010, Comments Off

matrix12 “This auction is for a Oberheim Matrix 12 with MIDI in perfect working order. It was fully tested and calibrated before I bought it. It does have some face/exterior damage as you can see from the pictures, which could be easily fixed with a refinishing of the front face panel. I neither have the time nor interest anymore to fix it. A preveous owner had taken the time to remove only half of the thin, matte finish on the control panel face.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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matrix12 “Up for the auction is the ultimate legendary polyphony analog monster Matrix12,this is not just THE BEST,this one is also got fully serviced,tuning,restored,recalibrated by tech to make sure everythings work 100% perfectly fine and in tip-top condition,guarantee to last for another 20+years!!

There is no way to describe the sound and sonic possibility of this one,i used this on many of my studio project,that included tons of TV commercial and movie soundtrack,and i also owned and used tons of BEST analog/digital synthesizer out there,i can guarantee to tell you that with the Matrix12 the only limit is your own imagination!! any desirable synth sound,no matter analog or digital,straight or weird,softy of noisy,all of these you can easily achieve with this 12 voice monster machine anytime. Here’s some user agreed with that: Vangelis,Herbie Hancock,Harold Budd,Alan Holdsworth,Micheal Hoenig,Jens Johansson,Van Halen,The Orb,Sky, Ian Underwood,Boris Blank,Michael Boddicker,Steve Lipson,Jason Miles,Scritti Politti,Dreadzone,Electronic Dream Planet,ELP and many other i forget to mention but you can find them on the net.

This Matrix12 is the latest 1.1 version,this is the software that all regarded is the best and most reliable one you can get. It’s multitimbral and 12 voice polyphonic, It’s got oscillator sync and frequency modulation which many synths from that time didn’t have. The filters are its greatest strength – there are quite a few modes to choose from – different types of lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch, etc…tons of envelope generators and LFOs, tracking generators, ramp generators, etc. Thanks to all its options, this is a great synth for the serious synthesist. Or, if you get tired of create the sound yourself you can use the preset sounds. you can recognized all of its sound immediately you heard from records and movie soundtrack,no matter since 80′s to present.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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12 “For your consideration is the Oberheim Matrix 12, 12-voice analog synth with MIDI.
The unit has been gently used over the years and there is little cosmetic wear.
One of the keys appears to have some paint on it, and may have been repaired at some point.
Everything passes the tuning tests, and all knobs, buttons, and keys work.
I can’t claim to be an expert on this very complicated synth, but everything appears to be working fine.
I reserve the right to end this listing early because I will be listing the synth locally as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.