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oberheim lot “Probably one of the cleanest DX and DSX’s you’ll ever get a chance to own!! Both come with a rare midi option and work 100%! Very minor marks! Paint is super shiny and clean as the day they came out the factory! Original DX manual included. Aside from the DX, the DSX is very rare and is also a great addition to all you OB owners out there:). Sounds are one of the fattest and punchiest you’ll ever hear bar none! Custom fit flight case not included but will sell separately. Come get it and enjoy!! Thank you!” Link

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dx “Oberheim DX in immaculate working condition. Recently fully serviced to ensure full functionality.” Link

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obie ” Complete Oberheim System including OB-Xa Synthesizer (8 Voice / 120 Programs), DX Stretch Drum Machine (MIDI) & DSX Sequencer w/ Computer Interface Cable

OB-Xa (8 Voice / 120 Programs) – Professionally serviced and overhauled (for well over $1000). Including all new J wires, bushings, NOS curtis chips, caps, gating chips, opamps, battery, pots cleaned, contacts cleaned and fully calibrated (including mod / bend section). Keybed is great and plays like new. Some scratches on top. Please see pics. All knobs and buttons are there. Sounds totally amazing! I programmed in all the factory patches.

Oberheim DX Stretch (MIDI) – Professionally serviced. Including new battery, all sliders and contacts cleaned. This is a later model with MIDI out (key to connecting this Oberheim system out to other MIDI drum machines, synths and sequencers). Excellent condition. Missing one slider top. Please see pics.

Oberheim DSX (OS 3.04) – Contacts cleaned. No further service needed. Excellent condition. Comes with original Oberheim Computer Interface cable. This sequencer is amazing! Super flexible. Compatible with numerous vintage synth / sequencer voltages via internal switches that can independently change 8 total cv / gate channels to different voltages. With this Oberheim system combination you can do cv / gate, trig, clock or w/ the DX midi out to control and incorporate basically anything. This is the only sequencer I have found that will sequence my vintage Minimoog Model D.” Link

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dx “Unit is 30 years old, has normal wear, all switches work. Missing 3 switch caps but the sounds still trigger. Also missing screw from front panel.Does not have drum samples, has bass sounds instead. ” Link

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x “works great, just finished a record with it.
a few slightly sticky buttons but didnt bother me
can clean them if you like, but works great as it
All outs are perfect, midi works great
A charm to use” Link

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dx “Oberheim DX programmable vintage drum machine. Classic 80′s sound.

DX has some cosmetic issues. Mainly one knob that looks like it was replaced but does not affect function. I plugged it in an got sounds out of all of the pads except for the Medium Bass button. It may need to be cleaned. I’m not sure how it all works. Old school lo-fi technology. There are individual knobs on the back that allow you to tune the drum sounds individually. In the hands of a real musician this may be the thing you need. I don’t know how to program it but there are manuals available online for free in .pdf form.

It has MIDI in/out – as well as mix outputs

It comes with the power cord” Link

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oberheim dx “Up for sale is a very clean and fully operational Oberheim DX drum machine. This is the factory midi model, all buttons trigger perfectly and sliders operate precisely as well as the knobs and jacks work as expected. There was one slider replaced as it’s not an original and that is the metronome slider. This drum machine is ready to use and is very reliable.” Link

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dx “Up for sale is a very clean and fully operational Oberheim DX drum machine. This is the factory midi model, all buttons trigger perfectly and sliders operate precisely as well as the knobs and jacks work as expected. There was one slider replaced as it’s not an original and that is the metronome slider. This drum machine is ready to use and is very reliable. It will be packed carefully for a safe trip, I’ve been selling/shipping vintage synths for years with 100% positive feedback.” Link

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usedoberhimdx “Condition: For parts or non working
Warranty: For parts and repair
No Warranty

Brand: Oberheim
Model: DX

Unit can power on , no other functions were tested.
SOLD AS IS.” ” Link

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used dx
This unit is very very clean in very good cosmetic condition.

Everything seems to work to me.

I am not an expert on them


I was not able to test every last thing it does.

Selling as is with a return privilege and customer pays all shipping both ways.

It is a vintage drum machine, lots of individual outs etc.

book included as shown” Link

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dx “Very nice oberheim dx drum machine with factory midi. Works great. Some of the buttons are a little oxidized and require an extra press. Sounds awesome. The ride cymbal eprom is loaded with a different ride sample, so the attack time is off. These eproms are easy to find and inexpensive should you decide to replace it with the original ride. The side panels have slight stress cracks around the screws in the back (pictured). Not a big deal, but worth mentioning. Includes power cable.” Link

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dx “DX with the original EPROMS. 12 bit samples.

Barely used has been kept in storage.

This DX has clear sides so all the wiring and the ORIGINAL FACTORY EPROMS are visible. Everything is original inside and out. In great condition with no defaults.


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dx“Classic Oberheim DX w/ Electrongate Midi Upgrade, Walnut panels with midi jacks have replaced the plastic panels. Loud snare pad sticks slightly just need to clean contact point.” Link

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obie dx” This is a fully functional programmable digital drum machine with the unmistakable rich, high-quality Oberheim sounds. I used it for demo work in the 80s and it has been stored in the back of the closet since then so it is in excellent condition. All controls work perfectly and the sliders are noiseless.

Included in this time capsule is the original Owner’s Manual, cassette of DX Factory Sequences, factory Inspection Report, warranty notification letter, and power cable. I removed the warranty sticker from the bottom of the unit as the warranty expired in 1985.” Link

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stretch dx“OBERHEIM Stretch DX Drum Machine Midi – Drum Sampler Old School Original

Missing One Fader Knob
Inside Picture shows eproms. ” Link

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obie stretch dx“Up for auction is a rare, one-of-a-kind Oberheim Stretch DX drum machine! This unit has been customized with five ZIF sockets on the top of the drum machine case. In addition, the stretch module has five internal ZIF sockets as well. The auction also includes an original Oberheim “Sound Kit” case with six extra eproms, see list below.

The unit has factory midi and is in excellent condition. Everything works. All buttons work well. However, occasionally, and I mean occasionally, the right most drum trigger button number 1 on the stretch module is intermittent. I will include a spare drum switch for replacement if needed down the road. I just tested everything, and all the drum triggers worked perfect. Also note that one tuning pot on the stretch module is slightly bent. Does not affect performance at all.

The eproms included are:

1. OB Electric Kick
2. OB DX Snare 64
3. OB DX Hat 1A
4. DigiDrums Electric Toms #3
5. OB DX Shaker/Clap
6. OB Crash / Quijada
7. OB DX Toms
8. DigiDrums Rock Snare #1
9. Tambourine/Rimshot
10. Fat Snare
11. Conga

Spares include:

1. Punch & Zap effect
2. TR-909 Snare
3. TR-909 Kick
4. TR-606 Snare
5. TR-808 Kick
6. CR-68 Snare

The eproms with the Roland samples were created by me when I was the only Ebay seller in the 2000s selling custom eproms. These are under the MadKnobTech.com label. And they ROCK. ” Link

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dx“Oberheim DX drum machine. Classic drum machine. ” Link

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dx ” Oberheim DX with with Factory Midi in good working condition. Original chips, everything works and sounds great. Some of the editing buttons stick or double triggers occasionally, but for it’s age it’s in excellent condition.” Link

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dx“I don’t know anything about this item, I purchase storage lockers and it was in one. So I am selling it as is without return. May work great? or use for parts. The buttons and switches seem to be in fine condition without sticking.” Link

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dx” Oberheim DX drum machine (non-midi) all functions work, no issues or problems, classic sounds, very rare to find in this good of condition! ” Link

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“Up for bid is an Oberheim DX’a’ Digital Drum Machine. The ‘a’ means that this was the updated, final version from the factory that had MIDI as a stock feature. These EPROM-based drum machines have swappable 8-bit samples that are decoded through digital-to-analog converters that both expands their effective resolution to 12bits but also seems to give them a very punchy, powerful sound. This one has the stock EPROM sounds from the factory.

It’s in good shape, though the cosmetics are a bit rough: there are scratches and some minor dings and dents, as well as a bit of paint splatter (see the pics). However, everything works perfectly: I did a basic checkout of all inputs and outputs (except the cassette interfaces) and I cleaned all the switches so there’s good action with no double- or missed triggering. It saves and stores sequences as it should, etc. Think of this as a player’s machine, not a collectors item. I’m selling this one because I’m cleaning out the closet. It comes with a 3-prong IEC power cable.” Link

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“All function switches work accordingly with no stickiness along with the drum pad switches. No scratchy sliders. All leds light when activated. Display is nice and bright with no missing pixels. Silkcreen clean and fully legible. Battery still retaining healthy 3.07v” Link

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“Vintage recording studio closing. Classic Oberheim DX drum machine for your consideration. Great condition. TR808 kick and “hard” snare EEPROMs installed. Smoke-free/pet-free studio use only, never gigged or on the road. Looks good and functions well. No front thumb-screws, however. ” Link

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“Here is a Oberheim DX 1983 Drum Machine with stretch.
I paid $1000 to have the factory add the Stretch!
Very good condition, but has a minor issue
Used only in the house, works mostly very well it could use a minor tune up as the Cymbal Channel, there are 3 buttons for each: soft, medium, loud. On the cymbal channel when you push the soft channel it doesn’t sound. Then when you push the medium or loud channel they work, but immediately after you push the medium or loud cymbal right after they work and they work fine, the soft cymbal sounds and plays afterwards. For instance if you play the loud cymbal you’ll get that and then the soft cymbal sounds immediately afterwards. If you push medium, you’ll get the medium cymbal and then the soft cymbal. This can be easily fixed, i’ll leave that up to the buyer. That is the only issue as other then that this works very well and in very good working condition. Plays as it should other then the soft cymbal playing after the loud and medium. Also the 4 front Thumb screws are missing, which has no effect on the machine. This works well, I took them off as to change the chips for the sounds and now I can’t locate them in my home, no big deal. This comes with 4 extra chips, and this has the factory DX chips in it. The stretch cost me $1000 alone!
This only came with 6 sounds and I sent this back to the factory and they put the stretch on that expanded the 4 sounds added the 6 sounds to make it now 10 sounds, and also it added a Midi. This comes with a total of 10 chips. All 10 channels have sounds.” Link

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“Super Rare Vintage (1983) Oberheim Stretch DX Drum Machine!

This particular one is fully serviced and in perfect working order.

No scratchy sliders or double triggering buttons, ready to go and sounds incredible. Side panels are hardwood, not plastic like the later ones.

Stretch adds MIDI and 4 or more extra sounds among other extra features. This one is loaded with “electric kick” which sounds 909′ish, Congas, Tambourine, Side-Stick and also a kind of gunshot/clap sound.

The main unit contains the original factory soundset, which is very similar to the DMX, in fact having owned the DMX and this I have to say I prefer the DX sounds.. they are crisper and more punchy to my ears.

All sounds are externally tuneable(unlike the DMX) and have their own separate output!

Super physical condition with minimal marking and scratches.

Original 220-240 Volt machine. Manual and power lead included!

Ridiculous iconic sounding drum machine used on many hit records over the years! From New Order to Run DMC to Madonna…etc etc!

The sound of these is just amazing! ” Link

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“All function switches work with no stickiness, no double triggering on the drum pad switches. No scratchy sliders. All leds light when activated and no missing digits in display. Silkscreen clean and fully legible. Battery reading still a healthy 3.09v

Drum machine is stocked with original factory sound eproms and reloaded back with original factory songs and patterns.

Included is an unbounded copy of original owner’s manual and power cord ” Link

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“Oberheim dx drum machine. factory midi installed. Great tune-able drum machine. Good overall condition for a vintage piece of gear. Expect some small cosmetic blemishes in the paint. The front lid screws will be refitted before shipping, they were removed for the photos. The electronics are very clean. it has ziff sockets that allow the easy changing of the eprom sounds (just make sure they are in the right way or they can get blanked.) It has “interface” drum eproms fitted. The only known issue is that the sound in one of the cymbal slots is short and should be a long sample; so, it plays twice (the speed of the playback is related to the tuning.)” Link

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“Up for auction is an

Oberheim DX Drum Machine

(serial # D34550)

in beautiful cosmetic and 100% functional condition.

(see pics)

All function switches work accordingly with no stickiness along with the drum pad switches. No scratchy sliders. All leds light when activated. Display is nice and bright with no missing pixels. Silkcreen clean and fully legible. Battery still retaining healthy 3.04v

Drum machine is stocked with original factory eproms and reloaded back with factory patterns.

Includes copy of Owner’s Manual and Power Cord.” Link

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“Up for auction is a vintage Oberheim DX Digital Drum Machine. I just powered this unit up today and gave it a wipe down as it had been sitting for years. It powered on and I tested the output signal into a pair of speakers and it sounded great. All of the sliders worked as well as the buttons in reference to its sound. This unit has MIDI capabilities as well, which makes this a more rare and sought after unit. I have now way to test this feature, however based on the fact everything else is working I am confident it works great. This unit is very clean inside and out, with minimal scrapes or scratches. I can guarantee that it won’t be dead on arrival.” Link

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” Up for bid is my perfect Condition Oberheim Dx!!!! Used twice, no problems. Amazing mint condition, treated and handled gently. No midi, but cv options. Sounds and functions flawlessly and no scratches! You won’t find a nicer dx!!!! ” Link

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Up for bid is an Oberheim DX ‘a’ drum machine. Like the OB-Xa, the ‘a’ implies that this was the redesigned upgraded model: that means this one was built with Oberheim factory MIDI!. The DX was the follow-on to the DMX – it has a more convenient way of tuning the voices in real time. Also, the TOMS have a CEM analog filter built in to smooth out the sound. It’s got a very punchy, powerful sound.

I’ve done a basic runthrough and most everything checks out: all the pads trigger nicely, all the buttons work, it sends and receives MIDI, all the outputs work, all the tuning pots work. It has all the original factory sounds. It records and saves appropriately. The sliders move freely and aren’t scratchy.

Cosmetically, the drum machine is in overall good shape – there are some nicks and scrapes on the machine but nothing major or ugly (see the pics). There is kind of a lslight stain above the Volume slider, but it’s not distracting. ” Link

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” This Oberheim DX drum machine is in very good cosmetic condition and perfect working condition. Please check the images which are of the actual item you are bidding on. The faders, buttons and jacks all function without issue. As you can see in the pictures there are various nicks to the paint – mostly to the front – but the top looks very clean. The machine is clean inside and includes the two thumbscrews and power cable which is not pictured.

Just to be clear this is the pre-MIDI issue of this classic drum machine. Although there is no MIDI it does have 2 jacks for sending and receiving analog clock.” Link

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“you are bidding on a vintage 1980s oberheim DX digital drum machine. it is in excellent physical condition. it powers up, but the digital display does not light up. it is untested and being sold as-is.” Link

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“For sale today is an Oberheim DX w/ Stretch expander(mega rare).

This thing is in great condition with few signs of wear, check out the pics to see now nice this piece is.

The STRETCH expander on is a rare piece that could be purchased separately that had to be installed on your own or by your favorite tech.

Occasionally the highest Cymbal button doesn’t trigger when turned on, it seems to start working after a few minutes(possibly needing to warm up) ” Link

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“Oberheim Dx with midi, extra eproms as seen in the picture, and power cable are included. this unit is in 99.99% working order. only problem is one digit on the display is out. see picture. I am the second owner of this machine. It has been serviced twice by Advanced Musical Electronics in Venice, CA once before i recived it, and i just recently had the machine completely serviced by AME. ” Link