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dmxmidi “This is an Oberheim DMX drum machine with midi. I just picked this up from being serviced from a tech who worked at Oberheim while this was released, so no one better to service this! This condition is good, though it does show some wear with knicks and scratches to the paint. The display works perfect and the functionality is excellent, as it was just serviced. The midi plate shows some wear, just being very descriptive. Sounds amazing, a classic drum machine! ” Link

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used dmx “Oberheim DMX Drum Machine With Factory Midi/memory expansion.

Unit has been restored plus new battery installed

Extremely clean for it’s age.

Comes with Power Cable and photo copied owners manual.

Sold as seen as is.” Link

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obie dmx “Oberheim DMX Drum Machine With Original Manual, WORKING!!
Missing the 2 screws in the front
I was told by the original owner that this works great (Bought by a big Musician, I also have some high end reel to reels I will be listing) He had a lot of Higher End Musical equipment
Lights up when plugged in
Also Comes with original Manual and Power cord, no other cords are included
Beautiful Condition, Wood is very nice, no Damage
This was taken care of and was stored Well” Link

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m “Oberheim DMX Drum Machine With Factory Midi/memory expansion.

Unit has been restored plus new battery installed

Extremely clean for it’s age.

Comes with Power Cable and photo copied owners manual.” Link

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dmx “Vintage 80′s Oberheim DMX drum machine

Very clean. excellent cosmetics.

Tested working fine. All buttons and sliders function. sound at mix out is good. records, plays and remembered patterns after shutdown.

Includes owners manual. Uses standard power cable (not included).

includes 16 extra percussion and effects sounds on EPROMs. These are untested.

Due to it’s age, this unit is sold as is.” Link

DMX, Oberheim @ 10 May 2016, Comments Off

dmxmini“Excellent condition DMX that has just had all buttons cleaned. Cosmetically a 9.5/10. Fully functional. Also included, which I just found, are 4 additional sound cards . One says “stick”, one says “kick”, one says “toms” and one is unlabeled. These are easily worth 50 each and I was told by the guy I bought this from that the kick and toms cards are the 808 sounds.” Link

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used dmx “This is one of the first digital drum machines. It has been used in Hip Hop, New Wave and pop songs by such artists as: Run DMC, New Order, Herbie Hancock, Madonna, Roni Size, Eurythmics, Slick Rick and many others.

It was recently professionally serviced by Electrongate and works as new.

This unit includes the memory expansion board which doubles the available memory capacity.

All buttons, sliders, outputs and electronics have been tested and are guaranteed to work.
These are hard to come by in this condition as they have been discontinued since the 80′s.” Link

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oberheim dmx“Oberheim DMX
Tested in good working condition
Good condition but does have some scratches / marks (view pictures)” Link

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dmx“I purchased this machine brand new back in the 80’s and used it primarily in my home studio. It is in good condition and works well. A data error message is displayed on the screen when it powers up, but I think it means the battery needs to be replaced. I’ve included the original manual and haven’t noticed any functional issues. It is sold as is and I can include some cassettes of drum patterns that I have created. ” Link

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dmxwithmidi” Barely used Oberheim DMX Electronic Drum Machine in very good condition. Comes with 4 extra drum sound chips & power cord. Tested all buttons and works great. ” Link

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This machine is in good condition and works well. An error message is displayed on the screen when it powers up, but I think it means the battery needs to be replaced. I haven’t noticed any functional issues. Sold as is.” Link

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oberheimdmx “This listing is for a vintage DMX drum machine. This DMX is in excellent physical condition and very clean. I have had this DMX for over 25 years and used it a few times on some recording sessions right after I purchased it. Since it was not MIDI, I didn’t use it much. The internal battery has been in the machine for over 25 years and should be changed. Aside from turning it on; no further testing was done. Also, their some messages that come across the screen after turning the machine on. Some of the messages are: Memory Full; Internal Err 12; Cassette Mode; Data may be bad!; Press < ^ > to empty; etc. Even with the fore mentioned information that I just mentioned; these machines are still in high demand because there are plenty of techs out there that work on these machines and they can also be converted to MIDI. With that said; I am selling this machine in “as-is” condition with no warranties or guaranties implied; and no refunds. You will also need to supply your own power cord as I took one from a desk top computer to turn it on. If you are reading or looking at this listing; I assume you know about these machines.” Link

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dmx “PHYSICAL CONDITION – Good. There are small scratches on all sides and a couple larger scratches through the logo on top. The wood panel on the left side is slightly loose.

WORKING CONDITION -Excellent. We just got it back from Bruce Forat where he installed a fresh battery and diagnostics, cleaning and check-up. Can’t find a better example!” Link

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” Oberheim DMX tricked out with midi and M-Ram, also has the original factory patches! This thing is a dream machine for sure. The midi is old school early 80s era type so don’t try to get all fancy with it( . The M-Ram is a memory chip installed to elliminate the battery ( No more battery changes plus you can basically have all the memory you would ever want. All the extras were made and installed by the master, Paul White of Electrongate aka “The DMX Files.” . Paul probably built this machine when it was new at Oberheim. He worked there for many many years. It has the standard issues of an old machine, the sliders get dirty once in a while and you have to slide them up and down a few times to clean them, and it’s got it’s wear marks from use over the years. Other than that it’s a wonderful piece of music history.” Link

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“The Original!! Straight out of the glory days of Dreamland Recording in Woodstock, NY (console wiring harness layout still taped on top!), This DMX with midi was used on more top recordings than you can count. Though it powers up, functionality is intermittent at best. Could use an overhaul to bring it back to OEM specs. One of the thumb screws on the front is missing. Comes with power cord and original manual” Link

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“For your consideration is the Oberheim DMX MIDI vintage drum machine.
The DMX MIDI has been gently used in a smoke free studio, but shows some cosmetic wear(see pics).
The unit has been tested and is completely functional.
The DMX has just been serviced, including a new internal battery, and cleaning of the trigger switches.
Included in the listing is the Oberheim DMX MIDI as pictured.” Link

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“This listing is for an Oberheim DMX Drum Machine with the Owners Manual and 2 Voice Cards , it is incomplete no cables body only, it was used a few times cables were misplaced selling it, As is!” Link

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” I’m selling my vintage Oberheim DMX drum machine. All parts and sound chips are original and in working order. The only thing that has been customized is the addition of 2 thumbscrews on the front of the unit. This allows you to more easily open the machine up and adjust the tone of the drum sounds without the need for a screw driver.
Also included with be a custom deluxe case (see pictures). The case was built by “Anvil Cases” and it is extremely heavy duty. Ideal for playing gigs and safe storage.” Link

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” Wenig gebrauchtes Gerät aus Erstbesitz, ohne Midi, Long Toms
und Owners Manual” Link

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“This unit is in all around excellent working condition and just recently serviced. Brand new backup battery installed. All buttons, sliders, ins/outs, midi, alpha numeric display, and leds are all working just as they should. Cosmetically, this machine is in very good condition with some general scratches/dings/scuffs/paint wear to mention. Original thumb screws included! The fader caps are from Emu SP-12/1200′s and work very nicely. AC line also included. This DMX machine sounds incredible, and will be missed.” Link

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Classic HIP HOP drum machine with factory memory expansion.
Also one of TOM-TOM chips has been replaced with TR-808 bass chip .Sounds punchy.
Separate outputs for each drum instruments as well as stereo and mono.
Clock input to sync with MIDI (via converter , not included)
Cosmetically is not perfect ,3 right percussion instruments buttons has been replaced with non-original.
Sliders caps not original.” Link

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“Your looking at a Rare Oberheim OBXa Synth, DMX Drum machine and a DSX sequencer in one Vintage package!
I’m not a keyboard player so playing and knowing this analog Synth/Drum Machine/Sequencer Im not. I had a tech go thru it and make sure all is working. all knobs and sliders are smooth. but he doesn’t know much about the synth so he couldn’t guarantee it.
he was able to make the the synth work each note and keys are working fine. We end up touching the wrong button and the sound will be gone,
touch it again and the sound is back.
all the equipment power up fine. I do have Schematics for it as well. there are no returns and if you purchase this product you’re taking it on “as is”. I have no doubt that with some TLC this can be an amazing analog synth for the right person. ask me any questions before bidding and Thanks for looking.” Link

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” Here we have is a vintage retro complete Oberheim OB8 synthesizer system from 1984. This setup comes complete with the Oberheim OB8 synthesizer, The Oberheim DSX sequencer, and the DMX Drum machine. Also included are the original manual for the OB8, a copy of the OB8 service manual, and the original Operators manual for the DMX drum machine. There is no manual for the DSX sequencer. THere are 5 extra working voice cards for the DMX drum machine also included. The sounds are Cowbell/handclap (there are two of these), Long Tom, snare, and hihat.

As far as sounds for the Ob8, There are 4 patch tapes included which are the Ob8 original factory patches, a backup copy of the factory patches, and Ob8 sound patch tape volumes 1 and 2.

This system has a couple of functional flaws which I have not bothered to get repaired. The OB8 has a garbled voice and after it heats up, it corrects itself or it doesn’t. Depends on what day it is. The DMX drum machine has timing issues and needs to be serviced. (The tempo fluctuates from time to time) Both of these problems should be inexpensive and easy to repair. The DSX sequencer works as it should.

As far as the physical condition of everything, I would rate this system an 8 out of 10. People who know me well, know I am compulsive about functionality and physical cosmetics. We keep all of our vintage gear in tip top condition. We did not take the time to get this repaired and are selling this as is.

Included are the ribbon cable to interface the Ob8 with the DSX sequencer and all of the power cables to power the system. Those are the only cables included. As a special bonus, we are including the original sales receipt from 1984, (see pictures) the original warranty card, and patch information cards.” Link

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“Vintage Oberheim DMX Programmable Digital Drum Machine Made in the USA

Drum Machine is in used condition. It has scratches, scuffs and nicks. It has been tested and found to be in proper working condition. I detected 2 possible dead keys. They might just require a bit of a repair. I did not test the record function and playback, and I only tested sound through headphones. Unit seems to be in good condition for its age.

Includes original owner’s manual and power cord.

It measures approx. 18″ x 12″ x 5.5″

Please see photos for additional detail and feel free to ask questions. ” Link

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“Up for Auction:
Oberheim DMX Drum Machine
In very great shape and excellent working condition.
As with any vintage electronic instrument it is being sold as is.
As of post date it’s 100% working with no problems at all.” Link

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“This is for an Oberheim DMX Drum machine in excellent working and cosmetic condition.

One of the buttons (tempo) needs to be pressed a bit harder to operate.

It has been recaped with top quality capacitors everywere except the sound cards. So it should last for as many more years. Please note due to age it is sold as is.

It has midi in out!” Link

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“This is a rare original Oberheim DMX drum machine with MIDI. As you can see, I’ve taken good care of this unit and hate to see it go. Tunable drums, amazing groove, 3D sound (fully loaded ROM boards), & memory expansion. Excellent working condition. Power cord included. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is the vintage ‘DMX’ model programmable digital drum machine from “Oberheim”. The unit powers right on, and I really do not have a way to fully test the unit, and it is sold as is. When turned on, the screen reads ‘Oberheim Dmx, Press < > To Empty’, and sometimes with show an Internal Error message. The unit is in nice condition, with some tiny type scratches on the front, and the main display has only a couple of small scratches. 6 of the slide control tips aren’t original, and still slide nice and smoothly. The wood sides are nice and clean, and the edges are clean as well. I have taken a number of photos, and show a photo of the inside as well. Measures 18″ by 12″, and stands 5″ high at the back.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Now you can play every realistic, digitally-sampled Oberheim drum sound via your MIDI keyboard (Yamaha KX88), stand-alone sequencer (Roland MSQ-700) or both (see J.L. Cooper). You can also use it to save valuable voice-allocation space on your Fairlight or Synclavier! Need to tune the snare? No problem, just pop open the hood and turn the little gear-shaped trimmer on top of the corresponding circuit board! You will never again need to hire cocky professional drummers or cabasa players after you own this puppy.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Zum Verkauf kommt hier ein Oberheim Xpander ( US Version)

Der Xpander gehört zu den ganz großen Entwicklungen der Firma Oberheim.
Ein polyphoner Analogsynthesizer mit einem wuchtigen Sound, unglaublichen Modulationsmöglichkeiten und einer übersichtlichen Bedienung.
Das Gerät ist voll funktionstüchtig und in sehr gepflegtem, sauberen Zustand.
Aus Erstbesitz, nichtraucher Studio und wenig im Einsatz.
Das Gerät ist für den Betrieb mit 220V Netzspannung ausgelegt.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a November 23, 1983 DMX Drum Machine. I am the original owner and have the original Packing Inspection Report that shows the machine was inspected and shipped on November 23, 1983. Recently serviced and in prime working condition with new battery.
Not only is this an original machine in near mint condition, and with the original stock sounds, It has 8 additional cards that allow you to swap out the original sounds for custom sounds by Drumware. Also included are a couple of personal sounds that I sent them for sampling and E-Promming… One of which is a custom snare that I recorded while at Rumbo Studio A in LA. The studio had a 20 foot ceiling and we recorded the room mics at a about a height of 15 feet. Very crisp sounding chip.
PLUS, this machine has been customized with a stereo headphone jack and an output for a custom snake that takes all of the individual outputs of the drum and puts them in one cable. It is the blue connector on the back in the photo. I do not have the snake, but I’m sure it would be easy enough to find or build one.
Lastly, in addition to the stock sound chips, I have 20+ chips of various kicks, snares, toms, percussion and a noise burst.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You are bidding on a Oberhiem DMX Drum Machine with original owners manual & factory sequences tape. We are selling this for my Dad. He is the original owner. This item work just as it should when it was stored. When you turn on the power button it will display the message Memory full, data may be bad, press<> to empty. We did just that but after you power it off and back on. It will display the same message. We have the factory tape which you can see in pic 4 to reload the factory sequences. You can also see in pic 3 it has some paint specks on it. We think it should clean off but will leave that to the new owner.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” This auction is for my early ’80s Oberheim DMX drum machine. This came as part of a studio I bought in ’91. I record bands, so never really used it, although it did work well. Last time I tried using it, the sequencer wasn’t working and one of the buttons for the bass drum had come off. I removed the bolts that held in the board for the volume sliders and sound trigger buttons and stored the parts away for safety……. 10 years latter, I thought they were all in the box with the main part of the machine, but opened it recently to discover they were missing. I have searched in my usual storage locations and can’t find them anywhere.

I have no idea how easy this would be to fix, so is being sold for parts. At some point someone added DIN sockets on the rear panel for MIDI. I see no evidence that they ever got beyond adding the sockets, but can’t say for certain. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” Oberheim DMX in mint condition and fully functional. Has new battery installed.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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