matrixk1000 “In good working condition.” Link

OB-Xa, Oberheim @ 21 March 2017, “No Comments”

obxa “Oberheim OB-Xa in great condition. Everything is working. I was privileged to play this beautiful synthesizer for many years on countless recordings. It was always kept in my dust and smoke free recording studio. It has the fat Oberheim sound that you know from the records. You won’t be disappointed.” Link

obie “Huge 6 voice analog polysynth in a sleek unassuming 1u rack form factor.

Gorgeous cosmetic condition. OS 1.16 upgrade ROM installed.

This auction bundles the synth with the fabulous Stereoping CE-1 controller for parameter tweaking.

Original printed manuals and documentation included.” Link

matrix6 “Selling great condition Oberheim Matrix 6 keyboard. Not the rackmount version. All voices working properly, filled with 99 patches of pure analog goodness.

It has patchbank by AnalogAudio1 loaded on it now (check out his youtube channel to see how serious his sound design is)
It is used of course, so has some character but is not visibly worn” Link

obiemxatr ” Up for sale is my one owner Oberheim Matrix 1000 synth module. I purchased this unit brand new in 1990. This unit is in perfect working order, and has only been used in my smoke-free home studio. The exterior exhibits the usual minor rack rash, along with minor scratches in the paint on the top panel. It has no significant dents or dings, and has never been dropped or otherwise subjected to any impacts. All six voices are fully functional, and just calibrated by myself. This unit has been upgraded to firmware v1.16 as shown in the photos. This fixes numerous bugs that existed in the factory ROM, most notably slow filter response via MIDI cc’s. Because of the firmware upgrade, the filters on this unit respond almost instantly. I used this as a wind synth module, and since the upgrade has been installed, the response to aftertouch and breath is exceptionally fast. If you’re an analog fan, you can’t go wrong with this unit. It contains 800 factory sounds, and has 200 user slots to store your favorites, or your own custom patches created with an external editor. Included with this unit is the power cable, the original owner’s manual and patch listing, and a manual on programming the Matrix 6/6R/1000. Don’t let this one pass you by! ”

obi10000 “For sale is my Oberheim Matrix 1000 rack unit. It’s in great shape, it does show some wear, so be sure to check out the pictures below to make sure you like it. Overall nice condition. It’s fully functional and sounds great. Screen is bright and easy to read. The volume knob is a little loose but functions as it should. Awesome vintage analog oberheim sound, the same as a Matrix 6 but in a 1U rack format. There are many different programmers out there available for this, which really can enhance its usability. Don’t miss out!”

OB-Xa, Oberheim @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

used obiexa “Rather let’s get to the specifics of this particular item. It’s in great shape! I just completed a major overhaul of the keyboard in which all the contacts were cleaned and bushings replaced. No sticky notes. The previous (original owner) had an aftermarket midi kit installed that has basic in/out/thru functionality and is solid. I’ve had zero problems with this throughout the years it’s been in my possession and has had regular maintenance service.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

obiematrix6 “Selling great condition Oberheim Matrix 6 keyboard. Not the rackmount version. All voices working properly, filled with 99 patches of pure analog goodness.” Link

DSX, DX, Oberheim @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

oberheim lot “Probably one of the cleanest DX and DSX’s you’ll ever get a chance to own!! Both come with a rare midi option and work 100%! Very minor marks! Paint is super shiny and clean as the day they came out the factory! Original DX manual included. Aside from the DX, the DSX is very rare and is also a great addition to all you OB owners out there:). Sounds are one of the fattest and punchiest you’ll ever hear bar none! Custom fit flight case not included but will sell separately. Come get it and enjoy!! Thank you!” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

obie1000 “This is an Oberheim Matrix 1000 pre Gibson era rackmount synth module. Unit is fully functional, the battery socket has been upgraded and battery replaced, all six voices have been tested and calibrated and are in full working order. There is some minor cosmetic damage owing to its age and some of the front panel buttons stick, but all of them work. I am including the original owners manual which is more of a reference guide. I am also including a spare CEM 3396 voice chip. This is the most commonly replaced part on these synths and are increasingly difficult to find. Also the synth’s firmware has been upgraded to Bob Greib’s 1.20 version which fixes many original bugs. ” Link

OB-8, Oberheim @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

obie8 “Features aftermarket Midi and page 2 functions for editing.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

matrix1000 “Oberheim Matrix-1000 original black version. Original owner. Original manual, patch sheet, and power cable included. Smoke-free studio use only. Few scuffs on top. Works perfectly.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

obiematrix1000 “Purchased New in 1989 and used on tour (always racked) for two years. Has not been used since 1998 but stored in a smoke free room. Some case rash from moving it rack to rack. All six voices sound when playing, yet on some presets one voice drops out. It has firmware 1.11. Plays well and all buttons / controls work fine. I am including an extra CEM3396 VCO “narrow” chip that has been stored with the unit (however, no way to test it). Shipping to lower 48 states only.” Link

Oberheim, Xpander @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

xapnder ” This is an Oberheim Xpander synthesizer in excellent physical and operating condition. It has been hardly used over the past twenty-some years in a non-smoking home. It includes the original owner’s manual, service manual and power cable. I am also including a clear plastic dust cover custom made for the Xpander.

I am the original owner.

The digital displays shown in the pictures are actually clear. For some technical reason, the camera setting made them look foggy. I believe it is because they are fluorescent.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

obiematrix6 “Selling great condition Oberheim Matrix 6 keyboard. Not the rackmount version. All voices working properly, filled with 99 patches of pure analog goodness.

It has patchbank by AnalogAudio1 loaded on it now (check out his youtube channel to see how serious his sound design is)
It is used of course, so has some character but is not visibly worn” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

matrikx10 “In good working condition.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

obiematrix6 “Selling great condition Oberheim Matrix 6 keyboard. Not the rackmount version. All voices working properly, filled with 99 patches of pure analog goodness.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

matrix5 “Matrix 6 in good used condition.
Comes with power cord.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

oberheimamtrxi1000 ” I am the original owner of this Oberheim Matrix-1000. I bought two of these back in the day and this one mostly sat in the original box (I used the other one). This is the rarer, cream colored face that Oberheim sold late in the production run. It’s in amazing cosmetic condition considering it’s age and the only flaw I can find is a tiny dark mark on the right side of the unit on top of the cream faceplate between the screw and rack holes (see the 4th photo). This synth is over 20 years old and it’s very unlikely you can find another in this condition.

It includes the box, power cord, the original laminated patch list from Oberheim and the original manual. The cover of the manual has yellowed a little bit with age. The box is in excellent condition and includes the original styrofoam inserts and will be double boxed for shipping.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 14 February 2017, Comments Off

obie`1000 “Light use in non-smoking home studio. Only owner. Unit was rack mounted and never moved.” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 14 February 2017, Comments Off

matri6r “Up for sale is the classic Oberheim Matrix-6R vintage analog rack synthesizer.

The unit appears to be working fine as I did some basic testing through MIDI, all the keys and sliders and buttons working fine to the best of my knowledge including editing patch programs.

Cosmetically its in reasonably nice condition for its age as you can see. There are some wear and scuff marks here and there with slight bend on the top panel as pictured, but nothing too major. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.

Power Cable included.” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 07 February 2017, Comments Off

matirx6 “Vintage Oberheim Matrix 6-R Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer

MIDI sound module
It’s a little scratched, but it’s no problem to use.

There is no problem in operation. ” Link

OB-X, Oberheim @ 07 February 2017, Comments Off

obx ” I’m relisting my OB-X. For those who were watching it: I had it listed last week, but after a couple of days, I got cold feet about selling it and had retracted the listing early as I wanted to sleep over it some more in order to decide whether I really want to sell it or not and needed to come to terms that if I sell it, chances are slim to none of me ever owning an OB-X again. However, after careful thought, I’ve decided to sell it after all..(sniff). So, here it goes again:

This 8-voice OB-X powers up, but outputs only weird and static sounds and seems to freeze up on default sound upon power-up.

I purchased this OB-X last October, basically as a non-working unit, i.e. it was only outputting a ground hum type sound. I had it serviced just over a month ago in mid-December by a local tech in San Diego, CA in order to “bring it back to life” and paid $842 for it (see image of invoice). The tech identified and repaired a short, which apparently was due to corrosion from mouse urine, recapped the power supply, rebuilt/recapped the voice cards and swapped their trimmers out with the multi-turn kind, installed new key bushings and then fully calibrated it. When I picked it up from the tech, it worked. But only about 3 short days later, the synth started to freeze up, only seconds after powering it up and became stuck on the default sound, meaning it was non-responsive to any further preset key selections or attempts to edit it. When I contacted the tech 3 days later to report what was happening and to ask if he could take another look at it, he told me over the phone that this must be a new issue and likely not related to the work he’d already done on it and needed to open another ticket for it, thus incurring further repair costs. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time, money, and energy to keep this going and decided to sell it as-is. ” Link

DX, Oberheim @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off

dx “Oberheim DX in immaculate working condition. Recently fully serviced to ensure full functionality.” Link

Oberheim, Xpander @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off

xpander “This particular unit is in great shape and has been well cared for.

Synth is 100% functional and works great.

Passes all tuning tests” Link

Oberheim, Xpander @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

xpander “Vintage Oberheim xPander synth. Nice cosmetic condition. I believe this unit is fully functional. I’ve used the MIDI and audio outs. And I have programmed it extensively. When I first got the unit, some of the data pots didn’t increment each time the pot clicked, but after some use they all work now. I haven’t used any of the CV outs. I don’t see why they wouldn’t work since everything else does. The unit comes with original manual and 3 backup cassettes.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

matrix1k “Selling my Oberheim Matrix 1000 Synth. Works great and sound amazing! Power cord included. No manual but one can be downloaded form the internet.
I accept PayPal only. No international bidders please.” Link

DMX, Oberheim @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

dmxmidi “This is an Oberheim DMX drum machine with midi. I just picked this up from being serviced from a tech who worked at Oberheim while this was released, so no one better to service this! This condition is good, though it does show some wear with knicks and scratches to the paint. The display works perfect and the functionality is excellent, as it was just serviced. The midi plate shows some wear, just being very descriptive. Sounds amazing, a classic drum machine! ” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

matrix_1000 “Here is my Matrix 1000… I have had it for around 20 years but have rarely used it, it just sat in a rack for years then in storage…

It is in good condition, and was given a given a once over by EMS Services last year (see pics) who fixed a crackling volume pot, and gave it a clean bill of health….It does hum when it is turned off (always has), but apparently this is common with these units. Case has a few small knocks and scratches commensurate with it’s age, please check photos.” Link

DSX, DX, OB-Xa, Oberheim @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

obie ” Complete Oberheim System including OB-Xa Synthesizer (8 Voice / 120 Programs), DX Stretch Drum Machine (MIDI) & DSX Sequencer w/ Computer Interface Cable

OB-Xa (8 Voice / 120 Programs) – Professionally serviced and overhauled (for well over $1000). Including all new J wires, bushings, NOS curtis chips, caps, gating chips, opamps, battery, pots cleaned, contacts cleaned and fully calibrated (including mod / bend section). Keybed is great and plays like new. Some scratches on top. Please see pics. All knobs and buttons are there. Sounds totally amazing! I programmed in all the factory patches.

Oberheim DX Stretch (MIDI) – Professionally serviced. Including new battery, all sliders and contacts cleaned. This is a later model with MIDI out (key to connecting this Oberheim system out to other MIDI drum machines, synths and sequencers). Excellent condition. Missing one slider top. Please see pics.

Oberheim DSX (OS 3.04) – Contacts cleaned. No further service needed. Excellent condition. Comes with original Oberheim Computer Interface cable. This sequencer is amazing! Super flexible. Compatible with numerous vintage synth / sequencer voltages via internal switches that can independently change 8 total cv / gate channels to different voltages. With this Oberheim system combination you can do cv / gate, trig, clock or w/ the DX midi out to control and incorporate basically anything. This is the only sequencer I have found that will sequence my vintage Minimoog Model D.” Link

Matrix 6, Oberheim @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off

matrix6 “Fully functioning Oberheim synth. A few marks, the most significant is in the membrane panel by the “patches” button. This is purely cosmetic. I’ve loved this keyboard but am trying to pay some non musical bills at the moment. ” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off

matrix1k “This is a used Oberheim Matrix 1000. Great sounding synth that I never thought I’d get rid of, but promised myself that if I bought an OB6, then this one would have to go.

It’s definitely used, ears are a bit bent, scratched on top from racking. But functionally everything works great.

*Edit: Added the photo with the level by the front, since my phone apparently has pretty bad lens distortion that makes the front look bent and caved in in the top down picture. It’s not the prettiest piece but it’s not totally bent out of shape!” Link

Matrix 6R, Oberheim @ 10 January 2017, Comments Off

matrixd6re “Oberheim Matrix 6R Classic Analog Synth rack. 6 voice DCO synth. Very powerful under the hood. incredible amount of modulation options. and can also drop some bass. Unit has a few issues. Issue 1 screen sometimes works, sometimes doesnt. I can make it work by tapping on the screen/front panel. Ive been doing this for 10 years, lol. may be as simple as a connection issue, i never had enough reason to get into it and figure it out. Issue 2 = noisey fader pot on master volume. I just turn it up all the way and never touch it, all good. Issue 3 some membrane buttons need cleaning but all work. some take a little extra pressure to work. Personally i use this with a software editor so i never really have to tweak the real unit much and these issue become non issues. good chance to get a classic synth at a decent price.” Link

OB-X, Oberheim @ 03 January 2017, Comments Off

ob-x “I have had this fully overhauled a few years ago, it has a very fast tune up time and of course it sounds fantastic. I’ve programmed some great sounds worth keeping, it’s very lush and big sounding and crazy sounding that can be very interesting and very out if you like those Sci fi sounds from that era. It has X mod on that’s rare on synths from this time and when in unison mode thats like thunder and lighting crashing down. It has 2 VCOs, LFO with sine, square and S and H wave forms with a extra high and low pass filter.” Link

Matrix 1000, Oberheim @ 03 January 2017, Comments Off

oberheimm “A very well build and no longer available polyphonic analog synthesizer with modifiable 1000 presets. Pre-programed with many presets and will include a CD with many more presets that can be loaded. Tested by me, all voices are working and sounds great. ” Link