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mx81000 “For sale is a Multivox MX8100 control voltage sequencer. This unit is old store stock. I tested it with an Arturia MiniBrute using the linear CV out and it works. All buttons and switches are intact and working. Couldn’t find the box or owners manual. It is in good cosmetic condition with a few scratches. Dates back to the late 70s or early 80s. This unit does not make sounds! Ships to USA only.” Link

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multivox “For sale is a Multivox MX8100 control voltage sequencer. This unit is old store stock. I tested it with an Arturia MiniBrute using the linear CV out and it works. All buttons and switches are intact and working. Couldn’t find the box or owners manual. It is in good cosmetic condition with a few scratches.” Link

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81100 “This Multivox MX8100 is either from the late 1970 or the early 1980s. It is a note entry step sequencer and produces no sounds of it’s own. It can control an standard cv/gate like Roland’s, a standard hz/v like Korg’s, and an s-trig independantly and simultaneously. It has a 3 octave keyboard. I do not have the units that it works with so I can not test or or guarantee that it is working but it does power up and all of the lights and switches work. The mode switch is snapped off but all of the other switches and buttons are functioning and present. There are some cosmetic scratches and the keys have yellowed with age. The unit is powered by 117 volts with an attached 2 prong AC cord. It weighs about 17 pounds. This is a rare and useful unit.” Link

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mx8100“Multivox MX-8100 branded a “Computer Basic System.” Extremely nice condition for such a vintage unit. Made in late seventies, think I bought in very early eighties. Only minor issue is two missing plastic feet that I must have taken off probably thirty years ago to fit it into whatever keyboard stand I was using at the time. I found one rub mark on back and some very minor wear on edges. See pics for details.

I purchased this at the same time as the SPV-355 Analog Roland Synth I recently sold here on ebay. The control voltage works perfectly with old Roland and Korg Analog Synths. I remember making an adaptor to use with my Minimoog back in the day. If you have a moog and want that adaptor, I have no further use for it, so just ask at the time of purchase.” Link

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Unable to test. Power supply missing. Corrosion on one battery terminal. Battery door included. One of two up for auction.


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multivox“VG cosmetic condition, power capacitors and load resistors were replaced, powers on and you can hear the power escape when keys are hit but LM8071 chip is bad.

Would be a great sounding vintage synth.

Ebay doesn’t allow links anymore but you can YouTube videos of the sound. The strings are very rich and full and are what these are known for. ” Link

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” You are bidding on a very nice looking vintage MULTIVOX MX-51 Electronic Piano, I tried all of the keys and every one worked fine, It is 110v plug in. and is loud and clear. I am not a piano expert but am describing it just the way I see it. I do not see a scratch..It is 61 keys and a 32.5 scale length. Please look at the pictures for just what you are bidding on.” Link

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“Firstman SQ01 sequencer and synth made by Multivox around 1980. VERY rare unit, only a few hundred made. On speakers you will hear how deep the low end is when the resonance is not cranked. It also has CV-Gate in and out as well as clock in and out so can be used in a larger CV-gate setup or as a sequencer for any cv-gate synth. Two envelope settings and gate length plus a sustain (release) control. Unit works but as you can see it’s not in new condition.” Link

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“Up for auction is a rare vintage Multivox MX-450 Pedal Synthesizer. This pedal synth was made in Japan in the early to mid 1970′s. It is monophonic (plays one note at a time). All functions, controls, switches and pedals are in good working order. This unit was well built on a sturdy metal chassis. You can see a demo of this unit on YouTube or a site called MATRIXSYNTH. It has some scratches and some wear on the plastic pedals. ” Link

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“Works fine! All the lights and switches work well. The side panels are a little rough, missing some of the plastic edging. ” Link

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“Its old .The keys are yellowing
1 key in the middle doesnt work
Other than that it works .It has a power cord coming out of it.
Polyphonic Keyboard with 6 string sounds. Envelope, LFO and Ensemble controls.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Vintage Multivox MX-150 Bass Synthesizer

Full octave (dual octave high/low sw)
bass synthesizer. Excellent working
condition. Professional synth.
Dates back to late 70′s or maybe very early 80′s.
Can’t remember when I bought it new then.
One owner…me.
All great standard bass sounds from this instrument.
Very fun adjustable “Effect” sound also. To me it sounds like
a cross between a Wah and an amplified Jews Harp.
Really cool. Hard to describe with words.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Nice old Multivox analog synth. Sounds nice, and is fully functional. 61 keys, with a 32.5inch scale length.

Comes with the case, as shown. The keys are more weighted than some others Ive played. It feels more substantial for sure. Outputs are, main output,a jack for a pedal, although Ive never hooked one up to it, and a powered headphone jack, all 1/4″ mono jacks.

No dead keys, or uneven board. All I do is play Nintendo songs on it, so its time to pass it on!

The toggle switch makes a little noise when moving it, but not a loud crackle, and its not broken, just a little dirty. It engages every setting just fine.

The case is old, but sturdy, and custom made for this synth- it fits very very well” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ultra rare Multivox MX-8100 computer controled sequencer, works with roland or/and korg control protocol. you can pilot two synths considering they are either exponential or linearly controlable.
Load up to 4 different sequences and play it chained or individually.
Perfect to control a modular system.
Battery (2x basic 1,5v) accesible under the machine a few scratch here and here that doens’t affect the playability of the item.
Send as is no return” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for a vintage 1978 MULTIVOX FR6M analog drum machine in excellent cosmetic/working condition. This is basically a clone of the Roland TR 68/78. Sounds literally identical” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You only have so many hands so a foot controlled bass synth might just be what the Doctor ordered. The Multivox MX-150 is a true analog bass synth. It has that warm, thick, room shaking bass that analog synths are known for. You can change the octave range and change the amount of sustain to get the exact feel you’re going for. One of the most useful modes is to hold notes to lay a sonic foundation and create a mood to build songs around. This one is used but in good condition. It does have the usual marks and scratches you’d expect to find on a used piece of gear that is repeatedly stepped on but no cracks or broken components. All the electronics function properly and consistently. If you’re looking around for a foot controlled synth you know how invaluable they can be for multi-tasking and for fleshing out your sound. It might just be the thing that has been missing!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The Firstman SQ01, manufactured by Multivox, is said to pre-date the Roland TB-303 and has a deep analogue bass sound somewhere between the 303 and a Moog bass. The controls (left to right) are: Tempo, Release, Bar, Filter Cutoff Frequency, Filter Resonance, Oscillator Fine (tune) and Oscillator Frequency, Sustain and Power/Volume. Connections at the top rear are: DC12V in, CV in, Gate in, Clock in, Footswitch, Synchro out, CV out, Gate out, Clock out and Audio out. These connections really add to the fun-factor when hooking up with other analogue gear, or use a midi-cv converter to control it via midi.

This unit is in very good condition, the membrane cover is still in great condition and responsive. It is a very solidly built synth but there are some scratches on the underside and some slight dints on some panels. I gave it a quick test drive and it performed beautifully with good sound and no scratchy pots. These synths are very rare and are certainly a unique addition to your sonic arsenal.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare model, late 70′s 6 tone polyphony synthesizer in excellent working & cosmetic condition. Excellent for period music. Known for its synthetic string & lead synth sounds typical of The Babies, Paul McCartney &Wings & others. Has unique sounds similar to some of the Rolands. Has 2 filters & 3 octaves + many more features.

Has been rebuilt, filter caps replaced, contacts cleaned & polished, the sliders have been tightened, the leafs recranked, the internal tuning reset, properly lubed with the right chemicals. Ready to rock & roll.

Has been well cared for as can be seen in pics with some scratches on the sides & back. Maybe a dozen & a half keys have quite a few marks just deeper than scuffing with a few keys with light gouges. I was unable to get any but the worst gouge (circled in pic) to show up in the pics. A paper clip has been substituted for the missing “Ensemble” switch lever.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Some of the lights still come on but there is no sound.

I was going to try and have it fixed but I am running out of money so it’s on eBay now.

Maybe someone else can get it fixed and restore it back to its former glory. The power supply is not included. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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This unit is fully operational with some cosmetic issues. The power LED will flicker occasionally, but this doesnt affect the operation. I used it with a CV trigger and it worked great.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Der Prototyp jeder Groovebox: die SQ01 von 1981 hat CV Ein-/ und Ausgänge und kann somit steuern oder steuern lassen. Das Gerät ist viel seltener als eine 303 etwa und ist leichter zu bedienen, meiner Meinung nach. Es gibt zwei verschiedene Wellenformen, wie man den Bildern entnehmen kann. Mängel hat das Gerät keine, da ich es bei Thomann (vielen Dank nochmal an dieser Stelle) generalüberholen hab lassen. Ein paar Schrauben unten und oben fehlen, aber das hatte mich nicht weiter gestört und der Deckel für Batteriefach fehlt. Eine sehr seltene Angelegenheit, die wird nicht mehr so schnell kommen. Ein paar Schrammen hier und da, aber in einem ausgezeichnetem Zustand. Universalnetzteil ist in der Lieferung enthalten, Anleitung habe ich leider nie besessen. SEHR FETTER BASSSOUND, LÄSST JEDE MEMBRAN ERZITTERN ;)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Multivox Computer controled music sequencer MX 8100.
permet de controler simultanémenet deux synthé mono via cv gate et trig Hz/volt.
jusqu’à 4 séquences possibles
ultra rare?
Echange possible analo
dispo de suite à paris.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.