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moog tauris ii “For sale is a moog Taurus II vintage analog synthesizer. It is the same synth as a rogue but no keys. It sounds great. The bass this guy puts out is devastating.

This Taurus does not come with the pedals. It does come with a s-trig converter cable. You can fully control it with CV gate/trigger with any analog sequencer or midi/CV converter. It also comes with a jameco power supply.

As far as I can see it is fully functional. All knobs, sliders and switches affect the sound the way I would expect. All jacks work. The wheels work.

Cosmetically, there are imperfections aplenty. See pics. A switch lever is broken in the modulation section. The switch is still functional.” Link

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moogtaurusii “This Moog sounds incredible.
Originally designed to be used with pedals, this one has a MIDI kit installed.
I’ve used it with a variety of controller keyboards and have sent it MIDI tracks from the computer. Works really well. I never had pedals, so none are included.” Link

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taurus-ii “RARE Moog Taurus II 2 Foot Pedal synthesizer. Analog Synth Control Brain, one and a half octave foot pedal unit, connecting cable, original MOOG carry bag for the brain and power source. Used by groups like Genesis, Rush, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, ELP, The Police.. huge killer ANALOG sound! Working 100%, but may need some cleaning.. The sustain switch tip near top right area is broken off.. This does not seem to affect it’s main functionality. Does not include a mic stand. There are not very many of these available.. and values keep increasing. A copy of the owner’s manual/technical specs is included. Other than a really awesome instrument to play and own.. this is also an investment and a piece of Moog history!” Link

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taurus ii “You are looking at a fully functional MOOG Taurus II with pedals. Just serviced at Switched On here in Austin TX. Comes with a brand new 1/4 economy ‘Tuffbox’ road case that i paid $150 for off of Amazon. This unit is all original and comes with users manual. Comes with midi cable and power adapter too. See photos before bidding. Good condition with light signs of age. The base of the Taurus where the mic stand screws in is chipped. It does not effect function. I put some plumbers tape on the threads to increase tightness of connection. Thanks and good luck. ” Link

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taurus ii “I purchased this complete from the original owner early 1990’s. Although he was using it live it was transported in a flight case and I believe was personally handled by him [no roadies]. It was in very good shape and he seemed pretty level headed. If I recall correctly it was only a couple of years he was using it, sporadically at that. He was mainly a bassist and was messing around with pedals.

I sold the [huge] flight case early on. The pedals themselves fell prey to an attempt by me to modify them which shall not be spoken of 🙂 , suffice it to say they are long gone. I saved all the innards [springs, felts, etc] and the circuit boards.

It came with the Moog soft gig bag which I also sold some time ago.

The circuit boards/switches are fully functioning. They can be clipped together easily and will control the Taurus as is, carefully moving contacts with your finger [tested before listing].

Late ’90s I had a tech put together the hand controller, it is simply switches with resistors just like the original, and a trim pot thingy on the end for tuning. 3 of the switch caps have gone missing [see pic], I believe I used “Whiteout” typing corrector for the color. The second faceplate in pic was from my first attempt at a box, later I just went with a generic from radioshack.

NOTE: The cable for the hand controller was custom made, it has a mini-din plug on the controller end and standard on the brain end. I seem to recall not being pleased with this, I believe I asked for regular size. Also it is really long. Just giving a heads up, if you’re out working with this you’ll have to plan ahead for a spare cable.

The brain also got a good cleaning and lube by the tech. If I recall correctly something original had got quite gunked up in there. The original power supply was malfunctioning, he cracked it open and fixed it. Also came up with a new generic one and spliced the correct plug onto it.

When testing I was surprised to find no scratchy pots or sliders. Wouldn’t hurt to open it up and go through it though, last time was 20 years ago.

I myself only took the unit out and about probably a dozen or so times. Other than that has been in my smoke and pet free home studio.

Sounds great! Unlimited sounds/noise/experimental/analog bass etc. I am selling because I have a huge backlog of music ideas [requiring different tools] which I’ll never get to if I keep stuff like this around to distract me.

Note the print on the Contour Generator is worn, not sure what happened there or if it came to me like that, possibly from cleaning. Also, there is a chip out of the front right wooden end cheek. It actually looks like it was cut out [see pic], perhaps the other guy needed that to fit just right on his rig.” Link

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taurus ii“The contour vca switch is noisy when switched. The power switch is broken off, but it still functions properly, and can be switched on/off . The pedals all work. Power supply ( not original) and cable are included. Mic stand bar is not. ” Link

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taurusi“For sale is the Moog Taurus 1. If you are looking at this, then you probably know all about it. This item is in great cosmetic condition. It was my father’s and he was the original owner. He kept it in the custom made case whenever he was not using it, and babied it otherwise. All of the parts are intact and original. I recently had the pedals serviced, and all of the components were tested and measured in great working order. The only problem with the pedals is that the contact board is all original. Meaning, the pedals work when the contacts have been cleaned. When I brought them in to be serviced, they worked fine, and every pedal fired perfectly. After time, the contacts became dirty again and not all of the pedals worked. These contacts are a mechanical connection, so when it gets dirty, they don’t work. A lot of people have had their contacts replaced with a modern style contact board. I’ve seen these go for anywhere from 200-300. I decided that I did not want to replace anything and keep it original. I am selling because I have no real use for them and would like to see them go to a good home where someone will take care of them and love them much as my father did.” Link

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taurs “Moog Music Taurus I

Fully working analog bass machine, excellent for stage use, sounds very good with rich bass notes.
Easy to operate by foot with solid pedals and sturdy switch buttons for the presets.
240v power, plug straight in no adapter required.

Unusual and iconic, genuine moog classic, rarer by the day.

This one has seen some action over the years.
The veneer ends have holes drilled in them
Presets panel hinge has broken off long ago
The back has had many holes added for midi and other mods that are no longer installed, unfortunately these weren’t carried out very carefully.” Link

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moog taurus ii“Taurus II foot pedals
Get your inner Geddy Lee or Phil Collins on…,

Loved the controller that stands on the mic stand allowing adjustments
Great Moog Sounds” Link

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taurus iOk here i am selling my awesome moog taurus 1 which i bought used from America a few years ago. As you can see in the pictures it has seen better days. There are a few issues with this one but none that effect the sound whatsoever. The only reason i am selling this is because i just bought a taurus 3 because i needed to gig it. The issues with this one are that a few of the LED lights dont work but this never bothered me, it has a missing rubber grip on one of the sliders, and the housing is not bolted down properly and has come away from the base so you don’t want to be moving this one around a lot and that is why i am supplying the swan flight case that i used to transport it. You can also see the glue around the front has run so looks a bit scruffy and tends to collect dust.” Link

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used moog taurus“Moog Taurus 2 set, bass pedals and synth unit with same serial numbers (not a mismatched set). Everything works, the higher C# pedal is slightly less sensitive than the rest, it is a minor difference but worth noting. All of the synth functions work well, no missing slider caps no scratchy faders, some wooden cheek wear as indicated in pics The face of the synth unit is in very good condition, pitch/mod wheels intact and turn freely. When I bought it, the previous owner had a tape label over the bass pedals to indicate notes; the adhesive is mixed with the moog logo on the bottom and can’t be removed without damaging the logo (even with very mild “safe” detergents- it’s better to live with it). The power supply is not original, the cable that connects the synth to the pedals is a standard MIDI cable and is also not original.One screw on the bottom panel has fallen out and one is not original. Note: It is easy to cross thread the stand into the threads on the bass unit; it is very obvious if you start to do this as the stand shaft will not turn freely; it should (and does) thread easily in to the bass pedals if you have it at the correct angle (perpendicular to the mount), and everything is very solid when threaded together.” Link

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“Moog Taurus 2 – Vintage 18 pedal Analog Bass Synthesizer


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“These Taurus pedals are in excellent condition but, like many Taurus 1s, they are missing the “Variables” window assembly. I have had them for many years but I seldom get the opportunity to use them anymore. As with all of my music gear, the Taurus 1 pedals have been housed in an environmentally stable, smoke free environment and have been well maintained; everything works as it should. I recently went through them and cleaned all of the contacts and all of the sliders and rotary pots and made sure that everything is noise free and moves freely. I recapped the power supply and recalibrated everything.The machine is very stable and sounds fantastic. These pedals have been gently treated as long as I have had them. This machine is a beast and should play and sound great for many years to come.

Externally, there are signs of wear, including the missing “Variables” window, which is to be expected considering the nature of the instrument and its age. Otherwise it looks great; all of the pedals are straight and the pedal covers are free from cracks or chips. ” Link

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” Greetings! Up for grabs is a MOOG Taurus II . If you are looking you know the’s the technical stuff- essentially a foot-controlled Moog Rogue , It was produced from 1981 to 1983. The Taurus II has 18 pedals, modulation and pitch bend wheels, oscillator sync functions and full CV interfacing. Both the Taurus I and II units have a “low note priority” keying circuit. In the event that the player depresses two notes, the instruments will only sound the lowest pitched note, similar to other monophonic synthesizers. The Taurus II oscillators produced sawtooth, square and preconfigured pulse waves.” Link

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“The Moog Taurus II is a fantastic synth and I REALLY hate to sell it, but c’est la vie.

It’s a pedal synthesizer with essentially the same synth engine as the Rogue. Both sawtooth or square waveforms that go LOW and their bass sounds are great! The pedal controller outputs cv/gate so it can be used to control other synths as well. The synth section has an external source input for the filter, and there are portamento, pitch and mod wheels too! It is a very unique addition to any studio.

This one has been fully serviced by a professional and everything works perfectly, however due to the nature of vintage synthesizers (and shipping & handling), I am selling it “as is with no returns.” Link
Sale includes the actual synth, foot controller, connecting cord and power supply.”

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” Here is a set of MOOG TAURUS II pedals, circa 1982. This system is cosmetically a 9/10, and sonically an 11 out of 10.

While many modern day samplers do an outstanding job of recreating vintage instruments, the one area they consistently fall short in is reproducing bass frequencies accurately. Side by side comparisons will blow you out of the water. I have owned a number of vintage Moog I and II units, and this one is the finest of the group. I have also found the II series to be more versatile and “creative”, but your mileage may vary.

I treat my audio gear fanatically, and it shows. Everything works 100%, no excuses or issues, and this will arrive to the lucky winner with the original owners manual (shown), and the original leather or pleather carry case for the head (also shown), as well as some preset templates. I am the second owner for this unit, and it has never left my personal studio.

I would keep this Moog for 1,000 years, but I am moving to a tropical island next year, and need to reduce the hardware footprint of my studio. It will be painful, so Im removing the band aid slowly. I’ll be listing some vintage instruments and amplifiers, and some rather eccentric pro-audio items over the next few weeks/months, so check back.” Link

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“This has been sitting a long time and must be sold AS-IS, however it has never been banged around or mistreated and should be fine with some TLC like cleaning the jacks and pots. $40.00 shipping continental US, anyone else please inquire first. It will be packed safely and securely with plenty of padding. no power cord or power supply included” Link

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” MOOG Taurus ii / Taurus 2 analogue synth. Fully tested. This thing kills. Comes with stand, remote keyboard cable, power cable, and original case. Model numbers: 343A/B
Serial number: 1141

Power cable has seen some wear and tear and was re-soldered by the previous owner. Please see pictures and feel free to send questions if you have them.

Rare chance to score a piece of analogue synthesis history from a seller with 100% positive feedback.” Link

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“This set of Taurus pedals was formerly owned by Ron Mayer (Bad Ronbo) of the Killer Dwarfs (a Canadian band) I bought them from him in 2005. Everything works except the Glide function and unit is in great cosmetic condition as you can see by the pictures, it comes with a 1/4″ ply Case and an Owners/Service manual. This set of pedals was professionally calibrated 7 yrs ago and with the exception of being pulled out for a couple of recording sessions and being moved across the country in 2011 has spent all of it’s time in the case in my Studio, aside from a recent contact cleaning and general line check this unit hasn’t seen the light of day. The Glide function has stopped working… the light comes on when you hit the button but there is no gliding sound between notes…. I believe a calibration will most likely solve that problem… calibration requires an Oscilloscope (which I do not own) and the procedure is in the manual that is included… at this time everything else is working normally.” Link

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“Vintage Moog Taurus II pedal unit and synthesizer, real analog bass fatness! Fully functioning, in good condition. Includes adjustable stand, power adapter, connector cable, and almost-new road case.” Link

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“This synth is in good working condition, I have not used it much in the past decade. There is obvious wear, scratches, dings, see photos, and could use a detail cleaning. The pedalboard wood ends have detached and can be reglued. The A note does not always attack as should after warming up, could be a worn key. The right wood piece of the module has a missing corner, as seen in photo, cosmetic only. Otherwise, it still sounds awesome. In my band I used it for Rush, Saga, Max Webster, ELP, Genesis and Yes songs. Great item for any musician, studio, collector, dealer or as a gift.” Link

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“Here is the Taurus you have been waiting for! This amazing piece of equipment was assembled on April 25th, 1975, which was within the first few months that Moog began producing them! The serial number is T1217. If I’m not mistaken, the first Taurus ever produced was given serial number T1001. That’s vintage! All sliders, pedals, contacts, and six of the seven push buttons are 100% original! Aside from a couple of screws that have been replaced over the years, the only non-original part of this synth is the push-button relay switch for the “Tuba” preset, which was just recently replaced. I can include the original, defective one, if you’d like. I don’t think you’ll ever see a Taurus this old that is in this fantastic of condition, unless of course, you’re in a museum! Sure there are a few surface marks here and there, but this thing is over 37 years old and built like a tank! No playability issues whatsoever. I recently had this Taurus looked over, cleaned, and serviced by Dean over at 5-Star Engineering in Mesa, AZ. Dean once worked on one of Geddy’s Taurus’ back in the 70’s while working for Wonderland Music in Michigan, so you know this Taurus was in good hands! I have owned this Taurus since 1998 and while I used it occasionally for a RUSH tribute band I was in for a short time, most of its life has been spent in its case on the floor in my bedroom closet. If you know anything about these synths, then you know their value has been appreciating steadily for years. It’s time for me to pass my investment on to someone else. There is a good reason why there are already so many Taurus 3’s available on eBay for hundreds less than their original selling price. You just can’t beat the incredibly fat tones or sheer cool factor of the one and only, original Moog Taurus! I know the price is pretty steep, but after all, this Taurus was made during the first production run. ” Link

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“Here’s a vintage set of Moog Taurus 1 pedals made famous by the likes of Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and Prog Rockers alike … This set is in good working, and cosmetic condition . It also has been modded with CV/Gate outputs to trigger other synths, and has four octave switches on top for easy access for switching octaves. It come with a hard covered, and padded black Calzone road case w/aluminium corners at full buy it now price only. This set is very rare and needs a good home” Link

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“The item you are bidding on, is an original Taurus pedals. It is used and is missing one key (low D) that was broken before I got it. It was previosly owned by Lynda Millard of “DreamTrybe” from Austin TX. She did the artwork seen on the instrument. It is acrylic paint and will peel off easily. It functions at all levels but has some intermittant indicator LEDs on a button or two. Happy bidding!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Here’s a vintage set of Moog Taurus 1 pedals made famous by the likes of Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zepplin, and Prog Rockers alike … This set is in good working, and cosmetic condition . It also has been modded with CV/Gate outputs to trigger other synths, and has four octave switches on top for easy access for switching octaves. It come with a padded black Calzone road case . This set is very rare and needs a good home ! I’m selling inland U.S.A. only, and will be shipped in a super clean road case with insurance for the selling price .” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“These original vintage Taurus 1 pedals, from the early 70’s, are very rare- only a few hundred were ever made. They are generally considered far superior to the later Taurus 2 and the re-issue Taurus 3’s in terms of their sound, which is awesome. They are correspondingly more expensive than the others, but well worth it both musically and for collectebility, which will always help hold or increase their value. They were used and made famous by such prog-rock bands as Rush, Genesis, ELP, and Yes, but are useful for many different genres of music.
The pre set sounds are great, especially the “Taurus” preset, which Rush fans will recognize instantly (“wow, that’s how they get that sound”), and in variable mode, you can make your own sound from scratch, working off the controls above the preset buttons.
These work 100%- they were just serviced by E.A.R.S. / The Analog Lab, New York’s premier service center and an Authorized Moog repair center, so they are totally up to specs. No static or scratchiness when you move any sliders- they were just cleaned and are smooth and quiet. Unit was also calibrated and is in tune- ready to play! It is also in excellant condition cosmetically, as you can see from the photos. The only thing at all wrong is they are missing the plastic dust cover that fit over the control panel; otherwise near perfect.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I’m selling these for a friend. He bought them in 1980 and they have been in storage for most of those years. Very Good Condition – couple scratches on the pedal cheek blocks.

They work perfect. Only the manual is missing, but available online. Stand (not shown) is included. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Fully functional Moog Taurus II Bass Pedals. Included is original power supply, connector cable and manual. This unit has been in storage but was fired up recently and works/sounds great. Stand is not included. Item has some wear and is missing one of the cable wraps on the back of the pedal board.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for bid is the 1975 Moog Taurus Pedal Synthesizer serial#1186. Built date of 4/18/75 from the yellow label inside. Selling AS IS – FOR PARTS OR REPAIR ONLY.

Does not power up and it’s in really bad shape. I acquired it in this poor condition. Rust around the panels, pedals and on the inside as you can see in the pictures. Panel lifts up freely. There are some screws included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is an original Moog Taurus analog bass synth. It is in excellent condition and everything seems to work correct. I have included videos below so you can see and hear this machine in action (this is my foot and this machine in the video!). There are a few minor nicks and one small rubber foot is missing. The door for the variables control is missing the pin on one side but this is a simple fix. This Moog makes some amazing noise if you don’t allready know”

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“Classic Moog Taurus Pedals. Used by 1 owner who played out with them only four times other than practice ( I was his bandmate in HS). The left front rubber foot is missing as well as the Loudness foot pedal rubber piece” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is a Moog Taurus 1 Synth Pedal. I believe this is from the early eights, but not 100% positive on the year. If you are looking at this, you know what it does. The long plastic keys have been carefully replaced with nicer, more durable wood ones. The unit works perfectly and sounds great. Shows its age with the scuffs and small tears of a unit this old, but not abused. Just well used. With it is a nice road case for easy storage and safe transport.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Come ….all yee seekers of cool, of the rare and unusual, harken…. be enchanted by the sounds of old school crunch, and thunder. Yes the lengenday sounds of the mighty Taurus, God of Thunder and havoc, ruler of the sub bass….LOL

Yes its true you are looking at the one & only, the mighty original Moog Taurus pedals….None like it, nay none! Alledgedly they are releasing a new/old version of this old monster, I hope its close….but in case its not here’s the real thing to use as the baseline.

It works perfectly, it has been maintained regulary, and has a great history. Ive owned it since 1990, and it went on tour with me in 93′ with Trevor Rabin. I hate to let it go but im building a Pro Tools HD studio and Im burning cash like the Kennedy’s” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“sed vintage analog gear. as/is, no returns, no exchanges, no refunds. Moog Taurus I bass pedals with anvil case in great working condition. contacts need cleaning occasionally.

back panel includes a BALANCED OUTPUT as well as the standard 1/4 inch. :-)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Moog, Taurus @ 07 June 2010, Comments Off on Moog Taurus

“Unit fully functional with the following cosmetic flaws to consider:

missing rubber foot grip pad on filter Slider

missing metal cap on beat knob

missing window that covers the tone dials

The contacts needed to be cleaned on first start up but each and every pedal and knobs work fine. This instrument is said to be the fattest Moog available since the Modular (from which the filters have been directly lifted” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.