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used multimoog“Vintage Moog Multimoog Analog Synthesizer- great working condition – refurbished

For auction, a fully functional Moog Multimoog synthesizer. Two audio oscillators and one control oscillator, Minimoog voicing without the high price. Synthesizer has been recently refurbished, every control and parameter functioning perfectly. Aftertouch works great, tremendous routing potential. 100% working condition.

Cosmetics- all original knobs and switches, ribbon controller working but missing plastic bezel. A previous owner had drilled holes into the aluminum end trim (see pictures) I have not repaired that, leave it up to buyer to decide how best to handle it. Minor scratches on keytops consistent with age of the synth. ” Link

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multi-moog “Up for sale is my amazing Moog Multimoog. This synthesizer is in excellent condition. Since I have owned it, it has been in my clean smoke free home and never gigged. A collector, in my opinion, would proud to own this particular synth.

First let me provide some historic information about this synthesizer. This synthesizer is the last Moog synthesizer from the original company that Bob Moog was directly involved in – design, construction, etc. After this synth, he left the company after he had sold it to Norlin.

There were only 1000 Multimoogs ever made. It is far rarer than the Minimoog. Quite a few Multimoogs have been broken, wrecked or parted out so the number of working Multi’s is dwindling.

Bob Moog designed the Multimoog and Micromoog to be semi-modular, as well as to operate as a full synthesizer on their own. The myriad of ins and outs on the back of these synths were included to allow the connection of several of these together to create a larger synth with a little more power. I have not had the chance to do this so if you have access to another one of these or a Micromoog you could experiment with this part of Dr. Moog’s idea behind the design of these synths.

It has aftertouch. Press a key and hold it, then press harder to invoke modulation of your choice. It is one of the very first synthesizers to offer this technology.

Like the Micromoog, its little brother, it has a ribbon controller for controlling pitch-bends and changes. The ribbon controller on this one is in excellent condition.

Sample And Hold is built-in as a modulation selection. The Minimoog does not have this – you had to purchase a separate piece of hardware to connect to the Minimoog to have this.
This Multimoog is in perfect working order. All knobs have their original caps and the original white switch covers are also all present, intact, and undamaged. There are no modifications or repairs. One keyboard key has a small hairline on it and I do not know if this is a crack or cosmetic. When depressing the key it does not open the location of this line as it would if it was a crack, so I believe it to be cosmetic at this point in time.

Also, there is a pen line drawn on the modulation wheel. The previous owner added this. I chose not to remove it as it did not bother me. I leave it up to the new owner to decide on whether to do this or not. It will be the sole responsibility of the new owner to decide how to do this should they decide to proceed with cleaning this pen mark off the mod wheel. It in no way affects the operation of this synth.

Many Multimoogs had a sign of being left in the sun or near heat sources in that the main plastic control panel that all the printing is on would have edges that looked wavy, curled or melted. This one is in perfect condition in this regard. It has been kept out of the way of heat sources.

Please view the pictures I have uploaded. I do have some other pictures of the controls, up closer if you want me to send them. ” Link

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multimoog“Just received this synth from it’s second owner who purchased the synth in 1985. It has been sitting under a bed. This is an incredibly expressive and vocal synth! Almost human sounding. Fully functional, even the aftertouch, although on two of the lower keys the aftertouch is jumpy. No covers on the bottom of the synth. All knobs / switches work perfectly and feel good as well. They are not loose or sticky.” Link

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usedmultimooog“I’m very reluctant to give this up, I’ve owned it for about 20 years, used it live for years in Rush cover bands. It recently stopped working, and so it’s been newly refurbished with original Multimoog parts from Analog Lab/EARS in NYC, and sounds better than ever. The keys are a little stiff feeling, but still play great, and everything works perfectly the way it should. Missing two switch covers, but the switches work fine, and otherwise cosmetically great.” Link

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multi_moog“Works great. Comes with power cord. The knobs are not original, but are close to the original. It only had a few knobs on it when I got it. So, I replaced them. The veneer side panels were also missing when I got it. So, I stained and varnished the bare wood. It looks great. ” Link

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multimoog” Just received this synth from it’s second owner who purchased the synth in 1985. Amazing sounding synthesizer. Fully functional but hasn’t been calibrated in a while. The aftertouch works great but is just a little wonky on a few of the lower keys. No covers on the bottom of the synth.” Link

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used moog multimoog” If you’re not familiar with this synth, I suggest you go to, where you can get helpful information. Bought this back in 2004. The aftertouch never worked, and the pitch ribbon was a little sluggish. Great sounds though. I found myself using this less and less, (especially after I bought a Voyager which sounds infinitely better, and a Prodigy which is a whole lot of fun) until I finally put it in semi retirement (temp and humidity controlled area, smoke free). When I took it out sevcral years later it was badly out of tune. I put it back in storage until now. It is still in need of a tune and calibration, but everything else works.
There were only 1000 of these made, so it is worthwhile to restore this quite rare instrument.
Comes with original operation manual and service manual. This is perfect for someone with an aptitude for electronics.” Link

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multimoog” Just received this synth from it’s second owner who purchased the synth in 1985. Amazing sounding synthesizer. Fully functional but hasn’t been calibrated in a while. The aftertouch works great but is just a little wonky on a few keys. No covers on the bottom of the synth, makes it easy to clean the contacts.” Link

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multimoog“Classic Multimoog directly from long storage, sold as is no grantee.Item working last tested and physically in good condition but requires oscillator tuning & calibrating” Link

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multimoog“Anyways, my friend had a Moog Prodigy and I wanted a compliment to it for our band GOAT in the mid 90s. We did experimental stuff. The Multi Moog has a neat noise and random note effect feature. We used it for years. I relocated to California, and have been hesitant to let it go. It outlasted various other keys in its day (Moog Source, Alesis Quadrasynth, Alesis Ion).

So when I pulled it from my closet to try it out on my band Super Squid’s 2nd album, was dismayed to find it not working. Played top dollar this month to get it serviced at This Old Synth in San Jose, and owner Chris recommended a funeral…. Just too many labor hours to fix it. Can’t justify with a new baby on the way. ” Link

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multimoog “This is a Moog multimoog synthesizer. It has 44 keys 26 white and 18 black. We did get it to power on and make some noise, but we do not know anything about synthesizers. So we are selling it as PARTS ONLY. It may work and it may not. The amp we hooked it to was not very good and we don’t even know if we hooked it up correctly. It does have someone’s named scratched in the right side trim and the right side cover is a little loose. ” Link

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moogmultimooog“Ein Moog Multimoog Rare Vintage Analogue Synthesizer
Der Multimoog ist technisch voll funktionstüchtig und ist in einem sehr gutem Zustand (siehe Bilder). Es gibt keine “knacksende” Knöpfe oder Schalter.
(aus Nichtraucherhaushalt)
Er kann gerne bei mir getestet und angeschaut werden
Bei Fragen stehe ich gerne zur Verfügung!

Weltweiter Versand auch möglich (zusätzliche Versandkosten)

Der Verkauf erfolgt unter Ausschluss jeglicher Gewährleistung” Link

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moog_multimoog Link

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“Moog Multimoog Analog Synthesizer

Another interesting keyboard from the ongoing collectors estate sale in South Florida

This unit has been tested thoroughly. All button and knobs are functioning properly, The keyboard contacts have been cleaned and adjusted and the keyboard plays very well.

The aftertouch is functioning well, the ribbon controller as well

This piece is in very good condition with some scuff marks on the ends and some wood chipped on the bottom

Original owners manual is included and is in excellent shape” Link

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“sensational vintage synthesizer, one of the few modern moogs that sounds like a real moog – no newer Moog (Voyager, etc) can actually sound like this one.
Great condition, great sound options (Noise generator, Waveshaper, Ribbon-controller, Crossmodulation, Sample & Hold, Oscillator-Sync), plenty of ins & outs” Link

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“Today we have a used

Moog Multimoog Analog Synthesizer

with Original Owners Manual

Fully Tested and Fully Functional.”

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“Selling a vintage analog monophonic synthesizer from the 70′s by MOOG MULTIMOOG.It’s in great working condition,a part of the top panel,where the signs which knob for what is,is missing(you could see on the pics).Also 2-3 keys need to be pressed a bit harder to produce a sound,but they do work.Apart from that it is operational,knobs,switches,pitch wheel etc work well.The machine has some really minor scratches/stains here and there due to its vintage status,but nothing that ugly.Will get it properly packed and sent to you in no time.” Link

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“Moog Multimoog #2333 analog monophonic synthesizer

Synth is in great condition with just minor cosmetic defects from use, particularily on the metal edging of the end panels (see photos). I bought this from Tom Shuman, the keyboard player for Spyro Gyra, in 2007. I had it serviced by The Good Guys in St. Paul MN, who have a lot of experience with vintage synths and were working on a MemoryMoog when I brought it in. Everything has been cleaned, calibrated, bad pots replaced, etc. It looks and sounds great and is ready to go. All of the keys work, including the after-touch, and there are no scratchy pots or switches. The ribbon controller is in great condition. As you can see from the pictures there are no broken keys or missing knobs. The only thing I couldn’t test are the external outputs of the keyboard and ribbon.

Included in the auction:

Multimoog serial number #2333
Flight case
Power cord
Original operation manual with schematics and some patch settings
Certificate signed by Tom Schuman showing original ownership” Link

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“The knob on the “interval” section in non-original. There are some non-factory screws/washers that hold the base on. Ribbon control is sensitive. Wood side panels are stained (poorly) and laminate in nonexistent. Key Contacts have been cleaned but it is possible for a contact to get a microscopic piece of dust in it whilst in Transit that would need to be re-cleaned.” Link

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” This is an amazing all analog synthesizer. I’ve had it in my studio and it has been fantastic, but I am looking for new equipment and am willing to part with this rare and amazing synthesizer. This is one of 1000 Multimoog synthesizers ever made. It is from 1979 and is a very fully featured monophonic synthesizer and very ahead of its time. It features 2 oscillators, incredibly responsive aftertouch, very flexible routing, just a great instrument. I don’t feel the need to go too far into explaining its capabilities, if you want this you know what it can do. Used on countless hit records from the era.

It is in perfect operating condition. Every note works, aftertouch works on every key, both oscillators work and sound great. It has been fully serviced. The power supply has been recapped, and the circuit boards and connectors have all been cleaned calibrated. The keys have been leveled and key contacts polished.

Cosmetically it is great except it is missing the moog logo from the front. Otherwise, it’s in great shape with normal wear. ” Link

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“I’ve had this synth for a number of years and as of late I have not been playing music. I’m selling this so that I can purchase camera equipment. This synth plays great and has been taken care of. There is a nick in the laminate on the left side panel and the bottom panel is pulling away from the unit on the right side of the back. You can see both of these in the photographs. The MultiMoog is similar to a MicroMoog, but has two oscillators and an enhanced filter section. ” Link

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“Vintage but in great working and physical/ cosmetic condition, everything works as far as i can tell.. recently serviced.” Link

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vintage analog synthesizer *1978

Der Multimoog ist eine verbesserte und erweiterte Version des an sich schon erstaunlichen Micromoog. Es gibt 2 VCOs deren Wellenformen stufenlos einstellbar sind, Suboszillator, Oszillator-Sync, ein echtes Moog-Filter, Noise Generator, Sample & Hold, LFO mit Rechteck und Sinus. Das Filter hat verschiedene Modi, die eine Vielzahl von abgefahrenen Sounds und Effekten ermöglichen. So läßt sich die Filterfrequenz vom VCO steuern, dadurch entstehen Ringmodulator-Effekte.

Die Tastatur besitzt Aftertouch. Der Ribbon-Controller erlaubt feinfühlige Pitchbendings.

Der Multimoog liefert schöne, vielseitige Leads, druckvolle Bässe und ist eine wahre Fundgrube für ausgefallene, abgefahrene Sounds. Er ist eine gute Alternative zum teuer gehandelten Minimoog und hat einen für die erste Moog-Generation typischen Sound.


Optisch: für sein Alter top Zustand (siehe Originalfotos) mit altersbedingten, leichten Gebrauchsspuren.

Technisch: das Gerät funktioniert einwandfrei. Man kann sagen, technisch eine gute 2, da er eventuell ein bischen nachgestimmt werden müßte und 1-2 Schalter schalten nicht immer sauber. Dies resultiert aber nicht aus irgendeinem Defekt sondern nur durch die lange Nichtbenutzung” Link

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” Zum Verkauf steht hier ein Multimoog in außergewöhnlich gutem Zustand.Das Gerät stammt aus Sammlerbesitz!Optisch nach Schulnoten bewertet ist er eine sehr gute 1- da er nur minimale Gebrauchtspuren aufweißt.
Technisch gesehen ist er eine gute 2 ,da er mal durchgestimmt werden müßte.Dies resultiert aber nicht aus irgend einem Defekt sondern nur durch die lange Nichtbenutzung,da der Besitzer eher Sammler als Musiker ist.Der kundige Synthspieler kann dies bestimmt auch selber machen da der Multimoog hierfür Löcher in der Rückwand hat.” Link

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“This listing is for my Moog Multimoog. OSC “A” is not audible when the mix knob is turned in that direction (see video). All keys work, the aftertouch is great, the mod wheel and metal ribbon work great as well. Routing the aftertouch to various destinations is easy and the same goes for the mod wheel. The end pieces show wear. It would be a good candidate for adding wood ends. I have been treating it like a micromoog( the 1 osc model) and have sampled it extensively. The listing includes the synth and power cord and is being sold as is due to age.” Link

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“What is it?

A classic Moog. I’m no Moog scholar but what I can tell you is that having owned a few, this is light years ahead my favourite. Way more tweakable with way more unusual features than a Minimoog. The sweepable wave-shape is jaw-dropping in what you can get it to do.

Have a read if you don’t know about this monster. It really is a brilliant and incredibly futurist instrument even after all these years.

It hasn’t been retrofitted with MIDI.

The flight case, manual & power supply.

It doesn’t have any of those things. No case. Although, I probably do have a flight case that will fit it, if that’s your bag. I’ll include it with the final value if it does fit.

You just need a 3 pin kettle lead.

There is no manual. You may well need one but the internet is, as always, your best friend here.


Functionally, everything works exactly as it should. The restore work was tip top by an industry legend with no corner was left unturned and no stone left .. the right way up what am I trying to say .. it was totally functionally overhauled and brought back to life 100% and I’ve treated it like a king ever since.

Since I owned it has never left pride of place centre stage in my purpose built studio (which now has a slide in place of the drum kit and the floor is covered with megabloksL ) so it’s been seriously loved in my possession. Prior to that, it was nearly skipped!

It has the words MILDENHALL UPPER scratched on the faceplate. I didn’t get that removed ” Link

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“Up for bid is my beautiful Multimoog in excellent working order and very nice cosmetic condition. According to Vintage Synth Museum and Vintage Synth Explorer, this stunning synth is one of only 1,000 produced between ’78 and ’81; was recently serviced locally by Adventures In Analog. Here’s what she had done:

Repair Description


- Basic Calibration

- Removed Keyboard’s CV Buss Bar, then polished and re-installed

- Cleaned and Deoxidized all Keyboard Contacts

- Repaired the “dead” notes on the keyboard

- Cleaned and Deoxidized all the potentiometers and switches

- Bathed the knobs and removed all dirt dust and grime with a toothbrush

- Replaced all missing and/or incorrect hardware (screws, washers, nuts, etc)

- Tightened up all structural hardware, added lock-washers to assure sturdiness.

- Prepped and stained right hand side wood panel

- Fully restored “Left hand Controller” section (aka pitch ribbon/mod wheel section)

w/ new original 1970′s Moog factory (NOS) Glass Teflon Tape on Ribbon Controller!

- Meticulously cleaned inside and out

The synth will ship in it’s very own crocodile skin style flight case. This is a newer style case and does not have crumbly foam.” Link

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” Ich verkaufe meinen Moog Multimoog in einem für das Alter optisch und technisch wirklich guten und funktionsfähigem Zustand. Der Multimoog hat einen sehr kraftvollen Klang mit Biss. Zudem kann er durch die ausgefuchsten Modulationswege und die Sync Funktion einige Dinge, die z.B. ein Minimoog nicht kann. Einmalig ist auch der Ribbon Controller.

Das Gerät kann bei Kauf gerne in Köln abgeholt werden. Auf Wunsch ist natürlich auch versicherter Versand möglich. ” Link

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“MOOG Multimoog – Liebhaberstück sucht nächsten Besitzer nach 16 Jahren

Wir machen Platz für ein Kinderzimmer und Nachwuchs im Doppelpack:

Alles andere hätte mich auch nie dazu bewegt, mich von diesem Liebhaberstück zu trennen. Nur leider hatte ich viel zu wenig Zeit für ihn und zukünftig noch weniger. Aber so ein Moog muss gespielt werden.

Kurz und Knapp:

- Großer Bruder vom Micromoog

- Monophoner analog Synthesizer mit 2 Oszillatoren

- Ribbon Controller

- Variablen Wellenformen

- Sample & Hold-Funktion


- Aftertouch!

- 24db Moog Filter

- Weitere Details einfach googeln oder Klangbeispiele auf YouTube suchen…

Hab ihn aus guter Hand aus England 1996 gekauft und seitdem war er nur im Nichtraucherhaushalt ohne Haustiere immer gut geschützt im Einsatz. Die letzten Jahre wurde er viel zu selten angespielt. Technisch ist er einwandfrei und ist für sein Alter in wirklich gutem Schuss. Anhand der Fotos sieht man ihn von allen Seiten. Potis und Schalter hab ich vor kurzem noch gereinigt und von innen entstaubt. Ab und zu muss man nur die Kontakte der Tastatur auf der Unterseite angehen, damit die einzelnen Töne auch angespielt werden können. Hilfreich dabei auch ein MIDI to CV-Interface (biete ich parallel auch an), damit kann man es in sein MIDI-Setup integrieren.

Alle Tasten und Regler sind vorhanden, lediglich ein paar weiße Markierungen an den Reglern haben sich mit der Zeit gelöst. Am Gehäuse fehlen ein paar wenige Schrauben, die aber nicht zwingend notwendig sind. Ein geklebtes Gehäuseteil an der Front unten, hatte sich damals auch schon gelöst gehabt, ist aber eher kosmetischer Natur. Wollte diese Dinge mit der Zeit alle angehen, ist mir aber zeitlich nicht mehr möglich.

Ansonsten ist alles einwandfrei und in sehr gutem Zustand. Zusätzlich pack ich noch die englischen Bedienungsanleitungen und das Service Manual dazu. Liegen als PDF-Dateien und in ausgedruckter Form dabei.

Wer dazu noch auf der Suche nach einem Röhren-Oszilloskop ist, findet auch in einer weiteren Auktion von mir in Kürze ein Möglichkeit.

Optisch und technisch in sehr gutem Zustand. Dem Alter entsprechende Gebrauchsspuren.” Link

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“I have been the sole owner of this gem since it was sent to me from the factory in Buffalo, NY. It still functions as great as it did the day I received it. All of the keys have smooth action, and excellent response. It has a little wear from the 1000 Watt par cans set up too close to it onstage. The minor cosmetic flaws in no way affect the performance of this vintage piece. The Aftertouch and Ribbon Controller work great!

Serial # 2314″ Link

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“Moog Multimoog Synthesizer
seltenes Stück

ich kenn mich mit dem Stück überhaupt nicht aus, wenn ich es anstecke leuchetet es normal
laut bekannten sollte es aber noch funktionieren (hat bis zuletzt funktioniert)
aber das kann ich nicht garantieren
optisch nicht wirklich schön
ober der Tasten sind klebereste von aufkleber
aber eine Rare!!
seltenes top Stück
Probehören ist möglich falls sie sich damit auskennen
Besichtigung im 23. Bezirk” Link

Moog, Multimoog @ 28 May 2012, Comments Off

“Here is a beautiful example of the Multimoog synthesizer. It has a few scattered small scratches, but is otherwise in pristine condition.

This Multi functions perfectly as well. Please see the video below for a demonstration of this synthesizer’s functional state.

The filter modification, found here, is installed. It increases the bass response when sweeping the filter.

Note in the video demo that when the mixer splits the signal evenly between the two oscillators, the volume decreases. This is by design as described by well-known synth technician, Kevin Lightner:

“The Multimoog added a second and third board that contained an additional VCO (and aftertouch, etc.) They routed both VCOs in a different way and with less distortion. Had they run both VCOs hot, they would have increased intermodulation distortion, which wouldn’t have sounded very pleasing.”

This is an amazing instrument. The aftertouch “Keyboard Touch Force Sensor” adds much expressiveness when playing. This model also has selectable multi-triggering/retriggering, which is somewhat rare for Moog synths.

The interface jacks on the back make this keyboard a good candidate for integrating with a modular system. Note the many patch points on the back of the synth illustrated in the photographs accompanying this listing.

Although this is a museum quality instrument, it is offered AS-IS; I will not accept returns because an aspect of the instrument’s design is different than expected.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Moog, Multimoog @ 21 May 2012, Comments Off

“This is a 1978 Multimoog synthesizer. There were only 1000 made. This synth works perfectly and sounds fantastic. The casing is missing a couple screws so it is loose, and there are some wear and tear scratches but everything is in working order. It’s a great synth, and there aren’t a lot around. ” Link

Moog, Multimoog @ 05 December 2011, Comments Off

“Bob Moog’s analog ultra-rare masterpiece:
Moog Multimoog

Completely reconditioned and serviced!
Rare! Only 1000 units made. Serial # “2141″
44 keys w/ working aftertouch (rare!!)
True vintage analog synth
Gobs of modulation routing!

About this unit:

This synthesizer was purchased used from a friend, and to be honest, when I got it, it needed some serious love. I planned to keep this unit in my collection forever, but unfortunately circumstances dictate that it’s time to sell!

This unit was recently completely restored by the area’s foremost expert on Moog and Sequential Circuits gear. The unit plays and functions perfectly, with the exception of one issue that recently cropped up: the ‘noise’ circuit does not seem to be functioning. This should be about a $75 repair should you choose to fix it. Because of this issue, the sample and hold function works more like a square-wave LFO (works more like a ‘gating’ effect than a true sample/hold), and of course the ‘noise’ knob does not add any noise to the signal path.

The aftertouch feature is fully functional on this unit, which is a rare feature – the part to fix this is very hard to find (and cost me a small fortune to fix!) as a result, this is one of the few Multimoog’s I’ve ever seen with this feature working! This is a very rare synthesizer – only about 1000 units were produced!

Internally it’s 9/10 from the restoration. Aside from the noise-generator circuit which seems to work intermittently, the synth functions perfectly: Oscillators stay in tune, aftertouch is fully functional, all switches and knobs work perfectly and without issue. Cosmetically, I rate this 8/10 – The Moog logo on the front panel is missing, and the bottom show some minor scrapes from the years. I have left the unit in this condition because I believe it makes it more “authentic”. These cosmetic issues can be easily remedied should you feel otherwise. Otherwise this unit is in excellent shape: All original knobs, mod wheel, pitch ribbon, vinyl front-face schematic/stencil, and keys (except for the key bushings which were fully replaced for the recondition). All keys on the keyboard play perfectly, and smoothly including the aftertouch feature! Aside from the missing front panel logo, all of the unit’s factory labels/branding remain intact.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Moog, Multimoog @ 17 October 2011, Comments Off

“Multimoog Synthesizer. Moog Music. Made in USA. Modell 326A. Serial No. 2326.

Ein gebrauchter, aber für das Alter noch sehr gut erhaltener Synthesizer der Fa. Moog Music.

Der Synthesizer wurde vor etwa einem Jahr komplett gewartet und gereinigt.Die Bodenplatte wurde ersetzt.

Alle Funktionen, bis auf den Aftertouch,sind in Ordnung.Sollte aber zu beheben sein.

Ich erspare mir an dieser Stelle eine Aufzählung der einzelnen Funktionen des Multimoogs,da diese hinreichlich

bekannt sind.Einen Schönheitsfehler stellen die “Beklebungen” der beiden Seitenteile dar,die sich an einigen

Stellen lösen.(Siehe Bild).Sie müssen nur durch eine neue Klebefolie ersetzt werden.

Ich biete einen Versand durch DHL an.Alternativ kann der Synthesizer abgeholt werden. ( Idar Oberstein)

Eine Vorabbesichtigung sowie ein Probespielen ist nach Absprache möglich.

Dies ist ein Privatverkauf. Keine Garantie sowie Gewährleistung.Keine Rücknahme.

Bei Fragen bitte mailen.

We speak English.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.