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mmd “Minimoog Model D with original operation manual and case.
I’m sure you know exactly what you are looking at, so I will spare you the tech bio. This 1977 Minimoog is in amazing condition and is fully operational.
It would be nice to have local pickup, but I will ship it in the case with insurance to anywhere.
Good luck.” Link

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Moog MiniMoog Model D.

What do I say, it’s the most iconic synthesizer of all time.

Why would I even sell it ? Life sometimes is nasty and mean but you just keep moving forward with all the love in your heart.

There are no issues with the synth, functions they way a Moog Minimoog Model D should. There are some cosmetics blemishes from daily use but nothing that would even be noticeable from 2 or 3 feet away(I’ll post a pic).

No original box, never thought I would be selling it. It arrived in late July, 2016. I play it at least 15 minutes every day.

Comes with Letter of Authenticity, Manual, and Power Supply. Sorry, I framed the posters that came with it.” Link

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mmd “BEAUTIFUL!! Minimoog Model D VINTAGE Synthesizer analog EXCELLENT condition refurbished

Just back from Moog factory getting calibrated and pots cleaned.
Brand new keyboard bushings. Plays beautifully. Keyboard feels silky smooth!!!
Wood is Beautiful.” Link

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,ppgmd “Vintage Moog Minimoog model D. All original. Very stable. Original old osc circuit boards. February of 1974 production, 4xxx serial. Overall good condition, it has some blemishes from normal use and transportation. Well maintained, recent professional service.” Link

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usedmmd “all original, original oscillators, original Moog Filter. It’s a fine specimen!!!!

Stays in tune and is fully functional. All service records available.
New key bushings installed two years ago.

From a smoke free environment.

Free shipping within the lower 48.

Includes original, factory Moog flight case. Sorry it’s so dirty in the photos” Link

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minimoog ” This is a 1972 Minimoog, serial number is #1442, making it the 442nd made. It was finished April of 1972. It has the plexiglass pitch and modulation wheel from the original design, before they changed to white wheels.

- It has the original Moog oscillators.

- It has had a complete overhaul. All the switches have been cleaned, the oscillators have been stabilized, and the keyboard has been “re-bushed” and plays like factory new. The busbar has been cleaned. Every “engineering change order” has been completed. All the capacitors in the power supply have been replaced. Voice cards now have 28 turn trimmers for fine tuning. Everything has been calibrated. All this comes with the repair shop’s warranty.

- It’s midi, using a Roland MPU-101and the Studio Electronics midi’d modification done in 1987.

- Included is a rare “Multi-Trigger” mod by Studio Electronics where the key you hit always triggers an attack sound.

- It comes with a case to carry the Moog, and the Roland MPU.

- It comes with a manual.

- There is a splintered off wood trim piece on top. ”

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moogminimoogd ” verkaufe meinen heißgeliebten Minimoog in gute Hände !

Stimmstabil und super Sound !

Er wurde von einer Fachwerkstatt general überholt.
Die Auflistung was gemacht wurde und die Rechnung – siehe Bilder !

Den Moog habe ich in den 80gern und Anfang der 90ger live gespielt.
Daher hat er Gebrauchstspuren. Eine Taste einen Brandfleck – siehe Bild.” Link

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mmd “This is a mint condition instrument with a clean manual, registration card, and Certificate of Authenticity (Serial # 1228). The warranty is transferable. Original box and packaging material, as well as power supply. I purchased this in early January and played it twice. It is awesome, but too much instrument for me. ” Link

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mmd ” Original Vintage Minimoog Model D
Analog monophonic synthesizer
Not the reissue — this is the original!
Serial No: 4699
Purchased used in 1993 — No other owners since that time.
Very good condition with some minor scratches on the wood case.
Sold as-is. Local pickup available” Link

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mmd “Up for bid is a good working Model D Minimoog. Keyboard is detached and has guitar strap to play over your shoulder. ” Link

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mmds “Mini Moog Model D – SN9514 – Free Shipping in COUS

I have owned this Mini Moog for about 3 years and have played it for maybe 20 hours. The service history is unknown but it is fully functioning. Some of the key heights need adjusted as shown in the pictures.” Link

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mmd “This is an original Model D Minimoog with later model stable oscillators. Serial number is 10826.
The unit is in excellent condition, everything functional with the original beautifully finished walnut cabinet. Comes with a trigger cable and professional road case.” Link

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used-moog-minimoog-model-d “This is an original 1978 Minimoog model D synthesizer in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It is one of the desireable later serial number models (10252) which means that the oscillators don’t drift nearly as much as they do with the earlier models. In fact this one is extremely stable. It looks great and sounds like gold. The only issue with this synth that I can see is that the pitch bend wheel does not work. From the research I have done this is very common and an easy problem to fix (clean or replace the contacts). In fact I will try to do this myself if I can find the time before the auction ends. ” Link

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mmd “Original Vintage Minimoog Model D
Analog monophonic synthesizer
Not the reissue — this is the original!
Serial No: 4699
Purchased used in 1993 — No other owners since that time.
Very good condition with some minor scratches on the wood case.
Sold as-is. Local pickup available” Link

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used-moog-minimoog-model-d “This Minimoog Model D is in excellent condition and works perfectly. It is among the second generation of Minimoogs that were built in the 1970’s with the improved oscillator boards that were more stable and held their pitch much better than the first ones.

I am the original owner of this Moog and I took extremely good care of it over the past 38 years. I used it for many years in my rock band and then I used it off and on with my high school jazz bands.

It has a few minor cosmetic scratches and worn edges but all in all it is in excellent condition, all the functions work perfectly and all the key contacts have been cleaned recently. The serial number #11577 and comes with the Owner’s Manual, Schematics, Sound Chart Book and a pad of blank charts to write down settings. This synthesizer does “not” come with a case.”

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mmd “Good condition. Very clean. Recent restoration. All original. Very stable. Old osc circuit boards minimoog model d. February of 1974 production, 4xxx serial. Sounds fantastic! Cosmetically, this item is nice for such an old synthesizer. It has some blemishes from normal use and transportation.” Link

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usedminimoogmodeld “Moog MiniMoog Model D serial #3387 was manufactured in the USA in the 1970′s and is being sold in used condition as is along with item’s power supply cable only. I purchased this item from Guitar Center in June, 2012. I had the keyboard serviced at that time by the Moog service center in Mesa, Arizona where they went over the entire keyboard and as a result they replaced the power supply cable, adjusted pitch wheel and modulation wheel. Cleaned all pots, connectors, switches and jacks. Cleaned all keyboard contacts. Calibrated all oscillators and tuned the A440. The keyboard has been kept in the studio, where it was lightly played and never used on the road. The keyboard operates and oscillators tune up and then plays in tune. ITEM IS BEING SOLD AS IS, NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES.” Link

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used-mininmoog-model-d “This is a vintage Moog minimoog that has spent the last forty years in my husband’s studio. I don’t know anything about it. I don’t know if it still works. So, I am selling it “As-Is.” This minimoog comes from a clean, smoke free environment. It shows wear. Thank you for looking.” Link

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mmd “I’m reluctantly letting go of my original vintage Moog Minimoog, serial #4882

It’s been in my studio for the last 16 years, and has been regularly serviced. However, there are some issues:

-the keys are clicky and need new bushings. The keys are sticky when first fired up, but then becomes easier once depressed. Regular use prevents this.

It was completely rebuilt (except the keys) by Three Wave Music in NJ in 2013, and all OSC are stable.

Cosmetically, some of the lacquer has dried on the back left corner of the base, but not the actual synth module.

The plastic coating was never removed from the modulation panel to the left of the keyboard.

Please note, this is the original Minimoog, not the reissue. ” Link

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mmd “1974 Vintage Original MOOG MINIMOOG Model D. Old Oscillators. Fully Pro Serviced. With Warranty.

This is an amazing sounding original Minimoog Model D. I have owned it for more than 20 years, where it lived in a recording studio.

This has the desirable Old Oscillator boards, renowned as the “fattest/best” sounding of the minimoogs, compared to later versions.

Serial #4199. Dated 1974.

It is in fantastic, fully working condition and excellent cosmetic condition, showing typical signs of age and patina on the wood as expected from a 1970′s instrument, as shown in photos.

It has just had a full professional service by The Analog Lab, New York.

This is the list of what the service includes:

Full calibration/tuning, Keyboard levelled and re-bushed, All pots and connectors cleaned, Power supply and DeCoupling re-capped. Playing/Audio functionality good.” Link

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mmd “This individual is 9,000 serial is, the body behind the trimmer is the previous term model of 11 holes.
Wheel jagged type, serial next to the production area is referred to as the “BUFFALO NY”.
Has become a 100V specification, the domestic distributor of the time, will become a thing of via Japan Musical Instruments (now Yamaha).

Less, such as scratches as the previous fiscal year type, it said to good condition is very clean.
All maintenance, and VCO stabilization processed.
Dedicated hard case included (we made for this individual).

■ commodity rank: B +: [used] there are some scratches but no problem in applications that normally use” Link

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used-minimoog-model-d “This is a vintage Moog minimoog that has spent the last thirty years in my husband’s studio. I don’t think it ever worked. But it looked cool. I don’t know anything about it. So, I am selling it “As-Is.” I cannot ship it. It’s just too heavy. So, I am asking for you to pick it up from me. If you don’t like it, once you see it, I will give you a full refund. No questions asked. I just want this synthesizer in the hands of someone who will finally use it and give it a good home!” Link

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used_moog_minimoog_mode_d “You are bidding on a used late Moog Model D Minimoog

cabinet/metalwork restored/polished

operational condition is excellent

one of the last 200 machines produced

circa 1980

modifications include -
Filt env invert toggle switch
dedicated lfo/Triangle/square mod source
Vco sync/hard/sweep toggle switches
Output hard wired to ext input (bypassed when ext in is used by another source)

CV/Gate jacks added on rear but not yet wired up” Link

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mmd” This is a beautiful example of an early oscillator board Mini. Serial number is 2433. I bought it recently, here on ebay, in fair condition. However, it really needed more attention. I sent it over to Chris at This Old Synth for restoration and modification. Its been painstakingly gone through.

- The old P&R key bed has been replaced with the Opto-key kit (non-midi).
- All key bushings have been replaced and keys leveled and hand cleaned.
- Various aging (badly) components replaced.
- Edge card connectors tightened up.
- Pots and switches cleaned.
- Octave buffer kit installed for better tuning stability (holy cow, what a difference!)
- The Dead Band mod on the pitch wheel was installed.
- Tuned and scaled.

This synth sounds and feels like a DREAM. You will not easily find one of these in this condition, without spending a lot of money and time to fix it. In fact, unfortunately for me, I’ve dug a little hole of debt between the original purchase and restoration of this synth. I can’t justify keeping it. I’m actually pretty upset about it. Truly, I’d love for this to go to someone who can afford to keep it forever. Sure, you can order the reissue from Moog, but this one just oozes character. Totally worth it!” Link

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d “Incredible restored vintage Moog Minimoog Model D. This moog has everything restored down to the key bushings, it looks, plays, functions like new. Zero pitch drift. Sounds completely massive. This is the one. So nice.” Link

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moog_minimoog_model_d “The original, classic, MiniMoog Model D analog synth. This one is in very good condition, all original, sounds amazing!!!!! Only known issue is the power light is not working. An incredible Synth. Ships with Road Case.” Link

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mmd “Basically a nice, old synthesizer ready to add to your music-making collection or for any other purpose you can imagine. This is a “barn find” – renter moved into home and this stuff was in it; house is for sale and the landlord doesn’t want it – neither does the renter, so, it is here for your consideration.

An inspection type sticker shows “7/27/73″. Most of the keys generate a single tone, as expected, though a few generate a spring-like “bounce” in the note similar to some bad, 1950′s-era sci-fi movie. It’s not ready to go on stage right away – will need servicing commensurate with an older electronic instrument but sounds cool and will suit someone who can tune these things. We’re guitarists, computer analysts, and shop techs, not Moog specialists (nor do we need an extra keyboard) or we’d consider keeping this in the arsenal.” Link

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used moog minimoog model d “MiniMoog Model D Synthesizer – low serial number!

Has lots of character, and sounds terrific! You can plug it in and get to playing or this would make an excellent project if you are looking for an original mini moog to restore back to new condition.

It looks its age, but it sounds and works just as mini moogs are known to.

Sorry the first set of pics was before I put the knobs back on after washing them. These pics are current.” Link

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usedmoogminimoogmodeld“Mini Moog Model D

1973 Model D S/N 4376
Has been in storage since 1987. Needs work. Outputs sound and seems all oscillators work but not tuned. Needs cleaning. Missing chrome center piece on two knobs. Nothing else missing. Wood needs finishing.
I wanted to restore it but no time and I dont play anymore. ” Link

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mmd ” Extraordinary example of a mid 70s MiniMoog Model D. This particular one has a Big Briar (a Bob Moog Company) Midi card installed that makes integrating with any modern DAW a breeze. Cosmetically the front panel is as clean as any I have ever seen. It is a serial in the 11ks so it is not the “old osc board” It has three rows of calibration on the back that function perfectly. The tuning is very precise. The key action is consistent and none of the keys stick at. Just had a COMPLETE servicing at Future Music in Los Angeles, one of the premier shops in town. There is quite literally no noise or functional issues whatsoever on this synth. Plays like new.” Link

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moog_minimoog_model_d “This is the cleanest minimoog I have ever seen heard. A little wear on the wood at the corner of the panels and some light scratching on the sides but the front is pristine. Recently had a complete servicing by boomer at future music in Los Angeles. It plays like a new synth. The keyboard action is even the potentiometers are all smooth and quiet and the filters are to die for. The moog big briar midi card is fantastic and extremely rare and offers seamless integration into your modern setup. Don’t miss out on this gem.” ” Link

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minmoog “This auction is for a Minimoog model d prestine condition Serial number 1549 Serious bidders only “ Link

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mmd “Moog Mini Moog Model D Analog Synthesizer – Serial No. 45XX

I purchased this synth from a musician that used it in the 70′s and 80′s. He had not used it for a long time. I am a guitar player, NOT a keyboard player but thought that it would be a great piece to have in my non-smoking home studio. I am selling it because it does not get used and a cool piece like this should find a home where it can be played, appreciated and given the love that it deserves! This keyboard is fun to play around with and it makes a lot of crazy sounds. LOL!

Here is what I have had done to it service wise:

- I immediately had the power cable replaced because it was frayed
- New fuse holder installed because the cap was missing.
- Purchased a reproduction wooden top strip because the original was missing

When I decided to sell it I took it to our local keyboard tech because I heard he had worked on other Moogs. I wanted him to clean it up and go over it to make sure it was working correctly before shipping it out.
This is what he did to it.
- Cleaned all of the J-wires
- Go through the VCO’s and hand match some of the resistors to ensure that the VCO’s play in tune with each other
- Calibrate the keyboard to have accurate octaves
- Pitch Wheel had some scratchiness. It has a sealed pot. He did his best to clean it.

Condition wise the wooden case has some scratches and scuffs etc, the 3rd white key from the end has a small burn mark on it, one of the volume chrome caps is missing and the clear plastic overlay is bubbled up in sections. Common stuff that I see with every other Minimoog listing. ” Link