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,ppgmd “Original Vintage Moog Memorymoog plus. Recent professional service and calibration. “6 Voices Tuned.” This is a customer consignment, and has been used in a nonsmoking, professional studio environment.” Link

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4000 note real time /5000 note step time sequencer (I think they are the right amount of notes) controlled by doubling up the buttons in the MODULATION section, on the plus model these buttons are whiter, like the keypad buttons.

It is also possible to control via the sequencer a monosynth from CV out of the memorymoog plus . . . so you could have the MM playing chords and a lead line played out to a minimoog or similar via control voltage.

Extra clock in and clock outs for control of the sequencer and tempo sync to external divises via analog click/smpte.

Revised autotune circuits, and updated power supply making the memorymoog plus apparently more stable and in tune then the standard memorymoog. ” Link

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memortmoog “Excellent Piece of music history.
Great condition, intact with all cords and buttons and knobs
Came directly from a studio of an artist from the 80′s” Link

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memorymoog “Up for your consideration is a beautiful Memorymoog analog synthesizer in excellent condition. It was completely refurbished and recapped by Electronic innovations in the Detroit area. It comes with the original manual and I do believe it has the original sounds loaded. It also has a Calzone hard case in okay condition. If you know anything about the Memorymoog you know this a monster keyboard. ” Link

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memorymoog “This Memorymoog has been restore to its original state Working like new if you are looking for a great analog synth this is it ” Link

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lammmemorymoog “The Memorymoog is in AS-IS condition. Due to the storing conditions, the foam in the case became tacky and fell throughout the keyboard. Upon internal inspecting, a number of the capacitors showed signs of corrosion. All electrolytic capacitors have been replaced throughout the synth. However, it still has a fluctuation when powering up. This is not a power supply or voltage issue, but rather, a boot error from the CMOS itself. It has worked intermittently at times, but it continues to keep stopping during the boot process and freezes. When it didn’t freeze, everything was working well. It is being sold as-is at this time, however, a search for new CMOS chips with the programming are being sought after. If these are found and it resolves the boot issue, the synth will be reposted in working condition, and I am sure the price will be even higher.

This MemoryMoog has the Linntronics LAMM upgrade installed.

The battery is also new.

This Memorymoog does come with a hard shell case.” Link

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mmp “Up for consideration is a gorgeous and highly rare Moog MemoryMoog Plus Synthesizer. Model 345P, serial number 3514.

The synth is in great cosmetic condition, with minimal wear from age, and missing three knobs.

Functionally, the synth is in good condition, with all patches and knobs working. Needs a slight refurbishment, as some of the keys are intermittent in their tone creation. These synths are notorious for little bugs, but a little TLC should have this one up and running in perfect working order in no time.” Link

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mmplus “This Synth has been in the family since purchased from Bob. Very good condition, mostly used in our studios. Works perfectly and sounds amazing. ATA case come with it but needs to be re-foamed.” Link

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used moog memorymoog plus “Vintage Moog Memorymoog Plus 6 voice polyphonic analog synthesizer in excellent condition with original manual. This Memorymoog Plus has been recently fully serviced, calibrated, and tuned by a Moog service technician and works and sounds fantastic. 18 true analog VCO’s produce earth shaking basses and searing leads like you’ve never heard before. Here is your chance to own an excellent condition Memorymoog Plus that has been properly serviced. Due to the nature of vintage analog synthesizers not traveling well, I am listing this synthesizer for local pickup only with cash in person preferred.” Link

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mmplus “Up for auction is a vintage Moog Memorymoog Plus (denoting MIDI). Amazing sounding analog synthesizer from the early 80′s. Terrific overall condition. Great working order. From Vintage Synth Explorer: The Memorymoog was the last official synth, made back in 1982, to come from Moog before they eventually went bankrupt and out of business. As a result, it was never fully completed; as MIDI technology was just coming out, the Memorymoog never did get to fully implement MIDI capability. There were two versions of this synth: the Memorymoog and the Memorymoog Plus (the version can be determined via the Autotune feature). The Plus model added a basic MIDI implementation, a Sequencer, and it also had more stable oscillator control, making the Plus model more valuable to collectors than the standard model. The Memorymoog is like having six Minimoogs stacked in one! Features include VCO syncing, sample and hold, and separate filters for each voice! It also has a Unison mode for a fat 18 oscillator monophonic bass and lead sound. And as its name would suggest, it has memory storage – 100 patches! It should also be noted that, while they appear relatively rugged, Memorymoogs are prone to problems, notably missing or stuck voices. It is used by 808 State, The Orb, The Crystal Method, Air, Jean-Michel Jarre, Freddy Fresh, Jan Hammer, Bon Jovi, INXS, Jellyfish, Imperial Drag, Moog Cookbook, Rick Wakeman, Labradford, Nick Rhodes (Duran Duran), George Duke and James “Jimmy Jam” Harris III.The fan is a bit loud acoustically (int he room) The key to assign the filter to the modulation wheel requires some force for it to engage. Over time, I have found the exact spot for it to turn on and off with virtually no effort. It looks as if someone wrote their name on the faceplate at some point. It has long faded and could likely be removed with a paint solvent. Comes with Anvil type case” Link

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moog memorymoog plus “Moog MemoryMoog Plus in beautiful condition with many extras! Great synth for any collector or player! All voices tuned and recently serviced!Comes with manuals, factory schematics, voltage control pedal, dual Moog controller pedals! Comes with flight case. Thanks” Link

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mmplus “This one is in excellent cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with some restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing! As you can see, this is the later Memorymoog Plus with midi. There are several others listed that are higher in price, but with no mention of service or restoration. ” Link

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memorymoogplus“This is the Memorymoog Plus 345A model serial #2900. This MM+ is in excellent condition inside and out. All factory updates have been performed and the software OS is the latest available version. This has the factory basic Midi and Sequencer. You will not be disappointed. Short of a cosmetically perfect LAMM MM which will run you a minimum of $10K , this is one of the better MM PLUS units to come along in quite a while for cosmetics and functionality. It works perfectly and needs nothing.This unit was owned by Professor Analog( Dr. Nembhard) from Penn State University’s industrial engineering department who performed the refurbishing work listed below.It has not once failed to autotune to all six voices during the three years I have owned the unit. This is the reliable and more stable MM Plus model that includes upgrades installed to counteract the under powered factory Z80CPU and prevent excessive heat from damaging the expensive CEM chips. Once the MM Plus is warmed up and all internal components reach temperature equilibrium (5 minutes), autotune will give you several hours of playing with minimal oscillator drift. Something you do not get with other MMs that do not have the Plus mods, factory mods, and extensive stability work completed as this unit. Internally, this is a special unit with numerous upgrades to improve stability and reliability.” Link

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mmpluis “Selling my MemoryMoog Plus Polyphonic Synth. Just serviced and calibrated by a reputable Vintage Synth Shop.

Everything works as it should, autotune brings up the 6 voice – 18 oscillators quickly as it should, has all factory sounds loaded.

Sounds and looks great! Includes original users guide.

Will pack it with heavy duty supplies.” Link

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moog memorymoog plus“Selling my MemoryMoog Plus Polyphonic Synth. Just serviced and calibrated by a reputable Vintage Synth Shop.

Everything works as it should, autotune brings up the 6 fat oscillators quickly as it should, has all factory sounds loaded.

Sounds and looks great! Includes original users guide.

Will pack it with heavy duty supplies.” Link

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memorymoog plus “Original Vintage MOOG MEMORYMOOG + PLUS JUST GOT SERVICED!!! 4 MONTHS AGO (receipt available) Cosmetically in Beautiful condition! EVERYTHING WORKS PROPERLY! ALL Oscillators work perfectly “6 Tuned” ETC. For the last 8 years it has been parked in a smoke free studio and just used occasionally. It is in Excellent condition considering it’s vintage. It has never been gigged with. It’s got MIDI Installed! Complete with: · Manual, · Service Manual · Large Fold-out Schematics. The add here was “Local Pickup Only”because of the fragile nature of these instruments but I’m re-considering that because I do need to sell it.. If one wants the Memorymoog to be shipped to them, we can work something out including the INSURANCE COSTS. I am in the Southern California Area. For it to work (shipping the MemoryMoog), one would have to provide a keyboard case, OR, pay for one that I could pick up EASILY, or pay for a super pro packing and shipping place to do it correctly. The cost of shipping would be dependent upon: a. How it is packed. b. Where it is being shipped to. c. The method in which one wants it shipped. d. In how many days one expects the Memorymoog to be delivered. e. How much the FULL insurance will be. Also, if it is being shipped, I can not guarantee the keyboard to be in perfect working order once it arrives (due to the normal “goings On” to do with shipping), thussly the keyboard would NOT be under any warranty by me (other than the fact that it WAS in perfect working order when it was shipped). WE CAN however INSURE the package itself for the value thereof. ” Link

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memorymoogplus” A collector’s condition Moog MemoryMoog Plus. This synth is in unbelievable condition. All 6 voices tuned, everything working. Purchasing this synth would be like buying a brand new one. Comes with original Owner’s Manual, original factory schematics, Moog 1120 voltage control pedal, and Moog dual control pedals. Thanks! ” Link

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used memorymoog plug“This one is in good cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just come back from being serviced and with some restoration. It is ready to be played and needs nothing. As you can see, this is the later Memorymoog Plus which has midi. There are several others listed that are much higher price, but with service done. Keep this in mind before purchasing.” Link

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moogmemorymoogplus“Original Vintage MOOG MEMORYMOOG + PLUS The Plus means it’s got MIDI! IT’S EQUIVILENT TO 6X A MINIMOOG! 18 VCO PROGRAMMABLE 
PURE ANALOG SYNTHESIZER! Complete with Manual, Service Manual with Fold-outs, and Schematics! It’s a local pickup only at this point. BUT, I will consider shipping the unit but only if: A. The customer supplies me with an anvil or hard case to ship the keyboard in. B. Because of the nature of these types of instruments, Customer assumes all liability for any damages caused by the volitility of the shipping. C. I would charge a flat fee of $200.” Link

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moog_memorymoog_plus “Legendary, fully working, 1983 Vintage MemoryMoog Plus Analogue Poly MIDI Synthesiser!

This is a late MemoryMoog Plus and as such comes with all the final service updates such as the revised and much more stable tuning circuit. Being a Plus version it also has the MIDI and Sequencer additions.

Comes fully serviced and calibrated for sale, new memory battery fitted. All 6 voices are very stable and tune properly every time. It also comes loaded will all 100 original factory preset sounds!

It is currently running on UK/Euro 220-240 Volts but can be set to 110V etc if you require.

This is in my opinon the greatest sounding vintage analogue polysynth ever made, awesome power there if you want it..can go from 18 VCO mono Bass and leads to the most subtle, beautiful pads and strings.. and everything inbetween and all with that legendary MOOG tone infusing itself into the sound…

Physically it is in superb condition all round, with only minor marking mainly at the front (under the keys) from a keyboard stand in the past.

Power lead and Manuals included.” Link

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memorymoog plus “I worked for Moog when we launched the Memorymoog, and contributed to the factory sounds. This SN #3187 is my personal Memorymoog Plus that has been in my studio or closet since 1983. I’ve been the only owner and it is in excellent condition!

I just went to the expense of having this vintage Moog serviced and calibrated at ProTech in Silver Spring, MD to ensure top condition and 100% functionality for this sale. (ProTech has an older tech who worked on instruments of this vintage way back in the day, so he really knows his stuff!) I’ve included the invoice in one of the photos here. All switches, pots and jacks have been professionally cleaned. All six voices (18 oscillators!) autotune. The keyboard and all MIDI In functions have also been tested and verified by the tech. ” Link

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memorymoog plus “The Memorymoog plus was the last and greatest synthesizer ever

produce by the legendary Moog company.

This is the Plus model, which incorporates an autotune system.

I bought this at an estate sale and am unsure how to use it. It looks very clean and powers up when plugged in: See photos
It comes with a hard shell travel case.” Link

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Cosmetic condition:
Pretty good for such a large old synthesizer. There are some blemishes and a few scratches but no major damage of any kind. Overall I would consider it a 7 out of 10. Very clean inside and out.

This item was owned and used in a private residence and then was donated (after many years of non-use it is presumed) to a resale nonprofit company. It was purchased in an auction and has been painstakingly restored to full working order. This item looked to have been well maintained up until it was not used anymore. It looks like it has had a couple of the moog factory service updates that are described in the service manual installed. These updates were released by moog after the Memorymoog Plus was made; so, it is apparent that the original owner took care of this synthesizer. I would be happy to discuss all specific details of the recent service and restoration work on this item. ” Link

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” Moog Memorymoog Plus in excellent condition, everything works, the LED has some faulty segments, monster analog sounds! , good tuning, MIDI, with original owners and service manual. New Hard Case included.Auction winner will handle all shipping cost.” Link

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” Vintage MOOG Memorymoog Plus Synthesizer – no sound. This synth is in very nice condition cosmetically. Last time I checked it powered on, but can’t get sound out the balanced, unbalanced, or headphone jacks. This is the “plus” model with the autotune feature.
*please note the small “dent” damage in the back around the unbalanced jack output. (see last picture). There had been sound output from the balanced and headphone jacks even after the dented area by the unbalanced jack occurred years ago. The synth has been sitting around unused for a number of years now. Can be used for parts or possibly be repaired by someone with proper knowledge. Will ship well packed and protected, insured and signature required. Best of luck to all.” Link

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“The Memorymoog plus was the last and greatest synthesizer ever

produce by the legendary Moog company.

This is the Plus model, which incorporates an autotune system.

It powers on and performs the autotune function, and

all of the buttons and controllers seem to be working

(at least the display panel indicates they are doing something),

but I could not get any output from the unbalanced output or headphone jack.

It is possible that I was doing something wrong, but I

think it is more probable that there is a problem with the output.

The boards inside seem to be intact, but I only opened it a little bit.” Link

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“I have owned the synth for a number of years, and have had no trouble with the operation of this synth. All knobs and buttons are there and functional. I have made sure to show any and all cosmetic flaws in the photos. Shipping will be actual cost, don’t follow Ebay’s shipping charge it’s incorrect. If you are looking for a MM+ synth that sounds and works great, here it is. I am including the synth, copies of all manuals both printed and on cd, power cord and a blue metal flight case in this auction.” Link

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“Das Instrument ist in Top Zustand und wohnzimmergepflegt. Ich habe das Instrument unmittelbar nach einem Münchner SAGA-Konzert 1998 erworben.

Der Memorymoog ist sowohl das Wahrzeichen in der Geschichte der Moog-Synthesizer Instrumente und der letzte Polyphone, den Moog Music hergestellt hat.

Seine Position in der Liste der Top-Ten fettesten analoge Synthesizer ist verdient.

Während vergleichbare andere polyphone Synthesizer, wie die Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 und Oberheim OB-X, unterschied der Memorymoog sich mit 3 Audio-Oszillatoren pro Stimme und einer größeren voreingestellten Speicherkapazität.

Das Plus-Modell hat ein Grund MIDI-Implementierung, einen Sequenzer und es hatte auch eine stabile Oszillator Kontrolle, so dass die Plus-Modelle für Sammler wertvoller als das Standardmodell sind.

Die Eigenschaften umfassen VCO Synchronisierung, Probe zu halten und separate Filter für jede Stimme! Es hat auch einen Unison-Modus für einen fetten 18-Oszillator monophonen Bass-und Lead-Sound. Und wie der Name schon vermuten lässt, hat er Speicher – 100 Patches!” Link

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“Moog Memorymoog Plus
Excellent condition. Perfect working. All voices tune. Recently gone through and ready for the long haul. Comes with hard case. Sorry, the cat stays. No returns or refunds as usual. As of now it works perfectly. Shipping is always a risk.” Link

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“The unit is 100% functional and in vert nice cosmetic condition. All inputs and outputs, buttons, knobs and faders and been tested and are fully working. ” Link

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” Rare opportunity to pick up a Memorymoog with the Kenton midi kit installed!

This synth is in extremely good condition physically for it’s age. All knobs, buttons, keys etc work great.

Keyboard contacts were recently cleaned, and the power supply and oscillators were all just calibrated.

Tunes all 6 voices and the Kenton midi offers superior control compared to the Memorymoog Plus. You can control the Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Volume, and both foot controller sections, which cover the filter, osc2 pitch and larger pitch sweeps. Also you can set a specific midi channel (unlike the plus which is always in omni mode).

You can assign velocity to any of these sections as well, which offers much more expressive and lively sequencing. Also the Kenton midi uses it’s own cpu putting less stress on the memeorymoog cpu, unlike the plus model which uses the memorymoog cpu for everything.” Link

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“You are bidding on a fully refurbished Moog Memorymoog Plus synthesiser Physical and operational condition is excellent. This machine has factory midi fitted and all the ‘Plus’ options including sequencer etc. Will ship within Europe. Now incredibly rare and highly sought after. Wired for 240V operation and just out of service. ” Link

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“This collectible vintage synth from the early 80′s in is mint condition- cosmetically near perfect, and electronically everything works 100%. The “plus’ was the later version of the Memory Moog, and the tuning is much more stable on these; all voices tune when the autotune button is pressed. The plus also has factory MIDI. I have the original owners manual with it, as well as a custom made Anvil road case. However, as is the case with most used gear, I am offering no warranty, guarantee, or return on this item.” Link

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“If you’re taking the time to check this listing out you know exactly the kind of FAT GOODNESS you’re oogling at. Yep, the sweetness of vintage without the nasty cosmetic condition you find most collectible synths in. This is a closet classic in true form! Kept in an Anvil flight case since the year after it was purchased new, this incredible MOOG is ready to play with two small repairs needed. First, the XLR output is slightly loose. If the cable is moved there will be a pop sound. Second, there is a low oscillator that drones at times, so some service is needed there. Otherwise, multiple expert players have checked this synth from top to bottom and it’s ready to go. If it’s not, send it back. Simple. We stand behind our gear.” Link