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“For your consideration is the very rare Moog Liberation synthesizer.
The Liberation has been gently used in my smoke free studio, and shows light cosmetic wear(see pics).
The synth is fully tested and completely functional.
The Liberation was recently serviced including removing the interior foam, cleaning/lubricating the knobs and sliders, and tuning and scaling.
The ribbon controller works great as does the aftertouch, which is pretty rare to find on these.
This particular synth has seen minimal use over the years.
Included in the listing is the Moog Liberation as well as the original case, strap, power supply, and connector cable as pictured.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you’re in the area and would like to test it out, please leave your phone number.
Please check my other listings for more rare synth gear. ” Link

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“Rare White Moog Liberation….sounds Great…..James Brown had one of these….The white is super rare…this would be great in a collection….Could benefit From a Good Cleaning as a few of the key contacts are a little dirty(2 black, 1 white)…..All oscillators,knobs and ,switches work as they should. Comes with Power Box, Strap, Cord, Original technical Service Manual….” Link

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“Here is a Moog Liberation in great working and fair cosmetic condition.
The power supply/interface is not not original but is an exact clone of the original. So it is a new power supply, which is a good thing! The only difference is that a v-trig gate has been added as well as the s-trig.
All the sliders and switches on the Keytar have recently been replaced. All slider knobs in tact. All functions work well.
Comes with cable to attach Keytar to power supply rack.” Link

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” I am the original owner of this beauty. I purchased Brand new in probably about 1982 and used it for some minor gigging, but mostly I used it in my song writing and recording. So it never was exposed to heavy traveling and abuse. It does have a couple of broken sliders which still work fine it’s just that the little plastic sliders broke. I still have the pieces along with the little caps, and they could probably glued but I never had the desire to open up the chassis and do that since the sliders still work fine. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the Contour Generator section. It’s the Loudness – ATTACK & SUSTAIN sliders. They have red caps and those pieces are pushed into the the foam of the flight case. And also in the Mixer section it is missing the little green cap on the NOISE slider, which got lost along the way. Again it works completely fine without that little cap. You’ll see all this in the pictures.” Link

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“You’re looking at a special item right here. This is an original 1979 Moog Liberation synthesizer. This thing sounds amazing. HUGE Moog monosynth bass and leads, and wild SFX potential.

This synth was known as Moog’s keytar synth. However, this one no longer has the keytar attachment. Instead, this synth was built into a wooden box with the synth on top, the keytar’s expression control panel in front of the synth, and an amp built into the box. This box rolls with wheels installed on the bottom, and it has a latching top that can be hooked on, making it the ideal old school Moog for the traveling musician. (I will add a photo of this soon. The top completely covers everything.) There are amp controls on the front panel. This is much more of a traditional keyboard player’s instrument.

This synth has a few issues, as to be expected of anything of this age. I was told when I bought it that oscillator 2 doesn’t work properly. It seems to make sound appropriately when it is solo’d, and as you know about this synth if you’re reading this, its interesting feature was that the two oscillators mixed to make a unique waveshape. I don’t know if they mix properly or not, I am not an expert about these instruments. Some of the sliders stick in their top and bottom positions and can be hard to move. The envelope generation seems to be a bit slow. I have had trouble generating envelopes with fast attack, that could either be related to the switches, some settings I have wrong, or something else. The LFO is also a bit wonky.” Link

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“Product Description

This is a used item. Please see photos for details.

The Liberation is Moog’s unique strap-on keytar style portable performance synthesizer.

Model: Liberation
Brand: Moog
Type: Synthesizer / Keyboard” Link

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“Up for auction is this awesome MOOG LIBERATION Synthesizer Keytar. It is a legendary vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer. Made in the USA IN 1980 and 1981.




This one is in heavily used condition – rough and tumble, dragged around to many gigs, and has been rode hard and put up wet. It has scratches, dings, dents, cracked at the neck once but very solidly repaired, one key is currently broken off but present, and most other forms of evidence of use. Yes, the marks on the keys are from some type of permanent marker that likely pre-dates Sharpies.

Definitely a veteran of the rock and roll life – lots of use and mojo.

With all that being said, it has no major deal-breaking functional issues. Luckily it has been well-stored & protected.

Plenty of things could use repair or restoration.

It does have some typical scratchiness in the pots and a few of the sliders. Nothing completely disfunctional. The volume wheel potentiometer on the neck is very scratchy, but settles into some clean spots OK. I think this synth suffers from not being used much for many years. Needs to be played. And restored.

The broken key (with blue tape holding it on in the photos) luckily was a clean break. I think a quality 2-part epoxy will do a solid repair if done properly and not abused afterward. If you do a full restoration to prepare it for regular use, then i’m pretty sure a proper replacement can be found….

The cord between the keytar and control module sounds scratchy at the connectors at both ends. Still fine if you have the keytar sitting on a keyboard stand and not moving it aound alot.

A nice bit of history: We sold this one at our store about 20 years ago and it was in this basic condition at that time. The yellow sticker was on it at time as well – I tried to remove it back then, but it would not come off without a fight.

The original hard shell case in in excellent overall condition. The two innermost latches have been replaced with heavy-duty ones – actually a big plus given the weight of the whole thing.

The tone is strong and full, with good definition and a unique character. If you a looking at this auction, you probably know what’s up with these synths – high-end quality and don’t sound like any others in your collection. ” Link

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“Used but f”in awesome” Link

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“You’re bidding on an all original Moog Liberation Key-tar synthesizer. Comes with all original accessories, including the cables.

Moog Liberation is super rare. This particular one comes with all original accessories, including one key-tar, one interface/power supply, one long six-pin cable, one original CV cable and one original S-Trigger cable.

Goods: It plays and sounds great. The oscillators are stable and the outputs are very clean. All the sliders and knobs work smoothly. The ribbon controller on the neck plays like a dream. The keyboard aftertouch works precisely with any assigned modulation.

Bads: The filter control wheel on the neck is bad (but all the filter control is still accessible from sliders). It need to be repaired or replaced. There is a crack on the neck and it has been tape-fixed. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURE! It seems to be very sturdy and it never bothered me. The CV and S-Trigger output on the control/power unit may need some repair. They have not been tested. Three key contacts need a slightly harder trigger. May need some clean work. ” Link

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“Its in great shape. Used only for session work.” Link

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“980,s Moog Liberation KEYTAR

Classic 1980 Keytar with that Phat sound.

Unit has been checked passively with a DVOM and seems to be electrically sound . (no breaks in boards or circuits )

That being said I cannot guarantee anything as I have no power supply or cable with which to test the unit.” Link

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“It has some scratches and dings on it and the case shows wear (see pics), but is in very good condition overall considering its age.

It powers up and sounds great, and all the controls function as they should. ” Link

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“Used. Minor wear and tear from normal use over 35+ years. This is a vintage electronic musical instrument and no warranty is expressed or implied.” Link

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“For sale is my vintage Moog Liberation synthesizer in very good condition.
It comes with all original accessories, including one keytar, one interface/power supply, one long six-pin cable, one original CV cable and one original S-Trigger cable.

It plays and sounds great. The oscillators are stable and the outputs are very clean.
All the sliders and knobs work smoothly.
The ribbon controller on the neck plays like a heaven.
The keyboard aftertouch works precisely with any assigned modulation.

There are one or two keys need a little harder trigger. The contacts just need a little cleaning work to be perfect.
The filter control wheel on the neck is bad (but all the filter control is still accessible from sliders). It need to be repaired or replaced.
There is a crack on the neck and it has been taped by the original owner. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURE! It seems to be very sturdy and it never bothered me.
The CV and S-Trigger output on the control/power unit may need some repair. They have not been tested.” Link

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“Extremely rare white Moog Liberation Keytar circa 1980. Unit works 100% takes a few minutes to warm up and for the ocs. to stabilize, and contacts could use a little spray, but everything works as it should. The sound on this synth is unreal. The bass sounds surpass the minimoog in my opinion. Technically there are 5 oscillators on this synth, and stacking them gives you an unreal fatness that you simply cannot find in any unit currently on the market. Case exterior is battered, but all the latches work and the interior is fine and it holds together. I would not take the case touring, but its fine to store the instrument. All knobs and sliders are present, the 5 pin cable and amplifier pictured are included of course. Manual included as well. ” Link

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“Hi. This is a Moog Liberation of late 70s vintage. As you can see, this one has been played! Note the honest belt-buckle wear on the back, just like a guitar. I LOVE this freakin’ synth. I’ve played around with plenty of modern synths, and my share of Moogs (see my other auctions) but this thing is somehow the most friendly, engaging synth I’ve ever played. Forget about the key-tar aspect of it – I never play it strapped on, but dig it for the great synth that it is. Aside from the normal Moog stuff, this thing has two KILLER features that set it apart from other synths. One is the aftertouch – if you press harder on a key after you play it, modulation sets in. On modern keyboards, aftertouch is a gimmick that I almost never use, but for some reason on this thing I use it a lot. I guess it’s the lightness of the keys or something, but I find it super easy to pick out single notes from a chord and “express” them with aftertouch.

Even better is the polyphony feature. Playing an analog synth live means you always wish you had a second note (very few true vintage analog synths make more than one note at a time, including the Minimoog). But this thing has a polyphony feature. As I understand it, it’s sort of like a built in organ type divide down system, and it’s not true polyphony in that you don’t get a second note that sounds the same as the primary note…but who cares! However it works, you can play fat sounding chords and grace notes unavailable to you on a minimoog.

On the extension on the left hand, you get some exceptionally useful controls, most notably the ribbon controller. As I say, I always play it tabletop like a regular keyboard, but I my left hand can still access all the controls on the extension just fine.

The body is made of wood, probably mahogany. It feels like a 70s Gibson…because it was made by the same people I assume. The Liberation is surprisingly light. Not at all a chore to strap on. It’s 50lbs in the case with the supply, but by itself it’s comfy.

As you can see, this one has been around the block a few times, but it’s in perfect working condition. Power supply – fine, controls, fine, keyboard – fine. No noise or broken sliders. In the case, you’ll find the power supply, and a ridiculously long cable that goes from the supply to the keyboard – the thing has got to be 50 feet long! There’s a normal 1/4″ output on the power supply to your amp.

When I got this thing out and took the auction pictures, I set it up to test. Man. I must have sat there for 4 hours playing with it. It’s such a refreshingly fun synth to noodle on. If someone ever asks me to recommend an analog synth, I’m gonna recommend they either build the Paia Fatman or get into the Liberation – it’s that good. I had gone out to the garage to take the pics and work on the Plymouth – instead I just played on the synth. ” Link

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“I know I will regret selling this synthesizer, however, it very rarely gets used and it should belong to someone who will make it sing. It really is an expressive player – all the controls on the neck, combined with the pressure sensitive keybed make for some fun possibilities.

I just plugged it in and played for about 30 minutes to confirm everything is working properly and it sounds great and all switches, sliders, wheels and pitch ribbon work as they should. There are no playability/audio/functionality issues with this Liberation (though I was not able to test the external synth control which is on the power supply interface box).

One of the MM5823 frequency divider chips went bad about 5 years ago and I replaced it (with a Flatkeys reengineered clone chip) last year. It sounds indistinguishable from the original. There are chips in the paint/finish on the body of the synth – on corners especially, see pictures for details. One of the back plates screws was missing so it has been replaced.

What is Included:
- Liberation synthesizer
- power supply / audio interface / external synth control box
- original power supply-to-synth cable
- original road case
- black leather strap (probably original, but I’m not certain)
- 4 rack screws with washers (original? who knows – but they are in a little zip lock bag which makes me think perhaps not)
- 1 spare Flatkeys MM5823 clone chip (I bought 2 when the one in the Liberation went bad, more info at )
- the original key to lock/unlock the latches on the roadcase
- original warranty card” Link

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The FATTEST, RICHEST MOOG SOUND MADE in a non-modular system.



THE LINTRONICS ADVANCED MEMORYMOOG (LAMM)IS A COMPLETELY NEW FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THE LEGENDARY MEMORYMOOG-these advancements do of course include a comprehensive MIDI upgrade but also encompass numerous deep changes in the MEMORYMOOG’s soft and hardware. The MEMORYMOOG’s operating system was completely re-written and the hardwaree was so thoroughly upgraded that the LAMM has been fully freed of the glitches and problems that have plagued users. The central processing unit is replaced with a much more powerful CPU -doubling the MEMORY MOOGS performance-but does not change the original Memorymoog’s synthesis in any fashion.

That’s right: 3 VCO’s per voice, and there are SIX VOICES, 18 VCO’s, 12 ADSR Envelope Generators, 6 VCFs, with Program Memory

and ANALOG VCO AUTOTUNE (Thank God!) Same controls, same location.

Legendary CEM VCO and VCF. And yes- you can make the VCO’s “beat” and “roll” with

the FINE TUNE vernier control.The L.A.M.M. update LINTRONICS refined and stabilized.


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“I bought this item on ebay about 10 years ago. It did not come with the power supply but I had every intention to find one to get it up and running. The previous owner did state that it was in working order. Unfortunately I never bought a power supply to be able to test this claim. The product is sold AS IS!” Link

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“Selling this Moog Liberation for spares or repair. Its the keytar only, no powerunit or cable.

It is the famous Moog from Devo etc etc.

This example is in used condition, it has lived a stage life.

The wood could use a refinish, control panel looks good.” Link

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“This is an original, vintage Moog Liberation Keytar. This is from my husband’s collection. He has two Moog Liberations, and doesn’t want both, so he is selling this one. This Keytar has been tested several times on his existing Moog Liberation power supply, and works fine. It has scratches on the black wooden body that were there from the original purchase. The body could use some refinishing. Please see photos for more detail. ” Link

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“You are bidding on a Vintage Moog Liberation Keytar Analog Synth Sythesizer May Need Work. I have lots of photos below, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this page to take a better look. This amazing vintage Moog Liberation “Keytar” synth outfit comes with everything pictured below, including the model 338A Liberation instrument, the 338A power supply, the original case, and all the cables you see pictured below. I tried hooking up the system, but I noticed that the long cord which connects the instrument to the power supply was not in great shape, with the muti-pin XLR style plug on the instrument end of the cable sort of separating at the end, and I could see that at least one of the interior wires (the green one) was disconnected, but I went ahead and tried it out anyway. Well, the power supply lights up, and I can hear a hum through the output, but I can’t seem to get any actual output from the instrument. I’m guessing it’s just an issue with the cable, as I can see that that green wire is disconnected, but I’m not sure, so I’m selling the set “as is” as it will need some attention from a repair shop. The set otherwise looks to have been very well cared for, and all the knobs and switches are in good shape. There’s a very slight dent on the edge of the instrument, but it’s hard to see unless you really look for it, and the metallic cloth on the pitch area is very worn from use, so this may need to be replaced. The only other minor issue I see is that the handle on the main outer carrying case is missing, but the case itself is in great shape and has done a great job of protecting the set all these years. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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This Moog Liberation synthesizer is in good condition for its age. It does have surface wear like some scratches, and scuffs. On the back near the metal panel part of the wood is chipped off. (Please see pics)
All functions and keys seem to respond but this synth may need a cleaning because the sliders and switches have a bit of noise when selecting and changing them. The ribbon controller, switches and wheels on the handle all function too.
-Power supply/ interface box
-Cable that connects the keyboard to the power supply/interface box.
-Owners manual (not a photocopy)
-Case (has wear)
-A strap

If you want that classic Moog sound this is it!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is my MOOG LIBERATION…The rare White Rhino version.
I just had it serviced (SEE PHOTO RECEIPT), for a mod wheel replacement, and to fix the jack. It is fully operational. It takes 10 minutes or so to warm up before playing. Its 30 years old. The case is missing the handle and one latch (i have included an extra latch). The cable is intact but has become microphonic, it would be a good idea to find a back-up. Other than a few chips in the paint and some belt buckle rash it is in good shape. 7.5/10″ Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“It’s all there except for the knobs and screws. I disassembled this unit 20 years ago to refinish and got the wood parts stripped and sanded and that’s as far as I got. There are a lot of parts there, all the parts except the knobs and screws that are lost. It was working just fine. Good restoration project.

If I find the knobs, I’ll send them along later.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” Die beste synthi’s wurden und werden meiner meinung nach produziert in USA (moog oberheim arp usw), Engeland (EMS) und Deutschland (PPG und Waldorf.)

Hier gibt es ein Moog Liberation, eine Variation auf das Thema Moog the Rogue, aber pass auf ! Der Liberation ist viele mehr als einem Rogue-Keytar. Mit dem Aftertouch und zusatzliche Modulationsmöglochkeiten ist es ein sehr Expressives Instrument.

Es klingt wie man von Moog erwarten darf. Einzigartige Bässe und Leads.

Ach, Sie wissen immer…..

Dieser Liberation funktioniert einwandfrei, alle Knopfen Tasten, ribbon usw. machen was sie sollen. Für das Alter sieht den Liberation auch sehr gut aus (schauen Sie mal die Bilder an) und dieses seltenes Gerät kommt mit der originale Stromversorgung (mit verbindungskabel, selbstverständlich) und im Original-koffer (case). Der Koffer ist sieht aussen gut benützt aus, aber innen, wollte man sich so zu schlafen legen…..sehr schön.

Griffen Sie mal die Chance an, ein wirkliches seltener Moog zu bekommen!

Obwohl es einwandfrei funktioniert, wird den Moog Liberation hier AS-IS angeboten, ohne einigerlei Gewahrleistung oder Umtauschrecht. Sehen Sie mal meine Bewertungen an, und bieten Sie mit Vertrauen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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No real reserve ,any decent offer will be considered.
No case,no accessories,just the pictured Moog Liberation unit.
-all keys are even,none sinking,none cracked
-most slider controls are missing the caps
-all switches click fine,none loose
-all pot controls turn smooth left and right-no sticky feel
-one slider not so smooth-FILTER SECTION-AMT SLIDER-sticky feel at center,but goes all the way up/down.
-switches on neck click fine and volume turns smooth
-missing a 2 position switch-OSCILLATORS SECTION- SYNC 1-2 -top left switch-CHECK 10th photo
-nothing rattles inside,no loose wires,can’t see any loose parts
Although is was stored inside,I never clean the electronics-pots-switches.As any vintage ,not used in years it will need electronics/parts cleaning.I never used it or tested,bought it in this condition.Not a synth expert ,but,I will do my best to answer your questions.UNTESTED-SOLD AS IS-NEEDS TLC-PROJECT -BID ACCORDINGLY!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“It has been pampered in its original case, all the original components, in Like new condition, with one cracked and repaired key (does not effect the playability) and a few minor scuff marks.

Everything is original from case to strap to the rack mount to the cable to the owners manual. The locks and latches on all sides are in good shape. As it is a vintage piece in great condition, it will hold its value as a piece of history. As an instrument, it will bring you back to the roots of synth!

It was never beat and banged by roadies; it’s like a classic car you discover has been sitting under a cover in your great aunts garage. She drove it to the grocery store once in a while. The Moog Liberation is a true piece of music history. It is a true vintage piece, a Collectors dream, a musicians chance to play in the era where it all began, a rare analog piece. Liberations are hard to find. You can own this one! I am finally ready to part with it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” A rare white Moog Liberation in very good working condition. It has a cable repair that is the only thing that is not original. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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The Moog Liberation is the first production keytar–and it is still the best sounding. The guts of the Liberation incorporate a filter similar to the Prodigy, a poly section similar to the MG-1, and oscillators similar to the Rogue. The performance controls are unique and powerful–they include a ribbon controller and aftertouch. Playing the Liberation on stage isn’t out of the question–it looks heavier than it actually is and it has nice leather strap locks to prevent it from being dropped. This Liberation has new locking connectors and a long cable to connect it to the power rack.

This Moog is in very good condition. It works perfectly and looks good despite some general wear–mostly in the form of chipping paint. A nice strap, the power rack, and cable are all included. The power rack is custom, built by Switched On Music Electronics. It is identical to the stock one, but has V-trig (Arp, Roland, modular, etc.) as well as S-trig (Moog, Yamaha, early Korg) outputs.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Add new dimensions to your stage presence with this Moog Liberation Keytar! This vintage piece works very well. I’ve had several people who know a lot about keyboards check it out. They were all impressed with it’s sound, features, and how well it worked. However, this is not a museum quality piece. It’s an unrestored 30 year old, synth, that has had a lot of amateur cosmetic touchups. If you want something perfect that you’ll never have to work on, this is not the synth for you. If you just want a really cool looking synth you can plug into your amp and get some amazing vintage sounds out of, this is your synth.

The bad:

Amateur touch up, could use a re-finish.

ribbon sensor/pitch bender is worn but works

finish is worn on the neck

led on powersupply doesn’t work/missing. Leds on synth work.

power supply-to-keytar cord has been replaced.

The good:

Amazing sound.

Comes with case/strap

As far as I can tell, everything else is more or less functional.

Amazing period design.

Amazing sound. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a Moog Liberation synthesizer. It was one of the first commercially-available keytar-style synthesizers. This one is in great shape and has been babied and upgraded throughout the years. Some notable features:

Dual-oscillator synth engine with sawtooth, triangle, square waves.
Fat Moog filter.
An interesting poly-mode as well as ring-modulation.
ADSR envelopes (Decay + Release together) for both the filter and the amp.

You can find out more information about the Liberation at and and there are a handful of demos on Youtube (I will try to put one up there myself before the end of the auction.) I have owned this synth for many, many years and have upgraded it in the following ways:

Entirely new set of reproduction sliders, slider caps and knob caps from Technology Transplant were installed a few years ago. They work great – much better than the original plastic ones.

Refinished in stunning white a year ago. There is a little bit of wear to the exterior, but not much. For an instrument 30+ years old, it looks great – see photos.
Had Midwest Music Menders perform over $200 in updates and repairs to various components a year ago. Basically a mega tune-up. I can include a copy of the receipt with the synth.
Brand new 30-foot XLR-styled connector cable custom built to replace old, unreliable cable used to connect the Liberation to the power supply.

There are a few minor issues as well:

Exterior is in great shape, but not mint.
No case, although you could certainly get a custom hard-shell case built for it or buy a cheaper keyboard bag (which is what I did for a while.)
There is about a 2-inch chunk of one of the rack ears missing on the power supply unit that I have electrical-taped over (see photo.) This is purely a cosmetic issue.
The highest B key was cracked at one point (before I owned it) but was repaired and works fine. No issues.

The pitch-bend ribbon is a little worn, but still works great. No functional issues.
The bottom line is that this is a great, classic analog synthesizer that’s in excellent playable condition. It pains me to sell it, but sometimes you have to move on. I would be willing to deliver the synth anywhere within 2 hours of Chicago. Otherwise I will pack it well and ship via Fed Ex Ground. All sales are final on my items – please see my terms below – and thanks for looking!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The liberation comes complete with the power interface and cables together with a user manual ,the manual has loose front and rear covers. Ideal for restoration . The moog does not power up or make sound, mst of the slider controls are not operating smoothly and could do with replacing, there are new ones available online, there is some cracking to the chassis and will need restoring, some slider caps are missing and some sliders are bent. Sold as seen with no returns, a meet drop off is possible, as spares are available for the moog Liberation restoring is possible, any questions please ask. The moog runs on USA voltage and a adapter will be required as there is not one included in sale.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“plugged in turned on thats all iknow about this item cleaning garage” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.