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liberation “Moog Liberation
1. Used Condition
2.Will need to be serviced or tuned
3.Case is in great shape
4. Vintage selling as is”

liberation “Moog Liberation
1. Used Condition
2.Will need to be serviced or tuned
3.Case is in great shape
4. Vintage selling as is” Link

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liberation keytar ” This is a vintage 1980 Liberation 338A/338BX with original strap, power cable and Technical Service Manual (a wealth of information) . Sold AS IS. The power supply is NOT included, it was lost during a move. I was planning on building a new power supply using the schematic but never got around to it (power supply is +15v. -15v, audio out, trigger and control voltage). The unit was fully functional up to that point. It has missing slider pot knobs but all sliders are intact and move freely. The paint does show wear as it was used.” Link

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used moog liberation “Power-supply / interface for Moog Liberation keytar synthesizer.

Purchased this years ago for a project that never happened. Sold AS-IS.

At the time of purchase it did work but I no longer have the Liberation synthesizer to test. Turned on before listing on Ebay and power-light came on.” Link

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liberation “Moog Strap On Synth.
Includes Power Supply, 50 foot 6 pin XLR cable and Synth.
This is a restoration project- not stage ready.
Main body was professionally refinished in 1988. Synth end cheeks still have several (4-6) layers of paint. Some body blemishes since then.
Does power on. Missing some knobs. Top C on keybed not working. Oscillator 1 VCA intermittent.
Aftertouch works. Neck controls function.” Link

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moogliberation “Original vintage Minimoog Liberation strap-on keytar
The Liberation keytar has 44 keys with the Moog ribbon controller and is monophonic with two oscillators, there is also a polyphonic section for organ sounds.

Keyboard and controller in good to very good condition with a very minor cosmetic blemish (see pictures). XLR connecting cable rebuilt in 1994.

Includes original case in acceptable condition (inside in good to very good condition)

Purchased used in 1994. No other owner since that time.
Model 338A / 3388X
Serial No: 1600X (for keytar)
Serial No: 3332 (for controller)” Link

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used liberation ” Other than the aftertouch, this is fully working. If you have access to the sensor, this can be easily fixed. Otherwise it’ll need a mod
for that function.
For shipping, it will be boxed and packed well.” Link

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used moog liberation “Other than the aftertouch, this is fully working. If you have access to the sensor, this can be easily fixed. Otherwise it’ll need a mod
for that function.” Link

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used moog liberation “Other than the aftertouch, this is fully working. If you have access to the sensor, this can be easily fixed. Otherwise it’ll need a mod
for that function.
For shipping, it will be boxed and packed well.” Link

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liberation “I am selling my Moog Liberation Analog Synthesizer Keytar. It is in great working condition, and has been kept in a smoke-free environment since I acquired it. The previous owner claimed the same thing.

Cosmetically, it is generally in good shape. There is a crack in the wood behind the keytar, which the previous owner covered with heavy duty book tape. This has no impact on the playability of the synthesizer, at all. There are some scrapes/dings on the body of the keytar that are expected with a 35 year old synth. It has all of its knobs/sliders, the ribbon controller is in good shape, the shoulder strap is good, etc. ” Link

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liberation ” I am selling my Moog Liberation Analog Synthesizer Keytar. It is in great working condition, and has been kept in a smoke-free environment since I acquired it. The previous owner claimed the same thing.

Cosmetically, it is generally in good shape. There is a crack in the wood behind the keytar, which the previous owner covered with heavy duty book tape. This has no impact on the playability of the synthesizer, at all. There are some scrapes/dings on the body of the keytar that are expected with a 35 year old synth. It has all of its knobs/sliders, the ribbon controller is in good shape, the shoulder strap is good, etc.” Link

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libeation“Serial #3240

This is a totally rad, vintage, non-digial musical instrument – and it’s in rare RED!

Great funky sounds a la Herbie Hancock, among many others.

It is a 2 VCO synth that also has a polyphonic setting treating it like an organ.

Features LFO with three selectable waves, aftertouch, that classic/famous Moog filter, filter and amp envelopes (Attack, decay/release, sustain)

This Moog Liberation synthesizer is in great condition for its age. Normal wear for being so old – but no major damage.

All functions and keys seem to respond but this synth may need a cleaning because the sliders and switches have a bit of noise when selecting and changing them. The ribbon controller, switches and wheels on the handle all function too.


-Power supply/ interface box

-Cable that connects the keyboard to the power supply/interface box.


-Shoulder strap ” Link

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liberation “This Moog is fully functional.

The old foam under the panel has been removed and all of the switches have been cleaned.

All of the keys are nice and responsive and the aftertouch works on every key.

The cable is a bit beat up but it works fine.

The paint job shows some checking and quite a few dings and scratches.

The power supply box works great.

The case is in nice shape but the two middle latches don’t work. ” Link

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liberation“For Auction: Moog Liberation Keytar Synth. This is the Keytar only the power unit/ CV gate is missing. I’ve had this unit for 5 or 6 years and always planned on doing a full restoration as well as having my tech build a power source it shouldn’t cost more than $250-300, long story short it never happened. I did however put a decent coat of black paint on the Moog. The Liberation is akin to the Rogue but with the power source on the outside. Overall this is a decent unit i had planned on replacing the sliders as well since they are a bit looser than I would like. It comes with the original strap & no knobs or slider caps are missing. The silk screened emblems are in very nice shape as well. Please feel free to ask any questions you like. I would prefer to sell this synth outright but will consider trades. Also see my Moog Sonic 6 for sale as well. This unit is 30 years old -no warranty implied and is sold as is. ” Link

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“Up for sale is a (1) rare Moog Liberation keytar in yellow. It’s a very good sounding synthesizer, especially the polyphonic function is great on it! Everything is working fine, except the aftertouch function. That isn’t working now. Notice that there are some crackling sliders / switches on it. Optical it’s in nice condition for its age, but there is some wear and tear, scratches and some dents at the wooden case (see photo’s). We deliver it with its original interface / power supply, long audio-cable and Levy’s strap. It’s a 110V version. We deliver it with a converter to 220V too. Both serial numbers (keytar and psu module) are: 1459. ” Link

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“- technisch 1A, sehr selten
- interne, analoge Tonerzeugung, polyphone Option
- US-Import, Umbau auf 220 Volt ist professionell erfolgt
- Version mit Pitchribboncontroller
- Farbe: schwarz
- inkl. Koffer, Netzteil und Kabel ” eBay Link

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“Selling this original Moog Liberation with custom made PSU.

This Moog has been completely disassembled, then serviced and case painted white.

(black sides on synth “brain” where power glued, could not spray this part)

I paired it with professionally custom made PSU and new “brain” cable (230v).

PSU has the extra option to control vintage Roland synths etc.

(original PSU has s-trig out only, this one has added normal positive gate output)

Item is in great condition, just picked it up from the service shop, service list reads:

Black “gunk” under the sliders has been removed.

Broken sliders have been replaced and functional ones cleaned and lubed.

Broken switches have been replaced.

Keybed has been cleaned.

Ribbon controller has been fitted with correct new top layer and refurbished.

Case has been completely repainted, looks great.

Etc etc etc… It has been a real labour of love (not all is mentioned in this list)” Link

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“This listing is for a Vintage-Used Moog Liberation Keytar Synthesizer that is being sold AS-IS for Parts or Repair. This is a $1 No Reserve Auction and this listing is only for the Moog Liberation Keytar Synthesizer and I do not have the power cable for this or the external “Brain” Console. .The Moog Liberation Synthesizer Keytar was released in 1980 and this is an older vintage unit and not one the newer re-issues. I am not sure exactly when this was made. Needless to say I have Not Tested this unit and have no idea if it works. Without the power cable I can’t even turn it on. The Keytar is also is very rough used condition. As best I can tell all the knobs, switches and sliders are intact on the unit. The unit has major significant paint chipping on the unit and every time I move it more black paint chips off. ” Link

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“Fully functional, complete with cable and aftermarket interface/power module. The power module was professionally made, and has an added feature to include a CV gate trigger as well as the basic Moog S-trigger. This means you can also use this keytar to play ANY CV analog synth, not just Moog. The keytar plays perfectly and in tune, everything works including aftertouch, just has cosmetic wear otherwise no issues. The power module only acts as an interface, it does not generate any sound, so the output is 100% Moog. ” Link

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“Vintage White Moog Liberation Keytar with external synthesizer interface / power supply.
Limited fading of the color as the picture shows, but still works like new… as any well taken care of Moog should!!
Includes manufacturer cable to connect between the keytar and external synth.” Link

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“Moog Liberation – vintage analog synthesizer, complete, functionally “great to excellent”

Sorry, I can’t ship this internationally :)

The Liberation is virtually identical to the Moog Prodigy, and includes all the same waveforms and functions PLUS a 44 note keyboard, ring mod, polyphonic mode, noise, and auto-triggering S&H. The oscillator synch works fine and the Moog filter sounds great. The modulation switches and wheels on the neck work for volume, filter, glide, etc. The pressure sensor does not work, therefore the wheel for pressure sensitivity doesn’t do anything; turning on the pressure sensor simply turns on the selected function 100%, which is musically useful so not a problem. This is still completely usable, you just can’t get the “expressiveness”, and I think it’s an easy fix. Other than this I would describe it as functionally excellent with all keys playing in tune and triggering as they should.

This is a complete setup, including the power supply interface module and the extra-long cable. Ready to play and needs nothing.

The neck was purposely designed with the correct offset for it to fit in almost any keyboard stand, so aside from playing it as a keytar it’s also an easy way to add a 44 note CV/trigger keyboard to your rig!

Cosmetically it’s very nice but vintage; the white finish has crazing, small chips, and imperfections as shown in the photos, but overall this Liberation shows very nice for a vintage keytar. No cracks, no damage, the keys are all perfectly straight, smooth and perfectly functioning. No signs of it ever being dropped, abused, no key misalignment, etc. The sliders and knobs all move smoothly and work fine, but they could use a cleaning because when you look inside each slider you can see some some dirt and debris. This doesn’t affect the function at all, but it’s something I would do if I were keeping it.

This one is interesting and different from most other Liberations that I’ve seen because it has the following FACTORY installed differences: a pitch bend wheel instead of a ribbon controller (I prefer the wheel over a ribbon); an extra ON/OFF switch on the neck to for sending CV/trigger to an external synthesizer (this is slick if you’re using this to control other gear on stage); there are two 1/4′’ inputs on side of the synth. These outputs are not standard and I don’t see them on most Liberations on the internet, but I believe they are a factory mod. I believe they’re inputs to modulate volume and filter using a foot pedal controller. I wasn’t able to fully test them because I don’t have the correct pedals – probably needs either a variable resistance pedal, or possibly a variable voltage pedal (like a Moog 1120 pedal). An ordinary on/off pedal does cause changes – it worked to switch the volume on/off from one of the ports, so I believe that input controls the volume and the other one controls the filter.” Link

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“p for sale is our Moog Liberation analogue synthesiser in the super rare Red colorway.

We have spent time researching this model, confirming via Moog Music Inc paperwork from 1981/82 (see scans below) that Moog did indeed offer three factory colors of the Liberation.

To confirm, to the best of out knowledge, that it is a factory original Red edition, the synth was disassembled completely to confirm that the red paintwork was consistent throughout the entire unit. The original laquered finish, with age related crazing, also looks consistent and authentic.” Link

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“For your consideration is the very rare Moog Liberation synthesizer.
The Liberation has been gently used in my smoke free studio, and shows light cosmetic wear(see pics).
The synth is fully tested and completely functional.
The Liberation was recently serviced including removing the interior foam, cleaning/lubricating the knobs and sliders, and tuning and scaling.
The ribbon controller works great as does the aftertouch, which is pretty rare to find on these.
This particular synth has seen minimal use over the years.
Included in the listing is the Moog Liberation as well as the original case, strap, power supply, and connector cable as pictured.
Feel free to contact me with any questions, or if you’re in the area and would like to test it out, please leave your phone number.
Please check my other listings for more rare synth gear. ” Link

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“Rare White Moog Liberation….sounds Great…..James Brown had one of these….The white is super rare…this would be great in a collection….Could benefit From a Good Cleaning as a few of the key contacts are a little dirty(2 black, 1 white)…..All oscillators,knobs and ,switches work as they should. Comes with Power Box, Strap, Cord, Original technical Service Manual….” Link

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“Here is a Moog Liberation in great working and fair cosmetic condition.
The power supply/interface is not not original but is an exact clone of the original. So it is a new power supply, which is a good thing! The only difference is that a v-trig gate has been added as well as the s-trig.
All the sliders and switches on the Keytar have recently been replaced. All slider knobs in tact. All functions work well.
Comes with cable to attach Keytar to power supply rack.” Link

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” I am the original owner of this beauty. I purchased Brand new in probably about 1982 and used it for some minor gigging, but mostly I used it in my song writing and recording. So it never was exposed to heavy traveling and abuse. It does have a couple of broken sliders which still work fine it’s just that the little plastic sliders broke. I still have the pieces along with the little caps, and they could probably glued but I never had the desire to open up the chassis and do that since the sliders still work fine. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the Contour Generator section. It’s the Loudness – ATTACK & SUSTAIN sliders. They have red caps and those pieces are pushed into the the foam of the flight case. And also in the Mixer section it is missing the little green cap on the NOISE slider, which got lost along the way. Again it works completely fine without that little cap. You’ll see all this in the pictures.” Link

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“You’re looking at a special item right here. This is an original 1979 Moog Liberation synthesizer. This thing sounds amazing. HUGE Moog monosynth bass and leads, and wild SFX potential.

This synth was known as Moog’s keytar synth. However, this one no longer has the keytar attachment. Instead, this synth was built into a wooden box with the synth on top, the keytar’s expression control panel in front of the synth, and an amp built into the box. This box rolls with wheels installed on the bottom, and it has a latching top that can be hooked on, making it the ideal old school Moog for the traveling musician. (I will add a photo of this soon. The top completely covers everything.) There are amp controls on the front panel. This is much more of a traditional keyboard player’s instrument.

This synth has a few issues, as to be expected of anything of this age. I was told when I bought it that oscillator 2 doesn’t work properly. It seems to make sound appropriately when it is solo’d, and as you know about this synth if you’re reading this, its interesting feature was that the two oscillators mixed to make a unique waveshape. I don’t know if they mix properly or not, I am not an expert about these instruments. Some of the sliders stick in their top and bottom positions and can be hard to move. The envelope generation seems to be a bit slow. I have had trouble generating envelopes with fast attack, that could either be related to the switches, some settings I have wrong, or something else. The LFO is also a bit wonky.” Link

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“Product Description

This is a used item. Please see photos for details.

The Liberation is Moog’s unique strap-on keytar style portable performance synthesizer.

Model: Liberation
Brand: Moog
Type: Synthesizer / Keyboard” Link

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“Up for auction is this awesome MOOG LIBERATION Synthesizer Keytar. It is a legendary vintage Analog Monophonic Synthesizer. Made in the USA IN 1980 and 1981.




This one is in heavily used condition – rough and tumble, dragged around to many gigs, and has been rode hard and put up wet. It has scratches, dings, dents, cracked at the neck once but very solidly repaired, one key is currently broken off but present, and most other forms of evidence of use. Yes, the marks on the keys are from some type of permanent marker that likely pre-dates Sharpies.

Definitely a veteran of the rock and roll life – lots of use and mojo.

With all that being said, it has no major deal-breaking functional issues. Luckily it has been well-stored & protected.

Plenty of things could use repair or restoration.

It does have some typical scratchiness in the pots and a few of the sliders. Nothing completely disfunctional. The volume wheel potentiometer on the neck is very scratchy, but settles into some clean spots OK. I think this synth suffers from not being used much for many years. Needs to be played. And restored.

The broken key (with blue tape holding it on in the photos) luckily was a clean break. I think a quality 2-part epoxy will do a solid repair if done properly and not abused afterward. If you do a full restoration to prepare it for regular use, then i’m pretty sure a proper replacement can be found….

The cord between the keytar and control module sounds scratchy at the connectors at both ends. Still fine if you have the keytar sitting on a keyboard stand and not moving it aound alot.

A nice bit of history: We sold this one at our store about 20 years ago and it was in this basic condition at that time. The yellow sticker was on it at time as well – I tried to remove it back then, but it would not come off without a fight.

The original hard shell case in in excellent overall condition. The two innermost latches have been replaced with heavy-duty ones – actually a big plus given the weight of the whole thing.

The tone is strong and full, with good definition and a unique character. If you a looking at this auction, you probably know what’s up with these synths – high-end quality and don’t sound like any others in your collection. ” Link

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“Used but f”in awesome” Link

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“You’re bidding on an all original Moog Liberation Key-tar synthesizer. Comes with all original accessories, including the cables.

Moog Liberation is super rare. This particular one comes with all original accessories, including one key-tar, one interface/power supply, one long six-pin cable, one original CV cable and one original S-Trigger cable.

Goods: It plays and sounds great. The oscillators are stable and the outputs are very clean. All the sliders and knobs work smoothly. The ribbon controller on the neck plays like a dream. The keyboard aftertouch works precisely with any assigned modulation.

Bads: The filter control wheel on the neck is bad (but all the filter control is still accessible from sliders). It need to be repaired or replaced. There is a crack on the neck and it has been tape-fixed. PLEASE LOOK AT THE PICTURE! It seems to be very sturdy and it never bothered me. The CV and S-Trigger output on the control/power unit may need some repair. They have not been tested. Three key contacts need a slightly harder trigger. May need some clean work. ” Link

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“Its in great shape. Used only for session work.” Link

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“980,s Moog Liberation KEYTAR

Classic 1980 Keytar with that Phat sound.

Unit has been checked passively with a DVOM and seems to be electrically sound . (no breaks in boards or circuits )

That being said I cannot guarantee anything as I have no power supply or cable with which to test the unit.” Link

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“It has some scratches and dings on it and the case shows wear (see pics), but is in very good condition overall considering its age.

It powers up and sounds great, and all the controls function as they should. ” Link