Minimoog, Moog @ 21 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Sie steigern auf einen seltenen Lintronics Mini Moog, der vom großen Meister nach dem Umbau regelmäßig gewartet wurde und in gutem technischen Zustand mit neuwertigem Frontlayout, ebener Tastatur, umfangreicher Dokumentation und erstaunlich stimmstabil nun einen neuen Besitzer sucht. Der Mini steht seit Jahren in einem klimatisierten Nichtraucherstudio und hat nie eine Bühne gesehen. Das Holz hat vereinzelt und für mich zu vernachlässigende kleine Kratzer, ohne dass der schöne Gesamteindruck dieses Instrumentes leiden würde. Dem Sammler bleibt es überlassen, das Holz professionell aufarbeiten zu lassen. Ich gebe als Privatverkäufer keine Garantie noch räume ich ein Rückgaberecht ein. Ich verschicke den Mini bis auf deutsche Inseln innerhalb Deutschlands gratis. EU Bieter müssen sich vor einem Gebot bei mir erkundigen, wie teuer der Versand ins jeweilige Land ist.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 21 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Selling vintage Moog Concertmate MG-1. Works perfectly. In good cosmetic condition as well. Sounds great. Black foam that has been known to cause issues has been removed and cleaned. Here is a link to a quick video i made on my phone of it functioning.” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 21 August 2017, “No Comments”

“E-Moog Rogue Vintage Synthesizer Keyboard

– Good Overall Condition
– Fully Functional
– Some minor signs of use and age
– power cord included
– See Photos” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 21 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Barely used Rogue, in fantastic condition. Original Manual included in package.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 21 August 2017, “No Comments”

“You are bidding on a used Moog Prodigy synthesizer. I have owned this since the ‘8o’s, but it has just been sitting in the corner for the last few years, so it’s time for it to go. As you can see from the pictures there are a few scratches and scuffs.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 21 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Condition is Poor to OK to Good. Keys are in Good condition. Slider caps and pot caps are in good condition. I have cleaned most of the gunk out of the unit. Mono synth functions work intermittently. When working, this synth is amazingly fat audibly. Since I have had the Synth I never heard the Poly mode work. Everything else on the synth worked or works intermittently.” Link

Minimoog, Moog @ 14 August 2017, “No Comments”

“BEAUTIFUL!! Minimoog Model D VINTAGE Synthesizer analog EXCELLENT condition

Just back from Moog factory getting calibrated and a few scratchy pots cleaned.
Brand new keyboard bushings. Plays beautifully. Keyboard feels silky smooth!!!
Wood is Beautiful.
A gate jack and CV scale pot were added to the back panel.
This is the ORIGINAL – not the re-issue. ” Link

Moog, Satellite @ 14 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Selling my Moog Satellite synth. I have this synth for couple of years. At the moment It powers on but no sound coming out of it. It’s 240v version. All fader plastic knobs are missing. ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 14 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Evaluated and non-functioning, R2/ready for repair. Unit powers on but there is no sound from the audio out or head-phone jack. No further testing was done. Being sold for parts or repair. There are scuffs and scratches from normal use and a chip in one of the keys. See photos for cosmetic condition. ”

Moog, Rogue @ 14 August 2017, “No Comments”

“- Good Overall Condition
– Fully Functional
– Some minor signs of use and age
– power cord included
– See Photos” Link

Moog, Source @ 14 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Moog Source is a highly sought after, goto synth for EDM, Hip Hop, FX R&B Funk and more! If you are into synths, this is a must have! This unit has been gone through and professionally refurbished with a new battery, reprogrammed, tested and cleaned!” Link

Moog, Source @ 14 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Moog Source 341A as used by New Order in Blue Monday. If you’re looking at this, I don’t have to tell you how awesome this synth is for basslines, and leads. Totally badass.

Serial Number 2884, and Made in the USA around 1983-1984.

Recently serviced by Analog Synthesizer Service, tuned and calibrated, clean, and working great!

This one is not modified, and has all of it’s factory patches. The power cord, not pictured, is included.

Please note:
– Scratches on the alumninum
– some wear & tear on the endblocks (pictured)
– the last owner put a replacement membrane panel on, correctly, but slightly offset. The pictures show this, so this would not be a valid reason for return.

Thanks for looking and good luck!” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“This auction is for a rare Moog Realistic MG-1 analog synthesizer. Has been tested and it powers up, but no sound. A couple of the buttons are broken and quite a few are missing there end caps. Definitely a parts or restoration piece.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Up for auction is an awesome sounding Moog Prodigy. Color is the darker honeyed finish (which is nicer than the lighter wood).” Link

Minimoog, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“1972 original Minimoog, serial number is #1442, the 442nd production model in April of 1972. It has the plexiglass pitch and modulation wheel from the Minimoog’s original design.

It features the original Moog 1st generation oscillators.

It has completed a complete overhaul, locally with extended warranty.
1) All the switches have been cleaned.
2) The oscillators have been stabilized.
3) The keyboard has been “re-bushed” and plays like factory new.
4) The busbar has been cleaned.
5) Every “engineering change order” has been completed.
6) All capacitors in the power supply have been replaced.
7) Voice cards now have 28 turn trimmers for fine tuned and calibrated.

It utilizes a Roland MPU-101 and a Studio Electronics midi’d modification done in 1987, and it can be played from a external midi keyboard, or sequenced from a computer. The modification includes the following:

1) BEND RANGE: Adjust the range of pitch bend on moog pitch wheel and “bend” input from midi. Full on equals one octave up and down. Moog pitch wheel is disabled when “bend in” is used.

2) DYN VCF: Adjusts amount of Velocity information sent to filter when “DYN VCF” switch is up. “Filter Cutoff” should be set very low since these controls both affect brightness.

3) LFO RATE: Adjusts speed of modified triangle wave LFO provided by midiready. New LFO is selected when “modulation mix” control is fully counter clockwise. Turning “MOD MIX” clockwise mixes in either noise or Oscillator 3, depending on the setting of NOISE/OSC3 switch.

4) DYN VCA: When up, allows midi keyboard dynamics to control volume of Minimoog. This Switch must be down if Minimoog is used without MPU 101.

5) DYN VCF: When up, allows keyboard dynamics to control filter brightness. Amount is controlled by “DYN VCF”.

6) MOD VCF: When down, Mod wheel on midi master controls Minimoog filter brightness, when up, mod wheel controls modulation. This has no effect on the the Moog mod wheel, it always modulates.

7) TOUCH VCF: When up. aftertouch from midi master increases filter brightness.

8) TOUCH MOD: When up, aftertouch controls modulation depth.

9) NOISE/OSC3: Controls which signal is applied to right side of “mod mix” control. When down, OSC 3 is selected and when up NOISE is selected. The selected signal may then be mixed with the new LFO to create some unusual modulation waveforms.

10) Included is a rare “Multi-Trigger” mod by Studio Electronics where the key you hit always triggers an attack sound.

It comes with a case to carry the Moog, and the Roland MPU, and a manual.
There is a splintered off wood trim piece on top.

I added in a picture of the card, and the production tag indicating the final assembly was April 10th, 1972.

This is an early version of this instrument, if you are interested in collecting. And it’s in top notch shape for playing, whether you use the reconditioned keyboard or midi.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Don’t know much about these , it works but no idea if it works completely . I have put a video on YouTube of it working search for “realistic moog synthesizer ebay xxx “. That should bring it up. Happy to try and answer questions bought it to have a play with but can’t use it think you have to be electronically minded.” Link

Moog, Polymoog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“A Moog Polymoog 203a analogue synthesiser, 1977.

In perfect working order, this synth has been professionally stripped, cleaned, serviced and rebuilt.

Power supply calibrated and tested, all PCBs cleaned, hundreds of solder joints reworked, many ICs socketed and replaced. It’s now very reliable and hardened to original polymoog transport issues. It’s clean and free of dust or dirt inside and out. All screws are present and original… absolutely no short-cuts.

There are the usual marks due to use.

All keys, LEDs controls and presets work as they should.” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“Working Unit—Used not abused condition. Deficits: Two beauty caps on “Tone Sources” and “Master Volume” respectfully are missing. However
the controls work perfectly without the caps. See the “Polyphony” cap as an example. The toggle switch on “Keyboard Tracking” is missing.
Probably an easy fix. I tested all controls and modulation was had on each. Sold as working, not !00% because of toggle switch, and as is.” Link

Moog, Source @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“We got this out of a storage unit. Turns on, all the keys work. Programs/Buttons 1-11 work. Pitch and Modulation wheels work, as do the octave buttons. Filter Mod, Oscillator, Mixer, and Modifier bank section works. PLEASE NOTE, THIS NEEDS TO BE WARMED UP FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES. If you just turn it on cold, even after 5 minutes trying to edit patches will sometimes cause a volume drop or completely cut it out. Changing patches don’t work. You will need to turn the unit off, then back on. ALSO, WHEN YOU ARE DONE, TURN IT OFF AND LET IT COOL DOWN BEFORE MOVING.

Now the bad news:
Buttons 12-16, all don’t seem to work. Also, the level 1 and 2 buttons don’t seem to work. Because those buttons don’t work, I can’t test the sequencer.

The volume knob is scratchy and jumps. Sometimes when I turn it up it suddenly jumps up quite a bit, but once it’s set it’s fine. I believe the previous owner edited the patches and there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to do a factory reset.” Link

Moog, Source @ 07 August 2017, “No Comments”

“For sale is this vintage early-’80s Moog The Source analog synthesizer. This example, serial number 4154, is in good original condition with the original owner’s manual. It does display moderate wear, and one piece of wood detailing, adhered under the keys, is no longer attached nor included. The underside of one key is chipped. It works perfectly, sounds great, and with No Reserve, will be sold to the highest bidder regardless of price! Professional Global shipping to all countries is available. All photos below are of the actual item being sold. ” Link

Memorymoog, Memorymoog Plus, Moog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Memorymoog Plus Project Machine

“Fresh out of my parents closet. Has been in storage for 25 years. It was purchased by my father brand new and has never traveled or been used much. He was more into electronics and not a musician. He is sick and needs the money so I am selling it for him since I have a long time ebay account with selling history. I live near downtown Seattle it can be pick up in person. A serious bidder can come look at it in person but only if they make a bid first or show up with cash. I am not wasting my time with non serious buyers. This instrument is 100% original plus had the factory service mod complied with many years ago. It was opened it to take pictures and clean out dust only. Some off the knobs have black stuff on them from the foam from the flight case over the years and could be cleaned up or needs inlays. one pot is bent slightly. Comes with everything pictured. there are at least 5 more full size schismatics that are not pictured it comes with.

Instrument needs tuning and cleaning and repair … auto tune shows 4 sometimes 5 auto tuned. Voice card 4 is showing 1 sometimes 2 bad oscillators but I think it just needs tuned from reading the service manual.

All but two bottons work and those two probably just needed cleaned.

about 10 keys are not making sound with heads phones plugged in and head phone jack needs to be replaced or cleaned.” Link

Memorymoog, Memorymoog Plus, Moog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on LAMM Moog Memorymoog Plus

“This is the Lintronics advanced Memorymoog. The version of the Memorymoog that really stays in tune. This is in tip top shape with everything working perfectly. As you can see in the pics it has a couple of dings on the wood other than that, it is ready for you in wonderful condition.” Link

Moog, Polymoog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Polymoog

“Sie bieten auf den Artikel Moog Polymoog Synthesizer Model 203A mit Koffer.

Es handelt sich um einen echten Highend Synthesizer von 1978. Fürsprecher lieben diesen einzigartigen fetten, schwebenden Klang. Namenhafte Musiker wie z.B. Kraftwerk (Computer World Tour, 1981) und ABBA nutzten diesen.

Mir fehlt die Expertise um das Gerät in ihren Funktionen zu überprüfen und wird deshalb als Defekt/Bastler verkauft.
Wie auf den Bildern zu entnehmen lässt sich das Gerät einschalten.
Der Artikel macht optisch einen guten Eindruck mit einigen korrodierten Schrauben. (s. Bilder)
Zudem befindet sich der Artikel in einem originalen Koffer.
Gewicht mit Koffer ca. 50kg” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog MG-1

“This is a great vintage analogue polyphonic synth manufactured by Moog for Realistic (tandy). It has 2 monophonic oscillators and 1 polyphonic oscillator, ring modulator, self oscillating Moog ladder filter, envelopes, LFO for filter and pitch, sample and hold and sounds amazing!

For it’s age this is in excellent working order with no issues. There are no dinks or scratches on the chassis and the print is still bright and clear.” Link

Moog, Prodigy @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Prodigy

“For sale is a Moog Prodigy synth in very good condition. The keys and wheels show very little discoloration. The wood case does have some marks on it, as you can see in the pictures. I have tested most of the switches and keys, and it appears to work perfectly. I have not tested all of the inputs in the rear. ”

Moog, Multimoog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Multimoog

“The Multimoog is the big brother to the famous Micromoog. This portable synth featured 2 analog VCO with variable waveforms and the famous Moog 24/dB filter, but also added an early version of aftertouch and more flexible modulation capabilities then its predecessor. Functionally, the Multimoog falls in between the smaller MicroMoog & their flagship MiniMoog I will not repost after this run”

Moog, Sonic Six @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Sonic Six

“Unit appears to be in good working order. Not electronically bench tested, but speaker, pitch wheel and knobs/faders work. The power switch does not light up, but it does turn on. Minor scratches on case, and very small tear in the plastic near the master fader at “4” (see picture). Power chord not included.” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Rogue

“- Good Overall Condition
– Fully Functional
– Some minor signs of use and age
– power cord included
– See Photos” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog MG-1

“Real Moog oscillators and filters!

Two small flaws in this unit- chip off the plastic in the bottom back corner (pictured) and the LFO rate LED seems to have gone out. (Should be an easy fix for anyone with a soldering iron.) The LFO itself works fine.

All knobs and slider caps present. I’m told this unit has had the black tar foam removed from the inside.

Tested & working great. “ Link

Moog, Opus 3 @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Opus 3

“unit working fine, see side panels barnish damaged, been always in studio” Link

Minimoog, Moog @ 31 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Minimoog Model D

“Original Vintage Moog Minimoog Model D with MIDI

The unit is in very good condition from a non-smoking home and works perfectly

MIDI version of the original Minimoog Model D
Monophonic analog synthesizer with the 3 voltage-controlled oscillators and white/pink noise, which allow for an incredibly rich sound
4-pole low-pass filter with cutoff, resonance, ADS envelope, and keyboard tracking control
Mod and pitch wheels on the left-hand control


Some minor scratches on exterior (see the photos)
Fully tested, works fine, amazing sound!” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 24 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Rogue

” Here’s another piece of analog synth history, the classic Moog Rogue (one of the last mono Moogs, and one of the last models to be made all in-house).

Overall working condition is great; the noise slider (in the mixer/overdrive section) is a little finicky and sometimes causes sound to cut out. It’s probably a connection that needs cleaning and/or soldering… definitely a small fix, as I seldom have run into issues, and only when I’m live tweaking that slider.

The pitch and mod wheels have some paint on them (pictured) but this doesn’t in any way affect performance. All other knobs/sliders function brilliantly.

The auction includes a custom-built hard case with foam inserts (pictured). ” Link

MG-1, Moog @ 24 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog MG-1

“See pictures for condition
One key repaired
No slider knobs
1/4″ output jack added on back
All functions (sliders & knobs) tested and work
Original owner
Includes original manual” Link

Moog, Rogue @ 24 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Rogue

“Moog Rouge Synth keyboard

Nice condition for age, does have some marks and one chip on the key but overall good condition and sounds great.

Happy Bidding ”


Moog, Prodigy @ 24 July 2017, Comments Off on Moog Prodigy

“ere is our wonderful synth. Regretfully selling it.

We purchased it a few years ago. It had been serviced then according to the previous owner.

We have changed a few fuses but not much else. Used it in our studio. We dont profess to be very knowledgable about synthesisers but really enjoyed what sounds we could get out of this.

It has wear and tear as expected for its age. I’ll try to describe all I can. Any questions please do ask.

Missing a few knobs but you can replace these or use the white internal small knobs as we did. A few scratches, marks and dusty fluff on knobs.

There is some inconsistency with one of the oscillators. It can have a bit of noise on it off and on and I’m not sure what it needs.

The modulator wheel works but the pitch wheel doesn’t seem to do anything.

We leave it to warm up to tune but adjusted with a guitar pedal if needed. “ Link