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monome “Up for sale is a gently used monome 64 with USB cable. Device is in excellent shape and has sat tucked away in the back of my closet for the last few years. I never got my head around Max and with two young kids it’s not going to happen now. Probably taking a huge loss here but hopefully someone can get more use out of this than I ever did.” Link

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monome128 “Monome 128. Great condition. Walnut 2014 edition. Varibright.” Link

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Monome System “Complete Monome System


-Grid 16×8

-Teletype + PC keyboard



-White Whale

-Walk + 2 Sustain Pedals

+ extras

including blind panels and 17 cloth-wrapped

patch cables – 12-24″ (6 red, 6 gray), 5-10″ blue, extra switch module (requires external power – included)

Modules will ship in original packaging.” Link

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128 “I’m selling a Monome 128 Grid. Its a 2010 model with the orange LED’s. Its in excellent near mint condition, and works flawlessly. Comes with the original packaging and a usb cable. ” Link

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monome “Monome Grayscale 128 – with white LEDs — in excellent condition! 100% functional! Comes with USB cable. This one has the rubber casing.
Goes great with the Monome Aleph that I have for sale.” Link

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monome“Like new Single ownerLived in smoke free studio” Link

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monome “Excellent condition Monome Arc 4, barely used, elegant design. Walnut base.” Link

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monome64 “An item that has been used previously. The item shows some minimal visible signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended.” Link

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monome128 “This is a 2014 Monome Varibright walnut 128 Grid in excellent condition and perfect working order. In my opinion it’s made from an exceptionally beautiful piece of walnut and is much nicer looking than the new monomes.

It does have faint lettering still visible on the aluminum faceplate where i had labeled beneath the buttons. I made one of the pics darker so you can see the markings.

Comes with a very funky hand made felt case and a USB cable.” Link

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monome 64“Monome 64, manufactured in late 2013. Fully-functional, very gently used.” Link

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monome 64 “In great shape, cool little grid controller for MAX and Ableton.” Link

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monome “Excellent condition. Lightly used. No wear marks. Then again it is well built and probably won’t show wear. All the buttons work.” Link

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monome128 “2012 monome 128 for sale in walnut. Buttons are the ultra sensitive 2015 version. Unit is in amazing condition as I don’t use it.

It’s 16-stage varibright. Compatible with everything monome makes.” Link

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monome 64 “Absolutely brand new only plugged into to verify LEDs for this listing. I ordered this back in 2010 and have all original packaging. I just haven’t gotten into using this. 100% authentic” Link

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monome64 ” Upgrading to an arc so this has to go. Great piece in great condition.” Link

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monome128” Perfect condition Monome 128, variable brightness with felt case.” Link

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monome “Monome 40h for sale in good working condition. All pads function and light up properly. Minor wear and scratches on the black rubber casing. Overall in good condition. Comes with usb cable.” Link

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monome 64“Selling my Monome 64 Grayscale, which is in excellent condition and fully operational. White LEDs, includes USB cable.” Link

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monome 128“Monome 128 (original model?)

Originally purchased in 2007. Wood enclosure. Arrived assembled (not a kit). Includes power supply and USB cable.” Link

Monome @ 07 July 2015, Comments Off

monome “Monome Grid 64 built from a kit in a custom wood enclosure with blue LED’s. Works perfectly, all buttons light up. I am the only owner: it has been used only a handful of times and has always been handled with care in a smoke-free house. The images are of the actual items.” Link

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Monome 64 “I have a Monome 64 that has been used once or maybe twice. I bought it in 2008 and shortly thereafter left the country. This has been wrapped up, unused in my storage space since then. I am selling this beautiful, unique collectable Monome 64. They are highly sought and tough to find.. lucky for you, I have one. Please put it to good use. ” Link

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monome “Monome 40H used only in home studio. Perfect working order. Great tool for a creative and innovative approach to music.” Link

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monoem” You are bidding on a good condition (save for a bit of a wood pressing on the right hand side of the wood) original monome 64. It was purchased in 2009 and is an incredible musical companion. ” Link

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monome 64“2nd Edition Walnut Monome 64. Been great to use over the years, but have little time for it these days. I’ve kept it in good shape, but there is a cosmetic scratch on the underside after it fell off a table once.

Lauded for it’s minimalist interface design the Monome 64 is a midi controller with a rich community developing for it. Well worth your money for Digital Music Makers and VJs of any ability. No original packaging, but it is still in working order.” Link

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monome 64“I am selling a lightly used Monome 64 grayscale which I bought directly from the Monome website in 2010. The Monome is in great condition, works perfectly and all LEDS light up. The Monome comes with a free USB cable and will be ready to use straight out the box. I am currently located in Bangkok, Thailand and for all international orders I will make postage and insurance as low cost as possible.” Link

Monome @ 10 February 2015, Comments Off

monome 128 “Monome 128 Brand New in box unwrapped, unused.” Link

Monome @ 30 December 2014, Comments Off

monome 256 “Selling my beloved 2013 monome 256. It’s in pristine condition, never been gigged, never left my house. It has 16-Stage Varibright as all new monomes do. This one also happens to have Tilt.” Link

Monome @ 07 October 2014, Comments Off

monome” Walnut series 64 from 2008 in great working condition. Comes with USB cable. Does not come with original packaging.” Link

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monome64” Greyscale monome64. From the 1st edition. All lights turn on, and the device works perfectly. Has been used lightly but kept in great condition. Stored in box when not in use, cleaned regularly. Originally sold for $420.” Link

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monome ” Hello – selling a Monome Grayscale 64 in excellent condition. It’s from the 2010-12 batch. ALL Monome hardware (the guts) are the same except for the very new ones (this year) that have vari-color lights — everything else is exactly the same.

It’s a wonderful machine. Comes with USB cable.” Link

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“In excellent condition and includes a felt dust cover by mapmap.

Hardly used.

Non-bus powered.” Link

Monome @ 17 June 2014, Comments Off

“For sale is my monome 64 greyscale. I am the second owner. It is in very good cosmetic condition and fully functional. Features tilt sensor. Smoke free home and studio. Just upgraded to a 128.” Link

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“For sale is my monome 64 greyscale. I am the second owner. It is in very good cosmetic condition and fully functional. Smoke free home and studio. Just upgraded to a 128.” Link

Monome @ 01 April 2014, Comments Off

“Monome 128 buttons Mixing Console with cables is cosmetically in good conditions, one side of the block got detached.
The body has some scratches and scuffs.
The item was tested, plugged in and didn’t respond.
You are bidding on everything you see in Picture #1.
Does not come in its original box and no other accessories are included.
Please See Pictures for details.” Link

Monome @ 24 December 2013, Comments Off

“Monome 64 grayscale- this model has a dipped rubber body and white LEDs.

I got this a few years ago, and right away found this Case Logic soft case to fit it perfectly. It’s lived in its case, in a drawer since. Its in the same condition it came in from the factory: No dust, no dings, no missing lights or sticky buttons. Use via midi or osc. Comes with soft case and USB cable.” Link