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Diode VCF YuSynth
Yusynth diode VCF DIY kit AS IS needs work and testing.
I have had no luck getting this to work.
The big capacitor in the middle is a 16 uf put some silcone on it so it would not get bent.
I know theres a synth Doc that can. Comes with a eruo rack panel and label. Its a peel and stick done on a laser printer.


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“Yusynth Transistor Ladder Filter MOTM Format – Classic Minimoog VCF Clone

Assembled by Free State Custom Electronics

- Classic Minimoog Voltage Controlled Filter Design
- 3 Pairs of Hand Matched Thermally Coupled BC547 Transistors
- Includes MOTM Adaptor Already Installed
- 20″ MOTM Style Power Cable
- Runs on +/- 15 Volts (Power Supply Not Included)
- Fully Tested and Calibrated
- Hand Built and Internally Numbered
- 4 Black Screws for Mounting to Wooden Cabinet, 4 Bolts for Mounting to MOTM 19″ Rail Adaptors or other 19″ Rack
- Military Grade RG-174 used on Audio Signals
- Military Grade PVC Insulated Cable used on CV Signals
- High Quality Double Plated Circuit Board
- Poly Film Capacitors
- 2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty (Void if Modified or Improper Power Supply Is Used)
- 1% Metal Film Resistors Used Throughout
- Enclosed Switchcraft Jacks
- Extremely High Quality Build!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.