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dotcom “For your consideration, A modular system. Housed in a custom built cabinet (at least for display purposes), 3 tiers x 16 spaces each tier. Top tier is half filled with modules. The module inventory is as follows:

Q104 MIDI/CV Interface
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillators (x 5)
Q107 State Variable Filter (Oberheim style)
Q108 VCAs (x 4)
Q109 Envelope Generators (x 4)
Q110 Noise (x 2)
Q112 4-Channel Mixer (x 2; one very early production {collectible?} with 2 knobs, one with 3 knobs)
Q113 8-Channel Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q117 Sample and Hold
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q124 Multiples (x 2; one has been modified providing 4 trunk lines out)
Q125 Signal Processor
Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
Q137 Power Control and Interface
Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (Moog style)
QPS1 Power Supply
QDH40 Wiring Harness (power to 40 modules)

The pictures show a Moog Voyager RME integrated into the top left of the cabinet. This piece is NOT included with the system, but is available. Please contact me if you want the RME as part of the listed system. If it is NOT sold with this listing, it will be posted in its own eBay listing, after this listing for the modular system has closed. Some of the pictures also show an Alesis QX61 Controller Keyboard. Again, not intended to be part of the system, but terms could be arranged if the keyboard is needed. Just let me know. I will also include, at no additional charge, a large assortment of cables (approx. $200 retail value) for your patching needs. Retail price of modules listed is $4264 (plus shipping), not including cables, cabinet, Voyager RME, or keyboard.” Link

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dotcom ” I bought this Portable-22 modular synth new from in 2012. Since then it hasn’t left my studio and is still in 100% perfect condition!
Patch cables are included. ” Link

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mdou “This thing is a beast. 8 oscillators, 6 envelope generators, 3 filters, 4 amplifiers, 2 multiples, midi interface, 2 sequencers, pan/fade, quantizers and a bunch more. Every module is Dotcom brand and never removed from the beautiful walnut case.

Comes with the matching keyboard, paperwork and a bunch of Dotcom brand cables.” Link

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dtocom “AS NEW IMMACULATE Portable 22 Customized System Synthesizer. In place of the ring modulator and blank space, I had this built with the Q150 Ladder Filter.

The system is in new condition. Selling due to life circumstances. This is a significant discount to manufacturer’s prices.

A good variety of cables are included.” Link

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dotcom” I have owned this 44 module synth for about 5 years. It is in excellent condition and sounds like a dream. Cabinets and the patch cords were my own construction. I will also include the small Alesis Q49 keyboard.
Modules are listed in the last picture. I also have more pictures if needed, ” Link

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“ Studio 44 Custom (Gebraucht)

Warum kaufen Sie nicht ein großes, klassisches Modularsystem? herstellt eines der besten Modularsysteme, wenn sie diese Systeme direkt verkaufen jeder bekommt den gleichen Preis. Aber wenn Sie diesen gebraucht kaufen, können Sie Geld sparen, und danach noch mehr Module kaufen:) Als Bonus wir werden eine hervorragende Arpeggiator von Club Of The Knobs hinzufügen.

Das System findet sich in einem hervorragenden Zustand, und wurde sehr leicht in unserem Forschungsraum benutzt. Es gibt keine knisternde Töpfe oder Schalter. Es verhält sich genauso, wie es aus der Fabrik kam. Abstimmung ist immer noch unglaublich stabile, braucht keine Anpassung.
Das System kann auf Modulargrid.NET ( ) angesehen werden.” Link

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“This is all Modular Hand-built Moog-like Synthesizer from

It is it MINT condition and has been used once. ALL modules in PERFECT CONDITION

ALL CABLES and 61-Key MIDI Controller INCLUDED!

I highly suggest going to to check out the modules I’ve listed below described in full detail.

This is a steal… to buy this whole setup brand new would be $5,000 plus.

There are 30 modules total in a 44u Portable Rack

The modules included are as follows:

- Q142 Pedal Interface
- Q118 Instrument Interface
- (2) Q124 Mutiples
- Q104 MIDI Interface
- Q105 Slew Limiter
- Q128 Standards
- (3) Q106 Oscillator
- (2) Q141 Oscillator Aid
- Q107 State Variable Filter
- (2) Q109 Envelope Generator
- (2) Q108 Amplifier
- Q116 Ring Modulator
- Q113 8 Channel Mixer
- Q125 Signal Processor
- Q111 Pan/Fade
- Q119 Sequential Controller
- Q130 Clipper/Rectifier
- Q110 Noise Generator
- Q120 Connector Interface
- Q115 Reverb
- Q117 Sample and Hold
- Q137 Power Control and Interface
- Q103 DC Power Interface” Link

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” Up for sale is a modular system including and Moon Modular modules. It is fully functional, in great shape with minimal wear, and is less than a year old.

The synthesizer consist of:

QCP22 22-Space Portable Cabinet
QPS1 Power Supply
QDH20 DC Power Harnesses
Q137 Power Control & Interface Module
Q106 Oscillator (x4)
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q108 Voltage Controlled Amplifier
Q141 Oscillator Aid
Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter
Q161 Oscillator Mixer
Q162 Filter Mixer
Patch Cables ( x 11 )

Moon Modular

511C VC Envelope Generator (x2)
526 Reversible Mixer” Link

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“Excellent condition, like new as shown. Tested and working, but sold as is.” Link

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“Excellent condition, like new as shown. Tested and working, but sold as is.” Link

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“This is a Dotcom Q125 Signal Processor. This module takes an input voltage and offsets it. The top section allows both offset and amplification (positive or negative). The bottom section can be switched between 100% and -100%(inverted) amplification. When nothing is plugged into the inputs, the module provides a CV output, controllable by the Offset knobs. This module comes with it’s datasheet (also found on the manufacturer’s website).” Link

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“This is a Dotcom Q117 Sample & Hold. This allows the user to take a voltage input (such as white noise) and sample it at a specific rate, holding the sampled voltage until another sample is taken. This is a good way to create random voltages (pitches, when connected to an oscillator). This module comes with it’s datasheet (found on the manufacturer’s website) and 4 assorted patch cables.” Link

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“Custom 9 piece system in excellent shape and perfect working order. This system, built in 2008, has lived it’s entire life in a smoke-free studio. The modules include:

1 – Q104 MIDI Interface
2- Q106 Oscillator
1 – Q124 Multiples
1 – Q112 4 – Channel Mixer
1 – Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (Moog Filter)
2 – Q109 Envelope Generator
1 – Q108 Amplifier
1 – QPS2 Power Supply

The modules are housed in a custom hardwood oak cabinet that is 12 single units wide. This synth has very beautiful and rich oscillators and this is the perfect way to break into the dotcom/moog modular format. This is a smaller system, but there are enough modules to produce lots of great sounds.” Link

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“Up for sale is a modular analog synthesizer in a Box11 case with a Corsynth LFO and 16 patch cables.

The unit is fully functional and was in use prior to this auction. All knobs and switches work. All patch points work. I am the original owner and it was bought new less than 1 year ago. It was used for a project that has been completed.

The unit is in fantastic cosmetic condition with no blemishes or other visible defects.

The unit will be shipped in its original packaging with all the original components.” Link

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“ analog modular synthesizer

This listing includes a complete, fully functional vintage modular synthesizer with 17 modules. This specific synthesizer was built aimed at signal processing and keyboard synthesis in the true MOOG tradition, thus the instrument interface. This was kept in a smoke free studio with minimal traveling. If you are here, you more than likely already know what this amazing instrument is, and how to use it!

It includes the following:


You can expect to receive everything that is pictured, no more, no less unless otherwise stated. If it’s not mentioned or pictured, it’s not included.
The condition of the item is used – which means that the item has signs of normal wear such as scratches, scuff marks, light stains, etc. Do note the the wear on the module screws, as they were changed out several times. It is 100% Functional. PLEASE review the close up and angles to make sure you know what you are getting in terms of installed modules, cables, and condition! ” Link

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Blue Modular Analog Synthesizer

This is a custom-built modular analog synthesizer built by Roger Arrick of

This is a one-of-a-kind system.
Unused. Part of Roger’s personal collection.
One year warranty
110VAC or 220VAC operation

4 Oscillators (VCO)
State Variable Filter (VCF)
3 Envelope generators
Signal Processor
Ring Modulator
Noise Source
MIDI Interface
2 Amplifier (VCA)
Sample & Hold
Signal distributor
Instrument Interface
Pedal Interface
Connector Interface
Spring Reverb
2 blank spaces for expansion

Modules have been custom painted in metalic blue.” Link

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“This listing includes a complete, fully functional vintage and stg/ sound labs modular synthesizer. It includes the following:












(1) Q130 CLIPPER



You can expect to receive everything that is pictured, no more, no less unless otherwise stated. If it’s not mentioned or pictured, it’s not included.

The condition of the item is used – which means that the item will most likely have signs of normal wear such as scratches, scuff marks, light stains, etc. 100% Functional. ” Link

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“Here’s a Synthesizers DOTCOM Q106 Oscillator in like new condition. I bought this back in Spring 2012 and has never left my smoke-free, animal-free studio. I will combine shipping for multiple purchases. ” Link

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“Up for bid is a Q119 Sequential Controller. Unit is in like new condition. It’s even difficult to see the mounting screw marks. Tested date is 6/2012 and was delivered to me in the same month. ” Link

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“Synthesizers.COM Q107 VCF and Q162 Filter Aid Mixer

Synthesizers.COM Q107 VCF and Q162 Filter Aid Mixer

Both of these units are working 100%

Comes with 2 .com wiring harnesses 24” long.” Link

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“ANALOG MODULAR MOTM & DOT COM HYBRID (keyboard garage or additional photos sent via email to perspective buyer)

4 oscillators, 3 LFO, 4 filters classic & unique, rare modules for ultra FAT SOUND with only ONE OSCILLATOR!… & more



SYN TECH (MOTM) 300 ULTRA-VCO (1) $250

SYN TECH (MOTM) 310 uVCO (1) $175 Q106 oscillator (2) $125 ea.


SYN TECH (MOTM) 320 Voltage Controlled LFO (1) $195

SYN TECH (MOTM) 390 uLFO (2) $125ea


SYN TECH (MOTM) 190 uVCA (3) $125 ea.





SYN TECH (MOTM) 410 Triple Res. Filter (1) $225 (KORG PS-3100 FILTER STRUCTURE)



SYN TECH (MOTM) 101 Noise/S&H (1) $150


CYNTHIA Sawtooth Animator $175

SYN TECH (MOTM) 510 Wave Warper $195

SYN TECH (MOTM) 700 Dual VC Router $175

SYN TECH (MOTM) 820 VC Lag Processor $175 Q125 Signal Processor (1) $75


SYN TECH (MOTM) 910 (1) $35 Q124 Multiple (1) $35 ea. Q104 Power extension module


.com design each is 22 module size with 4 additional rear spaces $295 pair w/ .com base & keyboard garage $150


Various Lengths (18) $100


.com (10 spaces) various lengths $25

REPLACEMENT COST: $7,865 (with 18 cables valued @ $150)

INDIVIDUAL USED ITEM TOTAL: $4,015 (great buy as priced)


Sold as a system! Additional cabinet space allows for growth and customization.

No keyboard, requires midi converter… (Q 104, $92 & small power supply QPS1, $175… see

MODULES AND CABINETS SHIPPED IN SEPARATE BOXES. 3 BOXES TOTAL ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Selling brand new DOTCOM Modular Synthesizer system only 4 mos old used like 3 times. This would be better off in someones hands who already knows how to use it or plays piano and can spend the time learning modular synthesis. Don’t have time for this hobby.

Everything you need to get started with modular synthesis cheaply in MOOG style with DOTCOM format.

Parts included:
1 x Cabinet/Power Supply/Cable Harness 22 space unit and 20 module power connection
1 x QPS1 Power Supply
1 x Q137 Power Control Module
1 x Q104 MIDI Interface Module
1 x Q106 Oscillator Module
1 x Q108 Amplifier Module
1 x Q109 Envelope Generator Module
1 x Q107 Multi-Mode Filter Module
1 x QKP-3 Keyboard Controller DC Power Cable (36″)
1 x Q110 Noise Source
3 x QP4MM-12 12″ Patch Cable
4 x QP4MM-24 24″ Patch Cable

I also have the PCB boards for a Music From Outer Space 16 Step analog sequencer and a near fine fully functional Edirol PC-50 Midi Keyboard which I’ll throw in free. The sequencer boards are the base components for you to build a 16 step sequencer to use with the DOTCOM synthesizer and require parts/assembly. ” Link

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“Used and in excellent condition. Q110 and Q117 modules mounted in a single width panel. Original panels, push-button switch and pot included upon request.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“his system is as if brand new. I am the original owner and it is mint. Flawless. Included are these modules (w/links):

Q104 MIDI Interface

Q106 Oscillator (2)


Q107 State Variable Filter

Q108 VCA

Q109 Envelope Generator (2)

Q112 4-Channel Mixer

Q118 Instrument Interface

Q124 Multiples 3×4

Q150 Moog Transistor Ladder Filter 12/24db

QCR8 8-Space Rack Frame (2)

QPS2 Power Supply w/Cables

Price includes a Mid-Atlantic black, wooden cabinet which looks lovely housing the system. The power supply has been modified by Roger to accomodate the extra modules. This is a beautiful modular analog synthesizer. It sounds and plays as sweet as it looks. And it looks sweet! It is top-quality build by people who really care about their products. I have too much of this stuff, and need to cut back a little by selling this “wing” of a larger system. I’ve included a few pics to best try to show the condition of the system” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Moog style filter

Envelope Generator

QDH40 40 module DC power harness

All in good working condition ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ Modular System

Angeboten wird ein Modular System (5 HE) mit den wesentlichen Modulen, um mit einem Modularsystem im Moog Format zu beginnen oder ein bestehendes zu erweitern.

Das System beinhaltet folgende Module wie auf dem Bild zu sehen:

Q106 Oscillator

Q161 Oscillator Mixer

Q141 Oscillator Aid

Q107 State Varaible Filter

Q162 Filter Mixer

Q116 Ring Modulator

Q117 Sample and Hold

Q113 8 Channel Mixer or 2*4 Channel Mixer

Q104 MIDI Interface

Q109 Envelope Generator

Q108 Amplifier

Die Auktion beinhaltet nicht eine Stromversorgung nebst benötigtem Power Modul, da ich noch einige andere Module besitze. Falls Bedarf daran besteht, kann nach Auktionsende über den Verkauf verhandelt werden.

Alle Module wurden pfleglichst behandelt in einem Nichtraucher Studio.

Weitere Bilder auf Anfrage.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for a 44 space modular synthesizer from This synth is 100% functional, and in excellent cosmetic condition. I am also including a Kenton Pro 2000 MIDI to CV converter with the rackmount ears and power cable!

Q137 Power Control & Interface Module
Q106 Oscillator
Q161 Oscillator Mixer for Q106

Q106 Oscillator
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q108 Amplifier
Q130 Clipper, Rectifier
Q124 Multiples
Q117 Sample and Hold
Q109 Envelope Generator
Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter
Q112 4-Channel Mixer

Q109 Envelope Generator

Q117 Sample and Hold

Q124 Multiples
Q125 Signal Processor
Q107 State Variable Filter
Q162 Filter Mixer for Q107


Q106 Oscillator
Q141 Oscillator Aid
Q110 Noise Source

Q106 Oscillator

Q125 Signal Processor
Q146 Normalization

Q112 4-Channel Mixer
Q109 Envelope Generator
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q115 Reverb

Q125 Signal Processor

Q116 Ring Modulator

Q109 Envelope Generator
Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter

Q130 Clipper, Rectifier

Q109 Envelope Generator

Q112 4-Channel Mixer
Q108 Amplifier” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is my modular “Portable 22″ synthesizer system. I ordered it new in June of 2008. All the details for this can be seen on the website, at

Or, go to, then systems, then portable systems, then portable 22. There you will see all of the specs. It comes with the basic unit AND the walnut keyboard QKB15S. Also included are 3 extra modules not listed with the standard system which are: Q115 Reverb (with a reveb tank mounted inside the cabinet), Q118 Instrument interface (installed at the bottom left corner), and a Q103 power module (this mounts in another cabinet (which I do not have) and uses cable QIC and QDN20 power harness which are ALSO included.) All the stuff in the picture on the table comes with it. Patch cables, power cord, book with all the original sheets, interconnect power cable and harness and not shown but included is the power adapter for the keyboard. I never got the blank panel listed on the website spec sheet, I traded it for the instrument module.

This thing is totally awesome. The build quality is really high. It’s quality stuff, with great support from the factory. The condition is really nice, but there are 2 scuffs on the keyboard top. They are shown in the photo. All the jacks are all still tight, no scratchy pots, no weird issues. It’s been in my house the whole time, except for once I took it to a band rehearsal in the car, and that’s where the scuffs came from on the keyboard. Which was stupid.

Noes: The picture with the patch cables installed is only for a good general working shot. The mixer, the Mopho, my studio monitors, the desk… are not included in the sale. The modules resting on top are included. This will ship in 2 boxes, it’s a weird thing to try to fit in one. Shipping will be $80. I WILL NOT split this thing up. It is sold as a system. This things totals to $3525 new.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Slight damage to knob – Missing silver insert (pics 1 & 2)

This module was taken from a project that was started but never completed (see last 2 pics). I don’t see any indication that this module has ever been hooked to a power supply or used in any other project.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“ANALOG MODULAR SYNTHESIZER – Synthetic Sound Labs – Moog-Format

Verkaufe meinen analogen Modularsynthesizer mit folgenden Modulen: (

1x Q107 State Variable Filter (NP 136,00 US$)
1x Q109 Envelope Generator (NP 92,00 US$)
1x Q108 Amplifier (NP 97,00 US$)
2x Q106 Oscillator mit CRS (NP je 220,00 US$)
1x Q137 PowerControl & Interface Module (NP 92,00 US$)
1x QPS 1 Power Supply (NP 175,00 US$)
1x Q113 8-Channel Mixer (NP 149,00 US$)
1x Q116 Ring Modulator (NP 105,00 US$)
1x Q124 Multiples (NP 58,00 US$)
Blank Panels

Synthetic Sound Lab (

Model 1310 Voltage Controlled Digital Delay (NP 199,00 US$)

Ich habe die Module im Dezember 2010 bzw. im April 2011 gekauft. Auf eine nähere Beschreibung der Module verzichte ich, da die jeweiligen Internetauftritte der hersteller weitaus informativer sind und die geneigten Kenner der Szene ohnehin wissen, was sie hier vor sich haben.

Der Gesamtpreis betrug inkl. Versand und Steuern knapp 1.300,00 EUR. Ich verkaufe dieses System für 1.100,00 EUR inkl. einem schönen, mit Tolex bezogenem Portable Case und Platz für weitere Modulen.

Das Gerät kann im Prinzip bei mir besichtigt und auch abgeholt werden. Dadurch würden auch die Versandkosten wegfallen, die wegen des Gewichts leider recht hoch sind. Das Video an der Seite ist übrigens von mir und alle Sequencer-Parts kommen von dem Modularen. Noch Fragen? Nur zu! Ansonsten viel Spaß beim Bieten.

I am selling ​​my analogue modular synthesizer with the following modules: (

1x Q107 State Variable Filter (NP U.S. $ 136.00)
1x Envelope Generator Q109 (NP U.S. $ 92.00)
1x Amplifier Q108 (NP 97.00 U.S. $)
2x Q106 Oscillator with CRS (NP per U.S. $ 220.00)
1x Q137 Power Control & Interface Module (NP U.S. $ 92.00)
1x QPS 1 Power Supply (NP U.S. $ 175.00)
1x Q113 8-Channel Mixer (NP U.S. $ 149.00)
1x Ring Modulator Q116 (NP U.S. $ 105.00)
1x Multiples Q124 (NP U.S. $ 58.00)
Blank panels

Synthetic Sound Lab (

Model 1310 Voltage Controlled Digital Delay ( NP U.S. $ 199.00)

I have purchased the modules in December 2010 and April 2011. The total price including shipping and taxes was about 1300.00 EUR. I sell this system for 1.100,00 EUR incl a nice Tolex procured Portable Case and space for additional modules.

Theoretically t he device can be visited with me and also beeing picked up. This also would eliminate the shipping costs, which are rather high because of the weight.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“I’m selling my modular synthesizer made by Roger Arrick’s in USA. It doesn’t need any introduction really – the world famous brand that continues modular legacy of Bob Moog. The modular comprises of the following modules:

1X Q103 DC Power Interface Module
1X Q104 MIDI Interface
2X Q106 Oscillators (one with CRS Calibrated Range Switch)
1X Q107 State Variable Filter
2X Q108 Amplifiers
2X Q109 Envelope Generators
1X Q110 Noise Source
1X Q112 4-Channel Mixer
1X Q117 Sample & Hold
1X Q119 Sequential Controller
1X Q124 Multiples
1X Q137 Power Control & Interface Module
1x QPS1 Power Supply

Additionally included with the modular are following cables:

5x QP4MM-12 12″ Patch Cables
5x QP4MM-24 24″ Patch Cables
1x Power Cable

It is a working, fully functional analog modular synthesizer with 3 panels/slots free for expansion.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular, @ 27 September 2011, Comments Off

“Up for sale here is my Moog Modular inspired Portable 22 System which I have owned from new since 2008. It is a complete fully functional system although being modular, there’s always the option to expand if desired.

All systems are custom orders direct from the manufacturer in the USA. I had a 10 week wait for it to be built and shipped and it cost me just under £2500 in total (including VAT and import duty).

If you’re looking at this, chances are you know what this synth is capable of but for those who don’t, think of it as being a bit like a MiniMoog on steroids. This is a very powerful 100% analogue modular synthesizer capable of creating some pretty huge sounds. All the usual terms apply here, fat, warm, organic, creamy and because of it’s modular nature, some very complex and unusual sounds can be generated that would not be able to be produced on fixed architecture synthesizers.

If you’ve never owned a modular synthesizer before, it’s not as complicated as it looks. Previous to owning this, my only experience was with soft synths but within a few hours of owning this, I was able to patch lots of classic basses, leads and FX with ease. It’s a joy to use and as you would expect, it sounds absolutely fantastic!

Condition is almost mint – it’s been used in a smoke and pet free studio however it has been gigged twice and there are two very small scuff marks on the side and back of the cabinet(let me know if you want to see pictures of these). There are no scratchy pots or loose jack sockets or any other wear.

The modules in the synth are as follows:-

Q106 VCO x 3
Q110 Noise
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q112 4 Channel Mixer
Q107 State Variable Filter (high pass, band pass, notch, low pass)
Q104 MIDI Interface
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q124 Multiple
Q108 VCA x 2
Q125 Signal Processor
Q117 Sample & Hold
Q109 Envelope Generator x 2
Q130 Clipper & Rectifier
Q137 Power Control & Interface

QCP22 22 Spaced Vinyl Covered Cabinet
QPS1 Heavy Duty Power Supply (can power up to 66 modules)
Also included is a bunch of high quality patch cables of varying length – I’ve never needed to use more cables than those supplied.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular, @ 20 September 2011, Comments Off

“3 voice Moog / Synthesizers Dot Com / 5u modular in synthesizers dot com portable vinyl covered cabinet

This is a complete 22 space 5u (1/4″) modular synthesizers system. All components were purchased new during the Spring of this year, and the system has seen extremely light use since. I would estimate that I haven’t even had the system powered on for much more than 24 hours total. Looking over the system, I think that some jacks may never even have been patched into. It’s a great system, and I really wish that I could hold on to some or all of it, but I have other studio expenses and don’t have time to give this all of the love that it needs. Everything is in pristine shiny as new condition except for a bit of dust on the little rubber feet under the cab.

Here is what the system includes:

It is housed in a synthesizers dot com portable vinyl covered cabinet, and powered by a synthesizers dot com qps1 power supply, with a qdh20 cable harness and a q137 power control and interface module (the bottom right module in the photos). This module and power system will allow you to power a second cabinet if you choose to expand the system.

Next (starting from the top left of the photos) are three q106 oscillators. Each of them has had the calibrated range switch mod installed. These are internally routed to the next module, the TSS-1 Triple Soft Sync.

Next is the STG sound labs 5 input Mixer.

Next in line are two dot com q109 envelope generators.

Last in the top row is the stg sound labs signal amps module, which provides 2 logarithmic and one linear vca.

The bottom row begins with a q104 midi interface, followed by a q105 slew limiter.

Next is a q124 multiples module, followed by the extremely fun SSL Tap tempo LFO module.

Next, a q125 signal processor, a q147 distributor (reverse mixer) and q130 clipper/rectifer.

Finally, a q107 state variable filter.

Also included are the power cable, Midi cable, original printed documentation for the synthesizers dot com modules, and an almost new copy of Welsh’s synthesizer cookbook that I think I opened twice.

If you have been considering going modular this is your chance to pick up a system with all of your basic needs covered. You can easily expand it later by picking up an expansion cab with a power harness and chainining it to this one.

This is also a great system for someone looking to expand and existing Moogerfooger, Voyager, or Little Phatty setup.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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ich räume unsere Studiowerkstatt gründlich auf. Hier kommen nun eine ganze Reihe amerikanischer Synthesizer Module zum verkauf, alle 100% intakt, mit Dokumentation, insgesamt sehr guter Zustand. Etwas Rostansatz an den Panelschrauben.
Angenehmes Arbeiten dank großer 6,3mm Buchsen und fetter Moog-Knöpfe.
Hier ein erstklassiger VCO, mit dem sich wirklich fast alles anstellen lässt. Sehr tolles Gerät, stimmstabill, superschnell “in Tune”. Astreine, dicke Signale, echte Rechteckwellenformen und keine Trapeze wie bei den neuen Moogs. Der beste VCO, den ich kenne. Dies ist das erste Gerät von zweien, die ich anbiete.
Viel Spaß beim Bieten!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Modular, @ 23 August 2011, Comments Off

“ Q960. Basically in brand new condition. I ordered this sequencer back in March. It has had very light usage in the last few months. Save yourself a 2 week wait and a few bucks. BUY MINE!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.