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Plan B Model 15 VCO “Plan B Model 15 VCO for modular synthesizer. This is an excellent Euro-compatible VCO. The module shows a tiny bit of wear around the mounting holes but is otherwise in great shape. Sounds terrific too.” Link

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plan b “Sole owner, never gigged, excellent condition, no bugs. Will ship international, but it will cost more.” Link

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complex vco “You are bidding on a Subconscious Communications Model 15 Complex VCO Eurorack Synth Module.

The module has been kept in great condition in a professional studio and only has slight cosmetic wear around the screw mount holes.” Link

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plan b“No menus or complex key commands!

There were several of these built around 10 years ago. Talking to people some assume they’ve owned, seen or heard stories about this specific unit. After further asking they tend to NOT have realized there were several made, even some in different formats like Modcan or Wiard. Still this is a very rare model that does not come up for sale on a regular basis.

Can also be run off a MOTM supply, uses a standard +15v, -15v DC.
I’m including a detachable ground cable and detachable banana clip with 2 leads.
The strategy is the sequencer is grounded to the PSU then the PSU is grounded via a lead to other racks/boats/PSUs to share a common ground which is necessary with banana systems and quite simple.” Link

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“looks great and is 100% functional-NO ISSUES. Original owner, bought new very light home studio use only-smoke free, never gigged.” Link

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“This module is, in classic plan b form, not without its issues. The sine wave output no longer works. Hooked up to a scope it only shows a very quiet triangle wave which leads me to believe that the tri-sine converter is the issue. Which in turn effects the Morph output. Other than that it still functions just fine.” Link

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“Plan B Model 36 Leveler Eurorack Synth Module

Module is in great working condition with some cosmetic scrapes around the screw holes.” Link

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“Very rare opportunity to get your hands on a Plan B Model 24 Heisenberg Generator module. These haven’t been in production for years and rarely come up for sale. I’ve just checked this and it is working perfectly. An incredible module it’s primarily for producing stepped and smooth random voltages but it can also act as a sample and hold, a vc slew limiter, a vc trigger generator, a gate to trigger converter and an amazing digital noise source!!” Link

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” original owner. amazing programmable tap clock from Plan B. 100% working. may ha have slight rack rash. Photos are all of actual unit for sale. Very unique item. ” Link

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“This is the limited edition Subconscious Communications Model 15 Complex Voltage Controlled Oscillator. This is Peter Grenader’s updated design of his original Plan B Model 15 (also no longer available). I consider this one of the best sounding oscillators in eurorack, especially when FM’d. It has a character similar to the Buchla 258 oscillator. The module is in absolutely pristine condition and the artwork is beautiful. Original retail was $380.” Link

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“On offer is the rare, discontinued Plan B Dual Timbral Gate. If you’re looking at this, you probably know what this is and how wonderful this sounds! I consider it the best low pass gate in the Euro format! I’m downsizing my eurorack collection and since I have two of these I’m willing to let one go (and ONLY one – because I love the sound of this module!) The module works perfectly and sounds great, but there are some markings around the screw holes (visible in pictures)” Link

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“Regretful sale. This is an amazing and unique sounding analog synth with a small utility module breakout case – total cost of all included modules is close to $3000. This auction includes all the following modules, both cases, power supplies for both cases and an assortment of patch leads including 2 x Tip Top Stack Cables.

Eurorack Modules:
Tip Top Audio Z3000 Oscillator
Plan B Model 15 Oscillator
BubbleSound SEM20 Filter
The Harvestman Double Andore Dual Wavetable VCA/Envelope
Manhattan Analog Mix module
Jones O’Tool Oscilliscope
Manhattan Analog Control Voltage Processor CVP module
Expert Sleepers Silent Way ES-3 ADAT lightpipe -> CV module
Intellijel Buffered Multiple ” Link

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“his is a pretty rare module, as Plan B is no longer operating. and as fares I know is the olny module that you can tap the tempo into.(if i’m mistaken, sorry)

It’s a pretty great module, and I have the updated firmware installed into it that was sent to me from the designer. i haven’t had a shane to to the resistor mod to the sync mode, basically you can alter how it clicks to external cock by doing this resistor mod, which I was planning to do but didn’t have a chance. If you want me to do this for you before I ship the item let me know and we can work something out.” Link

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“For sale is a pair of rare Plan B Model 15 Eurorack Oscillators – These are modelled on the Buchla 258 and are still the best sounding oscillators in the eurorack format. Both taken from my eurorack setup and are in good working condition.

One is a rev 1.5, one is a rev 2.1″ Link

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“Plan B Complex VCO Eurorack/Doepfer oscillator synth module in excellent condition.
One owner, used in a smoke-free studio.
Includes: module & bus cable.” Link

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“This was removed from my modular setup a few years ago and has been in storage since, I have no reason to doubt it is in anything other than mint condition but am currently unable to test it.” Link

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“I don’t think Plan B is making these anymore, or if it’s even in biz, the only reason why we’re selling this one is because we noticed we somehow ended up with two of them whereas we only use one. Works, in EXC cosmetic condition with some very light rack rash around the mounting holes as depicted.” Link

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“For Sale – Plan B – Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope eurorack modular synth module. 100% fully operational. Excellent condition.
Amongst its many functions (see below) – I’ve used this extensively for very long envelopes, great for drones and those endless pitch mods on oscillators. Set to short envelop times its extremely percussive. Also doubles up as a nice oscillator when rise and fall settings are set low and in LFO mode. Very versatile, well worth it’s space in your rack. Plan B modules are getting harder to come by these days so grab it while you can!” Link

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“Plan B Model 15 Complex VCO rev 1.2 analog synthesizer module (eurorack format). I love this oscillator (and I had 2 of them) but I am selling all my synth stuff. Triangle core gives a nice smooth sine wave (which was a big deal for me when I originally purchased it). I am the original owner. Unique features of this oscillator are soft-ish sync, incorporation of vactrols into the design, cross-fade waveform output. Really musical results to be had if you embrace the possibilities and quirks of the Model 15. I’m just saying.. I always liked to exploit the weird aspects of this VCO. Plenty of stuff written up on it out there if you want to research it further. Used in smoke-free home studio. ” Link

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“This auction is for one hard to find Plan B Model 12 State Variable Vactrol Filter. I am the only owner, and it has lived in my Eurorack since new. This filter is pretty nasty sounding in the way you want it to be. Squelchy resonance, lot of modulation possibilities, variable band width, and nicely distortable. Lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and allpass available simultaneously. Comes with power cable and 4 Eurorack screws.” Link

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” Plan B M15 Mk2 for sale. These modules are hard to come across now, due to Plan B being out of business for a few years, so this is a great opportunity to pick some of their fantastic modules up. This module is fully working and in great condition. It comes with four mounting screws and a ribbon cable for power connection. The Mk2 version has the PCB parallel to the faceplate, meaning it’s not as deep as the Mk1.

The M15 is an outstanding triangle core oscillator. Sine, triangle, sawtooth, square wave with variable pulsewidth ouputs and the morph output. The morph output is a waveshaping output, with a switch that selects it’s output to either be sine to sawtooth or sine to square. The morph circuit is an almost exact copy of the waveshaping function used in the Buchla 258. The morph function is controllable by both a pot and a CV input, which creates very interesting effects due to the vactrol used in the circuit. All of the raw waveform outputs sound absolutely amazing. The M15 definitely has a ‘fat’ sound to it right off the bat, it just sounds huge. The sine wave is probably the nicest I’ve heard from any oscillator in my entire life.

It’s very flexible in regards to FM synthesis, boasting a linear FM input and two, bipolar exponential FM inputs. The linear FM input is very musical sounding and can work for both melodic scale patches as well as wild experimentation. It excels at creating various natural sounds, including metallic instruments, wooden sounds and of course, the classic bongo (especially when paired with a nice low pass gate). It has a 1v/o input, which I’ve calibrated to track for 5 octaves. This range can be extended by following the calibration procedure, but I only had a 5 octave keyboard to work with. It’s easy to dial in tuning once it’s warmed up, as you have coarse and fine tuning options on the oscillator. The oscillator also includes a sync function.

The pulse width is an interesting feature of this oscillator, as the whole range of it is covered by about 30% of the bipolar pot’s manual movement. It also has a CV input to control the pulse width. The reason for this range, is to create interesting experimentation with pushing the waveform past it’s thinnest pulse wave, resulting in the waveform cutting out. Sending a random voltage generator to the pulse width modulation input can create superb sounds.

Selling due to cashflow problems, resulting in me selling all of my studio gear. Utter heartbreak, but it needs to be done.” Link

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“The Plan B Model 11 Evil Twin. A very unique bandpass filter. Switch between single and double feedback for some interesting harmonics in the resonance of this filter. It’s in good condition and working order. Kept in a smoke-free studio.” Link

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” This Plan B model 15 VCO Rev. 1 is in good shape and sounds amazing. Comes with cable and screws. ” Link

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“For sale is a euro-rack compatible Plan B Model 12 State Variable Vactrol Filter. This is the MK I version. This is an amazing filter but I have Sherman Filterbank so it gets ignored too often. It is in excellent functional and cosmetic shape. It works perfectly and the only blemish is a little rack rash around the mounting holes. I am the original owner and it has only been used in a non-smoking studio. Comes with the module, power bus cable and mounting screws. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a hard to find Plan B Eurorack module in great condition and fully functional. It works in any Doepfer compatible case and comes with a Doepfer type ribbon cable. Three modules in one. This has a logic section, voltage mirror and slew limiter As you can from the picture it is in great shape with just a hint of rack rash at the screw holes. It comes with the original box. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Fully working Plan B Model 15 Complex VCO” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Fully working Plan B Model 10 Polyphonic Envelope” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Biete absolut raren Plan B model 15 VCO
Kenner wissen wie genial sein FM klingt, oft verglichen mit dem Serge NTO.

Für alle die es noch nicht wussten, dieses Modul klingt einzigartig!

Leider muss ich mich aus zeitlichen Gründen von einigen Sachen trennen,
schaut daher auchmal in meine anderen Auktionen.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Plan B Model 12 MKII State Variable Multimode Vactrol Filter

The Model 12 Mark II is a creamy-smooth two pole, vactrol driven State Variable multimode filter with simultaneous outputs for lowpass, bandpass, highpass and allpass taps. Independent controls for both resonance and bandwidth yield a plethora of sonic possibilities, from in-your-face wah to subtle spectral coloring.

An internal AGC (automatic gain control) circuit assures linear energy output even in high Q applications, while a unique bandwidth pot allows for user-selectable mixtures between first pole (6db/oct) and second pole (12dB/octave) outputs.

The M12 was intentionally designed NOT to oscillate and focuses instead on what vactrol filters do best – the net result being both incredibly smooth and impeccably musical. But don’t let the cream spoil you — the input level pot has been scaled to 11 and will merrily crush, twist, gnash and otherwise spew anything passed through it. You ain’t heard fuzz tilll you’ve heard vactrol fuzz.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“In good condition & fully working. Some lable residue on the front panel that will be removed before sending. Selling as I need to raise some cash!! 4 channel inputs 1 Channel aux input.and 4 channel dedicated attenuator outputs plus CH.A and CH.B ouputs and a combined channel A & B output very versatile mixer.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” This is for one used PLAN B MODEL 15 COMPLEX VCO module in great working condition. The unit does have some standard screw rash.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is for one used PLAN B MODEL 12 STATE VARIABLE VACTORAL FILTER module in great working condition. The unit does have some standard screw rash.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is for one used PLAN B MODEL 26 MULTI-TASKING CV PROC module in great working condition. The unit does have some standard screw rash.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” This is for one used PLAN B MODEL 25 MULTI-TASKING AUDIO PROC module in great working condition. The unit does have some standard screw rash.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.