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4700 “Restored Paia 4700 system. I put two solid weeks of work into bringing this back to life.

DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CABLES – but I will include a small coil of vintage wire and some pin connectors so you can build your own power connectors. You will need to supply your own 1/8 cables though.

In excellent physical condition. All modules work as they should (warts and all – note that some knobs have strange travel end points, by design).

All electrolytic capacitors on all modules have been replaced! In nearly all cases I used high quality Nichicon PW caps. I also increased cap values in some places to reduce noise.

A number of ICs were replaced to restore full functionality.

All VCOs were tuned and calibrated in May 2012 – scaled for use with my Novation bass station as the CV converter (if that even matters). It has been unused and in storage since then. They are sensitive, and may need recalibration after shipping, so I cannot guarantee that it will arrive in tune.

1) top right LED on sequencer is out, but the step works. An easy fix that I never got around to doing.
2) The 18V supply in this is total crap by design. Consequently, there is still some hum, even after recapping on modules that use it. I was testing the unit in Sweden, and it is possible that the hum was enhanced because of my power set up there. It may be lower when on proper US voltage/frequency. Regardless, after discussing this with Marvin Jones (ex-Paia), I came to the conclusion that the best step would be to just add a new isolated 18V supply. I have not done this though. It’s up to the buyer to do if they so desire.” Link

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gnome “My Dad built this, decades ago, I heard it, it sounded cool. Then he put it in his stereo cabinet; and there it sat….Until now. I have no idea it it works or what type of power supply it needs, don’t want to do the research, so this is “for parts or not working”. It might work but I don’t know for sure. ” Link

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Paia 2720 Synthesizer. An early 70’s synthesizer kit you would build yourself. Overall appearance is very good. Wood cabinet is solid with original finish and small chip near the bottom . Orange metal top has very little wear/chips in the paint. Each module & the markings on them are in good readable appearance.. There is space for 2 or 3 more modules which are not included but there is included a sheet of stainless steel that is just as wide as the opening. Keys all move freely. Original power cord is very good. Needs cleaning inside and out. I pulled a couple modules just to check quality of soldering since it was a kit, looks like the guy was pretty good at soldering. Not tested. I didn’t know where to start, this is the first synthesizer I ever touched. You get everything pictured.”

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pai4700 “I’ve tested every module in this unit and for the most part, they are all functional. The two 2720-1 VCA’s are a mystery to me as to how or if they they are working correctly or not. One of the two I can get to work but the volume is pretty low. The other I can’t seem to get to work. I might be patching them wrong but there might be an issue with them too. In any case, one functions at a low volume and the other may not be working.

I bought this synth from a close friend. Everything seems to be original besides the odds and ends I replaced. I cleaned the pots, replaced the module screws, replaced the rubber feet, and replaced some of the patch cable wires, keeping the original jacks.

I’m including a bunch of patch cables. Some are original and some are new. You may need a few more but there are enough included to get some solid patches. 1/8 mono audio cords (eurorack style) work for the audio and E0512C speaker wire pins work great for the voltage connections (see picture).

Because this modular is old, I’m selling it as-is. Be aware that shipping this item has the potential to damage the electronics. It is unlikely but possible. I will take care to pack the item to prevent damage and I’ll be shipping through UPS.

As a buyer of such an item, I’m assuming that you understand the nature of vintage audio equipment, appreciate the quirkiness and character of analog circuitry, have at least a basic understanding about how this synthesizer works, and that you are willing and able to solder a loose wire if one happens to shake loose during shipping. Luckily, manuals on operating and assembling these synths can be found online if you need to repair or upgrade/restore the synth.”

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paia “Powers up and all modules work. VCO needs calibration/tuning – the scaling appears to be off. Procedure is relatively simple and is in the manual, which can be found for free via a google search or on the PAIA website. Other modules may need calibration but appear to function as intended. This is not a fancy sounding, immaculate sounding synth – it is VERY raw and lo-fi. But the modules work. Don’t expect an SH-101 here! Case and modules are in great shape, but have light scratches and some black pen fill in over lettering (on a couple modules only).

Keyboard is Pratt-Read. Most keys make mechanical noise, and it needs new bushings installed to correct this (available for purchase online). But this is quite common on Pratt-Read keyboards, and all keys trigger fine apart from the noise! As with all Pratt-Read keyboards, there is some pitch variation depending on how clean the bus bars are at a given contact location. This unit could use some cleaning to correct. this.”

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4700s “. I’ve included pictures at various angles to show everything in detail so please check out all them.

Include in case :

4740 – Envelope Generator
2 x 4710 – Balanced Modulator
2x Voltage Control Oscillator
Voltage Controlled Amplifier
4781 Transposer
Band Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
4780 Sequencer
3 x 4770 Watt Block Multiple
2x 4716 Wing Multiple/Power
4711 4/2 Mixer” Link

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fatman ” I am selling a PAIA FatMan Analog MIDI Synth that I built from a kit from PAIA several years ago. PAIA still sells this product and you can go to their site and read more about it. I bought this quite a while ago, built it, got it working and it has been in storage for a while.

This auction includes the FatMan, the power supply, and the manual that describes how to build the kit, how to tune the synthesizer and how the circuit works.

I hooked it up and ran it through the tuning procedure and it is working fine as far as I can tell. You will probably need to tune it because while I did tune it, you initially tune to something that has a known note and I didn’t have that.

It’s actually quite a bit of fun. There are sound samples on the PAIA page too. It is called FatMan for it’s nice deep sounds.

I won’t try to describe the circuitry. It has two oscillators and all the typical sections of a typical monophonic synth with a few extras: VCOs, VCF, ADSR, VCA. It has MIDI in and thru. You can set the input channel on the circuit board (set to channel 1 on delivery).

The firmware on my version is 1.7 and on the web site it is 1.9 so it would be worthwhile updating I think (simple chip replacement). The circuitry looks the same between what I built and what is currently being sold.

Power is from a wall wart power supply (included). It is rack mounted and this version does not come with a case, but you could make one. They also sell a desk top case now that you could probably buy and move to if you don’t want to rack mount the FatMan.” Link

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paia-4700 “Includes two cases, keyboard, phlanger, pedal, parts, modules and manuals.” Link

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goime “Where this came from: I bought this a few years ago from the original owner/builder at a local garage sale. The original owner/builder stated he “spent a lot of time on it, but never got it to work right”. Appeared complete to me and I thought I’d clean it up and finish putting it together (but never got around to it, so here it is.)” Link

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*free ship 48 USA*
Museum Piece
In climate control storage for almost 40 years with original box and documantation. See pics.

Missing 3 screws on bottom of unit….looking to replace before ship. ” Link

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gnome “This unit has been in climate controlled storage since the 1980s and it appears it has never been used.

There are 4 small screws missing from the bottom of unit.” Link

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paia-6780 “UNIT IS NOT WORKING. Selling as is for parts, project or restore. Overall looks to be in great condition.”

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4700 “Rare complete Paia 4700 system. This unit is sold AS-IS untested. Normally I accept returns but as this is frail vintage electronics and I can’t offer returns on something like this. The unit/system was maintained for years but will mostly like need a lot of work – at minimum a cleaning and detoxify treatment. Each module may need to a go through and checked for functionality and/or repairs. To prevent any potential power supply damage, I didn’t plug anything in. It’s assumed the system will need some work but was working when it was put away last. One owner unit. The previous owner was a heavy smoker. Selling unit as is no returns.

*Inverter buffer
*4720 balanced modulator
*Envelope follower
*4720 vco
*4270 vco
*4770 watt block
*4770 watt block
*4761 power wing
*4730 vcf
*4740 envelope generator
*Sine & pwm from input
*4761 power wing
*4711 4-2 stereo mixer
*Inverter buffer
*Vca” Link

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paia-4700 ” This auction is for one super rare complete vintage used 1981 PAiA 4700 modular synthesizer. I purchased this modular synth several years ago. This modular synth powers up and everything is working. Cosmetically, the synth shows very little wear and looks great (see pictures). It has been in storage for some time, so it is a little dusty. This auction is for the 4700 modular synth in the pictures only. Here is a list of the modules:




4710-Balanced Modulator

4711-4/2 Mixer




4770-Watt Block


4770-Watt Block

4770-Watt Block

4710-Balanced Modulator



4740-Envelope Generator


5V P-P-Control Oscillator

This is a complete original Modular Synth with it’s original two part carry case.” Link

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9700 ” Up for auction is a Paia 9700 analog modular system. It is comprised of the MIDI2CV, 2xVCO, 2xVCF, and 2xVCA modules. The sound can be described as very thick and vintage. It is working great with some wear on the front panel. Includes power supply. This is a superb stand-alone system or addition to a Eurorack modular. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

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gnome “Clean little home made synth kit by PAiA. all functions work. Takes two 9 volt Battery’s (not shipped with unit). Unmolested and original. The control strip works but starting to lift in the corner. Some scratches but very clean silkscreen. ” Link

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paia “Up for auction is a nice lot of vintage PAIA Modular Synthesizer parts w/ case(s). I acquired this gear from a local musician who put all this together back in the 70s. His careful treatment of the gear has allowed it to survive and surface unscathed some 40 years later. I do not pretend to know much about this synth; it powers up nicely, but even if I had more than the 1 patch and 1 power cable supplied in the package, I would be hesitant to start poking around on the unit for fear I might patch voltage to an audio line. Though this synth was known to be working well when de-commissioned, it may today need some TLC and some cajoling to bring it back up to spec after a 40-year hiatus. Cosmetically, everything looks pretty good; the metal module faceplates look fantastic, and while the cases are not pristine or perfect, they are in great shape considering their vintage. The following is a comprehensive list of the gear:

4720 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Module (qty 2)

4710 Balanced Modulator Module

4710 Balanced Modulator Module (unassembled)

4771 Regulated Power Supply

4761 Road Case with Power Supply

4761 Road Case Wing with Power Supply (unassembled)

8780 Equally Tempered Analog to Digital Converter

8781 Quad Addressable Sample and Hold

EKx-20 Exponential Voltage Controlled Filter Board

w/CEM 3320 Voltage Controlled Filter Integrated Circuit (loose)

EKx-40 Exponential Voltage Controlled Oscillator Board

w/ CEM 3340 Voltage Controlled Oscillator Circuit (loose)

Most all the parts needed to complete the wing-style case appear to be in place. Also included are a number of manuals & assembly instructions, as well as some info sheets, all in Very Good condition. ” Link

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paia “PAiA “Strings And Things” Vintage Analog String/Piano Synth

Up for auction here is for a vintage analog keyboard from the 1970’s. This is one of those ‘string synths’ like the ARP Solina that uses analog circuits to imitate the sound of a string section. Actually these machines had a sound all of their own – think “Love Will Tear Us Apart,” or every cheesy horror movie from the late 70’s.

Note that this is NOT a fully-programmable synth; you get string sounds and something that claims to be a piano, and that’s it. (The piano is just kind of a short analog ‘donk!’) You can’t make it sound like a Moog. You do get a few rudimentary controls that let you mix up the tone and dynamics of the strings. If you want to get really freaky you can split the keyboard for strings on one hand and “piano” on the other – it’s paraphonic, so you can play as many notes as you have fingers. There’s a socket labelled ‘Gate’ but I’ve never tried to use it to control anything.

While it does power on and make sound, the pots are a little scratchy and none of the ‘G’ keys trigger a sound. Each of the analog voices is on its own circuit-board inside the synth, so I imagine the ‘G’ board has something wrong with it, but I couldn’t say what. I do have a .PDF of the service manual if you want to have a crack at fixing it. (Hey, if you write everything in C# you never have to play a natural G anyway, right?)

Bonus: this is one of those funky old synths that folds up into its own carrying-case. Neat!” Link

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9700 “Up for auction is a Paia 9700 analog modular system. It is comprised of the MIDI2CV, 2xVCO, 2xVCF, and 2xVCA modules. The sound can be described as very thick and vintage. It is working great with only a bit of wear on the front panel. Includes power supply. This is a superb stand-alone system or addition to a Eurorack modular. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

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2700 “Here is a hard to find Paia 2700 modular synthesizer with 2 extra enclosures loaded with modules. This is a project, all the modules will need to be resoldered to the power bus bar. Sold AS IS, no returned. ” Link

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8700 “This vintage PAiA 8700 keyboard synthesizer controller is in good shape and appears to be working properly. The unit turns on, the touch pad is responsive and changes values on the small LED display. The unit makes a short ‘buzz’ sound when a key is pressed on the number pad, and ‘buzzing’ sounds when a ‘program’ is ran (the display cycles through settings). I’m not familiar with these units so I can’t do any more testing beyond that, especially since I don’t own any synthesizer modules. Like I said, it appears to me that it is working fine, however I will have to sell it “as-is for parts” because I can’t say with 100% certainty that it is.” Link

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fatman “Here is an excellent condition PAiA FatMan 9308 Midi Synth, in perfect working order.” Link

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paia lot “Up for grabs is a very unique garage sale find for the hobbyist, do it yourself musician. According to the guy I purchased this from, it is from the company PAIA and it was sold as a do it yourself modular kit, which he bought and put together back in the 70’s. It has been untouched for many years and has fallen apart. Many wires are connected through the backsides of all the modules. The wooden sides are there with many small nails in them, which are poking through. If you do win this auction please be careful unpackaging beacuse there are a few little nails poking out. I did put some masking tape balls on the tips to avoid anyone getting poked, but please use caution. A metal rack is also included for the backing of this DIY synth and a set of keys. There are some modules as seen in the photo’s. I don’t have any knowledge about this stuff. The guy told me the stuff still works, however it is UNTESTED and has not been used in years. As you can see from the photo’s it is a big fixer upper for the right person who is into modular synthesizers and knows how to fix or repurpose this kind of stuff.” Link

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oz “For sale is a rare PAiA Oz 3760, an old school poly-synth kit with a very distinctive sound. This early 1970s synth kit is assembled and portable. Needs work and I don’t know it’s playability. Case latches a little loose and top speaker decorative bezel is loose. Looks easily repaired, but I’m not equipped to do so.” Link

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paia “PAiA Electronics Fatman Synthesizer:

Not sure of the functionality of this piece. Bottom is loose, power supply not included. You are buying AS-IS. Includes manual. ” Link

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4700 “These modules we bought as is a few years ago, they are the following:
Module 4720 VCO
Module 4710 balance modulator
Module Inverter Buffer” Link

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paia flanger “This is a vintage PAiA Phlanger flanger unit from the mid-70’s. Shows signs of wear and age. It’s been tested and works!” Link

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87870 “AIA 8780 A/D converter.


You are bidding on the pictured item.

I used this module (way-back-when) with a discrete digital (TTL) controller to compose machine music.

The module has been in a box with some other stuff for some time now. It worked for my experiments but I can’t say for sure if it works now so consider the 8780 a restoration/repair project.

Be advised that the D-Plug may not be configured for PAIA stuff and the red pin plugs have been replaced for use with banana (who names this stuff?) plugs. There is a missing 4-40 nut and machine screw missing as well. Otherwise, it’s all there. (The manuals for this module can be downloaded from the PAIA ELECTRONICS site.)” Link

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PAiA Attack Decay “Here for your consideration is an awesome vintage PAiA Function Generator 2720 module from the 2700 series.

This module is being sold as is due to my inability to test it.

The faceplate has some oxidation/rust as can be seen in the photos.

The module itself is structurally sound and I can see no missing parts.

These DIY modular synthesizer sets were and still are a fantastic way to get into synthesis and electronics building and there is a wealth of information online to assist you.” Link

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oz “this is a vintage synthesizer/keyboard. I never used it. gotten from neighbor who,s father used it. hasn’t been used in awhile.made in 1974. this was a kit.looks clean. has a 5X7 in speaker.inlcudes manuals.sold as-is.” Link

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gnome “this is a vintage (1974) micro-synthesizer. PAIA refers to it as a POOR MAN,S COMPRESSOR- SUSTAINER.i have never used this. was gotten from my neighbor who got it from his father. his father bought it new. but he doesnt remember the last time it was used. untested by me.solid state unit looks very clean.sold as-is.” Link

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paia “Vintage PAIA Keyboard For Synth Synthesizer. I have no way to test it so it will be sold as-is as found for parts or repair.” Link

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paia “Vintage PAIA Keyboard For Synth Synthesizer. I have no way to test it so it will be sold as-is as found for parts or repair.” Link

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oz “This battery powered, polyphonic synth from the late 70’s covers 5 octaves, is portable, and sounds incredible. All keys and knobs work on this synth. Has built in speaker that sounds great mic’d. I’ve owned this PAIA for several years and kept it in great working order. Takes 2 – 9volt batteries. Missing top case cover. Also looks to have been modded in the back to plug into a wall socket. I’ve only used it with batteries. Exterior is in good condition, normal wear and tear for an instrument thats almost 40 years old. ” Link