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Blacet VCO “I bought this as-is wanting to fix it but never got around to it and need room now in my frac case. It is mostly functional but it was a DIY build that drifts in pitch when used. For that reason, I have marked it down quite a bit.

It has the latest faceplate so has the extra switches and functions. Please see photos of the actual item you are receiving.

It is sold as-is, final sale with these issues and the knowledge that it was a DIY build.”

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2x Wiard Miniwave Wavetable Oscillator with 1 socket rocket

Binary Zone

Time Machine


Frac Rack

Very good Condition!

Works with Eurorack but frac rack don’t fit in Eurorack Cases.” Link

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Factory built by Blacet.


Added: Some people have asked if this module has been modified for 5v levels. The answer is no. If you are using Eurorack envelopes, a Maths envelope will open the VCA with the scale turned all the way up. If you want to modify the module, Blacet has the procedure on their website:

The normal control voltage range of the VCAs is 0-10V. This can be changed to 0-5V by doing the following:
Change RA (R17, 18, 19, 20) to 66.5K (four places).
Cut the RB traces (solder side of PCB) and install four 100K 1% resistors (standing up). Change R11 to 49.9K
Change R7 to 82K.
Adjust RT1 for 5.0V (See “Calibration”.)” Link

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blacet-final-filtre “Up for auction is the Blacet Final Filtre. It was constructed by Blacet and works great.” Link

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blacet-klang-werk “Up for auction is the Blacet Klang Werk It was constructed by Blacet and works great.”

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klangwerk “Up for bid: Blacet KlangWerk Ring modulator in Frac Rack format.

The module is used and in working condition. Comes with Ribbon cable and manual. Details for calibration are listed in the original Blacet manual.

This module is discontinued and rare to find, a must have for a truly unique ring modulator.”

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blacet “Up for auction is one Frac Rack format modular system (as pictured) with 19″ rackmountable rail-case and one +/-15VDC Linear Power Supply that powers all of these modules perfectly. ” Link

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blace“Blacet FRAC board built with bournes sealed pots on stooge panel.

Mild rash as seen. Covered by mounting screws.

Bypass switch present but not wired. There if you choose to add it.

Quality parts build. Functions as expected. ” Link

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“Blacet Research frack rack StonZ phaser module. This item includes both the original frack rack Blacet panel and a custom aluminum MOTM panel from Front Panel Express. Also Included: original Blacet knobs, two Moog style knobs, MOTM PCB bracket. This module has been tested and works perfectly.” Link

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“This was evidently one of the first DSC kits that Mr. Blacet sent out. I am the original owner and builder. As you can see from the panel, a mistake was made on this panel and the holes for the LED and (originally) gate pushbutton were mislocated. I did not have a problem with that and so adapted
the LED and switch (got tired of holding down the button for sound — you can still gate this module with a 5V or greater pulse or square wave). The build was done carefully with the Kester solders that is recommended. The module is fully functional and all pots have been recently lubricated per manufacturer’s recommendation with WD-40. The LED is aquamarine (not the original red) and lights
brightly when either mechanically switched on or electronically gated. The knobs are yellow but I can switch them to blue, red, orange or gray. If you are winning bidder, please let me know via email.
Module comes with power cable and a printed copy of the user manual available online. Sorry, I do
not have the original construction/user manual anymore. Please feel free to email me any questions.
This unit has been run strictly on a fully regulated bipolar 15VDC supply from International Power.” Link

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“Up for bidding: Blacet Improbability Drive. The unit is pre built, and in functioning condition, ready to use. Cosmetically: there is a scratch on the front panel. This does not effect the module function, and will be priced accordingly.” Link

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“2 (two) Blacet Voltage Controlled Oscillators – FACTORY BUILT. They have been used about 3 times. Originally part of a large modular system and run only on fully regulated bipolar 15VDC supply.
Selling both with 1 manual and 2 power cables. VCOs are like new and fully functional.” Link

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“Very handy. Had to make room for other modules.” Link

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“Two high quality linear VCA’s with voltage control inputs and linkable. Great for AC or DC signals. Item fully working, great cosmetic shape, comes with screws and power cable.” Link

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” Up for bid is a Blacet FX/Reverb module designed for frac rack modular synthesizers.

The unit is prebuilt and is in perfect functioning order. Ready to plug in and get to work. Cosmetically there is a bit of rack rash on the inside, but clean on the front panel.” Link

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“Up for sale is a set of modular synthesizers. They have been kept in storage for a few years and there needs to be some minor repairs. The last time they were used they worked fine except one for one plug in that needs to be fixed.” Link

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” This module was used in a smoke free studio, factory assembled at Blacet. It comes with the original EPROM, screws, and a power cable.” Link

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” Blacet 2010 Klanc Werk balanced ring modulator Frac Rak modular synthesizer

I built this a few years back, used it for a recording project and do not use it anymore.
All functions work perfect.

This module is inteneted to be used with other electronic control inputs.
Comes with printed assembly and user manual.
It is assumed that this module with be used in conjunction with other similar instruments/patch setups/power supply.” Link

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Hardly used; factory built; includes power cable. ” Link

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“For sale is a :

Blacet Power supply rack with all modules seen in photo.

1. Final Filtre.
1. Micro LFO
1. Midi Verter
1. I/O
2x FX / Reverbs

has been in a smoke free studio since ive bought all modules.” Link

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“Blacet Classic Rack Modular Synthesizer. DIY build. Everything works perfect. In great shape. One small problem is the gate button on the EG1 can get sticky from time to time (but I doubt you will use it much anyways).

Includes the following modules:

Two VCOs (2100)
Filthy Filter(2310)
Dual Linear VCA(2410)

Everything but the Scanner and Splitter is mounted in a standard Blacet rack with a +/-15V @ 500 mA/500 mA power supply. Also includes 8 patch cables. Two of them are TipTop Audio StackCables. Also includes all documentation.” Link

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“synthCube is helping to make modular analog synthesizers more accessible. Spend your time assembling and playing rather than hunting rare or discontinued parts!

This is a COMPLETE kit to assemble and run a Blacet Time Machine Analog Delay module, in the popular MOTM format. This kit includes EVERYTHING required to assemble the modules- bring your own tools, skills and solder, but everything else is ALREADY in the box.

The full kit INCLUDES:

Blacet PCB (large format) sourced directly from Blacet; 4-Pot aluminum PCB mounting bracket; Professionally manufactured anodized aluminum panel w/mounting screws; Documentation (Blacet instructions, parts list, assembly instructions, rear panel diagram, resistor chart); ICs and Sockets (Including ALL of the rare/out of production chips INCLUDING a tested MN3005BBD); PCB Components (including individually labeled singlet and doublet resistors, caps, diodes, headers, etc); Panel Compenents (Including Alpha pots, NKK switch, knobs, LED, and pre-crimped pot header sockets); Wires (Including single wires, twisted wires, MOTM power cable, shrink tubing)

This is an incredible synth module designed by John Blacet and originally released by him some years ago. The current version of his PCB utilizes some revisions based on suggestions from great enthusiasts like Larry Hendry, Dave Brown and others. We bought the last batch of remaining large format PCBs from Blacet in order to create these kits. Hopefully he will be encouraged to eventually produce more of them!

Individually these components would cost over $425, assuming you could even find the rarer parts such as tested MN3005 ICs. Its assumed you have a MOTM-format synthesizer in which to place your assembled Time Machine.

Individual parts, panels, brackets etc also available- please inquire. DOTCOM format panels and power adapters may be available- please inquire. Professionally assembled modules underway and expected by 10/15/2012- please inquire. ” Link

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“Up for sale is an awesome Blacet time machine in Frac format, it works perfectly!” Link

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“Up for sale is a Blacet Time machine in MOTM format. Blacet (adhering to the MOTM format) is the pinnacle of modular synthesizer design. Studio grade components (Bourns sealed pots, switchcraft jacks) ensure reliable operation for years to come.” Link

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“Blacet Rack with Blacet PS500 Power Supply, PSCONN2 power distribution board, PS500 to PSCONN2 – 4 pin to 6 pin cable.

Excellent condition, works perfectly. Standard AC power cable included.

Expand your Frac Rack system with this ready to go setup. What else can I say? It’s Blacet!” Link

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“These two Blacet Time Machine pcbs are new, still in their original packaging, and come with the 1K TC and LS358 chips and a complete instruction manual. The Blacet Time Machine is an analog BDD delay module for modular synthesizers. This sale is for two PCBs only, with the 1K TC and LS358 for each. No panel, wiring, or other DIY materials included.” Link

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“For sale is my Buchla 210e Control and Signal Router. An amazing utility module for use with a Buchla 200e modular synthesizer.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Blacet KW 2010 Klang Werk Balanced Modulator Synth Module For Frac Rak or Blacet Style Mounting Rack.

Built from kit. Works as it should. Includes Power Cable, Rack Screws And Manual.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For sale is my Blacet/Wiard 2090 MiniWave wavetable oscillator with an additional EPROM installed. It is frac-rack format and is compatible with Blacet, PAIA and other frac-rack power supplies. This is Blacet’s frac-rack version of the Wiard MiniWave, and it is an awesome wavetable oscillator. I have also installed an additional EPROM chip from in Bank B which contains additional waves from PPG Wave and Prophet VS synths. Full specs and the manual can be found on the Blacet website. It is a factory build, not a kit, and it is in excellent cosmetic and functional condition, with only the typical minor rack rash around the mounting holes. All knobs and switches function perfectly. It comes with power bus cable and mounting screws. I am the original owner and it has been used exclusively in a non-smoking studio. I’m selling it as just purchased a portable modular case and it will only accept Euro modules, so all my frac rack gear is being sold.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Bought as a kit and had it professionally built but then never used it
This is frac format and not doepfer
comes with cable and mounting screws” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Hi there up for sale is my Blacet darkstar modular VCO using the SN76477n arcade chip. The module is in great condition, for some reason in its past is has a toggle switch for the gate trigger but there is a momentery switch there ready to be used if need be. Have a look on the net for more info and Mp3 examples. The module uses +15 -15 volts and is a touch bigger than euro rack size look on the Blacet web site for more info. Ive never seen one of these for sale before and has be discontinued from the Blacet range so here is a one off chance to get one.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” You are watching a Blacet Filthy Filtre 2310 VCF Modular Synthesizer Module.

I bought it by mistake because a tought it was compatible with Eurorack Doepfer stuff. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This a gently used Blacet Mini Wave synthesizer module. It is blemish free and completely functional. It was built from a kit by me (the seller) and comes from a smoke free studio.

All photos are of the actual item for sale.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for a Cwejman S1 Mk II analog synthesizer and one rack of Blacet modules. I choose these additional modules especially for the S1 in order to fill some of its most prominent gaps regarding missing functionality.

The Blacet rack consists of the following:

Rack & power distribution & power supply
2 x VC LFO
2 x Mixer processor
Mixer & splitter
2 x Multiple / attenuator

The cost of this Blacet rack alone was about $950.-

All items are in a very good shape, used in a non smoker studio on a power conditioner, no dust layer and no live use.

Also bear in mind that the Cwejman S1 MkII is almost impossible to buy these days – see for yourself…” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Verkaufe meinen Blacet “Klang Werk” – Stand Alone – Ringmodulator, da ich mich langsam von allen Analogitäten trenne. Ich habe ihn selbst gebaut. Er ist eingebaut in ein Pultgehäuse. Die Miniklinken-Buchsen habe ich entsprechend meinen Anwendungen durch 6,3mm Klinken ersetzt und extern ins Gehäuse eingebaut. Das alles ist aber wieder Rückgängig zu machen, so daß man das Modul normal im Rack benutzen kann. Man muß nur ein wenig löten. Im Moment ist die Stromversorgung durch ein MFOS – Wall Wart Bipolar Supply + externes Netzteil – AC 12V gewährleistet. Kann bei Interesse für 25,00€ miterworben werden, sonst bau ich es aus. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.