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2720 “An early 70′s synthesizer kit. Overall appearance is very good.
I am the second owner and it has been in storage for over 20 years.
Powers up OK and appears to be working but patch cords and connectors need to cleaned.
Sold as is and should be serviced/adjusted by a knowledgeable technician.

Wood cabinet is solid with original dark walnut finish. Orange metal top has very little wear/chips in the paint.

The markings on each module are in good readable appearance.

There is space for 2 or 3 more modules which are not included.
Keys all move freely but should be lubricated.

Includes all the original patch cords as seen in the photos.” Link

Blacet, Modular @ 28 March 2017, “No Comments”

Blacet VCO “I bought this as-is wanting to fix it but never got around to it and need room now in my frac case. It is mostly functional but it was a DIY build that drifts in pitch when used. For that reason, I have marked it down quite a bit.

It has the latest faceplate so has the extra switches and functions. Please see photos of the actual item you are receiving.

It is sold as-is, final sale with these issues and the knowledge that it was a DIY build.”

tssot “Industrial Music Electronics (The Harvestman)
Tyme Sefari MKII + Sound Of Thunder Expander

Both modules are resent purchases, they are in mint condition and work perfectly.

Includes power cables and screws. Comes with boxes.” Link

zc “Perfect working condition Harvestman Zorlon Cannon MKII eurorack module that functions as a VCO (tracking 1v/oct perfectly with pulse-width aware square waves), an LFO a LSFR or any combination. It has the latest firmware V2 installed which provides a lowest note center at C just like the other Harvestman modules. There are 10 outputs for use in complex CV patches and you can self patch this like crazy for very interesting results. Light rack rash and only used in a smoke free studio. Included is the original box and quick start guide. Take a look at the harvestman website for more information or check out examples on youtube.” Link

OO “Please note that the 1st knob to the left on the lower row is scratchy, it is fairly mild. Another knob did become very scratchy a few years back and I bought a replacement potentiometer from Make Noise and replaced it myself.

So to recap, one of the pots has been replaced (and both works and feels like the rest of them – i.e you can’t tell which knob has been replaced) and one knob is slightly scratchy but for me, it wasn’t enough of a problem that I felt I wanted to replace it. You may feel different, if so, it’s easy enough to do if you know how to use a soldering iron or there are a handful of good synth techs who could do it for what I imagine to be a small cost.” Link

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Paia 2720 Synthesizer. An early 70′s synthesizer kit you would build yourself. Overall appearance is very good. Wood cabinet is solid with original finish and small chip near the bottom . Orange metal top has very little wear/chips in the paint. Each module & the markings on them are in good readable appearance.. There is space for 2 or 3 more modules which are not included but there is included a sheet of stainless steel that is just as wide as the opening. Keys all move freely. Original power cord is very good. Needs cleaning inside and out. I pulled a couple modules just to check quality of soldering since it was a kit, looks like the guy was pretty good at soldering. Not tested. I didn’t know where to start, this is the first synthesizer I ever touched. You get everything pictured.”

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eurorack ” I’m moving and have to sell all my gear… This is your lucky day! I’m selling my modular synthesizer, which includes the following modules and extras:

Dave Jones O’Tool – oscilloscope
Trogotronic 177 – VCA (with an extra tube)
Manhattan Analog MA35 – VCF/VCA
Intellijel Korgasmatron II – VCF with expander
Pittsburgh Modular In/Out
Division VI Multiplicity VI (X2)
Expert Sleepers ES-3
Tiptop Z3000 – Oscillator (X2)
PIttsburgh Modular Mixer
Steady State Fate Quantum Rainbow – noise generator
Hexinverter Jupiter Storm – noise generator
Hexinverter VCNoiz – noise generator
Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox – slew, inverter, sample and hold
A bunch of patch cords
Pittsburgh Modular case
Tiptop rack
Power for each rack and 177

This thing is loved and was treated very well. It needs a good home!” Link

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Synthesis Technology E102 Quad Temporal Shifter

I am selling a lightly used Synthesis Technology E102 quad temporal shifter. Smoke free studio only. Sad to see this module go. Endless uses. Amazing digital noise. Self patched random madness.” Link

Blacet, Modular @ 14 March 2017, Comments Off


2x Wiard Miniwave Wavetable Oscillator with 1 socket rocket

Binary Zone

Time Machine


Frac Rack

Very good Condition!

Works with Eurorack but frac rack don’t fit in Eurorack Cases.” Link

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animoo “I hate to part with this, but I got myself into a financial mess by buying it in the first place. Letting it go fairly cheap to recoup my debt. It’s a great sounding, functionally dense powerhouse shop panel, and it has the “Animoo” upgrade of the traditional Animal, meaning there’s ring mod functionality added to the wave-multipliers section. Everything works well, and only cosmetic issue are some extra holes drill into side of boat. Includes a power supply (I don’t know that stats on it, but the guy I got it from was running several full Serge panels with it), an Obelisk to serve as a psd (bonus if you want to expand to M-Class panels), and 11 black 24″ pomona banana cables, 10 18″ red pomona cables, and five pomona shorting bars. Not sure of its full history, but I did have two faulty pots replaced recently by a tech in Portland, OR (one in the mixer section, and the gain pot in the UAP section, which was noisy & scratchy before — now works beautifully)” Link

Cwejman, Modular @ 14 March 2017, Comments Off

mmf “Great filter, obviously, in good condition.” Link

Modular, The Harvestman @ 14 March 2017, Comments Off

zc “The Harvestman Zorlon Cannon in excellent condition.

Comes with the original box, power ribbon cable and screws.” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

pai4700 “I’ve tested every module in this unit and for the most part, they are all functional. The two 2720-1 VCA’s are a mystery to me as to how or if they they are working correctly or not. One of the two I can get to work but the volume is pretty low. The other I can’t seem to get to work. I might be patching them wrong but there might be an issue with them too. In any case, one functions at a low volume and the other may not be working.

I bought this synth from a close friend. Everything seems to be original besides the odds and ends I replaced. I cleaned the pots, replaced the module screws, replaced the rubber feet, and replaced some of the patch cable wires, keeping the original jacks.

I’m including a bunch of patch cables. Some are original and some are new. You may need a few more but there are enough included to get some solid patches. 1/8 mono audio cords (eurorack style) work for the audio and E0512C speaker wire pins work great for the voltage connections (see picture).

Because this modular is old, I’m selling it as-is. Be aware that shipping this item has the potential to damage the electronics. It is unlikely but possible. I will take care to pack the item to prevent damage and I’ll be shipping through UPS.

As a buyer of such an item, I’m assuming that you understand the nature of vintage audio equipment, appreciate the quirkiness and character of analog circuitry, have at least a basic understanding about how this synthesizer works, and that you are willing and able to solder a loose wire if one happens to shake loose during shipping. Luckily, manuals on operating and assembling these synths can be found online if you need to repair or upgrade/restore the synth.”

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mw “Here I have is a Waldorf microwave II Wavetable Rack Synth in excellent working condition. It includes a universal US power supply as well as the original European power supply.

also included is a Doepfer Drehbank Midi Knob Controller. It is programmed to work directly with the microwave II. The device has been labeled to somewhat match the functions of the microwave XT. Other than the labeling the device is in excellent working condition also.” Link

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qmmg “ULTRA RARE Make Noise QMMG. This is No299 of the last 500 made. The second run of modules came with the red and white knobs, the first run came with the yellow.
This module is in mint condition. It’s been used a few times and put back in it’s box.
This module has the wildest sounding HP and LP filters I’ve ever heard, really different.
These modules were discontinued due to the high costs involved in producing them.” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 07 March 2017, Comments Off

maths “This has a Grayscale Panel fitted. The old panel will also be provided.” Link

Intellijel, Make Noise, Modular @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

Make Noise “2 Used Make Noise Pressure Points, 1 Make Noise Brains, 1 Intellijel Buff Mult, 1 Intellijel Hub (which is another Mult) All units in great condition almost new.

This is a set which allows you to use Pressure Points as an 8 step sequencer plus extra functionally gained by the brains. The Buff mult will keep your pitch steady while multiplying and also allow you to send some of the outputs of the Pressure Points to a lot of places at the same time.” Link

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dotcom “For your consideration, A modular system. Housed in a custom built cabinet (at least for display purposes), 3 tiers x 16 spaces each tier. Top tier is half filled with modules. The module inventory is as follows:

Q104 MIDI/CV Interface
Q105 Slew Limiter
Q106 Oscillators (x 5)
Q107 State Variable Filter (Oberheim style)
Q108 VCAs (x 4)
Q109 Envelope Generators (x 4)
Q110 Noise (x 2)
Q112 4-Channel Mixer (x 2; one very early production {collectible?} with 2 knobs, one with 3 knobs)
Q113 8-Channel Mixer
Q116 Ring Modulator
Q117 Sample and Hold
Q118 Instrument Interface
Q124 Multiples (x 2; one has been modified providing 4 trunk lines out)
Q125 Signal Processor
Q127 Fixed Filter Bank
Q137 Power Control and Interface
Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (Moog style)
QPS1 Power Supply
QDH40 Wiring Harness (power to 40 modules)

The pictures show a Moog Voyager RME integrated into the top left of the cabinet. This piece is NOT included with the system, but is available. Please contact me if you want the RME as part of the listed system. If it is NOT sold with this listing, it will be posted in its own eBay listing, after this listing for the modular system has closed. Some of the pictures also show an Alesis QX61 Controller Keyboard. Again, not intended to be part of the system, but terms could be arranged if the keyboard is needed. Just let me know. I will also include, at no additional charge, a large assortment of cables (approx. $200 retail value) for your patching needs. Retail price of modules listed is $4264 (plus shipping), not including cables, cabinet, Voyager RME, or keyboard.” Link

Intellijel, Modular @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

intellijel dixie ” Perfect condition. Barely used. ” Link

Intellijel, Modular @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

obiematrix1000 “Comes with original box in good condition.

Has rash

USA only” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 28 February 2017, Comments Off

makenoise “A complete modular synth that travels to ALL COASTs and puts the René Cartesian Sequencer to fantastic use along the way. This system is capable of Subtractive Synthesis, Additive Synthesis, FM Synthesis, Phase Modulation Synthesis, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation and more… often simultaneously. See Make Noise website for full details and videos This model is BARELY used and in LIKE NEW condition. Comes with power supply and standard patch cables.” Link

Buchla, Modular @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

250 “Amazing Buchla module.” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

4700 “Restored Paia 4700 system. I put two solid weeks of work into bringing this back to life.

DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CABLES – but I will include a small coil of vintage wire and some pin connectors so you can build your own power connectors. You will need to supply your own 1/8 cables though.

In excellent physical condition. All modules work as they should (warts and all – note that some knobs have strange travel end points, by design).

All electrolytic capacitors on all modules have been replaced! In nearly all cases I used high quality Nichicon PW caps. I also increased cap values in some places to reduce noise.

A number of ICs were replaced to restore full functionality.

All VCOs were tuned and calibrated in May 2012 – scaled for use with my Novation bass station as the CV converter (if that even matters). It has been unused and in storage since then. They are sensitive, and may need recalibration after shipping, so I cannot guarantee that it will arrive in tune.

1) top right LED on sequencer is out, but the step works. An easy fix that I never got around to doing.
2) The 18V supply in this is total crap by design. Consequently, there is still some hum, even after recapping on modules that use it. I was testing the unit in Sweden, and it is possible that the hum was enhanced because of my power set up there. It may be lower when on proper US voltage/frequency. Regardless, after discussing this with Marvin Jones (ex-Paia), I came to the conclusion that the best step would be to just add a new isolated 18V supply. I have not done this though. It’s up to the buyer to do if they so desire.” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

paia “Powers up and all modules work. VCO needs calibration/tuning – the scaling appears to be off. Procedure is relatively simple and is in the manual, which can be found for free via a google search or on the PAIA website. Other modules may need calibration but appear to function as intended. This is not a fancy sounding, immaculate sounding synth – it is VERY raw and lo-fi. But the modules work. Don’t expect an SH-101 here! Case and modules are in great shape, but have light scratches and some black pen fill in over lettering (on a couple modules only).

Keyboard is Pratt-Read. Most keys make mechanical noise, and it needs new bushings installed to correct this (available for purchase online). But this is quite common on Pratt-Read keyboards, and all keys trigger fine apart from the noise! As with all Pratt-Read keyboards, there is some pitch variation depending on how clean the bus bars are at a given contact location. This unit could use some cleaning to correct. this.”

Make Noise, Modular @ 21 February 2017, Comments Off

m,nmaths “Comes with power ribbon and screws. In excellent condition. ” Link

Blacet, Modular @ 14 February 2017, Comments Off

Factory built by Blacet.


Added: Some people have asked if this module has been modified for 5v levels. The answer is no. If you are using Eurorack envelopes, a Maths envelope will open the VCA with the scale turned all the way up. If you want to modify the module, Blacet has the procedure on their website:

The normal control voltage range of the VCAs is 0-10V. This can be changed to 0-5V by doing the following:
Change RA (R17, 18, 19, 20) to 66.5K (four places).
Cut the RB traces (solder side of PCB) and install four 100K 1% resistors (standing up). Change R11 to 49.9K
Change R7 to 82K.
Adjust RT1 for 5.0V (See “Calibration”.)” Link

Modular, PAIA @ 14 February 2017, Comments Off

4700s “. I’ve included pictures at various angles to show everything in detail so please check out all them.

Include in case :

4740 – Envelope Generator
2 x 4710 – Balanced Modulator
2x Voltage Control Oscillator
Voltage Controlled Amplifier
4781 Transposer
Band Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
4780 Sequencer
3 x 4770 Watt Block Multiple
2x 4716 Wing Multiple/Power
4711 4/2 Mixer” Link

Cwejman, Modular @ 07 February 2017, Comments Off

mf2 ” Minor rack rash. I’ve had this module for a year.”

Modular, The Harvestman @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off

SuONOIO “I’m selling a mini synthesizer. It’s a rather hard-to-find custom unit made by Alessandro Cortini (of Sonoio, Nine Inch Nails, etc etc). It’s called a SuONOIO and it has: 2 Sample Players with access to Sample Banks and Pitch Control, 16 Point Patchable System For Routing Simple to Complex Signal Chains, Internal Delay Effect, 6 Knobs for Ultimate Tweaking Pleasure, Mini Patch Cords, 1/4″ Output, Integrated Speaker, Battery Operated

I bought this in 2010 as part of a package with Alessandro Cortini’s album. So I think it’s the first edition of this mini synth. It’s a very cool piece of technology and absolutely a blast to play with. I’ve used it a few times but for the last few years it’s been in storage. I hope someone else can use and enjoy it! Probably the best way to use it is to mess around with it, find something you like the sound of, then take a sample for later use. It’s an unpredictable synth but can make some amazing sounds if you play with it long enough. ” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 31 January 2017, Comments Off

qmmg ” rare sounds amazing but I am selling all my eurorack. Just serviced by make noise to fix the selector pots. Fast ship USPS priority.” Link

Modular, The Harvestman @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

HARVESTMAN MALGORITHM MK2“Great condition. Works perfectly. Includes power cable.

Slimming down my modular. Check out my other items.” Link

Doepfer, Intellijel, Modular, Tiptop @ 24 January 2017, Comments Off

euro “Selling this venerable, powerful, all in one compact rack setup. I don’t believe the Intellijel Metropolis and Atlantis need an introduction… but I invite you to watch the litany of videos or read the reviews on these fantastic little units should you be unfamiliar. Endless sequencing possibilities and one of the best sounding monosynths available today. All housed in the Tiptop Happy Ending rack case, powered by the uZeus and midi-capable Doepfer A-190-8 module. The condition is as-new; zero functional or cosmetic defects. Used exclusively in a smoke free studio. It just isn’t getting the use it deserves any more and I would like to see it go to a good home.” Link

Make Noise, Modular @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off

maths “Barely used in great condition, comes with all original box, screws, anti-static bubble wrap and ribbon power cable. ” Link

Modular, The Harvestman @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off

zc “Fully working and in great shape. Comes with ribbon cable and screws. Tested before listing I’m my Modular synth. Be sure to not plug it in backwards when installing.” Link

Modular @ 17 January 2017, Comments Off

bastl ” Bought this like-new Rumburack 2.0 handmade by Bastl only to realize finally that modular is really just not for me (I am a closed system guy who has bought and sold 2 modular systems already). I do love the sound of the Bastl and will buy a Tea Kick and some Cinnamons and Skis again in the future. Anyways, it’s been used for over a month, extremely lightly, and been boxed up for the most part of that time. Some modules were only used for testing. Unit has been in 1 room for it’s whole life and still has a that new finished wood smell. I am including cables and all original materials and packaging that were supplied by Bastl. Rumburak block includes these modules: • Tea Kick • Noise Square • 2x Skis • 2x Cinnamon • grandPa • Knit Rider + Expander • Popcorn • Tromsø • Quattro Figaro • ABC • Ciao ! • Multiple • Eurorack compatible Rumburak case with carry strap ” Link