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Factory built by Blacet.


Added: Some people have asked if this module has been modified for 5v levels. The answer is no. If you are using Eurorack envelopes, a Maths envelope will open the VCA with the scale turned all the way up. If you want to modify the module, Blacet has the procedure on their website:

The normal control voltage range of the VCAs is 0-10V. This can be changed to 0-5V by doing the following:
Change RA (R17, 18, 19, 20) to 66.5K (four places).
Cut the RB traces (solder side of PCB) and install four 100K 1% resistors (standing up). Change R11 to 49.9K
Change R7 to 82K.
Adjust RT1 for 5.0V (See “Calibration”.)” Link

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4700s “. I’ve included pictures at various angles to show everything in detail so please check out all them.

Include in case :

4740 – Envelope Generator
2 x 4710 – Balanced Modulator
2x Voltage Control Oscillator
Voltage Controlled Amplifier
4781 Transposer
Band Pass Filter
Low Pass Filter
4780 Sequencer
3 x 4770 Watt Block Multiple
2x 4716 Wing Multiple/Power
4711 4/2 Mixer” Link

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mf2 ” Minor rack rash. I’ve had this module for a year.”

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SuONOIO “I’m selling a mini synthesizer. It’s a rather hard-to-find custom unit made by Alessandro Cortini (of Sonoio, Nine Inch Nails, etc etc). It’s called a SuONOIO and it has: 2 Sample Players with access to Sample Banks and Pitch Control, 16 Point Patchable System For Routing Simple to Complex Signal Chains, Internal Delay Effect, 6 Knobs for Ultimate Tweaking Pleasure, Mini Patch Cords, 1/4″ Output, Integrated Speaker, Battery Operated

I bought this in 2010 as part of a package with Alessandro Cortini’s album. So I think it’s the first edition of this mini synth. It’s a very cool piece of technology and absolutely a blast to play with. I’ve used it a few times but for the last few years it’s been in storage. I hope someone else can use and enjoy it! Probably the best way to use it is to mess around with it, find something you like the sound of, then take a sample for later use. It’s an unpredictable synth but can make some amazing sounds if you play with it long enough. ” Link

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qmmg ” rare sounds amazing but I am selling all my eurorack. Just serviced by make noise to fix the selector pots. Fast ship USPS priority.” Link

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HARVESTMAN MALGORITHM MK2“Great condition. Works perfectly. Includes power cable.

Slimming down my modular. Check out my other items.” Link

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euro “Selling this venerable, powerful, all in one compact rack setup. I don’t believe the Intellijel Metropolis and Atlantis need an introduction… but I invite you to watch the litany of videos or read the reviews on these fantastic little units should you be unfamiliar. Endless sequencing possibilities and one of the best sounding monosynths available today. All housed in the Tiptop Happy Ending rack case, powered by the uZeus and midi-capable Doepfer A-190-8 module. The condition is as-new; zero functional or cosmetic defects. Used exclusively in a smoke free studio. It just isn’t getting the use it deserves any more and I would like to see it go to a good home.” Link

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maths “Barely used in great condition, comes with all original box, screws, anti-static bubble wrap and ribbon power cable. ” Link

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zc “Fully working and in great shape. Comes with ribbon cable and screws. Tested before listing I’m my Modular synth. Be sure to not plug it in backwards when installing.” Link

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bastl ” Bought this like-new Rumburack 2.0 handmade by Bastl only to realize finally that modular is really just not for me (I am a closed system guy who has bought and sold 2 modular systems already). I do love the sound of the Bastl and will buy a Tea Kick and some Cinnamons and Skis again in the future. Anyways, it’s been used for over a month, extremely lightly, and been boxed up for the most part of that time. Some modules were only used for testing. Unit has been in 1 room for it’s whole life and still has a that new finished wood smell. I am including cables and all original materials and packaging that were supplied by Bastl. Rumburak block includes these modules: • Tea Kick • Noise Square • 2x Skis • 2x Cinnamon • grandPa • Knit Rider + Expander • Popcorn • Tromsø • Quattro Figaro • ABC • Ciao ! • Multiple • Eurorack compatible Rumburak case with carry strap ” Link

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double-andore-the-harvestman “this has been used. it is relatively clean.” Link

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buchia-music-easel ” In PERFECT condition, Works as it should, Comes with case and original box in which it was purchased in..” Link

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rene “Selling my Make Noise Rene Modular Sequencer. Excellent condition, functions completely as it should.” Link

Intellijel, Modular @ 10 January 2017, Comments Off

intellijel-cylonix “In MINT shape from a non smoking studio. First owner comes with Make Noise knobs I added or I can put the originals back on. Every knob, switch and jack works perfectly I take care of my gear. Really sad to see this one go.” Link

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fatman ” I am selling a PAIA FatMan Analog MIDI Synth that I built from a kit from PAIA several years ago. PAIA still sells this product and you can go to their site and read more about it. I bought this quite a while ago, built it, got it working and it has been in storage for a while.

This auction includes the FatMan, the power supply, and the manual that describes how to build the kit, how to tune the synthesizer and how the circuit works.

I hooked it up and ran it through the tuning procedure and it is working fine as far as I can tell. You will probably need to tune it because while I did tune it, you initially tune to something that has a known note and I didn’t have that.

It’s actually quite a bit of fun. There are sound samples on the PAIA page too. It is called FatMan for it’s nice deep sounds.

I won’t try to describe the circuitry. It has two oscillators and all the typical sections of a typical monophonic synth with a few extras: VCOs, VCF, ADSR, VCA. It has MIDI in and thru. You can set the input channel on the circuit board (set to channel 1 on delivery).

The firmware on my version is 1.7 and on the web site it is 1.9 so it would be worthwhile updating I think (simple chip replacement). The circuitry looks the same between what I built and what is currently being sold.

Power is from a wall wart power supply (included). It is rack mounted and this version does not come with a case, but you could make one. They also sell a desk top case now that you could probably buy and move to if you don’t want to rack mount the FatMan.” Link

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maths “Auction is for a used Make Noise Maths Eurorack module.

The item is in perfect working condition and will ship with power connector, mounting screws and original box. ” Link

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paia-4700 “Includes two cases, keyboard, phlanger, pedal, parts, modules and manuals.” Link

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a1000 “For sale is this beautiful Doepfer A100 Modular Eurorack System.

All modules pictured and listed below are included in the sale as well as the Rack case with Lids,
Power Supplies, Patch Cables, Extra Ribbon Cable and Connectors for adding modules, A Roll of Cable + 3.5m connectors for making more patch cables.

This Synth has lived in my smoke free studio for its whole life and has been an amazing source of inspiration and an unparalleled instrument.
Selling due to moving countries and downsizing my studio setup. ”

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e350 “Lightly used Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium eurorack module, some rack rash, everything works, comes with original packaging, screws and power cable.” Link

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buchla-music-easel “Buchla Music box easel
Works great only used a few times
10 x program cards
6 shorting bars (2 SETS of 3)
3 x 4 inch cables
4 x 8 inch cables
2 x 18 in cables” Link

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the-harvestman “Piston Honda Mk1.

No mark or Rack Rash. Always used nylon washers.” Link

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goime “Where this came from: I bought this a few years ago from the original owner/builder at a local garage sale. The original owner/builder stated he “spent a lot of time on it, but never got it to work right”. Appeared complete to me and I thought I’d clean it up and finish putting it together (but never got around to it, so here it is.)” Link

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z3k “I am selling a Tiptop audio z3000 mkii

In excellent condition. Lightly used, never left my smoke free studio”

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tiptop-audio-circadian-rhythms “The module is in ideal condition, was little used, the original pack” Link

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bananalogue-lpfa ” Ultra rare, lightly used Bananalogue LPFA, an ARP 2600/ Odyssey(“post-lawsuit”) filter clone in excellent condition, rare 2U version in Frac format with mixer onboard as well as extra CV inputs and attenuators. Comes with screws and attached power cord. ” Link

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*free ship 48 USA*
Museum Piece
In climate control storage for almost 40 years with original box and documantation. See pics.

Missing 3 screws on bottom of unit….looking to replace before ship. ” Link

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vca-4mx “The module was never used. It is my second Cwejman VCA-4MX, meant for a new rack that was never built out. I swapped out the cream-colored faceplate for a silver one but never put it to use. It’s in perfect condition.

- 4 individual VCAs with CV control
- Each VCA can be used as an attenuator
- Mixer can be used as a single 4:1 mixer or two separate 2:1 mixers” Link

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hd “bought new, used in a smoke free studio.” Link

PAIA @ 20 December 2016, Comments Off

gnome “This unit has been in climate controlled storage since the 1980s and it appears it has never been used.

There are 4 small screws missing from the bottom of unit.” Link

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mapper “LZX Industries Mapper Eurorack Module here. Been in my case for about 5 months now with minimal use. Great shape!!” Link

LZX, Modular @ 13 December 2016, Comments Off

passage-module “Barely used LZX Industries Passage Module. ” Link

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fohg “In good working order has rack rash. As is” Link

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blacet-final-filtre “Up for auction is the Blacet Final Filtre. It was constructed by Blacet and works great.” Link

Blacet, Modular @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off

blacet-klang-werk “Up for auction is the Blacet Klang Werk It was constructed by Blacet and works great.”

Make Noise, Modular @ 06 December 2016, Comments Off

maths “Works great! It’s probably the module that I used the most. Once you get the hang of it, it will probably find it’s way into every patch you make!

I have a new baby and when i have time to make some music, I sadly don’t have time for patch cords.

As you can see, I took the pictures in June but am only now posting the item… Such is life.” Link