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ledj “Gameboy Color modded with an 1/8th inch audio output so you can record the audio.
LSDJ software cartridge for making music with the GameBoy sounds.

Chiptune heaven!

Includes a blue accessory LED light (pictured)

Everything works fine, but you will need your own AA batteries for power.

I never really learned how to use the LSDJ software, so I am not a good person to answer questions on that. You can look up turorials and manuals online. ” Link

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lsdj “Great buy on both game boy composing programs and a game boy to get started right now!” Link

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“brand new LSDJ Cartridge for Gameboy
newest version of LSDJ flashed.

make chiptunes to your hearts content” Link

LSDJ @ 19 February 2013, Comments Off

” So, I’m not a programmer/producer/dj. I play guitar and I got this as a gift to mess around with and it is not getting any use.
Nintendo Gameboy modded to program 8 bit music with LSDJ. The LSDJ cartridge is included. 1/8″ audio jack is installed.
Great condition, works perfectly, just needs a new home.” Link

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“Modified Gameboy with LSDJ cartridge! Everything you need for chip tune music production! Gameboy itself has a custom 1/8″ jack for crystal clear output and the LSDJ cartridge is USB compatible. Everything is in 100% perfect working condition.” Link

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“Modified Gameboy
extra 1/8th inch output + backlit screen

plus a LSDJ Cartridge.

All you need to get your 8-bit techno jams pumping right out the box.” Link

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“This is for a 64m USB smart card for the Game Boy by Nintendo. This card comes with the latest stable version of LSDJ 4.6.2 pre flashed on to it, and there is one mini USB to USB cable, along with a driver disc inclued in this auction. The cable in the auction was used to flash LSDJ to the cart, and the cart was tested to verify that the LSDJ program was working. The driver disc has the driver and needed program to make file transfers to the cart, and some pdf manuals explaining how to load the driver and work the transfer program, along with how to access the programs stored in the card.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” This is an original LSDJ cartridge created and purchased from Nonfinite Electronics through their website.
This is a LED USB Cartridge, with a USB out and working blue LEDs that light up when the cart is powered.
comes with the latest version of LSDJ and enough memory for several tracks on the cart.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a used Nintendo Gameboy DMG-01 in perfect working order. It is modified for making chiptune music with programs such as LSDJ. It has an amber backlight and a prosound modification, as well as output and headphone jacks.


1. An LSDJ cartridge. LSDJ is a program that lets you create music using your Gameboy.
* NOTE: I am not including a manual for LSDJ, but one is available online.

2. A link cable that allows the system to connect with another Gameboy.

3. A carrying case.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Verkaufe hier eine sehr gut erhaltene GameBoy Cartridge mit einer Vollversion des Little Sound DJs.

Die Cartridge ist so gut wie nicht genutzt und LSDJ ist bereits auf der Cartridge gespeichert!

Auf der Platine ist noch klein “I love my Gameboy” eingelasert! (kann man gut auf dem zweiten Bild erkennen)

Die Cartridge funktioniert auch in einem ganz normalen Original Gameboy!!! (nicht von dem Game Boy Color Schriftzug irritieren lassen)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for auction is my personal, modded gameboy, which has been equipped with a blue backlight and the pro-sound mod. The gameboy is in great condition for it’s age.The backlight is very crisp and easy to see in any lighting. The 1/4″ pro-sound mod has been added to improve the quality of the gameboy’s sound when recording with LSDJ or any other programs. It comes with an ac adaptor. The LSDJ cart is included in this auction.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Ich verkaufe hier eine meiner LSDJ-Carts, die ich nicht mehr benötige.
Auf der Cartridge befindet sich Little Sound DJ v3.9.2.
Bei dieser Version handelt es sich um eine der aktuellsten stabil laufenden Versionen.
Selbstverständlich ist die Cart in einwandfreiem Zustand und das Programm läuft wie geschmiert.

Für alle, die nicht wissen was LSDJ ist:
Little Sound DJ (LSDJ) ist ein Synthesizer speziell für den Nintendo GAME BOY. Mit ihm ist es möglich, 8-Bit-Musik zu erstellen.

Bei Fragen einfach eine Mail schreiben!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“The item I am selling is a USB Gameboy cartridge loaded with the newest version of LSDJ. LSDJ is a music program for creating gameboy and chiptune music. The battery has just been replaced. It is in near perfect condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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one original game boy DMG-01 clear pro-sound, and one LSDJ 3.9.9 ems cart. both tested and work great!
dmg has brand new screen, with original screen protector still on. dmg has no battery cover (easily obtainable on ebay)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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‘LSDJ USB CART + BLACK GAME BOY for sale is a very rare LSDJ cart very limited numbers of this synth cart in the world only around 100 got released by the official LSDJ site which is where I picked this cart up from a couple years back it has never been used and just sat with all my other music equipment going to waste because lack of time. I have also put with this auction a BLACK GAMEBOY to get you started with making chiptune 8 bit music. NOT TO BE MISSED AS IT’S VERY RARE THIS OFFICAL LSDJ CART COMES UP WITH THE USB SYNTH ADDITION TO THE CART! HYPER RARE AND NOT TO BE MISSED START MAKING CHIPTUNE / 8 BIT WITH THIS AUCTION AND BECOME A PRO!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction contains…

- Clear Gameboy DMG Prosound modified w/ white backlighting
- copy of LSDJ w/ custom tracks and sounds
- Tetris
- Super Mario Land 2
- Paperboy

Here is the video to see it…

I tried making chiptune music, but didn’t get very far, so now my loss is your gain. The only thing that is up with this auction is that the gameboy’s prosound 1/4″ input doesn’t fully work anymore,
however the orignal 1/8″ input works 100%. If you are looking or buying this, then most likely you will be able to do something with that or even get it modified more so” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This auction is for the DMG-01 Gameboy and one LSDJ (v 3.8.9) Cartridge. The Gameboy is in excellent condition with very few signs of wear. LDSJ is fully functional, and sounds awesome though the DMG-01. Auction includes:

* Gameboy DMG-01
* Little Sound DJ version 3.8.9 cartridge” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Little Sound Dee Jay – Gameboy cartridge” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare Clear/Transparent ‘Play It Loud’ Gameboy
Half Speed Underclock Switch
Red Dual LED Backlight Modification
Pro-Sound Line Level Audio Output
YOUR CHOICE of Controller Buttons! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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lsdj “I forgot to mention last time; to buy this product, you must prove that you’ve donated money to to own the licensing of this product..” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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midi “LSDJMC2 aka LSDJMC^2





More info:
* Syncronize LSDJ and Nanoloop to Midi-Clock including start/stop and latency adjust
* Play Notes on the LSDJ through Midi with a Midi masterkeyboard or a sequencer
* Midi-Learn Mode to choose the Midi-Channel
* Some additional Midi commando’s for the LSDJ like Instrument change, Pulse Channel 1/2 switch
* Works with all Gameboy Color, Classic and Advance
* Polyphonic mode, play 2 notes at the same time. (Only GB-Color and LSDJ-Version higher v3.0.3)
* It is possible to syncronize also in a already running system with the plus/minus function.
* Optional syncronizing of 2 gameboys with one interface possible.

The LSDJ-Midi Converter (LSDJ-MC) is a Midi-Box add-on which makes your LittleSoundDJ MIDI-capable.
It can synchronize the LittleSoundDJ (LSDJ) and Nanoloop and Nanoloop2 with every Midi-Clock-Master-Device like a sequencer or a drum-computer. Together with the LSDJ-Cardridge, it gives you also Midi support which includes Note-commandos and Instrument/Channel change. These are also assigned to the Pitch-Bend / Modulation Wheel and standard controllers.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare Yellow ‘Play It Loud’ Gameboy
Half Speed Underclock Switch
Green Dual LED Backlight Modification
Pro-Sound Line Level Audio Output
YOUR CHOICE of Controller Buttons! You are bidding on a rare yellow DMG—01 Gameboy with a half-speed underclock switch, professional green backlight, Pro-Sound modification and your choice of controller buttons! Choose between the purple original grey DMG-01 buttons, ‘Play It Loud’ style black buttons or NES controller buttons (pictured).

The modifications are intended for musical use (for applications such as LSDJ, Nanoloop, TrippyX, etc).

The half-speed underclock means that you can generate some serious sub-bass exactly one octave lower than normal Gameboys. You can alternate between half-speed and the original clock using the newly installed switch. The underclocked Gameboy can also be used to double your gaming reaction times! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

LSDJ @ 17 November 2009, Comments Off

These cartridges were designed, manufactured and tested personally by the Seller, Jose Torres. They were built for the members of The LSDJ sticker is free with purchase and the cartridge have been approved and authorized for sale. This cartridge is specifically built for LSDJ, it features a USB port that allows you to save your songs on your computer and upgrade LSDJ when new roms become available. This is NOT a backup device for commercial games. With Windows and Linux compatibility and OSX software soon to be released, this is the most versitile solution for Game Boy musicians to have ever been produced.

These work in the original Gameboy DMG, Color, Pocket, Advance and SP.
The circuit board is red with “I love Gameboy” printed on it.

A $5 refund will be given upon receipt of proof of donation to Johan Kotlinski at” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

LSDJ @ 29 September 2009, Comments Off

lsdj “Up for bidding is an Super Nintendo that has been modified for studio purpose. The system has been fitted with 1/4″ Audio Out for the Left and Right Channels and a panel mounted RCA Composite Video Out. The case showed some wear prior to the red and black splatter paint. Plus the RESET and POWER buttons have been swirl painted to add a unique effect. This probably making it the firt SNES with swirl paint. We will also be including a complete package to music composition on this instrument.

Included in the Pacakage:

- Super Gameboy: modified with a Pro Sound 1/8″ line out.

- Super Gameboy 2: This rare japanese import features a link port that allows for syncing.

- LSDJ cart V3.9.9 with coloring matching red/black sticker

- GB Transferer with software: Allows for transfer of data between your computer and the cart.

- Mario Paint with SNES Mouse: features a cool music application released by Nintendo!

- Super Gameboy Commander Controller: This rare japanese controller accesses features within the Super Gameboy to modify speed settings. This unqiue characteristic allows for pitch control over LSDJ with the Commander.

- Also included is a Gameboy link cable and a dual headed Power Supply that can power the SNES and GB Transferer. However a new Nintendo Power Supply is recommended.

These items have been collected over the years for our Studio Super Nintendo and are now available in this exclusive offer.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.