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linndrum “This is a very well-cared for fully-functional Linndrum that has been in my possession for the last decade and hasn’t left my home studio. But it is not a normal Linndrum, it’s special. The previous owner was obsessed with Prince, so much so he had a Sidestick tuning mod added. What this accomplishes is that by installing some original LM-1 EPROMS and switching them around, he was able to have a tunable kick, snare, and sidestick playing all at the same time – basically making a LM-1 / Linndrum combo! When I bought this from him I had all of the original Linndrum factory EPROMS put back in, but I still have the LM-1 EPROMS in case the buyer is interested in doing this LM-1 hybrid. It’s certainly fun to feel like Prince at a fraction of the cost!

The machine is also fully MIDIfied by the JL Cooper Electronics mod and works flawlessly. It comes with manual and some paperwork, and of course a power cord.

As with any machine this old there are a few blemishes. There is a small scratch to the right side of the click fader. You can see it in photo #6. Also, the tempo knob is digital and can be a little shaky at times (shifts 1 BPM or so). This happens on ALL Linndrums. However, if you use MIDI or sync it via CLOCK, then it is never going to be an issue. It would only possibly be an issue if you were slaving your entire studio to the Linndrum’s internal clock. Also, again, with a machine this age, a pot or fader might be a little scratchy, however what history has taught me is that if you turn it back and forth a few times this goes away and is not permanent. It simply means a little dust is interfering with the electronics.

You can look for a bargain Linndrum that you can fix up, but this one has a lot of extras that make it worth it to someone who doesn’t want to waste time, and just wants to make music. I paid a premium for it because the added features were worth it to me. It has served me well over the years.” Link

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lm2 “Spectacular cosmetic and functional condition – very clean inside and out. Only a few minor scratches on the surface.
EPROM sockets installed for easy changing of drum sounds.
PSU board serviced in 2014 by Bruce Forat.
General servicing also in 2014 by Chris Hewitt at This Old Synth in San Jose.
Since it was serviced, I had not unpacked the LinnDrum nor turned it on until I just now tested it for this listing.
Every switch, pot and sound are working beautifully.
New custom White Oak wood panels by just installed. I am including the original panels as well (they have a few dings)
A couple of the sound chips have been replaced by non-standard sounds: Clap is currently African Bell, and the Congas have been replaced by Rock Tom sounds, as you can see in the photos. With the convenient sockets installed, it’s very simple to replace any of the sounds with any EPROMs that you either burn yourself or find on Ebay.
Ships in included Pelican 1650 airtight fight case with plenty of padding. Power cord also included.
Shipping to the lower 48 only. ” Link

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lm2 “In really nice condition, there are 1 or 2 very minor blemishes in the paintwork, but overall this machine looks and sounds fantastic.
Not missing any knobs or buttons, still has a few of my old patterns on it, but I can delete them all if you want. ” Link

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lm2 “LINN Drum Machine LM II

Roger Linn machine-vintage super shape

MIDI modified for ability to connect to a sampling keyboard for excellent drum samples.” Link

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lm2 “This listing is for a vintage LM-2 LinnDrum. Had the midi upgrade done back in the mid-late 80′s was studio kept until moved into storage in the late 90′s. I recently plugged it in and hooked it up to some speakers and drum triggers to make sure it still works and it sounds just as good as the day I packed it up 17 or 18 years ago. Will need a new battery as most synths from the 70′s and 80′s do.
Also included in this listing are 30 original alternate sound chips Linndrum put out before closing their doors in the 90′s. These chips are generally hard to find and I’ve seen them go for a minimum of $10 or more for a single chip. Lots of toms, bass and snare and some sound effects. Refer to pictures. ” Link

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linn_drum “Original Linn Drum
Great Piece
Great Shape
We tested all the features that we were able for sort out
and all worked fine
We could find nothing wrong with this Linn Drum” Link

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linndrum lm2 “Vintage 80s Linn Drum LM2 in nice condition.

This one was on the shelf in the main room at Lion & Fox Recording in the 80s and 90s. Probably shows up on a number of classic Reggae recordings RAS Records did there during that era.

Still in good working order. Sounds great. fresh battery.

Due to age sold as is.” Link

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lm2 “Amazing Linndrum LM2 Drum Machine.

Fully working…

Fully serviced and has a clean bill of health by the best engineer in the UK for Vintage Drum machines and synths Ben Rosbourough,
He works on machines for all credible artists Annie Lenox, Dave Stuart,

Mark Ronson and every other band and artists you could imagine that use analogue machines.
So its ready to go and has years of life left in it and sounds amazing.

Sounds and feels great.

All original LM2 eproms installed.

They also have the quick release eprom sockets so if you do want to swap eprom sounds you easily can.

This Super rare Linndrum is one of the best drum machines you can get. It can sound heavy weight with the classic Linndrum Kick and Snare sounds
it can be very rounded fat and chunky as well as light icey and breezy its very versatile.

The clock and groove of the sequencer is amazing on these machines yes you can get LM2 samples
but the feel of the clock and the way the machine grooves and ticks over is the real charm and character of this amazing drum machine theres nothing quite like it.

Used on countless hits from the 80s, 90s upto the present day.

Sounds: The tunable Side stick and Snare give you that crazy Prince sound.
The tunable toms and congas can become bass lines waiting to happen.
And the top end and percussive parts are stunning.

All with individual outputs for each sound aswell as L-R Mix out.

Synch: I have been syching/clocking this machine with a Roland SH101 to test and its tight and funky and sounds bang on.
And I have also been lining up the Linndrum takes to the Click track in Logic X and its very steady and stays with the click.

Visual condition: It has the od mark and scratch here and there but understandable for a drum machine this age, but nothing to bad and generally in very good condition.” Link

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linndrum “Incredible MIDIfied LinnDrum LM-2 unit here. Clean, everything works in and out. JL Cooper Midi installed professionally. Owners manual and MIDI operating manual included. Only extremely minor scuffs on case and one slider cap is not original, dead mint and beautiful otherwise. Can send additional pics if necessary. Comes shipped and fully insured. ” Link

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lm2 “Up for sale is a Linn Electronics LinnDrum LM2. Only 1 owner, item is in excellent condition, but is missing 2 rubber slider sleeves. This item has been tested by the original owner who was a bass player and is in Great working condition. Item was only used a handful of times at church functions. Comes with leather case as pictured. Serial number: 512. ” Link

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lm2“Used maybe a half dozen time in the 1980′s in 48 track analogue studio, then in a homestudio. Stored for 25 years in a non-smoking home. It powered up with no patterns in memory. Testing done- all instrument buttons make sound though main outs, recorded and revised several patterns, recorded data backup (originally designed to be done to a special specification cassette recorder) from “cassette out” to a MOTU 828 interface, played data back verified and loaded ok. Kept powered on for 24 hours, then powered down and turned on again and it retained the pattern. Since batteries are over 25 years old it might be advisable to change them, even though they worked for this brief test. Each of the instrument pitch tuning knobs seemed to work, creating some interesting sounds at there extreme ranges, and the high hat duration knob seemed to do interesting stuff with a high hat playing that I have not been able to easily do with a software sampler (though it might be available in some software) There was a little “scratchiness” on a couple of pan pots when making sudden dramatic changes which the instrument was being fed out the main outs. Probably most users will not be doing active panning from the Linn Drum while it is playing, so I will leave it to the purchaser to decide whether to try to eliminate scratching during movement by exercising the faders or with a cleaner- either of which could make it better in many cases, but could conceivably sometimes make it worse- it depends on the faders (on Mackie consoles it has frequently cleared any scratchyness), and I don’t know Linn Drum Faders.
Batteries and modifications might possibly be available from FORAT electronics, and there seemed to be a manual at bleeps-and-peeps which has a website at the com address of the same name. (Buyer to verify before purchase. Seller makes no representations other than the specific tests done). A reference to “this old synthesizer” in San Jose was found that they might (or might not) do work on a Linn Drum.
Cosmetically there are a few small nicks on the wood sides and paint, and a little masking tape and residue. A couple of scratches on the bottom. It is about 30 years old, and any aging or deterioration should be expected accordingly, but it looks pretty good to me.” Link

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linndruim l2 “This Linn Drum 9000 is a very rare and often sought after drum machine. Serial number is 1847. I acquired this from a friend several years ago and loved playing with this drum machine. Often times referred to as the LM-2, the descendent of the very famous LM-1, which was used by superstars like Prince, Depeche Mode, and others on the pop charts, these samples are still used in RnB, hip hop and pop music today.

This unit is in very nice condition. The only reason I don’t say excellent is because it has a bit of wear n tear, as in minor scratches or knicks, from being approx 35 years old. Nothing serious and totally age appropriate. I bought the unit fully functioning and everything I’ve tested works. All samples, volumes, fades, record and playback features as well as outs for each sample are working properly. All the song capabilities seem to be working as well but I didn’t get into depth with that as I used it in conjunction with Logic and never needed it.

Original power cord here. Inside looks clean. You can definitely mod for midi. The battery may need to be replaced because patterns don’t always save when unplugged. It’s a very minor cost and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it since its in such great condition and all the units I’ve soldered on and worked with have been less valuable. There is one volume fader that has a white cap, since it was missing upon purchase. You could easily swap for a black cap. Since everything seems to be working 100% so unit is sold as is. No returns. You pretty much know what you’re getting with this bad boy though.” Link

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lm2 “Here’s a fantastic condition Lynn Drum , with midi.

All the outputs have been cleaned and all buttons work. Everything appears to be in perfect working order . I’ve gone thru everything I know. ” Link

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linndrum “The unit has power and does have audio output. Not knowing how to operate the drum machine I did not get all the sounds to work.
I had it at the music store and the guy didn’t know how to operate it either. The cabinet has some blemishes. See photos
As is sale.” Link

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linndrum “Vintage Linn Drum Mod LM2 is in excellent condition cosmetically and technically. It is Midified by JL Cooper Electronics. The MIDI is not working but completely installed…. Ser# 3275 FREE SHIPPING IN USA” Link

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lm2“Works awesome. Simply needs a cleaning. All sounds and functions work. Dead spots on knobs and busses.” Link

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lm-2 “Beautiful, original, excellent vintage LinnDrum. Roger Linn. This is our Linn Drum which is in very very good working condition. Has very little to no cosmetic wear.” Link

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linndrum” Up for sale is a vintage LinnDrum drum machine in very good condition. It is very clean and has been well taken care of. The JL Cooper MIDI card is included, but not installed. I am the second owner. It spent it’s early years in a smoke free professional recording studio, boxed and stored for a few years before I got it and for the last few years it has sat mostly idle in my smoke free studio. This is an extremely cool sounding drum machine used extensively during the 1980′s on 100′s of hit records. This unit currently functions pretty well considering its age and could stand a little servicing to bring it up to perfect working order. I’ve included a repair bill from the early 90′s and as far as I know, this was the only time any service was done or required. ” Link

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“Vintage linndrum lm-1 s/n#334 , this unit is in great shape ,I recently had it refurbished by audio design in north hollywood , the battery section has been replaced w/new rechargeable batteries and the coolest upgrade is the sliders that light up , this is the first lm-1 to have these sliders so the attached board w/sliders is the prodo type , these sliders have been used in arp odyssey and some other keyboards but this is a first for the lm-1
after the sliders were replaced the big difference was that the signal passing through is now 100% ,were with the old sliders even cleaned and relubed the volume still wasn’t 1to 100 on every one , it would vary 10 to 90, 30 to 85 etc. so sonically this is the best
it can hold patterns but there aren’t any programed and we couldn’t find the file for the reload but we did make up a couple for testing purpose, the mods you see on the back right side are External clock input which is pretty common and the switch you see added at the top is to switch pad 16 from cabasa to crash cymbal and you see an added pitch control for the cymbal near the bottom and the other set of holes you see were to mod another pad which obviously never happened” Link

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linndrum “A Rare find. This LinnDrumm also known as LM-2 is in excellent shape, well cared for, recently checked and tweaked by a tech familiar with the LinnDrum. Used in a Smoke Free Studio, it’s now available. Also included is a complete library of 45 sounds plus JLCooper’s MIDI Mod so you can use it with todays gear.” Link

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linndrum “Original Vintage Linn Drum with vintage forat Midi board. Great condition, very clean. It has some minor cosmetic blemishes associated with the normal use of a vintage instrument. A few chips in the oak end-caps. Very good overall condition. The sliders and pots are very smooth.

Recent service including a new battery circuit that replaces the NiCad batteries with lithium and eliminates the charging circuit.” Link

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lm2“This LM-2 needs some work. It powers up and many of the sound work I did try recording a few bars with success. I am totally unfamiliar with this machine and don’t have the time to have it reconditioned. NOTE: there is a issue on board, some corrosion on 2 areas (see photo) It looks like an easy cleanup. Batteries probably need replacement.” Link

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linndrum lm2“FOR SALE: Very rare JLCooper MIDI – fied Linn Drum Machine. Needs some TLC but powers up and makes sound! Some non-original “alternative” sounds. Was originally purchased from Kajem Studios in Philadelphia and was used on many records, including Boys II Men, Public Enemy, New Kids on the Block and Patti LaBelle. Much Mojo! Functions, most features tested and working but it needs a good cleaning, some alternate sounds installed. A classic that needs some TLC to be fully functional. Sold AS IS.” Link

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lm-2 “Here is a Vintage Linn Drum LM-2 Drum Machine. Fully SERVICED with new battery and several EPROM sockets installed so you can easier switch sounds. Overall in good condition, some paint chipped off in one spot and missing a couple of the rubber caps on the sliders. Sounds awesome!” Link

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“This is my used vintage Roger Linn LinnDrum LM-2 drum machine. It’s fully operational and in good condition considering that it’s vintage. I hate to let this go since it’s a very very rare find.

The wood trim has some dents.

Sold as is. No refunds.

Thanks for looking and good luck!” Link

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“This particular machine has a few sighs of wear, but is in pretty good shape for a 30 year old machine. All sample chips are present and it functions as it should.” Link

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“Linn Drum Machine, comes with power cord, 120V, also comes in a Jan-el case. Machine & case in good condition.” Link

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“This Linndrum LM2 includes the manual, additional Snare Drum Sound Chip & power cable. BEAUTIFUL WORKING & PHYSICAL CONDITION! I am only the SECOND OWNER. The first owner purchased this from Roger Linn in 1983.” Link

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“Here we have the legendary LINN DRUM LM-2 this unit is in very clean condition overall cosmetic is an 9.5 out of 10 this unit features the FORAT midi mod which was the more advanced midi kit of it’s time it features velocity sensitivity through midi which it works great… The LMII functions100 % i had my tech go through this unit cleaning all slider pots and rotary pots i also had the backup batteries replaced before any leaking occurred this is a very powerful sequencing drum machine this is one of the Pioneers in early HIp Hop and electronica Production great sounding drum machine
along side other classics like the tr-808 and tr-909…
I would like to be very upfront about selling vintage gear these units cannot be guaranteed beyond what we describe in any way they are old instruments 25 years and better so do your research before you buy or bid you really have to appreciate and love these wonderful instruments and YOU must maintain them so with that said this is an AS IS sale i maintained this machine very well for many years my feedback speaks for it self now it is you turn i really am tired of individuals who don’t understand what there getting into with any vintage piece of electronics these machines ALL will need maintenance sooner or later the sound that you get out of the machine is the pay off but it is not my responsibility to maintain YOUR machine ” Link

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” Linn Drum machine in good condition with “Midified by JLCooper Electronics” MIDI 5 pin in/out retrofit for sync and drum note data. The machine powers up, outputs sound, midi, and sequences fine.

The HiHat2 button is starting to wear out and must be pressed with some effort to respond. The internal battery is also dead and needs to be replaced in order to save pattern sequences. Item includes user manuals, extra drum EPROM chips and power cable. All sales are final. Shipping to continental US only. Will ship item 2 days after cleared payment. Preferred to ship signature required. Thanks for viewing!” Link

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” Good Condition
Previously Owned
Light signs of wear from gentle use
Two slider covers missing” Link

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Overall great condition, all sliders, pots, outputs, LEDs, and displays function perfect..
wood sides in nice shape too. studio kept.
has some alternate drum roms installed, and also 2 unknown optional daughterboards.
one i suspect is for extra roms and another for additional dynamics??
possibly an early forat modification.
currently some of the roms are in the wrong location,
switched to get tuning range of certain voices. (ie: bass drum)
but i can put it back to stock voicing positions if requested before shipping it out.
includes Linn and power supply.” Link

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” this came out of a studio that closed down in Cambridge mass and please check out all the other items I have for sale as well” Link