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latronic “One of the rarest pieces of studio equipment ever made.

I bought this from The Human League in 1997. (my Dad designed their studio) Since then it has had about 5 hours use, spending most of its life stored in its original box.

So this is as close to a brand new Notron as you will ever find. As you can see from the photos apart from a couple of very minor surface marks it is like new both aesthetically and mechanically.

The unit was factory upgraded to version 1.3 and so has most of the cool features of the Mk2 blue version. So you get the iconic design of the original and the feature set of the Mk2.” Link

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“Up for sale is a very rare Latronic Notron. It is the mk 1. The toilet seat version. This item came from the UK and comes with a UK power supply. You would need to use an adaptor/transformer for your country. The Notron works. ” Link

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“For sale is the legendary Latronic Notron hardware MIDI sequencer. These were made in very small quantities in England in the 90s. It was the secret weapon of many a techno producer. It is in great condition. It has the ground mod, so that the memory will not erase itself from static when you touch it.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Notron Latronic MIDI Sequencer

Great Condition working w/ power supply and documentation

Purchaced directly from the inventor

Pure fun, can be used with software as well…very fun with Ableton Live.
Is it a hi-tech bathroom scale? Is it a 21st-century computer game? Is it Darth Vader’s toilet seat? No, it’s an innovative LED-laden MIDI step sequencer, with the power to wring new life from your old synths. Pulses and flashes with excitement.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Latronic Notron Mk2 Midi Sequencer

After years of studio enjoyment, my Latronic Notron Mk2 is now for sale…

Only about 150 ever made, this UK-built sequencer is a work of art. Custom-machined metal knobs, gorgeous metallic blue paint job, and multi-colored LED’s that are a show unto themselves when this thing is fired up in a dark room. As opposed to its predecessor (the Mk1), the Mk2 has an all-metal housing and upgraded V2 software.

This unit is in mint condition and operating flawlessly with one exception: The two center pitch wheels have recently stopped working, presumably due to years of use. However, I received a right-hand dual pitch-wheel replacement assembly directly from Latronic founder Dave Spowage, which should provide the parts for the needed fix. This assembly will be included with the unit. And if future repairs are ever needed, the Bourns digital encoders used in these units are commercially available and easy to get for any repair shop.

I make no apologies about the price. Aside from being an extremely unique and powerful production tool, the Notron Mk2 is also a collector’s item that continues to rise in value. On the rare occasion this sequencer has popped up for sale in the last few years, $2,000 has been the average selling price. I’m torn about selling it in the first place, but would rather see it in the hands of someone who currently has the time to let this thing rip as it was designed to do. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Beautiful, amazing Laitronic Notron MK II midi sequencer. I am the original owner, it is in excellent condition, with manual + the universal voltage power supply.
tested, all in good working order.

This is a rare bird, + does things no other sequencer will do, largely because you can interact with it in real time.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Item: Latronic Notron Mk1 Midi Sequencer – Rare

Description: See Spec in message below

Very rare Latronic Notron Mk 1 – tested yesterday and seems to be in full working order but given its age etc sold as ween

In good cosmetic condition for its age – see pictures. Comes with Manual and power supply” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“OK das gibt es nicht alle Tage:

Biete einen sehr sehr seltenen und raffinierten Sequenzer den Latronic Notron.
Weitere besonderheit obendrauf, er hat das aktuellste Eprom aus der mk2 version drinnen!

Mehr als nur ein Sequenzer, ein richtiges Instrument.

– Sich entwickende und beeinflussende Sequenzen
– Sehr musikalisch kein standard 16 step Sequenzer
– Quantisierungen in vielen und auch besonderen Skalen
– Komplette Sequenzen live transponieren
– Spur verschiedene Geschwindigkeiten, Steplängen, Stepsprünge, verzögerungen im ms bereich usw..
– Sehr geeignet auch md elegante Beats zu programmieren

Absolut funktionsfähig. Netzteil und Handbuch liegen bei.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.