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“Symbolic Sound Kyma X with the Capybara 320. This comes complete with the flame firewire interface (connects to the capybara via firewire to computer) manual, soft gig bag and CD software installer (transfer on purchase enabling downloads from Symbolic Sound). The Capybara has additional DSP that gives 12 processors making it quite powerful. It’s in great condition with the odd scratch to it but otherwise a fantastic opportunity to own this incredible piece of kit.” Link

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“Power on. No driver/ software to test it. Sold it for parts only.” Link

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“Grab a great bargain. Symbolic Sound’s ‘Capybara 320′ Computation Engine with Kyma
I have just moved from Ibiza where I purchased the above Kyma X, Capybara new. This has only been used a few times.
It cost me $5000, seven years ago when I had it shipped to Ibiza.” Link

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This is the original Capybara 320 – not the older Capybara. As such it contains all the hardware interfaces the newest units are lacking. Comes with KYMA software and all licenses. 100% compatible with the latest KYMA X release and enjoy compatibility across all units. The Capybara 320 sits about halfway between the PACA and Pacarana units in terms of computation power when fully expanded. So this gets you in the door for a fraction of the price – while giving you the superiority of the Capybara’s converters – which are, in my opinion, superior to my Apogee Rosetta’s (a big claim I know – but you have to hear it for yourself!). The other fantastic advantage of the Capybara is that all the processing and AD/DA conversion is done on board and not in your computer’s CPU – giving it a level of real time dependability and convenience you just can’t match with the newer units.

If you’re looking at this listing – I’m sure you’re familiar with the unit’s capabilities, power and commercial credits. it will take you FAR beyond any commercially available synthesizer or synthesis program/engine. As far as you want to go. if you can imagine it – you can do it in the Capybara 320.

Condition is nearly spotless and also operationally flawless. This is one of the nicest, mint condition units you will ever see. ZERO rack rash, zero scratches. Comes with four DSP processors. That’s more than some of the most advanced sound computation and processing engines currently available – including flagship items from Kurzweil, Access (virus), Eventide, you name it.

Comes with Kyma X user guide (new, sealed) and ALL cables, firewire interface, rack ears, and box.” Link

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“Here it is. A flawless Kyma Capybara 320 with Symbolic Sound Factory Firewire Interface, factory power supply, KYMA X disk and KYMA X Revealed Manual. This unit and serial # are registered with Kyma, documentation included. This is the original Capybara 320 – not the older Capybara. This is the standard four processor Kyma. As such it contains all the hardware interfaces the newest units are lacking. Comes with KYMA software and all licenses. 100% compatible with the latest KYMA X release and enjoy compatibility across all units.

The Capybara 320 can be used as a standalone multi-channel AD/DA converter for incredible fidelity.The Capybara and other units can be used as high end multi channel effects processors. Compare my pics to other listings. This is the nicest. Comes with four DSP processors. Kyma X is an incredibly flexible and powerful sound design environment being used in music and post-production studios, research labs, art installations, game developers’ studios, educational institutions, home studios, and live performances. A sound library with over 1000 pre-packaged examples means you can start creating amazing sounds straight out of the box. Extensive documentation, online knowledge bases and free email/phone support ensure that you’ll be able to take Kyma anywhere your imagination inspires you to go!

I don’t want to sell this but I need VJ software for and upcoming performance so I need to sell. I’ll do whatever I can to get you cogged in with your serial number and up and running with the Symbolic Sound community. You can transfer the serial number to your name for $24 and receive technical support and some upgrade offers. I don’t have the original factory boxes but it will ship in equivalent. ” Link

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“p for auction is an expanded Kyma X system with the Capybara 320 sound engine. The Capybara has been expanded with 7 DSP cards for a total of 18 DSP processors plus the expanded audio I/O card for a total of 8 channels of audio ins and outs (8 analog XLR In Out, 8 AES EBU In Out).

It comes with the Flame FW computer interface, original disks, all documentation and ref manuals (see pictures) and a padded Capybara 320 carrying bag. Everything ready for you to be up and running.

The Capybara is in very good shape. Only very minor marks around the rack screw holes. ” Link

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“This is the Alpha and omega of synthesis. The world dominating Kyma x…this is brand new/ mint, it comes with all original materials, software, book and cables…I’m also including in this the t.c electronic studio connekt 48. Since the paca rana requires it’s own sound card and is officially tested to work with the kyma system…I’m selling these together as a bundle for cheap…I work in the oilfield and simply don’t have time to dedicate to this amazing bit of hardware…if your into sound design, synthesis, etc look no further…this is the holy grail…I have tested it and works great…you simply couldn’t ask for more…period…think wall-e, Star Wars…this will take you there…cheers both are brand new…” Link

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” Hello for sale is this awesome Kyma Capybara 320 system in great condition and excellent working order. It runs of Australian power so no step down converter needed. It has been running well on my Mac OSX 10.7 system with the free Kyma X Update from Symbolic sounds website. It also works in Windows XP.

This is a fully functioning system with the flame firewire card, original Kyma X CD and the huge manual in printed format.
This system has been upgraded with an extra optional Analog / digital Ins and outs on the back.

It also has two extra Expansion cards inside so you can use some of the bigger projects that use alot of CPU power from within Kyma X application.

This is a regretful sale as it is one awesome sounding unit and I haven’t really mastered it due to no time. As I need the funds I will have to let this one go.

This is thing is a sampler synths, grain synth, effects processor anything you can imagine and used to be very expensive in the days. It has been used on various movies like Starwars etc as you can get some weird, grainy, loopy, harmonic, pitchy sounds with it as well if you so desire hehe.” Link

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“If you are looking at this, you know what it is.
Capybara 320, with Rack Mount Lugs installed in Pristine Condition, Everything Working as New.

This is the basic Capy config:

4 Motorola 56309 DSPs
96 MB sample RAM
12 expansion slots
I/O and external sync (see below)
External desktop or rackmount case (protects the DSPs and converters from the electrically noisy environment inside your personal computer, and leaves valuable slot-space free to use for other cards on your host computer)

Included with the unit, as shown in the pictures: Kyma FireWire 400 Interface, Kyma FW 400 <-> Capy Interface Cable, Kyma Interface Power Supply, Digital Input and Output Cables, Kyma Revealed Manual, Kyma 4.5 Demo and Software CD’s, Capybara Power Cord.

As you probably already know, when you purchase this Capy, you will need to register the unit with Symbolic Sound, which will entitle you to the latest software updates and membership in the Kyma community and access to the WIKI (they call it the Tweaky). Not enough good things can be said about the resources in the Kyma WIKI, the folks at Symbolic Sound and in the User Community. If you didn’t know this stuff, don’t worry, check out, explore the site and get an idea of the incredible adventure you’re about to begin.” Link

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“Wer sich für dieses Ding interessiert weiß im Normalfall was es ist.

Die Capybara funktioniert einwandfrei, und kann Dinge die einzigartig sind. Ein wunderbarer Einstieg in die Kyma-Welt. Ich kann hier leider nicht ausführen was dieses Ding alles kann, aber lasst euch gesagt sein, wer anders klingen will ist hier genau richtig. Bitte schaut für Details im Netz nach. Autechre, Aphex Twin uvm.haben Kyma sehr viel benutzt und das hört man auch. Ob realtime FX processing im Studio oder Sounddesign, die Kyma ist ein Monster…Wegen zu wenig Zeit abzugeben.

Ich empfehle die Symbolicsound Seite im Netz.


Die Capybara läuft ohne Probleme und ist in sehr gutem kosmetischen Zustand.” Link

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“Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara 320 DSP Audio Workstation.

Expanded DSP & RAM (4 DSPs on the standard unit plus 2 additional DSPs on the installed expansion card).

Bought new by me direct from Symbolic Sound. Home use only, fully working, some slight marks on the top of the unit but clean front panel and no damage..

This is still arguably the pinnacle of audio design systems and runs the current version of Kyma (as still being developed for the Paca and PacaRana hardware).
The difference being that the Capybara 320 has its own very high quality audio I/O which many users prefer to the 3rd party audio interfaces that the Paca & PacaRana require.” Link

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“Symbolic Sound Capybara 320 sound computation engine
Firewire adapter w/ original Power Supply
Kyma X software

Amazing Sound Design workstation

Nothing wrong with this kit at all. I’m just selling to fund another project.” Link

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“Symbolic Sound Capybara 320 with Kyma X software. Everything is in great shape and works well. Kyma X software can be updated to latest edition online. I will transfer software license with purchase. Comes with two manuals and will ship in original box.” Link

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“For sale is my Kyma Capybara 320 basic system with the firewire interface and all software. Some rack rash on top of the unit but it is in fully working order otherwise. This system is very deep and I do not have time to dedicate to learning it. My loss is your gain.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This unit was used by Sasha’s Engineer. It comes with the Firewire connection unit and x2 expansion cards which gives you 6 processors and 192mb Ram.

It has the legendary 32-100Khz/24 Bit Sound interface which the newer Pacarana interfaces lack.

If you have managed to find this listing you will know what this device can do. Think Wall-E, Ben Burtt, Amon Tobin’s latest ISAM album and you will envisage a complete sound design environment. This is state of art and there is nothing else out there that comes close in terms of Macro sound-design.

Its very complicated with a learning curve of 1-2 years to truly master its features.

Its more of a sound-design/sculpting tool than one that lends itself naturally to composition. A foley recording artist may also be interested.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Unfortunately I have to sell my awesome Kyma Capybara 320 System with original manual and software cd. Upgrades are free on symbolic sounds website and support is outstanding. I have been using this with the latest Mac OSX Lion and latest software update from Symbolic sounds. This is in great condition and a sound designers dream. Please note that I will include the Kyma firewire interface but the firewire interface is not working. This suits someone who has a Paca or Pacarana and wants to use the excellent ins and outs of this unit as a front end or someone who has a working Kyma firewire interface or PCI card. I did contact Symbolic Sounds and they are happy to have a look at the firewire unti so not all is lost. I just don’t have the time to arrange all this. But if you are keen then they are very very helpful ! The Capybara 320 itself is in excellent condition and works fine. Never had a problem with it when the firewire interface worked.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Included in this auction are:

(1) Full Size Haken Continuum Fingerboard
(that’s right- FULL SIZE!)
(1) Symbolic Sound Capybara 320 and Kyma X

All cabling, manuals, and discs are included as well as the Capybara Firewire Interface and a standard Hard Case for the Continuum.

Used only in my homes studio, I’ve recently moved and don’t have the space for all the toys!
Everything looks as if it were fresh out of the box with no functional or cosmetic issues to disclose. No wear on the Continuum playing surface.
Continnum is an early model without internal sounds but can be upgraded reasonably through Haken. I only used it with the Capybara, Kontakt and Ableton on my laptop.
Original cost for this system was well over 10k.
A great deal for any alternate controller fan, sound designer, or synthesist.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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Kyma @ 23 August 2011, Comments Off

“die Geräte sind in einem gutem Zustand ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 26 July 2011, Comments Off

“Kyma Capybara basic system with 4 processors. Includes firewire interface, Kyma X software, all cables and Kyma Revealed! book. This system has seen light use in a smoke free home studio. Registration will be transferred to the winning bidder to allow updates from symbolic sound.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For auction is a like new symbolic Sound Capybara320 DSP expansion card. Used in a climate controlled, smoke free studio, this DSP expansion card was recently pulled from a like new Capybara 320 motherboad. Will be shipped carefully in a static protective pouch.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“For auction is a like new symbolic Sound Capybara320 basic system (4 DSPs w/96MB RAM). Used in a climate controlled, smoke free studio, this audio effects and synthesis unit will work with any current Mac or PC unit that has a firewire400 port. Includes the 19″ rackmountable main Capybara 320 and power cable, firewire-400 cable, flame interface for computer connection and power adapter, Kyma X book, Kyma X install CD, current Kyma X software update for Windows 98/2000/Vista/7 and MacOS10.5/10.6 as well as a Motormix (moving fader) MIDI remote control and power cable (Kyma X automatically populates synthesis controls onto this remote). In short this is a complete Kyma X Capybara320 setup that cost 3500USD a couple of years ago. The Capybara 320 has 4 digital and analog outputs as well as MIDI in/out/thru and word clock sync (which when used kills digital jitter artifacts). For 4000+USD, the new paca and pacarana do not come with any means of producing audio or MIDI directly (additional interfaces have to be bought and connected). If you are considering a new paca or pacarana then this system is a great low-cost alternative! Pictures are from the unit being sold. Thanks for looking.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 17 May 2011, Comments Off







Thank you for visiting my auction! We have up for sale the Symbolic Sound Kyma system with Capybara 320 audio processing engine. I am also including the CM Labs Motormix controller, which integrates directly with the Kyma software and hardware. This system was thoroughly tested before listing, and is in perfect operational condition, and in very fine cosmetic condition as well. If you are looking at this auction you already know what you are looking for, so I will spare you the endless accolades this system had garnered internationally, as well as the endless technical specs. If you are into sound design, bleeding-edge electronica, or want to set yourself apart from the masses of sound engineers out there, then this system is for you” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“die Geräte funktionieren einwandfrei volles Kyma System mit Firewire anbindung 100% funktionierend” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 15 February 2011, Comments Off

“I got this as part of a studio clear out and it’s a bit high end and complex for me, so I’m selling it. I haven’t been able to fully test it as it’ll involve quite a lot of work to get to grips with but it powers up okay and I have no reason to think it’s not working fine.

It looks like it has 2 expansion cards too, leaving 10 slots free, so this really is a powerful beast.

You can get the latest software updates from Symbolic Sound at this link. I can provide ownership details on request.

Here’s what you’ll get

- Capybara 320 Unit and leads

(Please note this is only a 4 Input / Output system, not 8 as some can be)

- Motormix for real-time control + power cable

- Kyma Firewire interface + power supply

- Original software disc and huge manual

- Some audio and MIDI cables you may find useful

There’s some scratches on the Capybara and the Motor Mix has a black blob in the display (see photo), but they’re fine otherwise.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 04 January 2011, Comments Off

“I have 2 (two) dsp cards available for the Symbolic Sound Kyma Capybara 320 system.
Each card adds 2 DSP’s to your system.
Both cards are in Excellent condition and perfect working order. Listing price is for 1 (one) card.
Buy both cards cards and get free shipping in the USA.
Will ship worldwide.

These cards come from my working from my $4000 Kyma Capybara 320 system, Both cards are still inside the system.
To minimize the risk of static damage the cards will only be removed for shipping.

These cards were ordered new as an add-on to my Capybara 320 system for $595 EACH.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 21 December 2010, Comments Off

“Symbolic Sound Capybara 320 sound computation engine with Kyma X software

Basic system with Flame Firewire interface (this was extra at retail!), Kyma X software disk, all power cords, and the Kyma manual.

License is transferrable for free software updates and support.

The system works perfectly, and looks great. Used in a smoke-free, gentle studio. Firewire cable not included” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 23 November 2010, Comments Off

“Capybara 320 DSP Kyma and the CM Labs Motormix
(This is the original configuration plus one expansion card in the Capybara)
Never gigged… used maybe a total of 200 hrs in a smoke free pet free studio.
I upgraded to the Pacarana so now you can get this 4000$ rig for an amazing price!!!
The Capybara is still in it’s original box with Flame Firewire connector and all cords, cables and software including licensing which we will transfer via phone to Symbolic Sound upon purchase!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 21 September 2010, Comments Off

Never Used

This is amazing technology for sound designers and musicians alike. A unique system used by some of the finest audio professionals in the world. Including Gary Rydstrom and Ben Burtt.

Ultra Flexible sound design system is like Reaktor times 10,000.

This Unit has “Four cards” in addition to the Basic system format and includes the Firewire Interface” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 29 June 2010, Comments Off

“Sell a kyma system:
capybara 320 basic configuration ( 2 processor —– 4 in/out — midi I/O — spdif I/O )
flame firewire interface for mac/win
motormix for flawless control of the patch
kyma book, original cd, original cables, manuals and box
could work as audio midi interface for paca and pacarana.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 18 May 2010, Comments Off

“”A modern Synclavier” (synthesizer, sampler, effect processor, DAW).

Symbolic Sound Kyma X Capybara 320 + 2x expansion boards + Firewire computer interface + latest version of Kyma X for PC/Mac – fully working excellent system. Used by BT, Autechre, Hollywood studios (Batman Dark Knight movie e.g.)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 20 April 2010, Comments Off

for sale, is my much loved Kyma Paca, sound design/synthesizer engine, made by symbolic sound. it has only had about 4months of very light use, and is in completly “as new” condition, with all original packaging and documentation. i used it to add some “zing” while mixing some of australia’s leading tv shows, and are selling it to make way for another toy. it’s a great fun, but very deep machine, that challenges the whole way you think about sound design, plugins and synthesizers. if you are willing to do the work, you can literally create any sound, effect or instrument you want. the use of the hardware processor means that it can run on pretty much any computer, using very little CPU, while making immaculate quality sounds. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 23 March 2010, Comments Off

” The Kyma system from Symbolic Sound has long been recognized as the most powerful and versatile sound-design workstation around. Combining an elegant and flexible graphic programming language and a black box full of reconfigurable DSPs, Kyma is a Hollywood sound design staple. This auction unit has 6 dsp cards fitted, 3 more than the standard unit, and can be expanded up to 12. It comes with firewire interface, will ship in its original box and with the Kyma manual. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 09 March 2010, Comments Off

“SYMBOLIC SOUND KYMA X CAPYBARA 320. Base system, includes everything:

1) Capybarra 320

2) Firewire Interface

3) All Cables

4) Instructions + Carla’s Manual + software

Computer & Monitor shown in one picture are NOT included although I will sell through them through an EBAY auction “cheap” if interested (has everything pre-loaded). ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Kyma @ 16 February 2010, Comments Off

IMG_7904 “This listing is for a Kyma Capybara 320 sound computation system. The unit is 100% functional and it is in nice cosmetic shape as well. It was well maintained in a smoke free studio. It’s been expanded with 7 additional DSP cards (18 DSP chips total) and 1 audio I/O card. You also get the Flame firewire to Capybara interface, Rack ears, a 4 x6 Wacom tablet to use as a controller, and a padded bag is included as well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.