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k2500 ” Hello- I am parting out my home studio, and have a terrific Kurzweil K2500 Module for sale. Manual, original VHS tape, and power cord is included. Never been out of the home studio. Check out my Triton Rack Mounted Synth in another auction. I will be putting up some really cool midi gear such as synth modules, crown amp, BBE sonic maximer, quadraverb, sqr, rack mounted mixers, PLUS a huge Sountracs Midi Mixing Board ( what a beauty). Thanks for looking and good luck !” Link

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k2v3 ” Here is a Kurzweil k2000 v3 I picked up. I don’t know much about it. Plugged it in both outputs work. Headphone jacks work. Sounds all work. Has the daughter board and the orchestral board. Also looks like the memory is maxed. The chassis is damaged on this keyboard. And I have not checked to see if you can sample on it.the display backlight is out, All the keys work. And it’s pretty clean inside. You can play it as is. Or use it for parts.
Please read: I am done with people that have no feedback. If you have below 10 feedback score do not bid!” Link

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kurzweil-k2000rs “Up for Sale is a Kurzweil K2000RS 64MB 1GB K2000 3.87J Sampler Synthesizer + SCSI & USB Zip Drive” Link

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2600 “The K2600 is in excellent condition. Everything works as expected. Includes 2GB hard drive, 128MB sample memory, PRAM, orchestral ROM, contemporary ROM, piano daughterboard, KDFX, and includes the case shown.” Link

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j2 “Non working used for parts I will include the sample option circuit board ” Link

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k2kkr “No power, sampling option was removed.” Link

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k2r “Kurzweil K2000R, some scratches as noted in pics. Works and sounds great.” Link

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k2 ” This is a Kurzweil K2000 with pretty much every option that is available for this model. It has a built-in SCSI hard drive with cooling kit with all available Kurzweil factory sound banks installed and the maximum amount of memory that can be installed. The display has an EL backlight kit to make the display much more readable in low light. The floppy drive worked the last time I used it but I haven’t used it for a long time (using MIDI transfers from the computer is easier anyway).

There are a few small lines in the LCD display but it doesn’t make it unreadable and is probably fixable if you have the patience. There are (free) computer display emulators that are easier to use anyway so to me it wasn’t an issue. There is some slight wear from use but the side that matters is almost like new and all the labeling is clear and readable as it was new.

The keyboard is velocity sensitive with aftertouch and the pitch and modulation wheels work well. It also has two sliders that can be assigned to various parameters depending on the sound patch.

Everything works, all outputs are clean and distortion free, the 10 GB hard drive works very well. I will leave whatever patches are on it now.

This has been a fantastic keyboard and is still one of my favorites.” Link

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k2000r “Estate sale. As-is. No returns no refunds no exchanges. Prototype unit. No internal hard drive. Floppy doesnt mount. Battery needs replacement. Front panel binding some buttons. All buttons work with front panel. Unit sounds great and responds to MIDI. Vintage ’90s electronics. V3.01 firmware. Original Version 3 Software Musician’s Guide Supplement manual ” Link

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k2000r “Kurzweil K2000R VAST Synthesizer w/ Orchestral ROM and Manuals K2000

Up for auction is my beloved Kurzweil K2000R. This is an amazing synth with endless possibilities. I’m selling it with the rack ears and both manuals. It has the added Orchestral ROM but it does not have the sampling option. I bought this from the original owner a few years ago who only used it in his home studio. I immediately racked it and its been in my studio ever since. This synth is very clean and working great (I’ve never had the need to use the floppy drive so I haven’t tested it). I used the synth up until about 2 weeks ago, so I know its working great.” Link

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k150 “Kurzweil K150 Fourier Synth Rack from 1986. Fully functional. Some rust on screws etc. Replaced battery, cleaned volume knob (no scratch). Has 69 presets sounds in memory. Comes with power cable. Extensive documentaion PDF’s available.” Link

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k2000 “Kurzweil K2000 Digital Synthesizer
This one is really beat up.

It was painted by someone and then someone tried removing the paint with acetone.

I was hired to take the guts from one K2000 and turn it into one nice working synth.

This is the leftovers.

There are parts missing and it’s not working.

It’s in rough shape.

Parts only No returns” Link

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k2000r “This auction is for a Kurzweil K2000R Player, the rack mount version. There is no sampling option in this unit. It has a 3.54J setup version and comes equipped with the daughterboard used to connect the ROM upgrades and the Orchestral ROM upgrade itself. It has 4MB of sample memory. You can see this in the picture that shows the disk screen. I have checked this out thoroughly and it plays and sounds great. However, being an older unit, it is being sold as-is so bid accordingly. The only warranty is that it will not be DOA. I am including the K2000 Musician’s Guide and also the Supplement which has info about the Version 3 software and the Orchestral ROM. Both of these are must haves to get the most out of this unit. Also included is the K2000 Factory Programs & Demos disk and the K2000 Orchestral ROM GM Sound set disk which has 130 or so additional sounds which I have already loaded into the K2000. ” Link

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k2500“Up for grabs is a vintage Kurzweil K2500 work station. I purchased the keyboard used about 8 years ago. I have hardly used it. It really needs to find a new home where it will be loved and appreciated. Everything works on it, however, the back up battery needs to be replaced. This is a package deal which includes the K2500, keyboard stand, bench, music stand, soft travel case and amp. The amp is an AXL B60. This would be a great starter kit for a young budding musician. ” Link

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k2000s “I’m selling this Kurzweil 2000S for parts or repair. One day Synthesizer did not start up but before that everything was in perfect running condition.” Link

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k2000” You are bidding on a USED KURZWEIL K2000 in the purple finish. All the keys work but a couple are a little sticky. It lights up and it makes noise other that that, not sure. No paperwork/manual of any kind. Includes case and power cable.” Link

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Got this from a friend a couple years ago and have never used it. Unit powers on and I can hear sounds through headphones, however I’m not savvy when it comes to sampler keyboards, so I haven’t tested it really beyond that. More comfortable playing my Casio I’ve had since 1983.

Cosmetically this is in great shape, some scratches on the bottom and tape residue on the top. I tried to clean that off, but didn’t want to harm anything by using cleaning products, so it didn’t really come off (i’ll leave that for the buyer to take care of – assuming you know what you’re doing better than I)

Keyboard comes with nice travel case, soft but sturdy, original power supply and a foot petal (not sure of that state of that, but it’s my understanding that replacing those is fairly cheep)” Link

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k2kr ” This is a Kurzweil K2000R rack mounted synthesiser utilising Kurzweil’s VAST operating system. I am selling some items that I have had for a while due to downsizing. I have had this item and a K2000RS in my rack for sometime and used them widely. In my view the piano sounds from this unit are the equal of any. This unit is extremely versatile and programmable but most importantly is capable of great sounds from the piano through orchestral to wind and brass. It fits in a standard 19in rack and with an appropriate MIDI controller will give great service.” Link

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k1k Was working fine, now has “motorboating” sound that I’ve seen listed in Kurzweil forums as a problem with low oscillation. Turns on, lights up, and will go through preprogrammed sounds. Sound plays through all other sounds. Has been well maintained. Could be a programming problem or may need parts. Comes with original Kurzweil Musician’s Gide. Sold as parts. I offer shipping through USPS or UPS or free pick up.” Link

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k2000s“Very good condition. Everything works including floppy drive!!LOCAL PICKUP ONLY–WILL NOT SHIP” Link

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150” I got this in a lot of guitar stuff. I’m not really a keyboardist so I wasn’t able to fully test this thing. I tested this with a midi keyboard and it played fine, let me change sounds. All the presets sounded pretty good. The volume pot was a little dirty but I imagine just using it would clean it up. The power button is sticky, kinda like something was spilled on it, which makes the button stick a little.I just wiggled it and it popped back out. Nothing a simple clean up couldn’t fix or just some usage. I was unable to test the cassette part as I don’t have a cassette player or the cassette. That is the extent of my testing. I don’t know how to program this so I was unable to test those functions. There is a small dent on the top, see pics for cosmetic damage. Because this is old and I can’t fully test this, consider this sold as is, no returns. ” Link

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1kpx ” Kurzweil Rack Synthesizer , the 1000PX is in good functional condition,” Link

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kms250“Up for auction from a music store buyout comes this listing for a VTG.KURZWEIL KSM 250 electronic keyboard. This was is in working condition when obtained. There are no defects seen on the cabinet other then 1 minor scuff from moving the keyboard into the house.

I am not an expert in this field therefore this item is being sold as found. Comes with keyboard, power supply, and adjustable metal stand. P/N 10001801″ Link

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k2500rs “I am the original owner of this item. It has resided in a smoke free environment the entire time. It’ a great sounding unit. I just don’t use it any more. It is in excellent shape, very clean. I recently had the LCD replaced with a new one as these have a tendency to wear out. It cost $225 to replace It comes with OS 2.99 which you can update from the Kurzweill downloads page. It comes with the original manuals.
It has 34MB of sample RAM.” Link

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k2000s” KURZWEIL K2000S SAMPLER (works great)” Link

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Kurzweil K2500RS ” Scracthes on the unit (see pictures). When powering up, Sometimes you need to turn in on/off a 2nd time for it to boot properly. This has occurred with the unit since it was re-capped several years ago.

Kurzweil K2500RS synthesizer and sampler. With 42MB of RAM (configured as 2+8+16+16 SIMMS), RACK EARS (!) and reference guides.

Also, Contains a SCSI card reader that allows you to put the card in the computer for file management. (only 2GB is readable due to SCSI architecture). Comes with a 4GB CARD loaded with factory and custom sounds. WARNING: Card must be in the unit whenever it is powered on or you will crash the SCSI bus.

See comments and pictures about wear and tear.” Link

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k2500s“Used Kurzweil K2500S


This is a USED item. See pics for details. No apparent dings, dents, or scratches. DOES NOT COME WITH ORIGINAL BOX OR MANUAL. No Sustain/footswitch” Link

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k2500r” Kurzweil Legacy Product

Great Synthesizer workstation! I have loved using it, just no need for it anymore and getting married so I need the money! ” Link

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k2000ks “I am selling a Kurzweil K2000 synth. It is a great synthesizer but needs a little work done. It comes with a floppy disk of 200 preset sounds which are incredible. I am by no means a synth expert but the main problems I noticed with the synth were: the contact needs to be cleaned on the lower c# key the first c key has a bit of resistance ( I imagine this is an easy fix), the keyboard powers on and emits a blue light but I have had a bit of trouble accessing the sounds (this could be because I have know idea of what I am doing). The keyboard was functioning great a month ago so it may not be too difficult to fix for those who know what there doing. Cosmetically the synth is in decent shape. I’m sure if you fixed this thing up, you could get a ton of extra time and energy out of it. Also, after having it looked at by a buddy who knows vintage synths well, apparently the keys themselves are awesome and rare – allegedly potentially valuable. ” Link

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“You are bidding on a Kurzweil K2000 V3 with the Orchestral ROM and most current Janis 3.87 OS upgrade. This keyboard is in great condition: I am the original owner and it has been housed in my smoke-free studio. ” Link

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” This keyboard is in perfect working order, just has one chipped key which was done by my sons when he was 3 years old. i would be happy for the purchaser to connect and play when they come to collect. ” Link

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“This is a Kurzweil K2500XS synth, sample and sequencer. This has 3.02 OS version. I am the original owner. Will include manual, power plug, original VCR video tape instructions, some personal sound disk and a foot pedal. ” Link

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“Up for sale…Vintage Kurzweil K1000 Synthesizer with custom A&S Flight Road Case… This keyboard was used on tour with Donna Summer throughout the 80-90′s. . . It works, but shows wear with mild scuffs and scratches, mostly on the bottom and sides. . . The top is pretty clean. . . I don’t really know how to use this keyboard. . . I had a friend over that tested it. . . It has some contact issues on about 5 keys that need attention, no sound comes from them when you press them down. ” Link

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“This K2000 is in very good condition. The only issue with this keyboard is one key sits up slightly higher than the adjacent keys. This keyboard sounds great and functions perfectly. The hardcase shown in pics IS NOT INCLUDED in the auction.” Link

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” An old school Kurzweil K1000 synth in good working order. I really like the sounds of this keyboard and the key response, but I’m not a synth player and this is taking up too much room. The backlight of the display is out (as is common with these) and there seems to be a way to fix that fairly inexpensively. The left end plastic housing is broken. Replacements for these are available too.

Note that this is the original K1000, not the K1000 SE or other models. If there is other information you want such as firmware revision, etc, I’d be happy to try to find out but may need a little coaching (again, not a synth guy :) )” Link