Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 19 July 2014, Comments Off

“Extremely good condition, a couple of minor scratches to case. Functionally perfect.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 05 July 2014, Comments Off

“Beautiful Korg VC 10 vocoder with original microphone. Excellent condition, this very unit has been used for recordings on charting deep house records” Link

Korg, VC-10 @ 14 June 2014, Comments Off

“Looks like there’s some interest in these on eBay. I hope some of that enthusiasm is in Chicagoland. I need money. This vocoder is scuffed up and a little dented, but it is the jewel of my vintage collection because it does Whodini like nobody’s business.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 14 June 2014, Comments Off

“Great physical condition.
I do not have the original gooseneck microphone. Nor have I ever used one with this vocoder, as it requires a non-standard connector.

The other 1/4″ microphone input works perfectly. All other functions / keys / knobs work perfectly.

Will be well packaged and insured for safe shipping.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 07 June 2014, Comments Off

” Biete hier ein Korg VC-10 Vocoder an. (Synthesizer)
Ein sehr schönes Gerät noch von meinen Opa der sich damit beschäftigt hat.
Es muss aus den 70er sein, sieht aber dafür noch sehr erhalten aus.
Das gerät habe ich prüfen lassen und alles ist voll funktionsfähig.
Geringe Spuren sind auf der Oberfläche zu sehen aber das ist denke ich normal.
Die Knöpfe und Tasten lassen sich sehr flüssig bewegen.
Keine Brüche, Dellen oder sonstige solche Defekte.
Leider ist das Mikrofon nicht mehr vorhanden.
Die Geschichte von dieses Gerät ist, wie ich im Netz nachlesen konnte, sehr interessant.
Viele bekannte Künstler haben dieses Gerät benutzt.
Das spricht für Qualität” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 31 May 2014, Comments Off

“Switches on and lights up vdu but then nothing” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 17 May 2014, Comments Off

“Biete an , einen Korg VC-10 Vocoder mit original Schwanenhals Mikrofon .

Der VC-10 ist im absoluten TOP Zustand , fast wie neu und natürlich VOLL funktionsfähig …………in diesem TOP Zustand wohl eher sehr selten zu bekommen

Verkaufe ihn nur , weil es die Umstände erfordern :-(( ..sonst würde ich ihn sicher behalten !!

Klassiker mit Charme

Mehr Infos im Net und Demos auf Youtube ” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 01 February 2014, Comments Off

“Since 2004, photographicdecor is proud to offer you some amazing fine art photographs, art, music instruments and jewerly.
You are bidding on a rare vintage KORG VC-10 Vocoder from 1979. I bought this Korg in 1979 in Shibuya Tokyo and did used it at home only since I am not a musician, but just love to play for fun. It has been in storage for years since my work got all my time. It’s still in its original KORG carrying bag. I power it up yesterday and did a quick test using a CD has an output since I didn’t had a microphone. Everything did work well and it sounded good. All the keyboard keys are present and very responsive, but one key had a crack that was repaired. The body is clean with no ding or crack, but the paint has little rust spots due to the age. It’s still has the stickers from the 80′s on it. The original carrying bag is in great shape with no tear and the inside is also very clean. Does not include the original VC-10 microphone. The KORG Vocoder will pack very carefully to avoid any damage during shipping. We send overseas, but we are not responsible for import taxes. ” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 09 November 2013, Comments Off

“Item is used but in good working condition. It has been tested and everything is working as it should. Does not include original VC-10 Microphone. You will have to use an external microphone through the 1/4 inch MIC INPUT.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 19 October 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage Korg Vocoder VC-10 Near Mint – Perfect Working Order ! RARE Original.. For the true pro studio use .. The real deal .. Old school sound .. No digital fake sounds .. Very very clean .. Amazing unit .. No issues . Near mint unit ..one owner, non smoking studio .. Very well taken care of .. Must have for the professional studio ! See photos .. Will pack very well for a safe trip .. Buyer will be pleased with this piece of music / synth history .. ” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 21 September 2013, Comments Off

“This is a rare, vintage classic Korg VC-10 Vocoder, from the late 70s or early 80s…….as used by Emerson Lake & Palmer, ELO and many more!

I bought it years ago on a whim & never got round to actually trying to work out how to use it! It’s just been gathering dust ever since so it’s time to let it go to somebody who can get the most out of it.

It doesn’t have the MC-01 microphone with it but it does have the socket for one on the top.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 14 September 2013, Comments Off

“One owner korg VC-10 Vocoder. With the exception of some really minor barely noticeable wear this Korg looks new. I just took the mic out of the packaging! I have had this on a shelf in my studio on display for a few years. Before that it was in the original box ( not included) works great and looks fantastic. This is as close to new as i have seen without finding a sealed box. It sounds great and makes me smile when ever i hear it. Very organic and multidimensional.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 13 July 2013, Comments Off

“Has been tested and is fully functional. It is vintage and therefore as is. Great working order and cosmetic shape (see pictures).” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 25 May 2013, Comments Off

” Up for sale is a (1) vintage Korg VC-10 Vocoder. It’s in good working condition, but some knobs are crackling. Optical it’s in used condition (see photo’s) with many scratches on it and the sides are not new. It comes with its original MC-01 microphone. It’s a 220V version and the serial number is: 161170.”

Korg, VC-10 @ 25 May 2013, Comments Off

” In great working condition.. A work of art.. Very reluctant sale” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 06 April 2013, Comments Off

“KORG VOCODER VC-10 incl. Original Mikrofon MC-01
Sie steigern auf ein mittlerweile seltenes Kultgerät von KORG mit dem legendären Schwanenhals-Mikrofon MC-01.

32 Klaviertasten (F – C)


Fein-Stimmen +/- 100 Cent




Externe Tonhöhenregelung

Leistungsaufnahme 20 W (AC 220, 50/60 Hz)
Das Gerät ist gebraucht mit leichten Gebrauchsspuren, aber in funktionsfähigem sehr gutem Zustand!!!

Weitere Einzelheiten können der vorhandenen Original-Bedienungsanleitung entnommen werden.” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 24 November 2012, Comments Off

” Fab Korg VC10 analogue vocoder from the late 1970s in good condition although there are some paint chips along the top panel ( see pics). Was working great when i put it in storage 7 months ago but being sold as is as i have no way of testing it at present. It comes with its original Korg microphone and Korg carry case! Includes a photocopied user manual. ” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 27 October 2012, Comments Off

“Korg VC-10 Vocoder

Ein Klassiker aus der MS-Serie von Korg.

Abgesehen von ein paar Kratzern auf der Frontplatte und an einer schwarzen Taste ist der VC-10 in sehr gutem Zustand. Der Vocoder ist ja immerhin ca. 35 Jahre alt.

Der VC-10 kommt gerade frisch aus dem Service.Er wurde vom „Synth Gott“ Sebastian Niessen bei SND gesäubert, überprüft und wieder auf Vordermann gebracht. Alle Schalter und Potis funktionieren einwandfrei, die VU Meterbeleuchtung geht und das Meter läuft. Alle Inputs und Outputs funktionieren, er ist stimmstabil und in tune. Die Tastatur wurde gereinigt und das Pitchwheel läuft. Die originale Mikrofonbuchse wurde gegen eine XLR Buchse getauscht. Somit kann jedes dynamische Mikro angeschlossen werden, und nicht nur das Orginale, welches nicht Teil der Auktion ist. Technisch ist er also sehr gut in Schuß und wer sich an den kleinen Kratzern nicht stört erhält ein sehr gutes Gerät mit dem man noch viel Spaß haben kann. Ich löse einen Teil meiner Sammlung auf…” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 07 July 2012, Comments Off

“This listing is for a Korg VC-10 vocoder. The unit is 100% functional and is in nice cosmetic shape as well. ” Link

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 14 April 2012, Comments Off




COME AND GET HER.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 07 April 2012, Comments Off

“Offered for sale is the Korg VC-10 analogue vocoder. There are two VC10′s available, one 117 V., the other 220 V. Both are in the same exceptional condition, and have been completely serviced by Marc Marc Electronics. All functions are tested, cleaned, and treated for better contact und functionality. Also all elektrolyte capacitators are recapped, including the power supply. But much more was done…Check the certificate next to the pictures for more details.

Now it’s a real vocoder:

Marc Marc brought back the Korg VC10 vocoder to the specs of the service manual. Now that has been done, it sounds much different than before I delivered it for service. When I played with THE vc10 before the service, it I was not realy amazed by the sound of the vocoder. Sure I could get a robo sound or an other weird sounding voice, but I missed something. If you want to know why, check the article Marc Marc wrote about a discovery he made while he was working on the VC10. Quite a discovery if you tell me!! You can find the article next to the pictures.

Cosmetically, the VC-10′s are in excellent condition. Besides a few minimal marks, they look almost new. The original Korg VC10 microphone is not included, but any other pre-amped condenser (hyper cardio) mic will serve well.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 31 March 2012, Comments Off

“I am selling my Korg VC-10 vocoder which I have owned for 12 years. It is used and in very good condition. It sounds great. The are no broken keys, all knobs and switch function properly. The knobs are a little scratchy and could use a cleaning. There is a small crack that has been repaired and is only visible from the rear. I have included a photo of this. There are also some minor scratches but they do not deter from the overall appearence. The power version is 117V 50/60 Hz 25W, so you will not need a voltage converter in North America. It comes with the original microphone which is also in very good condition. This item is usually missing. Included also is the original case in good condition that has normal bumps and scratches, but protects the vocoder very well. You will not find a better example of this collectable vintage vocoder at this price. I am certain you will not be disappointed. There is a great deal of technical information on the internet so I will not include that here. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 11 February 2012, Comments Off

“It was purchased used a number of years ago and has acted as more of a decoration than a piece in the studio that is actually used, so we have decided to get rid of it to make space and budget for new gear. It has never left it’s professional studio setting. The unit is fully working, the keys are in good condition, all the knobs still turn smooth, and the unit is very clean (see pictures). There are no significant dings and scratches on the unit. When we purchased this VC-10, it did not have a microphone or manual, so this piece comes as is with what you see. The item will absolutely be insured for shipping, no exceptions (Reflected in the “handling” costs for shipping).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 04 February 2012, Comments Off

“I’m selling a Korg VC-10 analog vocoder in great condition.  It works 100%, I just had it over at my tech Ramcur’s for a couple of loose potentiometers, which he fixed, and he gave it a clean bill of health!
It looks quite good too, except for a few small scratches and one chipped key and another with a small repair..” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 28 January 2012, Comments Off

“I’m selling a Korg VC-10 analog vocoder in great condition.  It works 100%, I just had it over at my tech Ramcur’s for a couple of loose, which he fixed, and he gave it a clean bill of health!
It looks quite good too, except for a few small scratches and two cracked keys.
The VC-10 has a great warm sound that still holds the edge over more modern vocoders. It’s been used to a great extent by Air in great tracks like “Kelly watch the stars”, and many other artists of course!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 24 December 2011, Comments Off

“I bought this VC-10 used in 1980 and have not used it since the 80′s. I only used it in my home studio – never on the road. So – it is in mint condition.

It comes in it’s original box, and has the original owner’s manual and registration card. It never came with the mic – but you can plug in any Mic with the quarter inch jack on the front panel. This is a 20-band vocoder. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 19 November 2011, Comments Off

“Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder. Perfect Working Condition, 9/10 cosmetically. Awesome keyboard with polyphonic carrier built in, but also an external carrier jack. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 29 October 2011, Comments Off

“Korg VC-10 Voocoder in good working condition, without the original microphone. Everything functions properly, every key plays. The unit has some scratches near the original mic input, and a small hairline crack on the left side as shown in the photos. There are signs of wear (minor scuffs and scratches) on all sides, I tried to show the most noticeable ones in my photos. The main output’s volume is somewhat quiet compared to the headphone output. The main volume knob and some of the other pots are a bit scratchy sounding when adjusted but they stay clean when set. There is a low hum and low hiss sound produced by this unit. No microphone included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 08 October 2011, Comments Off

“Complete with original MC-01 Microphone in superb condition, the Vocoder is also up to the mark short of three scratches on the top and a scratchy microphone level potentiometer. I must admit that I did not know about this until I came to put it up for sale and gave everything a good going over, tweaking all of the knobs reveled the problem

The keyboard works as it should and the whole instrument is very clean” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 24 September 2011, Comments Off

“xcellent condition. Great working order. All potentiometers operate smoothly and are crackle free. All keys trigger perfectly. VU meter works as it should. These are extremely rare and it has been cherished by us since we bought it. We’ve tried a few of the latest digital vocoders and there is no comparison. The sounds this produces are superb, deep and totally analogue. We’ve been using a standard dynamic mic with it. It’s not just for 70s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ voice effects. Singing single notes and tones into the mic produces the most surreal pads, and lead sounds which constantly change and vary as it’s your voice triggering it. It also has an analog ensemble circuit which makes things even more interesting. It’s unique and impossible to get these sounds from a subtractive analogue synth. It’s very addictive, once you start using this it’s difficult to get anything else done.

Manual is here

Condition wise – Excellent but it’s not a mint museum piece. It has one small scratch on the fascia which has been sympathetically touched up, tiny marks on two of the white keys and scratches on the underside which can’t be seen under normal circumstances but for a 35 year old instrument it’s very nice.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 10 September 2011, Comments Off

“Original Korg Vocoder. No issues; works great; in EXC- cosmetic condition as depicted w/ light scratches top bottom front back sides, light tarnish around jacks and several micro-dot irregularities in finish, possibly from previous cleaning spray; can’t be photographed or seen from 12″ away. Comes with original microphone (sometimes hard to find). We have used this on numerous records and it is an amazing effect, much better than the digital emulators one typically finds today.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 16 July 2011, Comments Off

“Ich biete hier einen Korg VC-10 Musikinstrument an in sehr schönen zustand. “D” Klaviatur war gebrochen, restauration kaum zu erkennen. Original beschreibung gibt es dazu. Micro hat das gerät nicht.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 02 July 2011, Comments Off

“Ultra rare vintage Korg VC 10 Vocoder from 1978. This is the one! Classic 20 band vocoder that has a flavor all it’s own, this does NOT include the mc-01 microphone. To vocode your voice, you are better off using an sm 58 in my opinion, or just bussing your vocals into the mic input.

This seems to be a very early model and has been recently serviced, everything is in working order. Last year i had this serviced thinking that i would be doing a lot of vocoding, but haven’t used it at all. I’m sad to see this little guy go. This has a built in synth, but i’ve found works best when vocoding using an external synth. This is the perfect addition to your MS20 / MS10 / MS50

Cosmetically this has some typical wear (as featured in the photos) for a 30+ year old synth. The bottom of the synth is a scratched, and the left panel has a few scratches on the plastic. Also, the text for the “ensemble” switch has worn off. The ensemble functions perfectly now, since i had it serviced.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 25 June 2011, Comments Off

“One of the instruments that need no introduction. Loved by all, used by many, the VC-10, sold together with the original “gooseneck” microphone. Browsing through completed listing will reveal that very few of these are being sold nowadays.

Korg is fully operational and has been serviced: pots, keyboard, etc.

The VC-10 is guaranteed to be properly packed and to arrive fully working. If the buyer has justified doubts about its operation or the synth develops a fault, it will either be repaired at our expense or we shall oferr a refund. We never sell instruments AS-IS and we never avoid responsibility.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, VC-10, Vocoder @ 07 May 2011, Comments Off

” Here is a Vintage Korg VC-10 Analog Vocoder. It is in excellent condition – sounds – looks – plays great! Microphone is not included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.