Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 15 October 2016, Comments Off

r55b “Powers on. Unable to further test. Some tape residue on back/top corner. Dials and buttons all move. Please see photos for more details” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 13 August 2016, Comments Off

rhythm 55 “Up for auction is a classic Korg KR-55 analog drum machine. It is in good shape with a few scratches on the face of the unit and some marks on the case. It is working well and sounds superb. Good luck and happy bidding!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 06 August 2016, Comments Off

5 “Nice condition collector Korg Drum computer with foot switch and manual. Someone put a Gibson sticker on the case but other than that all original. Steady beats, rock beats, jazz beats, calypso beats and dozens of others. Set tempo, volume, etc. add cowbell, snare, top hat, and others. Foot switch gives a nice bada boom to what ever you have chosen.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 06 August 2016, Comments Off

r55 “For sale I’ve got a Korg Rhythm 55. She’s an oldie, but a goldie!!!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 09 July 2016, Comments Off

kr55 “Korg Rhythm KR55 Analog Vintage Drum Machine WORKING 100%
This great machine has been reconditioned to 100% working order.
All the Electrolytic capacitors have been changed with the exact values as the original ones, even power supply.
Added 6 individual outputs for each group of instrument level controls, great for processing sounds individually.
External clock input 3.5mm added. When a plug is inserted with clock, it disables the internal clock letting you control tempo and synchronization from another source.
10 jacks added for future MOD to add external TRIGGER INPUT you will need to do MOD
And a blue LED for measure count and looks great in the dark ! ” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 09 April 2016, Comments Off

rhythm 55” Vintage early 80′s drum machine in great working condition, some wear on control panel. Also, the back section of the casing was smashed at some point and there is a sizeable chunk missing. This damage does not effect the performance, and all patterns and functions have been tested and are in good working order. Comes with original single button foot switch for start/stop operation.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 26 March 2016, Comments Off

rhythm 55 “This unit has been tested thoroughly by vintage drum machine and synth experts (us) and appears to be working exactly as it should. Reportedly used by our friends Depeche Mode on their first album Speak and Spell and Jean-Michel Jarre, this preset only beatbox sounds great. If it doesn’t sell, it’s probably going to join it’s siblings at the massive vintage synth and drum machine collection at The Synth Sanctuary recording studio. http://www.thesynthsanctuary.com

This Rhythm-55 comes with the Korg dual foot switch shown in the photos and should make most people looking for a KR-55 very happy.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 16 January 2016, Comments Off

r55b “This is a vintage Korg Rhythm 55B preset drum machine. This unit was used seldomly in the early 80s and then closet stored since. I have tested the unit and it works as expected. There is no foot pedal included for this unit. Aesthetically, it is in pretty good condition for a 30+ year old item. There is no physical damage to the unit and it only has signs of very mild wear and tear, mainly on the corners. Otherwise is it is a handsome looking devil that pumps out those deliciously corny preset beats we all loved in the early ages of synthetic music.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 09 January 2016, Comments Off

korg rhythm 55b“Up for sale is a Vintage KORG Rhythm 55B KR-55B Drum Machine with a KORG Dual Foot Switch. There is some cosmetic wear from normal use. They have been tested and is in good working order.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 31 October 2015, Comments Off

rhythm55 “Korg Rhythm 55, KR-55, Original 1979 Analog Vintage Drum Machine.

Works great!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 17 October 2015, Comments Off

rhythm 55” Korg Rhythm 55, KR-55, Original 1979 Analog Vintage Drum Machine.

Works great!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 27 June 2015, Comments Off

55 “Hello! I don’t know a whole lot about these kinds of things, but I do know that it works perfectly fine and is in really nice shape. There is the actual rhythm box, a cover (that’s what that wrinkled gray thing is in that picture), the foot switch, the user guide, and the box with the serial number clearly written on it.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 27 June 2015, Comments Off

korg_rhythm_55 “Listing for a vintage KORG Rhythm 55.
All functions work and sound great, EXCEPT for the “Rim Shot/Cowbell/Claves” function. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
All casing, buttons, and switches are intact and operational.
Top has some glue residue from old velcro.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 16 May 2015, Comments Off


You are bidding on a Korg Rhythm 55 analog box (vintage aprox.1979)

Model: KR-55

Serial: 258230

This device is very old and shows heavy signs of wear dirty and pieces of plastic casing broken off

The system was working but now it is not working properly it does power on and lights up however there is no sound coming out

tried a few buttons/functions and still no sound – this will be sold as shown in photos and as is

not functioning properly.

This device was wiped down with a little goo gone to take of some of the stickiness.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 16 May 2015, Comments Off

r55b “Works great, sounds great!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 06 December 2014, Comments Off

r55 “If your looking at this auction then you know all about this machine.its now a classic analog drum machine selling for funny money.its got a big crack on front but I’ve taped it up.does not affect the sound in any way.i want rid of quick so grab a bargain.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 19 July 2014, Comments Off

“Couple of dings, but works perfectly, hard to find vintage piece” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 31 May 2014, Comments Off

“This is my personal drum machine – 1 owner since purchased new in 1979. I used it while performing live as a one man band ..and also to record with.

Anyone listening to my recordings could not tell this was a drum machine..they thought the recording was of a live real percussionist !

I used this for thousands of cover songs and also for recording my original lyrics and compositions on my porta studio.

This KORG 55 was the FIRST analog drum synth that had incredibly believable sound samples.

It also had several other truly great features that made it sound real including

1. individual volume controls for various percussion pieces

2. introduction down beat to start each song

3. drum rolls that were of varying lengths depending on when you hot the foot switch in the measure. If the roll was engaged at the beginning of the measure, you would get a long drum roll..if engaged in the middle of the measure, you get half of a drum roll..if engaged 3/4 of the way into the measure..you get a shorter drum roll..if engaged right near the end of the measure , you would get just a few accent beats . This allowed for entering literally hundreds of different length drum rolls and accents throughout the length of a song ..depending on when you hit the foot switch and where you were in the measure.

4. TRIG OUT jack including several triggering modes, SHUFFLE function and volume faders for the most drum sounds.

These were the main features that set the KORG 55 light years ahead of other drum synths at the time.

It also is so easy to use and efficient. I tried various programmable drum synths over the years ..and for me personally were too time consuming to program and even with sampled sounds wer’nt worth the money and time it takes to program. In the time it takes to program newer drum machines ..you can learn 5-10 songs and simple pick a beat and speed from the KORG 55 quickly and easily! ” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 31 May 2014, Comments Off

“Vintage Korg KR55B preset drum machine in working order.

The unit is 117 volts so bear that in mind if you are outside the USA.

Postage quoted Airmail 6-10 days is:


USA $70

As seen from the photo, the unit has a couple of cigarette burn marks left by a previous careless owner.

Also has rubbing of the Tempo and VOlume dials due to a lot of use.

As used by Depeche Mode, has some great sounds and a lot of preset patterns for the money.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 26 April 2014, Comments Off


Vintage Korg Rhythm 55B Analog, Patterns, Rock,Jazz,Swing, Drum Machine
So much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Condition: Excellent ( Look at photo’s prior to bidding )
Markings: All drum styles and tempos and so much more .Easy to use

. one knob is different ” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 19 April 2014, Comments Off

“vintage 1970′s korg rhythm KR-55 analog drum machine. condition is very good cosmetically showing some paint wear as can be seen in the pictures. the corners are all intact. no missing, bent or loose knobs or switches. I tested this unit myself much to my amusement and to the annoyance of my neighbors, and every function and setting is working properly. i’m sure it could use a cleaning, but as it sits, everything is working and it sounds AWESOME! a quick google search will give you all the info on this drum machine in much more depth than i can. The only issue worth mentioning is the foot switch is not present.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 22 March 2014, Comments Off

” Verkaufe meinen Korg Rythm 55 und den dazugehörenden Dual Foot Switch.
Beides funktioniert 100% !!

Super erhalten. am linken oberen Eck ist das Plastikgehäuse ein bisschen beschädigt, und das wars – der Rest = Top erhalten!
Zweitbesitz, immer im Nichtraucher Studio verwendet.

Es ist sogar noch der Aufkleber vom Musikladen in dem der Drumcomputer seinerzeit gekauft wurde am Drumcomputer. :)

Artikel kommt wie am Foto abgebildet!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 15 February 2014, Comments Off

“Please take a look at the photos for physical condition. Functional condition is described above. All items are tested to our ability prior to listing and retested again at the end of auction prior to packing and shipping. Please keep in mind most units are complicated and not all functions are tested. Also, most are older units and may need their pots and buttons sprayed or cleaned.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 15 February 2014, Comments Off

“Here is a fully working vintage Korg Rhythm 55 drum machine with dual foot switch!

The only cosmetic thing is the “used” spot on the “Rhythm 55″ print. It really is the ONLY thing with this unit.

It doesn’t have any crack or chip on the plastic case. None at all. Most on eBay have a chipped corner, a non working knob or something.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 18 January 2014, Comments Off

“Technisch einwandfrei, nichts rauscht, knackt, brummt etc.
Optisch starke Schrammen, massive Kratzer auf der Blende.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 21 December 2013, Comments Off

“elling a USED Korg Rhythm 55 Drum Machine
VISIBLE scratches/scuff marks THROUGHOUT
There is BROKEN plastic on the side(see last picture)
There is ALSO letters ENGRAVED on the top
Foot pedal NOT included
Korg Drum Machine ONLY
NO OTHER accessories/parts

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 14 December 2013, Comments Off

“In very good condition – no major defects/issues. Working well. Great sound/features.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 07 December 2013, Comments Off

“In pretty decent physical condition.. has some scratches and a little tape residue.. overall pretty clean.. check out the pics for a good idea of the overall condition.

Has one issue… the output level on the Hi-Hat is very very low.. almost inaudible.. the volume control does make it louder and lower, but even when turned all the way up, you can barely hear it.. must be a bad component inside that needs repair… all other functions and sounds are working ok.

Comes with the Korg S-2 footswitch that is in fair condition but seems to be working just fine.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 26 October 2013, Comments Off

“Korg Rhythm 55 KR-55 **Analoge Vintage Drumcomputer** MIJ 1979

Funktioniert einwandfrei Keine Fußschalter mitgeliefert.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 19 October 2013, Comments Off

“Vintage KORG Rhythm 55 Drum Machine with foot switch

Tested and functions properly” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 19 October 2013, Comments Off

“Excellent condition for its age. Just some VERY MINOR scuffs to the plastic case. You can tell the footswitch has been used, but it works great.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 12 October 2013, Comments Off

“Rare vintage analog drum machine from Korg! Based on what I read online, it said that Korg started making these drum modules back in 1979, so it’s pretty old! Cool, early 80′s electronic drum sounds used by lots of the popular alternative synth and new wave bands from that era. This drum machine is in good, used condition with only minor scuffs and scratches. I did turn it on and tested to make sure that all of the buttons work. I did not get an instruction manual with this unit, so I am not very familiar with all of its functions. You can probably find the manual somewhere online. Happy bidding!” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 07 September 2013, Comments Off

“ANALOG DRUM MACHINE! this unit is almost in perfect condition. very slight wear on the edge of the plastic in the front, but otherwise fully working, tested by a professional sound man. the drums on this machine are so thick they will cut into any mix the way you want. great for electronic music.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 31 August 2013, Comments Off

“Zur Auktion steht die Korg Schlagzeugmaschine KR-55 / Rhythm 55.

Das Gerät ist technisch und optisch in einwandfreiem Originalzustand und ohne Modifikationen.

Zusätzlich wird noch das original Korg Fußpedal S-2 geliefert.” Link

Korg, Rhythm 55 @ 31 August 2013, Comments Off

“This listing is for a USED KORG Rhythm KR-55.
This unit is 100% perfect working.
This unit is 100V 50/60Hz.
You may need the voltage converter to use it.
If you need a voltage converter, I can supply it to you for a fee. ” Link