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korg-ps-3200 “Vintage Rare Korg PS 3200 Synthesizer with PS 3010 Keyboard. Tested and Fully functional. Sounds amazing. Includes original PS 3010 Keyboard with Original Cable made by Honda. Has some knicks but overall in good cosmetic condition as seen in photos. Pretty sure somebody stained it black. The guy who sold this to me said this was owned by Oscar Peterson at some point years ago and he sold it to a music store he had been working at, but there is absolutely no proof and he told me this after i bought it so its just a weird piece of information that is in no way verifiable or should affect value whatsoever. Please ask any questions necessary.” Link

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311 “”This auction is for Korg PS3100″ 48 Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer with Serial Number 003006. It essentially a functional collectors item. The synth is working great and sounds incredible!

Korg PS3100 is the first of the PS3xxx polyphonic analog synths that made a splash in the analog music world in the 70s. Many prominent musician used it and some still use it to this day due it its unique sound characteristic that is practically impossible to duplicate by any imitators or VA synths.” Link

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ps3010 ” You are bidding on a Korg PS-3010 keyboard for Korg PS series (PS-3100, PS-3200 & PS-3300) and the 60 pin connector cable PS-3001. Comes from the PS-3200 of the Moogchild Synthdrome collection (as you can see in the last picture), and I’m selling it because I’ve found another NOS keyboard from 1978. It is fully functional and in very good shape with some minor signs of wear (see pictures).

Korg PS-3200s and PS-3300 without midi won’t work without this keyboard, so if you have the synth but neither the keyboard nor the cable, this is a unique chance to complete a system currently valued above 10.000USD and increasing price overtime.” Link

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” KORG PS-3101 This keyboard section with a wide range of full capability manual controls greatly expands the possibilities of the polyphonic synthesizer. It may be used with the PS-3100 by employing the 60P connector.

keyboard in fantastic condition for its age (30 Years old).

Please look at the pics, I do not think you could find one in better condition.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“on sale a very rare KORG PS-3010 vintage controller keyboard complete with its connecting cable, from 1978.

It’s compatible with any Korg PS serie analog modular synth, such as the PS-3100,PS-3200 and PS-3300.

I always used it with my PS-3200 and PS-3100 and it works perfectly. The action of the keys is still pretty good, smooth and fresh; you
won’t need to change the rubber bushings for long time to come. I noticed no double-triggers or other issues. All the onboard
switches and the joystick also work 100%.
Same for the cable, it didn’t give me any trouble so far. I gotta say that this is my backup PS kit, so that I used them for very few hours
since bought’em.
Aesthetically,they’re both a little used: no major issues or scratches, but the wooden case of the keyboard, even if well kept (it’s 30+ yo)
presents some signs and tears here and there. I can’t describe it as mint for sure but, being particularly fussy, I’d give both of them
an honest 8/10.
If you are a lover of the great Korg PS synths you probbaly know how rare these things are: I’ve seen one only on eBay during the past 3
years, this being the 2nd only. This is a great chance to backup this precious controller for your beloved PS :-)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.