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96 “Poly six in fully working order, besides lowest B key. All other 60 keys work. This synth sounds amazing and works great. It is missing a few buttons, but they all still work. It needs a little TLC if you want it in showroom condition, but it plays great and sounds great. A few blemishes and a few loose keys. Power cable has been taped, but is also fully functional with no issues.” Link

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usedkorgpolysix “Making space in studio – everything kept in good condition. Vintage analog synth, KiwiSix Midi upgrade installed. ” Link

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p6 “Excellent condition both physically and electronically.

It has a new battery board and has been recently calibrated and tuned at SwitchedOn in Austin.

Sounds like it should with original presets loaded.

Includes custom heavy cover from stardust covers. ” Link

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korgpolysdix “Not sure you can get a better PolySix than this.

KiwiTechnics ‘KiwiSix’ CPU Upgrade
KiwiTechnics brand new PSU
Custom power socket and midi connection panel.
Custom handcrafted solid oak case

The solid oak case is brand new, as is the cpu and psu upgrade. Aside from carrying out the upgrades I have fully serviced and calibrated the beast and she is ready to rock.” Link

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p6 “I am selling my Vintage Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer.

It has just been serviced and is in fully functional condition.

Aesthetically the synth is is in relatively great condition for its age.

I am including the original Factory Tape with the Factory Patches.

Overall this synth is much more capable than the Roland Juno-60 (of the same era).

This is such a great synthesizer which I absolutely hate to sell, but unfortunately I need money to fund my education!” Link

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6 “This very nice Korg P6 is in excellent cosmetic condition, as well as having been restored to excellent working form. I replaced the KLM 367 pcb – the programmer board that on these instruments has the leaky battery issue – with a brand new modern replacement from Andrej Shenshyn of Germany. I also cleaned all the key contacts so they are all working perfectly, cleaned all the pots, and I calibrated the instrument to the Service Manual specs. Upon getting this synth tuned up and working like new, it sounds fantastic, and every button, key, light, switch, wheel, knob and feature functions as designed. The wooden chassis, as you probably know, is still made of particle board and covered with cheap veneer, but I’ll let you decide to get another or make your own. It actually looks very decent considering. The front panel is almost perfect, other than some stains on the inside and the slightest signs of age on the outside. As the photos show, there is not much wrong with it’s looks, and the sound is – well – about as good as it gets, I think.” Link

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p6 “Korg Polysix in need of some TLC. Mod wheel is loose and one button missing (can buy replacements). Otherwise working as far as I can tell. Amazing synth. Local pick up from Hackney, London only.” Link

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usedpoly6t “Up for is a Korg Polysix Analog Synthesizer. I bought this synth back in the mid-90′s and played with it regularly for a few years before putting it is storage. It was in storage for twelve, maybe fifteen years. Upon taking it out and turning it on the unit lights up but no sound. I took a look inside and it has the typical Korg Polysix problem that most do. The battery has failed and leaked. It needs a new battery along with some minor fixes to the board the battery is on. See the attached photos. You can find shops throughout the country that can fix this or you can send the board out” Link

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p6 ““This Korg Polysix was in storage for years. Upon taking it out and turning it on the unit lights up but no sound. I took a look inside and it has the typical Korg Polysix problem that most do. It needs a new battery along with some minor fixes to the board the battery is on. Details in the description below. Selling AS IS” Link

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p6 “Korg Polysix
in excellent condition

※Back side has some scratches.

excellent condition.

※This item is an old secondhand item and may have imperfections.

It works properly.

Hard case.

This item is AC100V
50/60 Hz

You may need a power converter depending on your country.
Please refer to the photo for details about its condition.” Link

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polysix “Das Gerät ist technisch voll funktionsfähig und optisch sehr gut erhalten (siehe Fotos). Außerdem mit dabei sind die Modysix- (MIDI-Interface) und Polysex-Expansions (Hardware-Modifikation) von Tubbutec,

die beide allerdings noch nicht eingebaut wurden.” Link

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used-korg-polysix ” Korg Polysix polyphonic analog synth from the early 1980′s these had 61 keys 32 patch memory and 6 voices, USA 117 V. This Polysix has a sweet vintage analog vibe with SSM chips and VCO/VCF, with built in phase shift, chorus and Korg’s ensemble effect, as well as a great arpeggiator. You also can get very nice vintage and warm analog string sounds from these, similar to the more expensive Korg Trident analogs. The Polysix probably is, was a better overall synth than the similar early 80′s offering from Roland with their Juno 6/60, still personally I will always take the Juno’s and their great VCF anyday over the Polysix. This Polysix was in very nice condition when I bought it inside and out, and this vintage early 80′s analog poly synth still is in very good to more accurate described excellent cosmetic condition. This vintage Korg Polysix does have a few minor cosmetic scuffs/scrapes and small dings/dents on it, there are no broken or chipped keys and no damaged knobs or controls. This vintage Korg Polysix is in even better excellent condition on the inside, The Polysix did have a few small issues and it did need some service to make it 100%. Included is a vintage original owners manual, a settings chart, a small Korg catalog, and a cassette tape with the original Korg Polysix factory patches. I had this Polysix synth serviced by the pros at The Analog Lab in NYC. Among other service issues like the PS and the key contacts the battery mod was done, and this synth calibrated and it now functions 100% proper, no missing voices or dead keys. This Polysix will be bubble wrapped with at least 4 inches all around and shipped in a sturdy double boxing to prevent this item from getting damaged during the s&h processes. Shipping through Fed-Ex or UPS regular ground and insured for the full sale amount.” Link

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polysix “Sold as inoperative or for parts. When it turns to the current lights a red light. I’m not a musician, do not do this kind of technique and I can not explain much about the condition.
Cosmetic condition – makes comments scratches and missing buttons.” Link

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6 ” this polysix is one of the unfortunate victims of battery leak damaging the board. it used to work great aside from a few of the highest keys (about 3) not working but recently it’s gotten basically unplayable, mostly because of the filter. it turns on and makes sound but there are many problems:

i can load a patch and it’ll play alright for like 7-10 seconds and then the filter starts acting up and doing weird things
the filter is 95% non-responsive when turning the knob
iirc some patches don’t respond to adding/removing the sub-oscillator.
the main output used to be loose and create some static if you didn’t plug in right, but now it doesn’t work at all anymore. the headphone output works fine though
the button for chord memory is missing
there is a chip in the wood veneer on the left side of the board (vintage status?)
the envelope is kinda bad, and seems to be going down the same path as the filter

so yeah, this is not meant to be unboxed and played, it’s for the guy who has the patience and know-how to fix synths like these. this is a great sounding synth that is stupidly easy and fun to program. again, please do not bid unless you know how to fix this keyboard or know someone who can! also, don’t hesitate to ask any questions. i’m not accepting returns for the simple fact that i don’t want to lose money by shipping this out more than once” Link

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polysix “I purchased this 5 or so years ago from a friend who refurbishes them. This is clean and in perfect working order.” Link

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p6 “KORG POLYSIX VINTAGE SYNTHESIZER analog synth PS-6 Keyboard. Very good working condition, it has some wear and dust, due to normal used, enlarge and zoom the 12 photos for more details. Case or manual ARE NOT included, comes as is pictured.” Link

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p6 “For auction without reserve is a Korg Polysix Synthesizer (P6). The keys and key contacts have been cleaned since a common issue with these is that some keys will stop working. All pots and switches have also been cleaned. The CPU board has been repaired and a new lithium battery put in place. A full factory calibration according to the service manual was also performed. Factory patches are loaded. The outer casing has a bit of peeling (like they all do) on the right side, but that’s common on these. New wooden cases are available on eBay. The black case pictured does NOT come with it. However, it will be well packed in plenty of material. As with all vintage equipment, this is sold as-is, but I put my best effort into packing it well to get through shipping, and checking it over again to be sure you’ll have no issues with it whatsoever.” Link

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korgpolysix “minimal wear and tear cosmetically a few scuffs and scrapes, small dents and dings here and there item is not mint, but the inside is in very clean condition” Link “>

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p6 “This keyboard is in full working order was serviced and given a MIDI retrofit by Synth Professor (www.synthprof.com) in August 2012 and works as it should in all its functions.

The synth is a UK model ready for UK mains, no converters / adaptors necessary

Comes with PDF manual for the MIDI retrofit and proof of the service work.


Case and chassis work stripped down and cleaned both inside and out.
Printed circuit boards and sub-assemblies removed and cleaned.
All soldering, socket and wiring connections inspected and made good. Large value electrolytic capacitors in the power supply replaced. Memory batteries replaced if fitted.
ll electromechanicals (sliders, pots, switches, jacks, etc) cleaned, checked and replaced if necessary (with your consent).
Keyboard mechanicals and contacts checked and cleaned for optimum operation.
Re-assembly, factory calibration, tuning and testing performed.
Usual battery damage repaired and new battery fitted

MIDI Upgrade Features

MIDI IN functionality: note on, note off, all notes off, bend wheel, mod wheel, program change, sustain pedal, chord memory pedal, arpeggio switch, MIDI clock, start and stop (for the arpeggiator), sysex program dump, mode messages, active sensing.
MIDI OUT functionality: note on, note off, all notes off, bend wheel, mod wheel, program change, sustain pedal,
chord memory pedal, arpeggio switch, sysex program dump, active sensing.
Individually selectable MIDI in and out channels 1..16.
Omni on/off, local on/off, and poly/mono mode messages received.
Arpeggiator can sync to MIDI clock at one of eight different clock rates.
Arpeggiated notes are sent over MIDI OUT.
Expands memory to 128 programs, grouped in 4 groups (1..4) of 4 banks (A..D) of 8 programs (1..8).
Edit recall functionality.
Individual parameter update in realtime via MIDI.
Chord memory pedal can now function as sustain pedal (switchable) with automatic pedal polarity detection.
Sysex dumps in banks of 32 or 128 programs can be sent and received.
128 program tape dump available, as well as 32 program format compatible with the original Polysix.
8 selectable key assign modes; dual and triple voice capability: up to three voices can be layered on the same note
for fatter polyphonic sound.
Programmable noise generator.
Programmable bend wheel (VCO/VCF).
Programmable mod wheel (VCO/VCF/VCA).

Generally in good condition with only the odd scratch and mark on the wooden exterior. Small section of wood missing from the rear, see photo. ” Link

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used korg polysix “Korg PolySix Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer Poly6 for parts or not working from a smoke free studio, the original owner passed last year. Powers up, with some fucntions working; we don’t much about these keyboards The Cosmetic condition is very good, we also have the owners manual and setting manual we are selling this as needing some kind of service.” Link

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p6” Korg Polysix in EXCELLENT condition, mint or near mint. There is no battery leakage and the battery has been replaced with a replaceable CR2032 lithium. Everything works and it sounds great! ” Link

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korg_polysix “This Korg Polysix analogue synthesizer has been in storage for years. Recently, upon firing it up I’ve noticed some keys don’t produce sound and some of the potentiometers produce unwanted noise. I wouldn’t doubt a savvy customer’s ability to make this a great “fixer-upper” synth. Sold as-is. ” Link

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p6 “Travel back in time with this vintage synthesizer. An ’80s classic, made by Korg in Japan, it’s a Korg Polysix. Debuting in 1981, only about 22,000 Polysixes were ever made. Cosmetically, it has been much played. The “faux bois” vinyl and wood end pieces are quite worn around the edges. There is general and ordinary play wear all over. On the right side of the synth control panel, four of the Programmer button tips are missing (Found/Manual; Loading/Write; 7 and 8). On the back side, one of the two power cord brackets (that the power cord is wrapped around when not in use) is missing. The synth powers up, but no sound comes out whatsoever. These synths are notorious for eventual battery failure and leakage. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the problem, but have not opened it up so have no idea what the problem is. No case. It’s being sold as a repair project. I got it from a cool old heavy metal lead singer who had a habit of collecting old broken instruments from friends and bandmates with the intention of fixing them. Instead, he just piled them in his garage (until I came along).” Link

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used poly six ” Korg Polysix in great condition! Sounds, looks and plays excellent!!! This is another analog synthesizer from my prized collection. No battery issues. ” Link

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p6 “Works great! Will consider best offers. Great chance to get this synth that usually goes for much more $$$.

This synth Has been serviced. No battery issue, New battery in place and all functions work properly.” Link

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poly6 “Hello,
Up for auction is a Korg Poly 6.
It lights up and looks to be in good condition, but I have been told it needs a new programmer board to function.
Sold as is.” Link

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used korg polysix “Sie bieten hier auf einen gut erhaltenen Korg Polysix.

Das Gerät befindet sich optisch und technisch in einem guten Zustand und funktioniert einwandfrei. Es weist lediglich für das Alter typische kleinere Kratzer auf, die optisch jedoch kaum auffallen (siehe Fotos; das letzte Bild zeigt die Rückseite).

Der Polysix war zum Service bei einem Techniker, so dass das ansonsten häufig auftretende Batterie-Problem behoben wurde.” Link

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used poly_six “Fully working, serviced by the famous James Walker a couple of years ago – no battery leakage ever – I took the battery out to avoid any issues/out of paranoia!” Link

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p6 kiwisix “Korg Polysix w/ Kiwisix Mod. It’s a really nice piece.
I had intended on keeping this one for myself, I still might change my mind.
Used in a non-smoking studio and stored in the case. I do not play gigs.
All voices tune and calibrate properly.
Keys are level and play very well.
Tested, everything works. I made a few patches and recorded some demos.
Good condition, may have scratches or blemishes consistent with 35 years old, see the photos.
Bottom may have some typical keyboard stand rash.
Included: Anvil Forge case w/ new foam, power cord, Kiwisix name badge (loose)
Power supply is for 110 VAC. Foreign countries will require a power converter before use.” Link

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p6 “Korg PolySix 61 Key Vintage Synthesizer-Keyboard in very good condition. Includes manual on CD.” Link

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p6 “Zur Auktion steht der Korg Polysix.

Das Gerät ist dem Alter entsprechend in einem sehr gutem Zustand.

Auf dem Foto ist ein kleiner Kratzer über einem Aufkleber zu sehen. Das ist der einzige kleine Mangel.

Die Batterie ist mal ausgelaufen.

Der Schaden wurde aber vom Fachmann komplett repariert und langzeittauglich gemacht. Das kann nicht mehr passieren!

Die Presets ab Werk wurden neu aufgespielt.

Ich war von dem Synth von Anfang an überzeugt. Klasse Sound! Easy zu bedienen!

Die typischen Klänge sind im Handumdrehen zu bewerkstelligen. Top Synth.” Link

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poly6“Fully working order Korg Poly Six item is used and in good condition” Link

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used korg polysix “Korg Polysix – 6 Voice Polyphonic Analog Classic

Collector condition / Neuwertiger Korg Polysix kept immaculate

6 voice polyphonic

Only use in Sound Design Studio / Nur nichtraucher Tonstudio benutzt.


- Korg Polysix with all original parts and 220/240V EU version (transformer can be exchanged to 110/120V for USA and Japan)

- Battery was changed a long time ago to a safe sealed variant (immaculate board KLM367)

- MIDI can be added later as you wish with the smart Kiwisix clean board swap (not included)” Link

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used korg poly six “Up for sale is a (1) vintage Korg Polysix synthesizer with factory MIDI in/out/thru and damper pedal option, version 2.4. The old battery is been profesionally replaced by a new one already, but there are still some problems with it. That’s why we sell it as-is, for spares or parts only. It needs service. The volume-potentiometer is crackling when you turn it, 15 – 20 keys don’t make (good) contact, and the ‘hold’-knob has to be pressed very hard to go on/off.

It’s in used optical condition with a few scratches on it, the keyboard isn’t straight anymore, one screw is missing, the wooden case is been damaged and one corner of the case is been broken, there is wear and tear on it, some rusty spots, and the serial plate is missing (see photo’s). It’s a 120V version with Japanese plug installed. We deliver it with a converter to 220V.” Link

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polysix “Korg PolySix in near mint condition. This synth has been barely used and is in great cosmetic condition. The synth has been recently serviced and calibrated by a technician so it will never suffer from the battery leak issue that commonly destroys this synthesizer.

Included with the PolySix is a custom road case, the original owners manual, setting charts manual data cassette containing the original factory presets (this is still sealed in plastic) and even a small catalogue depicting Korg products available at the time of the synths production.

There is a small indentation in one of the wood sidings and the power chord got nicked, so there is a small piece of electrical tape on the power cable. Neither of these effect the playability, functioning or overall appearance of the synthesizer.

Over all the synthesizer is in incredible condition for its age, for example the keys are perfectly aligned and still have a surprising spring to them that I have never encountered using other used PolySix’s.” Link