Korg, Poly 61 @ 25 March 2017, “No Comments”

poly61 “Amazing condition for its age, mostly perfect but a small amount of wear to the wood. Everything is working as it should. All pots and buttons are fully functional. Solid, honest analog sound. The battery has been replaced for a nice new battery (that will not leak and damaged your boards – this is a famous fault on the Poly 61 that is very easy to avoid).” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 18 March 2017, “No Comments”

p61 “It powers up, makes sounds, changes with buttons, mod stick functions 4 directions, but the tuning is very strange. Seems to change as it warms up. Someone made repairs so please see the second picture.

I took it to a local shop and the tech pointed out the battery had been replaced, and the ribbon connector was removed and the ribbon was soldiered to the board on the bottom. The black connector that was removed was still taped to the inside of the faceplate, but it has a broken pin off it. Might have been part of the original repair.

I just don’t know this keyboard and I have lost interest to research it myself.

Selling it as-is for parts/repair. I’ve tried to detail the wear and damages to the body so please also check the photos. I’m sure it’s a repair for the right person out there as I’ve found a lot of info on message forums and doing a Google search.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 18 March 2017, “No Comments”

korg poly61m ” This one is in beautiful condition. Near mint! The buttons can be a little sticky sometimes but aside from that the synth is in perfect working order.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 18 March 2017, “No Comments”

korgpioly61 “Up for sale is an AS-IS Vintage Korg Poly-61 Synthesizer Keyboard For Repair. Keyboard powers on, All of the buttons and switches seem to be in decent shape and sometimes the display comes on however sometimes it does not. There is no sound, one of the keys has a pretty good size scratch through it and keyboard has wear and dings from use and age. I opened the unit (Which was already missing a few screws) and found one of the boards (The Green One) has quite allot of corrosion (See photos), No other testing was done. Sold AS-IS for parts or repair with no returns accepted. Picture above is of actual item buyer will receive.” Link

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p61 “Up for sale we have a vintage Korg Poly 61 keyboard. It powers on but has not been tested beyond that. There is veneer missing in chunks as pictured. A key is lifted up and and a bit of an angle. There are surface scratches dings and general wear. It measures roughly 39″ across, 14″ x 5″ and weighs is at about 24 pounds without packaging.” Link

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korg-poly61 “Hi! Today we’re selling a beautiful Korg Poly-61 vintage synthesizer. This 80′s polyphonic synthesizer delivers authentic, lush tones that only a vintage hardware synth can deliver. Item is in fully functioning condition, just having returned from our synthesizer technician. Please see photos for condition.” Link

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p61 “Only problem we’re aware of is there’s no output.” Link

Korg, Poly 61 @ 21 January 2017, Comments Off

61 “The korg Poly 61 keyboard is being sold AS IS for PARTS or REPAIR.
It DOES power on, but as you can see from the pictures that the display isn’t showing up correctly. After pressing a bunch of random buttons, I was able to get a low drowning synth sound from it. Other than that I could not get any other sounds from it.
I’m assuming that it needs a new internal battery and cleaned.
The power cord was spliced together (see pictures)
The housing for the pitch bend seems loose ( like someone forgot to put a screw in)
It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but It DOES have what looks to be paint or Spackle drops on it. (like someone was remodeling a room where the keyboard was…and it got over spray on it. I started cleaning it off…so I do know most if not all of it will clean up)” Link

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usedpoly_61 “I’m selling my Korg Poly 61 which is in very good condition. It was serviced around 18 months ago and the battery was replaced at that point. Everything works as it should and the lights are nice and bright. Buyers are very welcome to try it out in the Durham area.”

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p61 “I took it apart a while ago with the intent to repair it, but it’s going to require a new cpu board so my laziness is your gain! The original cpu (included) was badly damaged by acid leaking from the original battery. Acid damage was only on the cpu board. I initially thought I could clean the board and save it, even bought a replacement battery for it (included) and you might be able to, but you would certainly need to be willing to replace a lot of components and spend serious time repairing traces. The replacement battery has different size connectors than the board and requires a little tweaking to get connected from what I read when I was going to repair it, which checks out to look at it, but it is in fact the correct battery. I see one cpu board on ebay for about $100usd, this would definitely be a more rational approach than repair. Had I been thinking I’d have written down some notes about condition before I opened it, I know it was turning on, I’m pretty sure I was just getting one note on any key and not changing with reset, no response to the screen, but it’s been a few months and I’m not positive. Because of this I can’t vouch for the rest of the electronics beyond what I can show in pictures. ” Link

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korg-poly61m “Used, battery removed to prevent leakage but not replaced. it plays and works fine. all keys are even and no issues with key contacts
One of the easily accessible ribbon cables should be replaced, the contacts are fussy.
One of the side panels has been custom hand made and replaced, but It is VERY sturdy Solid wood
holds presets” Link

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61 “Up for auction, we have a Korg Poly 61 keyboard synthesizer. This unit is extremely clean and well taken care of. All of the features appear to function as intended. The casing is clean with minimal scuffing and scratching.” Link

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poly-61 “Hello everyone I am selling a used item call KORG POLY 61. This piece was given to me by my friend I really don’t know much about it but I took as many pictures so you can see the item. I will be glad to answer all the questions I can .
Item is in working condition very Mynor signs of usage. Please judge the condition with the pictures. .thanks and have a great day!” Link

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61 “Korg poly 61. Excellent condition ( no chips, cracks or missing paint) on the outside but needs service. Switches on okay and all lights work but not all the keys make a sound when pressed. Selling as spairs/ repairs but could probably be easily fixed with a good service. ” Link

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p61 “In great condition. ” Link

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ued-korg-poly61 “You are bidding on my Korg Poly 61 analogue synth. The synth is in good cosmetic condition, the things to mention are: the right side panel is missing a piece of the finish, you can see that on one of the photos; the tip of middle E key has been broken and put back together; the back jack outs need tightening. The synth has been in storage, and fires up fine, but I would recommend a service and a contact clean. Otherwise an awesome sounding synth in good condition for an instrument released in 1982. The synth will be packed well and shipped in a custom made hard box.” Link

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poly61 “KORG POLY-61 KEYBOARD & HARD CASE-Near Mint Condition Korg Poly-61 Programmable Analog Keyboard-Works Perfectly & Is In Almost Flawless Cosmetic Condition-Has Spent Most Of Its Life Stored In The Case (At Normal Room Temperature). Was Used For About Half A Year When I Purchased” Link

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korgpoly61 “I have a Korg Poly 61 synth for sale that I’ve modded with a Tubbutec Modypoly CPU. This mod adds sustain pedal in, MIDI in/out, additional play modes (unison, 2-voice, 3-voice), S/H + tri LFO for filter, and a powerarp mode. This synth sounds AWESOME!!

Minor issues:
- The pitch bend bends a little less in the bend down position vs bend up, so if you’re bending up a whole step, you might only be bending down 3/4 step. Not sure how to fix this, but seems like it can be worked around.

- The MIDI out jack has a tight fit and didn’t come out perfectly circular on the drilling. I sanded down any sharp edges.

- The photos show missing screws on the main control panel – that’s just because I took the photos before I put the screws back in. No worries, they will be included and put back together prior to ship.” Link

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poly-61 “Left in the closet for years, it still plays and comes with a Flight Case from A&S caes. In excellent physical condition” Link

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korg-poly-61m ” Selling all of my music gear this week. This listing is for a mega-rare vintage 80s Korg Poly61M analog synthesizer. You may come across a Poly61 from time to time…but you’ll hardly ever see the 61M. This one was rarer and sold with factory MIDI in/out. This synth just sounds mean. I don’t know why so many people go nuts over the same old same olds (i.e. – Juno 60) when there are lesser-exploited classics like this still out there.

This synth is in amazing condition. All of the keys and controls respond 100%. If you’ve used one of these vintage Korgs before, you know that the buttons take some finessing. They were like that when new. I replaced a couple that were more problematic and worked with it just find with the others as-is.

The internal battery on these synths has been known to leak. This one never has. The board is perfectly clean. I replaced the battery again myself about 2 years ago. See photos.

Cosmetically it is fantastic as well. No major blemishes, just some small marks hardly noticeable. A bit of crimping on the side corners but not bad at all.” Link

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p61 “Vintage Korg Poly 61 Analog Synth, Keyboard. Unit is in nice condition, it does have a few minor nicks & dings but overall is very presentable. As far as I can tell it works OK, all keys work, controls change sounds, joystick works. But still due to age I have to sell it as-is as found for parts or repair. ” Link

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poly61m “Ich bitte Dieses Wunderbare Gerät, mit Werks-Midi an ( keine Nachrüstung) an.
Midi funktioniert super, nur die Tastatur, gibt manchmal ein Dauerton wieder. Ein Typisches Problem dieses Gerätes. Die Speichermaterie wurde erneuert.

Auch Abholung in Wuppertal Möglich
Keine Garantie beim Versand, werde aber alles sicher einpacken.” Link

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p61 “A fantastic example of a Korg poly 61. No chips, cracks or missing buttons. This was a friends but has been in storage for 20 years. It switches on and all the buttons light up. I haven’t played the synth as I have no amp/ speakers.” Link

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used-61 “I got this from a musician who used it for live gigs. Has some scratches and scuffs but comes with a gig bag.

Keyboard has one key repaired see pictures. Some of the keys didn’t fire but when I read some online forums they said it was a common issue with this keyboard and that the contacts needed to be cleaned. That is above my pay grade.

I plugged it in and got some sounds out of most of the keys. I got the synthesizer to work, changed the attacks etc. and manipulated the joystick. All seems fine other than some of the keys not firing and the keys seeming stiff – another common issue with this keyboard.

This keyboard makes some cool Pink Floyd kind of sounds. Needs some work but in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing this is a cool vintage analog synth.

This is not the later MIDI version this is straight a analog time capsule. ” Link

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******As for the condition, it has been fully tested and is in working order but there are a couple issues you should take note of before deciding to purchase. First off the volume pot is a bit scratchy when being turned but once dialed in there are no issues. Secondly and most importantly a good handful of the buttons are finicky. What I mean by this is that they sometimes don’t register or double click. They do all work but you have to find the sweet spot and this can get a bit irritating when programming. I would assume both of these issues could be addressed with a bit of contact cleaning but I cannot be sure and they may require you to replace some buttons.

As for everything else it is fully functional. All keys are working and in good condition. The arpeggiator is functions and properly recognizing and syncing to triggers. The write function for programming is working and allows you to properly save patches. The joystick and joystick amount knobs are all good. All outputs sound fine. And the tape load is working great which I have used to load the original factory patches for you.

As for cosmetic condition as you can see from the pictures the unit is pretty clean with some minor scuffs and scratches. ” Link

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poly-61 “This is vintage keyboard that only about 1/2 keys function. Im not sure what is wrong. Im not a player or tech so its being sold as it is for parts or repair, no returns or refunds.” Link

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Synth switches on
Pictures show different settings. A sound comes out of headphones which can be altered by frequency and rate but not getting proper sounds as synth is faulty. Spares or repair” Link

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61 “Exterior is in great cosmetic condition with only minor blemishes from normal use. Unit powers on but plays sporadically. Patch numbers do display. Control buttons alter sounds sporadically as well. As such, I am selling this “as-is” for repair or parts since it has been in storage for years. The unit may be repairable but I have not taken it in to be checked out.” Link

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p-61 “wegen fehlender Erfahrung im elektrischen Bereich, versteigere ich Korg Poly 61. Von mir wurde alle Tasten und Knöpfe gereinigt, Batterie wurde ausgetauscht. Einige Kabel gekrimmt und ausgetauscht. Soweit funktioniert alles, nur klingt es nicht ab. Andauert ertönt ein Sound. Alle Chip Voice funktionsfähig! Wenn man die Position in section ADSR ändert, verschwindet alles. ” Link

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used korg poly61 “n perfect working condition, new battery, all original sounds loaded. As you can see the back corner of the right side has a small wood damage, was repaired, but it on the back only, the front is perfect. This sync has a real vintage analog sound. All buttons work, joystick works.” Link

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p-61 “Vintage KORG Poly 61 80s synthesiser. This synthesiser is not fully functioning, however it worked less than 6 months ago, suggesting that the electronics would be fixed quite easily. However, for this reason I am listing it for cheaper than the other Poly 61s on here (at this current moment) and some of those are faulty too. This would be perfect for any vintage synth aficionados or anyone who wanted an electronics project. These synths are very rare and hard to come by now, released in 1982. Casing is in decent condition apart from minor chips, and one noticeable chip to bottom right side. NO RETURNS so make sure you know that this is not fully functioning before buying.” Link

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61m “This is a one-of-a-kind KORG Poly 61M classic analog polyphonic synthesizer. It is in immaculate condition and has been very well maintained and preserved. The instrument boasts a BEAUTIFUL custom-built mahogany wood case by C.K. Twelves. This is truly a unique synthesizer. There were not many Poly 61M (midi enabled) units produced, which makes this classic analog synth actually useful in a modern recording environment. There is not another in existence with such a uniquely elegant wood casing, which not only provides incredible aesthetic appeal, but also provides superior protection for the vintage analog circuitry contained within. All of the KORG polysynths from this era had cheap pressed-wood cases which are now disintegrating at an alarming rate. The mahogany casing of this instrument will still be beautiful when we are all long dead and gone. Compare the pictures of this unit to others for sale on eBay and you’ll quickly find that there IS NO comparison in quality and condition.” Link

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p61 “Selling AS IS – for parts / repair. New battery installed. Makes sound but one-voice is always open (sound sustains. Factory sounds are not loaded in, so it’s just random voice. Last 5 keys doesn’t make a sound. NO FURTHER TESTING IS DONE.
Shows cosmetic blems as seen in the pix.” Link