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Amazing condition for its age, mostly perfect but a small amount of wear to the wood.

Comes with MIDI and a custom Swan flight case!”

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mp ” Vintage Korg Mono/Poly Synthesizer with light FLIGHT CASE in excellent condition. Recently serviced to original specs by Switched On in Austin, TX (see pictures of work order/documentation). OWNERS MANUAL and SERVICE MANUAL included. I am the original owner of this synthesizer and have owned it for 33 years. In all those years, I have done my best to take great care of the instrument. I’ve made the decision that it’s time to move on to new instruments and must let it go.

The instrument is in better shape than any typical instrument of its age – it is very clean! The guys at Switched On in Austin, TX were impressed by it’s cosmetic condition! It looks and plays great! There’s minor dings on the corners of the woodgrain sides near the bottom. It originally had rubber feet on the bottom of the unit that I removed at some point so that it would sit flat on a keyboard stand – those are missing. There’s one key that’s been broken and re-glued (see picture). This is a only a cosmetic problem. All keys play perfectly since being serviced!” Link

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monopoly “Amazing condition for its age, mostly perfect with some slight denting in the wood corners.

Detailed pictures to follow when it’s light.

It has MIDIpoly midi installed and has a custom flight case to keep it safe!” Link

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monoply “KORG MONOPOLY in excellent condition and working perfectly, used in smoke free environment. A few small marks on wooden end cheeks as to be expected for a synth from the early 1980s

Selling to fund other life projects, buyer will not be disappointed.” Link

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About this Korg MonoPoly

Overall, the synth is in outstanding working condition. The front panel is very clean, with hardly a mark to be seen, just small blemishes. The wooden side panels are also very clean and unmarked. The back panel is very clean with hardly a blemish to be seen.

All knobs, buttons and switches are present, original and function correctly.

All keys are clean and aligned and contact correctly.

The unit was tested today and the synth is working as it should be: 100% functional and the tuning is rock solid.

The synth has the excellent MidiPoly midi kit installed.

Included as part of the sale is the original Korg box complete with polystyrene inserts, which is in excellent condition. Two original Korg documents are also included.

Also included as part of the sale is the rare card overlay for the front panel.” Link

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mono-poly “Korg MonoPoly Project Synth

Important: Please note that this synthesizer needs work.

This wonderfully expressive, vintage synth does need work to make it fully functional.

I believe it will need the replacement key contacts either cleaned or replaced. The rubber strips that make contact with the keys are not functioning. These can easily be purchased from various sources online.

There may be other issues but I’m a musician not a tech guy. I have removed the keyboard and manually triggered the key contacts and found that the instrument does make notes and I believe everything sounds the way I believe it should.” Link

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monopoly “I have owned this synth for about 4 years and was bought from a UK vintage synth dealer. Its a great example in good condition and has hardly been used. There are a few minor marks on the side panels (one side in particular shown in pics) but are barely noticeable, with a synth of this age is to be expected. All keys/pots are working but it does take a good while to warm up. Some of the pots crackle, this is standard and could be solved by having it professional cleaned inside. Due to its value and other commitments I am regrettably selling.” Link

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mp “Up for sale is the infamous Korg Mono/poly. This synth is in great condition including the wooden end caps. Works great and sounds amazing, all buttons keys and knobs work, the only issue is the headphone jack is not working at the moment. It’s all analog so it takes a few minutes for all four oscillators to warm up and then you can expect stable tuning from there on out. With 4 oscillators it’s a monster! It comes with a very nice Anvil flight case (the black one shown in the last image).” Link

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mono_poly “I have posted a detail of the sustain knob, which is bent, everything else on this beast of a keyboard works.” Link

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korg_mp “So… my collection is getting out of control and taking over my living room. I need to downsize my synth collection. I know it sounds cliche, but I really hate to see this go. There is a learning curve with this synth, but it gets GREAT sounds. Near mint condition. NO missing keys, dead oscilators or the like. It is also retro fitted with midi. NO dead keys. Japan region power plug but works in US sockets without adapters-no problem!” Link

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I purchased this synth at a gear meet up a few years back and was informed that it requires a CV in jack and the oscillators tuned. Unit powers on and LEDS light up based on frequency selected but is erratic. At times, all keys trigger and all notes play and sounds normal, at times only some notes play. I was told it was either the oscillators needed tuning or the keyboard sensor needed cleaning. Missing switch caps for BEND and AUTO DAMP, however switches themselves are intact. Unit has been sitting in climate control storage for a few years.” Link

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used korg mono-poly “The synthesiser is fully functional and in very good condition. Has gone through a recent general service (jacks cleaned, testing, general cleanup).
Comes with a 100V power cord.
All buttons, keys and knobs working fine. Although as you may have noticed notice from the photos, the button “poly” seems to be ever so slightly misaligned and is not as symmetrically placed as the others. Although this does not affect the use of the button in any way.
Owner of this unit for 6 years. Due to its age and use, there are a few minor scuffs on the metal body. The woodwork is in great condition.” Link

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used mono-poly “Korg Monopoly MP-4 Analog Synthesizer. This a 4-voice analog synthesizer that sounds great and has many sound possibilities.
I am sad to see it go after 20 years of owning it. While in my possession it has seen very light use and has mostly been seating idle in my studio for the last 10 years. I recently turned it on to test it before I post for sale and found that 5 keys are not working properly.

2 of the keys are the last 2 keys on left, although the black key sometimes works, so it is a hit and miss. The other 3 keys are in the right most section part of the last 6 keys. So the good news is that if you decide not to fix the keys, the middle parts of keyboard work fine, which is where you will probably be playing most your notes. In addition, all notes play fine via CV/Gate.

I have tested all 4 voices and they all work fine. I have tested all knobs and they seem to work fine. I have not noticed any noise from any of the knobs while turning. However, given the age of this thing I do not guarantee that there will be no other problems besides the 5 keys and I am selling it AS IS.” Link

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mono-poly “Great condition Korg mono/poly with midi poly power and midi upgrade.

Full working condition but could probably do with a service as it hasnt had one for a few years, Great for both live and studio as this has midi.

This will also come with the original overlay card which came with the synth when new. ” Link

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mp “The synthesiser is fully functional and in very good condition. Has gone through a recent general service (jacks cleaned, outputs tested, tuning).
Comes with a 100V power cord.
All buttons, keys and knobs working fine. Although as you may have noticed notice from the photos, the button “poly” seems to be ever so slightly misaligned and is not as symmetrically placed as the others. Although this does not affect the use of the button in any way.
Owner of this unit for 5 years. Due to its age and use, there are a few minor scuffs on the metal body. The woodwork is in great condition.” Link

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used mono-poly “I purchased this on ebay 2 or 3 years ago and it worked great but then one day it stopped passing audio but still powers up and lights up in response to key strikes. My guess is it just need a new transistor or capacitor but I haven’t had a tech look at it to give me an estimate.” Link

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used korgmonopoly “It was the favorite synth of David Wilson curator of the New England Synthesizer Museum. SERIAL # 376344 When you turn it on it goes to unison mode and then you can go to other modes. Then when and if you want to go back to use unison mode you will need to go back again and turn it off and then on again. High C does not work. Not sure if it’s a key contact or not. We are providing or including 13 rubber key contact replacement strips with this Korg purchase. As you may or may not know each strip relates to 6 keys First octave f , f sharp, g and g sharp don’t sound. In highest octive g, a and highest c don’t sound On left side of unit there’s an off, low and high output section and when it’s in low section there is no back ground noise, high section sometimes there is background noise. Some knobs were a bit scratchy sounding & I’ve worked out most of the noise issues with those. All four oscillators work good Everything else works good, and of course you probably know this synth sound very similar to a Moog which was huge appealing factor about this particular synth and still is……It truly has a fantastic sound ……..A WHOLE LOT OF FUN TO USE!!! IT’S BEEN FOR HOME USE AND HAS BEEN IN NON SMOKING ENVIRONMENT. There has been no service work or changes made to this unit. We have had this Korg for about 15 years and it’s a great piece of equipment.” Link

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used mono-poly “KORG MonoPoly, A very saught after 1980s synthesizer. The baby brother of the Korg PolySix it has a lot of the features of the PolySix.
Dating from 1981 they are getting rarer and rarer especially in working order.

This synth is in full working order and is in good condition, It has some age related marks namely on the corners (a known issue with them). One of the keys has broken however the key does still work and replacements are readily available online. There are also 3 switch covers missing however again this does not affect operation.

The syth has seen little use, It was dry stored for 15 years and forgotten about until I came accross it and then stored again for another two years but i’m downsizing and it needs to go!” Link

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usedmonopoly “Korg Mono/Poly with midi input mod

Great analogue mono synth with 4 note paraphonic mode
CHD midi board installed

ssm based
4 Oscillators
1 filter
2 adsr
2 lfo
cross mod and sync
midi din input
cv in and out 1v/octave
chord memory

Everything working fine, some marks and scrapes and the side panels are a little freyed, see images
I have had this for 12 years, 2 previous owners, been well looked after and occasionally serviced.” Link

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mono_poly “Verkaufe hier einen korg 4vco synthesizer in einem Top Zustand wie immer zur Klarstellung: Privatverkauf unter Ausschluß der sachmängelhaftung.keine Garantie,kein umtausch, keine Rückgabe.” Link

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used monopoly “Verkaufe wegen Studioauflösung meinen Korg Mono/Poly leider als defekt. Die Soundengine ist ok, alle VCO sind schön kraftvoll. Er muss aber in den Service, in der Effekt Sektion stimmt etwas nicht und er verhält sich nicht so wie man es erwartet. Ich habe ihn zum Schluss über CV/Gate Interface von Döpfer angesteuert.

Er kann gern auch vorher angetestet werden. Deshalb verkaufe ich ihn als defekt.” Link

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mp “This is in great condition!” Link

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$_57mp “KORG MONO/POLY SYNTHESIZER, the unit needs to be cleaned, some buttons stick. everthing works.” Link

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monopoly “Up for sale is a nice vintage Korg MP-4 Monopoly synth in perfect working order. Every detail has been looked over and inspected and verified! Sounds phenomenal. Includes everything pictured. 100v unit will include free voltage converter for use in your country!” Link

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korg mono-poly” Up for auction is a vintage Korg Mono/Poly Synthesizer in good working condition. I have owned this keyboard for 15 years and have kept it in good physical condition aside for some damage to the wood panels from moving. This synthesizer is a classic and has a pure sound and diverse character that is lacking in many instruments manufactured today(even analog gear). The serial number on this item is 378303. I hope to find this instrument a good home before i regret selling it. Local Pickup only.” Link

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mono-poly“Up for bids is a fully working Korg Mono/Poly Synth. I just don’t play it as much as I thought I would. It sounds incredible. Some sticker residue from previous owner. Contacts have been cleaned and all keys work great.” Link

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used mono-poly“Ihr bietet hier auf mein Schätzchen!

Dieser Korg Mono/Poly ist der erste Synthesizer den ich mir Ende der 80er von meinem vom Mund abgesparten Taschengeld gebraucht gekauft habe – deshalb: seid schon aus Gründen der Sentimentalität und des Mitgefühls nicht knauserig! ;-)

Der Zustand (äußerlich):
Dieser Mono/Poly hat zu meiner Zeit nie eine Bühne gesehen, sondern stand immer im Heimstudio oder Studio (in den letzten Jahren Nichtraucherstudio – in den 80er und 90er gab es keine Nichtraucherstudios – ein Studio in dem nicht geraucht wurde war damals kein Studio :-D ).

Äußerlich sieht er für sein Alter absolut hervorragend aus – über 30 Jahre gehen an einem Gerät natürlich nicht 100% spurlos vorüber, aber alle Spuren der Zeit sind wirklich marginal und oberflächlich (z.B. kleinere Spuren am Lack, aber kein einziger richtiger tiefer Kratzer, keine abgenudelten Beschriftungen, kein abgeplatzes Furnier an den Seitenteilen – hier nur wenige Druckstellen und minimal angeriebene Kanten).

Die Klassiker wie flächig abgeplatzes Furnier an den Pressspan-Seitenteilen, obskur lackierte Holzseiten, irgendwelche Klebereste von Stickern der alten Band, oder dicke Kratzer vom Transport von 120 Gigs wird man hier nicht finden – ich glaube 1988 sah die Maschine nicht besser aus.

Der Zustand (technisch):
Nun ist es beim Mono/Poly nun mal so: die Tasten und Taster sind (genau wie beim Polysix) eine absolute Schwachstelle, über die Jahre, vor allem wenn nicht regelmässig genutzt fallen diese schlicht und ergreifend gerne mal aus oder haben Kontaktschwächen (Ich hab schon welche gesehen da ging gerade noch eine Oktave). Findet man auch in ebay Angeboten gerne mal: Technisch Tip Top – bis auf 2 oder 3 Tasten, die funktionieren manchmal nicht (suboptimal wenn das gerade das mittlere C oder E ist) – ebenso die Drucktaster für Unison, Chord, Hold oder Poly – wenn die nicht wollen ist es eben Asche, auch wenn der Rest fein funktioniert.
Kurz und gut hier ist nichts von alle dem der Fall:
Jede Taste und jeder Taster tut genau das was sie soll – keine Kontaktprobleme, keine Ausfälle, keine nicht leutende LED oder ähnliches.
Wenn sie mal warm sind sind die Oszillatoren wunderbar stabil und zicken ebenfalls nicht rum.

Mit dabei ein Doepfer MCV-1 Midi zu CV Interface das mittels zwei Klinken- und einem Midikabel dem Keyboarder mit 10 Daumen (so wie ich es einer bin) ermöglicht den Mono/Poly per Midi Noteninformationen zu senden und somit auch ins Studiosetup zu integrieren. Das Interface sendet wie der Name schon sagt nur monophon an den Korg, Controllerdaten (Filter, Hüllkurven, etc.) natürlich nicht.” Link

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mono_poly“Up for Sale is my super clean Korg Mono Poly with the original Hard Case. Its sad to see this one go. It was recently serviced at the Analog Lab in NYC where they did a basic key contact cleaning, so all keys and knobs are playing nicely. Its been kept very tidy in a smoke free studio and used exclusively on studio recordings, never been out to a gig.” Link

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mp“funktionstüchtiger Synthesizer mit diversen Alters und Gebrauchsspuren. Das Gerät ist weder modifiziert noch verbastelt. Der Synthesizer stand lange ungenutzt und trocken im Proberaum rum, beim heutigen testen funktionierten ca. 10 Tasten nicht mehr was bei den alten Korg´s häufig durch Verstaubung vorkommt wenn Sie nicht gespielt werden. Ich habe die Tastaturkontakte gereinigt was einfach aber zeitaufwendig ist und alle Tasten funktionierten einwandfrei. Nach dem Zusammenbauen funktionierte promt wieder eine Taste nicht… siehe roter Pfeil )-: Hab keine Lust das ganze Prozedere nochmal zu machen und biete ihn jetzt so an wie er ist… der neue Besitzer macht´s bestimmt gründlicher… kann da auch noch ein paar Tips zur Vorgehensweise geben (-; Zum Zustand sei noch erwähnt das einige Schrauben auf der Unterseite nicht original sind und eine fehlt. Beim linken Holzseitenteil fehlt das Furnier und es wurde mit Farbe retochiert + die Aufrollhaken für das Netzkabel fehlen. Die Holzgehäuseteile haben diverse Schäden und Gebrauchsspuren, bitte dies den Bildern zu entnehmen.

fully working Synthesizer… any Keys dont play as i tested the synth today… the Keycontact´s was cleanet today from me from the dust… all keys was playin good… as i put together the synth one key dont work (red Arrow)-: I´m to laisy to make the long work a second meal but it´s easy to do it… i sell the synth as is… the next owner will make it more thorough as me i think (-; If you want i can give you a description on which is a good way to do it. Any screws on the backside are not original, one are lost. On the left Side above is lost the wooden veneer and it was colored. The units to roll up the Powercable on the Backside are lost. The Wooden parts from the synt have a lot of small demages and signs of use how you can show on the original pictures.” Link

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monopoly” Korg Mono/Poly, Four note Poly, Four Oscillator Mono. Only 2 owners, studio kept. All knobs and switches present. Still for sale in our store. ” Link

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mono-poly “Korg Mono/Poly in great shape. Recently cleaned the contacts and all keys work well. One key was broken at some point, repaired by a previous owner and doesn’t affect performance. There are a few sticky spots on the face from a previous owners labels. Otherwise, very clean and excellent condition for it’s age. Warm, rich and thick sounding synth. It’s vintage gear, no returns and sold as is.” Link

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mono-poly Link

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korg monopoly “Unit has some issues. The following keys do not make sound: 1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 41 and 42. Sometimes the sustain seems to cut out after you pull your finger up after hitting a note repeatedly (the other times the tone will be sustained, but after repeated striking the same note, the sustain will just stop for a moment). Detune does not seem to have an effect on the sound. Various knobs are slightly scratchy. Please see photos for cosmetic condition details. Everything else works as it should. Nevertheless, AS IS.” Link

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used mono-poly“Fully functional and in great condition. The knobs tend to start noisy, but quiet down after a little use. Great unit and getting harder to find these in good condition. Lots of great poly possibilities and big fat sounds in unison mode. Includes power cord and reproduction manual. ” Link