Korg, M500 @ 07 October 2017, “No Comments”

“Late 70’s classic synth reported to have been used by Eno and others, has some good analog sounds, some similar sounds to the MS 10.

All of the controls and keys are functioning, the casing has signs of wear and tear from use over the years, with one flip knob missing, please check photo’s for condition. I believe it has a built in speaker underneath, but this doesn’t seem to be connected.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 02 September 2017, Comments Off on Korg Micro Preset

“For sale is KORG M500-SP Micro-Preset vintage analog synthesizer. One of the most earliest and rarest synths Korg produced in the ’70s, M-500SP is M-500 with built-in speaker on the bottom of the unit.

The unit appears to be working well, all the keys and sliders and buttons work fine. The speaker sound is good and clear.

All keys are in tune

This keyboard was the type used for the hit single Enola Gay by OMD.

Cosmetically the unit is in reasonably nice condition for its age as you can see. There are some wear and minor marks here and there, but nothing too major. I’m including plenty of pictures so you can see exactly how it looks.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 19 August 2017, Comments Off on Korg M500 SP

“1978 Korg M-500 SP

a 32-note monophonic preset synthesizer with 6 push-button presets including voice, synth1, synth2, brass, string, and wood. Its single-oscillator design has only rudimentary decay/release envelope controls.

Speaker was working till recently. “Sometimes” slight pitch hike or drop when choosing a sound but primarily it is tuned. It also features a pitch knob which was common for older analog synths. Minor physical wear can be seen on the last photo but nothing obtrusive.

*The synth has two 1/4 outputs one output along with the speakers itself is not working. The main output and everything else works as should.

Overall synth works as should with the exception of the above statement.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 27 May 2017, Comments Off on Korg Micro Preset M500

“Part of a musical estate this is a clean m-500 synth. Unit powers on and lights up as it should. No other testing has been performed due to not possessing the necessary equiptment to test the unit so unit is being sold as is/untested ” Link

Korg, M500 @ 20 May 2017, Comments Off on Korg M500

“Vintage collectible mono synth

It’s been a fixture in my non smoking studio for many years. Now just clearing out and it’s time for it to go.

I am not a keyboard player but I have tested it and all seems to work ok

Sheet music stand is not original

Some of the wood laminate is cracked -see the photo – but playability is not affected at all.

All keys work fine.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 19 November 2016, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro-Preset

m500 “This keyboard is in good condition and works well. A previous owner carved their name in the bottom, but there aren’t any serious cosmetic flaws. This is the more desirable SP version, with the headphone jack and built-in speaker. A hardshell case is included, also in good condition. Sold as is, no returns.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 08 October 2016, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro Preset

m500sp “Korg M500 SP in very good condition for it’s age and in perfect working order. Recently serviced so should be good to go for many years to come.

There’s a few minor marks on the case as you’d expect for something of this age but as you can see from the photos it still looks great. It’s missing the little slider cap from the top of the modulation depth slider but the slider works as it should, you could probably pick up a replacement on Ebay if you keep your eyes open.

This is the rarer “SP” model, referring to the built in speaker. You also have line out and headphone out on the back.

Sounds superb and great fun, you can get some seriously cool sounds out of this, thunderous basses and screaming leads. Very similar sounding to the Korg MS10 in my opinion.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 17 September 2016, Comments Off on Korg M-500 Micro Preset Project Machine

micro-preset “Vintage Korg Micro Preset Synthesizer AS IS. Does not turn on. Sold as is for project.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 06 August 2016, Comments Off on Korg M500

m50 “Verkaufe einen

KORG micro-preset Synthesizer

Modell M-500SP

incl. Koffer

Gerät wurde eingesteckt und alles durchprobiert (Schalter, Tasten…). Scheint alles einwandfrei zu funktionieren!!!

Aber ich möchte ausdrücklich darauf hinweisen, dass es sich um einen gebrauchten Gegenstand handelt und ich kein Fachmann bin. Daher kann das Gerät gerne vorab besichtigt und ausprobiert werden!

Garantie, Gewährleistung, Rücknahme oder Ähnliches schließe ich als Privatverkäufer aus!

Am Boden ist nur ein Stellfuß. Ich weiß nicht ob die anderen fehlen, oder ob dies extra so ist (zwecks Klang oder so)!? (siehe Bilder)

Bei Fragen einfach melden!” Link

Korg, M500 @ 28 May 2016, Comments Off on Korg M500

500 “In good working order,minor age related wear and tear (this is nearly 40 years old and looks good for its age)one slider knob is missing,one of the wooden panels on the back is a little loose(not broken)i have left as is.All keys are in excellent working order,one of controls on the panel could do with its connections cleaning(it does work but is not 100%)the speakers work great and dish out the sounds you would expect,in all-round very good working order,its performance may be improved further with a professional clean.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 14 May 2016, Comments Off on Korg M500SP

m500 “This is a Vintage KORG M-500 SP m500sp Micro Preset Analog Synthesizer w/case! RARE. The condition is good.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 27 February 2016, Comments Off on Korg M500

m500 ” Up for auction is my 1977 Korg M-500 Micro-Preset keyboard. I am not the original owner and there are a few defects that make it not perfect. First, the intonation can be off sometimes. I think this can be fixed, but I don’t know how. I have heard it has to do with the oscillator regulates voltage to each key. It is noticeable when performing a leap of an octave in the middle of the keyboard. It doesn’t occur as much on the lower keys (which was fine by me because I mostly liked the bass sounds). Next, a side panel is missing. I don’t know how it went missing but I didn’t fix it because it never bothered me. Finally, all the voice selectors work except for “voice.” No sound comes out when that button is depressed. Otherwise, all the other voices and filters work great. I recently installed a new longer power cable and cleaned the potentiometers with contact cleaner. ” Link

Korg, M500 @ 05 December 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro Preset

micropreset “Awesome Vintage Synthesizer used by OMD and Gary Numan and many others!
Very easy synth to use.
Very well taken care of and fully functional!” Link

Korg, M500 @ 07 November 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500

ALL THE KNOBS AND SWITCHES WORK AS THEY SHOULD AND NOne are missing not only does it work perfect but the cosmetic condition is near perfect as well” Link

Korg, M500 @ 12 September 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro Preset

ALL THE KNOBS AND SWITCHES WORK AS THEY SHOULD AND NOne are missing not only does it work perfect but the cosmetic condition is near perfect as well” Link

Korg, M500 @ 29 August 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500

m500“Korg micro-preset Synthesizer M 500 incl. Koffer

In gutem Zustand.

Ich bin kein Kenner, aber meines Erachtens nach funktioniert alles!!

Habe alle Knöpfe und Schalter ausprobiert!!!” Link

Korg, M500 @ 22 August 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500

korgm500” Late 70s model, in good condition for an oldie. The faults are: Knobs missing from the traveller and modulation depth sliders, but this doesn’t effect their operation. The ‘momentary portamento’ feature can’t be used as the switch has broken off.

This synth hasn’t been in use for some time- it’s been stored indoors in warm, dry conditions (not in a loft or garage). My son has given it a thorough test drive prior to listing, and the only problem he’s found is that the ‘synthe 2′ button doesn’t always work on the ’32’ setting, though it’s fine on the others.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 22 August 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500

m50 “Korg Micro Preset M-500 from 1977. This is almost mint. Looks great and sounds great. Similar sound to Korg 700 and MS 10 series. You can mix synth sounds (2) with presets for a 2 oscillator sound. Easy to use and sound great especially through reverb/delay (not included) No international bidders please, Continental USA only (keep shipping costs down). Excellent antique synth for your collection.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 15 August 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500

korg m500
Korg micro-preset Synthesizer M 500 incl. Koffer

In gutem Zustand.

Ich bin kein Kenner, aber meines Erachtens nach funktioniert alles!!

Habe alle Knöpfe und Schalter ausprobiert!!!” Link

Korg, M500 @ 01 August 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro Preset

korg m500 “This very collectable analog synthesizer comes with all its original parts. Including: the box, the music stand and its original patch sheets. It has a standard UK mains plug attached. It is in good condition apart from a few very small signs of cosmetic wear and tear and is in full working order.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 23 May 2015, Comments Off on Korg Micro Preset

m,icro“Korg M500 Micropreset

Ein paar meiner Teile müssen meiner Studioauflösung weichen, hier nun der Korg M500 Micropreset. Er ist in gebrauchtem Zustand, aber noch voll funktionsfähig. Die Potis kratzen ab und zu. Ein paar kleine Kratzer hat er auch abbekommen. An der Front ist unten ein nur halb entfernter aber charmanter Aufkleber. Sonst keine nennenswerten Mängel.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 18 April 2015, Comments Off on Korg Micro-preset M500SP

m500sp” All keys, knobs, and switches work. This unit has been converted to 120 volts AC (United States standard) and the built-in cord has been replaced with a socket for standard AC power cords (included). Traveller slider cap is missing silver insert. 2 screws are missing from the top. Vinyl wood cover is intact but not perfect. See pictures for more detail.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 31 January 2015, Comments Off on Korg Micro Preset M500

m500 ” This Korg Micro Preset M-500 vintage Analog mono Synthesizer made in 1978 has been kept in near mint condition. I babied it as you can see in the photos it is clean inside and out. Everything works. You can combine 2 or more presets to create interesting and beautiful sounds. This synth’s oscillator and filter sounds very similar to the famous Korg MS 10 synthesizer. The repeat control can give you gated bass lines. Filter sweeps no problem using the traveler slider. Vibrato pitch LFO and filter LFO modulation also possible. This synth is awesome and simple to operate and play. Portamento control with certain presets can make theremin type sounds that are eerie and early sci-fi sounding. Combine this with a delay you are in analog synth heaven !” Link

Korg, M500 @ 31 January 2015, Comments Off on Korg Micro Preset M500

used korg micro preset “For Sale; Korg Micro Preset M-500 Vintage 70s Analogue Synth.

The Synth is in a well used condition and the Synthe 1 & 2 Voices do not appear to work.
All other voices and functions are working.

The panel above the keyboard, has been replaced with a veneer which has torn.
A light saying ‘Forever’ was placed there by the previous owner!

The synthe voices may be a quick fix for someone in the know.

Thanks for looking!” Link

Korg, M500 @ 31 January 2015, Comments Off on Korg M500

used m500” In perfect working order. Korg Micro Preset. Great beginning synthesizer. Monophonic.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 24 January 2015, Comments Off on Korg Micro Preset M500

micropresetm500 “Ich verkaufe hier einen Korg Micropreset M500.

Der M500 funktioniert okay und sieht angemessen aus, dennoch gibt es zwei Macken: Der Filter-Regler funktioniert nicht und die ersten drei Programmbänke werden nur noch leise gespielt.

Privatverkauf, deshalb keine Rücknahme oder Garantie.

I’m selling a Korg Micropreset M500. The Traveler control doesn’t work and the first three program banks can only be played quietly. I only deliver to EU countries (15,99 €)” Link

Korg, M500 @ 20 December 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500

500” Great little gem. You either know what it is, or just youtube it to find out. Only blemish is the smearing of the overlay, as seen in the pic (cosmetic), and the broken key, which can be had from syntaur dot com for seventeen dollars. Key still plays. ” Link

Korg, M500 @ 18 October 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro-Preset

m500 “Has been recently tested by an electrician who specializes in vintage synths. This is the most soulful and beautiful synth I have ever had the pleasure to play. It makes the kind of deep, warm sounds that you only get from a classic vintage synthesizer. Selling for financial reasons only.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 11 October 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500

korg m500 “Unit is in good working condition

Keyboard contacts have been cleaned and keyboard is working well

One slider knob is not stock

Main preset selector switch contacts a little finicky

Physical appearance isto good see pictures” Link

Korg, M500 @ 04 October 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro Preset

m500“Zur Auktion kommt hier ein sehr seltener und absolut rarer analoger Synthesizer : Korg M-500 !!!
Alles rein analog aufgebaut !!!
Der Synthesizer ist für sein Alter in einem opt. sehr guten und techn. hervorragendem Zustand!!!
Das Gerät ist sehr gepflegt, stand lange Zeit gut geschützt an einem Platz und wurde bei Xtended Berlin generalüberholt.
Alle Presets, Schalter,Regler funktionieren wie sie sollen!!!
Die Tastatur ist in einem hervorragendem Zustand !!!
Mir ist kein Defekt aufgefallen !!!
Der Korg M-500 wurde zuletzt in einem Nichtraucherstudio betrieben.
Aus der Kiste kommt ein Druck,Wärme und Power, die man kaum beschreiben kann!!!
Einzigartiger, sehr sehr druckvoller analoger Sound, der durch keine Emulation hinzubekommen ist!!!
Ideal für Leads,Bässe,und dank des Rauschgenerators auch für coole Effektsounds!!!
Im Netz gibts zuhauf Infos über diesen sehr begehrten analogen Synthesizer !
Die Bedienung ist absolut einfach, das rumschrauben macht einfach einen Riesenspaß und der analoge Traveller-Filter ist einfach der Hammer !!!
Die Bilder sind Originalbilder!!! Link
In diesem Zustand habe ich einen Korg M-500 bei Ebay selten gesehen !!!”

Korg, M500 @ 27 September 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500 Micro Preset

m500“Korg’s classic M500 synthesiser…. Good condition and fully working apart from knob caps missing from the ‘traveler’ and ‘modulation’ controls. 2 outputs- high or low impedance on 1/4″ jack. Monophonic….great filter sounds… ” Link

Korg, M500 @ 13 September 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500 SP

m500sp “Offered for sale is this Korg M-500 SP Micro-Preset in superb cosmetic condition and excellent working order.

It is in very clean condition for a synth that’s over 30 years old (they were made from 1977-80): the ‘wooden’ casing is in good order overall and all pots/sliders work as they should (please see detailed photos below). The only blemishes are where the ‘wood’ has rippled slightly around the music stand (see detailed photos below).

There are no known faults with this synth – it is working 100% as it should.
In use, sliders, pots and buttons move smoothly and noiselessly.
(Please note: it is always possible with vintage equipment that some crackly pots/sliders may develop over time when equipment has not been used – even during shipping – this can usually be easily rectified either by use or with a bit of switch-cleaning spray).

This is the more sought-after version of the Micro-Preset with the built-in speaker underneath.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 06 September 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500

m500 “Really fun, basic little synth. Not quite 100% cosmetically as i hope you can see from the pictures. 1 Key is cracked but still works. It was missing slider caps when i got it so i added some non original ones but couldnt find one to fit the portamento control which i can still operate easily enough. There is also a crack running halfway along the back of the stylish wooden veneer on top which i couldn’t really get in a picture I’m afraid and some chips/scuffs all over. Not bad considering it is almost 40 years old! The good news is, operationally it is 100%! Zero scratchy pots/dodgy keys etc meaning none of these issues have stopped me from enjoying the synth which, although simple, produces some truly classic vintage Korg tones. I especially love the amazing bass sounds. ” Link

Korg, M500 @ 16 August 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500

“This is a LOVELY bit of kit with a gorgeous bass and knee trembling filter/resonance…What more would you want? Hopefully not a lot as that is all you get haha… 🙂

A classic analogue mono-synth and one of the first from Korg…A true collector’s piece. I am only selling this due to bad times and want it to go to a good home.

It has some slight issues that should be quite easy to repair:
‘Modulation Rate’ Knob missing (Working Fine)
‘Modulation Depth’ Slider missing (Working Fine)
‘Synthe 1 Preset’ Button needs attention (only work when you hold the button down firmly)
‘Wood Presets’ need attention (2 or 3 seem to not work properly)

Everything else working Squelch-tastically well!
Minor wear to outside shell.” Link

Korg, M500 @ 09 August 2014, Comments Off on Korg M500

“This 1970’s analog synth is in good/fair condition, a few dings on it here and there and one knob cover missing (slider is intact and working). All controls and buttons fully working.” Link