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kpr77 “Vintage Korg KPR-77 Rhythm programmer drum machine.

Has been tested but comes without power cable. This is a very rare bit of kit so don’t miss out please.. Sorry Post cost is high so happy for home pick up. Good luck.

Includes manual.”

Korg, KPR-77 @ 26 December 2015, Comments Off

kpr77 “Hi.

Reluctantly for sale is my korg KPR-77.

In full working order with leather case, adaptor and instruction manual.

Fantastic looking and sounding drum machine.

Happy bidding.” Link

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korg kpr77 “Selling a Korg KPR-77 Drum Machine. I do not have power cord. I used battery supply and it does work. See pictures. You can buy power supply on-line. No cracks. Has all knobs. It does work but I sell all electronics as is.” Link

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kpr77 ” The Classical Korg analog drum machine. stereo out plus clap/snare single out. 2 trigger outs for the tom channels to trigger arpeggiators and sequencers of vintage hardware synths.
Roland din sync I/O switchable. Runs with 4 c-szise batteries or standard 9v DC adapter (not included).

Has an additional ram backup battery installed that keeps the memory without main batteries and power supply attached.

Has a tape interface that allows to store memory content onto daw tracks..

Overall very good conditiion with all faders and switches working.. thats often a bit critical on these old units but this one works like it should..

Just the screen has a few little scratches but you have t go close to see them..normal for a 30 year old vintage drum machine.. it is used ..but well handled..

Sounds good. ” Link

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kpr77'“Das etwas verbastelte Gerät (siehe Unterseite, vor ca. 20 Jahren von unserem damaligen
Drummer in dessen Rack als Metronom o.ä. verbaut und seitdem nicht mehr benutzt
gibt noch Töne von sich, wenn man die richtigen Tasten findet
(16tel Staccato mit Kick, Hihat und Tom-Flam…),
wenn man weiss wie das gute Stück zu bedienen ist
geht vielleicht auch noch mehr, müsste aber bestimmt überarbeitet werden.
Deutliche Gebrauchsspuren, ein Schiebereglerknopf fehlt,
am Unterteil des Gehäuses wurden ein Teil ausgesägt
und Bohrungen vorgenommen. Innen sieht alles ganz o.k. aus.” Link

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kpr77“Cleaning out my projects! See my other auctions!

This auction is for Korg’s first analog programmable drum machine. It seems to work fine, but I can’t get it to let me program a rhythm. Everything else works.

Sold for parts/repair only. ” Link

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“For sale one KORG KPR-77 Programmable Rhythm Machine .

Tested and fully functional. Very rare drum machine from 1982 The s Korg’s answer to the Roland Tr-606.

The AC adapter is a generic one, the battery compares is clean, no acid or rust.” Link

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“Korg KPR-77

klassischer analoger Drumcomputer aus den frühen 80ern

unverbastelter Originalzustand

liegt seit zwei Jahren im Schrank, Netzteil seit Umzug unauffindbar, daher ohne Netzteil

Kontakte sollten mal gepflegt werden” Link

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“beim Aufräumen unseres Proberaums sind wir auf auf dieses KULT-TEIL gestoßen:

KORG Rhythm Programmer KPR-77

incl. Tragetasche und Original-Netzteil.

gebraucht, Funktion geprüft = i.O.

Privatverkauf – keine Garantie, keine Rücknahme.” Link

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“Hi Selling a Vintage Korg KPR-77 Drum Machine. Unit is in very nice NM condition. Very few surface scratches on the bottom. Works perfectly, including clear LCD and backlight. Auction includes rare gigbag, and replacement powersupply! Thanks for looking, you wont be disappointed. ” Link

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“programmierbarer analoger Drumcomputer… hat lange ungenutzt rumgestanden deshalb sind die Bedienelemente etwas kratzig… ansonsten hat er den Dornröschenschlaf gut überstanden (-;
Der KPR funktioniert und klingt genial. Eine Reglerkappe fehlt ansonsten einige normale Gebrauchsspuren. Netzteil und weiteres Zubehör sind leider nicht mehr vorhanden.
Den weiteren Zustand sowie den Angebotsumfang bitte ich den XXL-Originalbildern zu entnehmen die Bestandteil dieser Beschreibung sind.” Link

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Perfect condition/working order

Includes power lead and instruction manual” Link

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“Used KPR 77 drum machine. Powers up and makes sound. This unit has a few scratches and there on knob has a piece of metal pushed in it for a guide. The unit is “as is”. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“We are not aficionados on all these piece of equipment, but fortunately (Except for band practice night!) our neighbors son plays in a band and was happy to give these items a clean bill of health.

This auction features a vintage Korg programmable rhythm machine. This machine comes with three original overlays for being acquainted to the machine. The 9v plug accessories does come with this machine, and it comes in a hard case, not original but it is the reason this one is in excellent cosmetic condition. This was used sparingly and is in excellent working condition. From a google search, I was able to find the following characteristics about this machine:

Has the following great analog synth drum sounds: kick, snare, toms, closed and open hi hat, cymbal and claps. Programmable flam, mixer for all sounds, DIN sync, 2 trigger outputs for triggering arpeggiators, sequencers, etc” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“missing a button and works but something doesn’t seem right with the programming side of things?

sure its not a major issue but i don’t have the time to get it seen to, so will sell as parts or spares” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Yo, you are bidding on a KORG KPR-77 DRUM MACHINE!
the drum machine is in used condition and comes with original leather KORG case and manual (in Japanese sorry!) available as a PDF online!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Used with a few scratches and dings. Works great.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Verkaufe eine Drummachine von Korg KPR-77 mit Orginal Handbuch.

Ein Analoge Drummachine mit Sequencer, war sozusagen die Konkurenz zu Rolands 707/808/909.

Das Gerät wurde Modifiziert in Hinblick der Ausgänge. Ich kann mich aber nicht mehr genau Erinnern, ich glaube das Metronome oder Accent noch auf einen der Ausgänge gelegt wurde. Das ergibt sich aber wenn man die Maschine aufmacht und sich die Verkabelung intern anschaut.

Gerät hat Lautstärke Regler für Metronome, Accent, Bassdrum, Snare, Hihat, Cym/Clps, Tom und Folgende
Anschlüsse: OUT: Main Links / Rechts / SD/CLPS / Phones / Start/Stop Gnd / TRIGGER OUT: Tom Hi, Tom Lo Sync mit Din Anschluss und In/Out Select / Tape in, out und DC 9V

Netzteil gab es schon nicht mehr von jenem dem ich das Gerät abgekauft habe. Jedes Multi-Netzteil tut es aber gut wenn es die richtigen Vorraussetzungen hat. Die Korg

Drummachinen klingen meiner meinung nach mehr Lofi und Schmutziger als die Roland.

+++ This is the Korg KPR-77 Drummachine. its been modded by the preowner but i cant fully remember what it was. i remember the machine modded for a bit more outputs – but you may see if you check the circuit.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Korg KPR-77 Drum Machine

Your bidding on a used KPR-77 drum machine. A great alternative to the Roland TR-606.

Sometimes the pads double trigger and some buttons require more presssure. This is common for its age and probably need a cleaning. The screen is faded in some areas but is still legible and otherwise works fine.

The case shows some wear due to age, some scratches (see pix). The button overlay panel has lifted from the case on one end (see pix). It would need to be re-glued to sit flat. Battery compartment is clean.

I will include a printed copy of the manual.

Non-original power supply included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“All Buttons potentiometers and switches tested and sound is GREAT. Recorded 16 patterns into BASIC BANK A 1-16 stored in memory.

This Korg drum machine is actually easy to progam. Just follow the easy guide instructions that comes with this item.Much easier to follow than the Korg owners manual that is also included. You will be writing your own patterns in no time.

Machine has been cleaned and tested. Comes with KORG 120v A/C adapter , PDF owners manual and 4 NEW C Cell batteries to retain pattern memory. Will send along a print out of a QUICK Start guide to help you get up and running as the ORIGINAL Manual can be a bit difficult. DIN SYNC on the KPR77 is 48 ppq and can be set to sync out or sync in. Trigger outputs are programmable in the pattern record mode” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Korg KPR 77 analoger Drumcomputer

Die KPR-77 war Korg’s Antwort auf Roland’s TR-606 Drummachine. Wie die 606 hat die KPR-77 eine analoge Klangerzeugung und bietet alle wichtigen Drumsounds. Jeder Sound Level kann individuell mit den Fadern eingestellt werden und die KPR hat im Gegensatz zur 606 eine LCD Anzeige (ähnlich der Roland TR-505).” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This KR 55 allows you to send each drum sound to its own output. Creativity to the max!

This KR 55 contains a Clock in port to sync up other gear

Includes the KR-55 and Korg dual foot switch.
Left corner is chipped. Does not effect sound. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is from our Vintage Dollars and Synth collection .Please note that although the lights come on , as indicated in pix, I am selling this as is, and is in need of repair. It may be something simple, but I am selling this as in need of service or for additional parts. Item was used and purchased this as part of a past studio dance production. I am selling a few vintage pieces so that I can purchase other equipment.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“You’re looking at a vintage KPR77 drum machine made by Korg. This drum machine is in excellent condition. If you’re looking for a drum machine that sounds unlike the typical 707, 606 sounds everyone else plays with, this is the machine for you.
Cosmetically, the only problem is the two missing sliders visible on the right of the unit. It’s not difficult to find compatible sliders, I just never bothered as they don’t add any functionality. Please bid with confidence on this great analog drum machine. ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This is a KPR-77 drum machine that I recently bought on Ebay. It is comparable to the Roland TR-606. Unfortunately, it is partially nonfunctioning, so I am relisting it.

It is capable of making the individual drum sounds in ‘write/training’ mode, and the metronome plays when ‘start/stop’ is pressed. You cannot write any patterns to memory though, even with 4 C batteries put in. Also, the KPR freezes up when it is switched to ‘Play’ mode. This might be good for someone with some electronics expertise. Also, the battery cover is missing. The KPR-77 will come with the original manual.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“KORG KPR-77 retro analogue drum machine in original carrying case.
Released in 1982 and used by Depeche Mode among others.
Nowadays it’s a very rare and sought after gem and here you have one waiting to be yours. It’s in perfect working condition and runs on batteries. No a/c-adapter included.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Up for sale is a Korg Kpr-77 analog drum machine. I will be upfront and tell you I dont have a clue how it operates. I plugged in a pair of headphones and tapped the drum pads and they worked and sounded fine. I dont know how to program it and frankly I am far too lazy to read the 182 page Korg factory Owners Manual that comes with it. I understand that numbers of people like this model and use them today. I hope that it finds a good home” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“This vintage drum machine came from a local gentlemans estate but it was not used for some time and was stored in the basement. I did not get the power cord to test it so I am selling it for parts or repair. No cracks or chips but the surface has scratches and needs a cleaning. Sold as found with No Reserve” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Zur Versteigerung kommt hier eine ANALOGE DRUM-MACHINE KORG KPR-77 in perfektem Zustand (siehe Fotos) und der Original Tragetasche.

Sie sieht super aus und klingt auch fantastisch, tendenziell eher in Richtung einer TR-606. Einzelausgänge und 5-pol-Sync-Buchse.

Der Artikel wird so wie er ist verkauft. Keine Rücknahme/Gewährleistung (Privatverkauf)” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Description: This is a vintage Korg KPR-77 analog drum machine professional electronic musical instrument. Made by Korg Electronics in the early 1980′s, this machine features true analong synthesized drum sounds and onboard sequencing. This machine is in excellent working condition and very good cosmetic condition. This unit does not come with a user manual but that information can be found along with all this instrument’s detailed functions by doing an internet search for this model. This auction also does not include a power supply but this unit can be powered by a standard 9v AC power supply or 4 “C” battery cells (not included). The programming of this machine is typical of the early 80′s era with real time and step programming functions. Intsruments include, Bass Drum, Snare, Closed HH, Open HH, Cymbal, Clap, Hi Tom, Low Tom and Accent. There are individual sliders for instrument levels. Outputs feature Stereo L/R Audio, DIN/Sync In/Out, Tape memory storage In/Out, Headphones, Start/ Stop pedal and Tom Triggers Out. All functions work properly and this unit is in very good cosmetic condition with some minor scratches and rub wear on a couple pads.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“etat impecable pour une machine de cet age

parfait etat da fonctionement

livree sans alimentation” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, KPR-77 @ 23 October 2010, Comments Off

“Excellent Condition! all knobs and battery cover included…
100% analog and sounds like related to the roland tr-606
100% working, din sync works so do the 2 trigger outputs…
So use it w/DIN sync and trigger analog synths with the 2 trigger outputs!!!” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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” krg kpr 77 drum machine like new. comes with box,casette,power supply,carring case.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

Korg, KPR-77 @ 02 October 2010, Comments Off

“Defekt an Bastler/ Broken! ” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.