DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 17 December 2016, Comments Off

dvp-1 “It’s in good shape but has some signs of use. All the turn knobs turn properly and smooth and aren’t sloppy. The push buttons push in fine and the ones that light up light up when pushed in. The Led screen show the numbers and works fine. The face of it is pretty clean, only a few scratches and the body of it isn’t all dinged up or scratched up. Please view my pictures.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 24 September 2016, Comments Off

dvp-1 ” I am selling a Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor. Works great comes with power cord. What you see in the pics is what you get.
1 – Korg DVP-1 unit
1 power cord for Korg unit.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 14 May 2016, Comments Off

dvp-1 “I purchased this from a major studio in LA and I’ve owned it for many years, but I can’t say that I’ve used it that much. Prior to listing, I went through most of it’s functions without noticing any flaws. I selected patches and used the vocoder, pitch shifter, harmonizer, internal wave, chorus, unison; and everything seemed to work great. Vocoder sounds amazing and is worth it for that alone in my opinion.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 30 April 2016, Comments Off

dvp-1 “Here is another Korg product we have for sale here on eBay. This Buy it Now auction is for a VINTAGE KORG DVP-1. This unit is in excellent condition with some minor wear and has been tested as follows: I powered it up, plugged in a microphone and headphones and tested the Harmonizer and Pitch Shift which both worked. The Chorus and Unison buttons also changed the sound. I then plugged in a keyboard with a midi cable and tested both the Vocoder and Int Wave which both worked. The midi indicator on the front panel lit up when the keys were played on the external keyboard. The level, direct level and effect level knobs all were tested and work as well as the value editor. The program and parameter buttons changed the display accordingly when appropriate values were entered. The only thing I did not check was the programmer write and store functions because I did not know how. ” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 02 April 2016, Comments Off

dvp-1 “auction for Vintage Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor, with ac cord. $25.00 s/h U.S.A. Insured #5893

Cosmetics: Great condition, may show normal wear, scratches

Operational condition: tested all works great, easy to use.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 12 March 2016, Comments Off

dvp-1 ” KORG DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor Vocoder Harmonizer Synthesizer

very nice korg vocoder sounds totally vintage and is becoming increasingly rare
many vocals presets aswell similar to roland vp330
the harmoniser sounds great and you can do anything form tiny mouse voices to deep monsters
perfect for studio rack film and radio
the dvp1 is in very good condition with only the usual tiny marks nothing serious at all
everything is working perfectly no issues” Link

DVP-1, Korg @ 20 February 2016, Comments Off

Up for sale today is another great find.This is a Korg DVP-1 Rack Mount Voice Synthesizer from the now closed Southern Tracks Studios in Atlanta,Ga.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 24 October 2015, Comments Off

dvp-1 “The Korg DVP-1 is a great and classic early 80s Vocoder / Vocal Processor with Vocoder, Internal Wave, Harmonize and Pitch Shift Modes. It includes 5 Voices for the harmonizer (4 with chorus), internal synth for the vocoder, Unison mode, and 64 patches of memory. This unit is in great condition and is 100% functional.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 19 September 2015, Comments Off

used dvp-1” Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice processor Display item RARE VINTAGE.

Rarely used.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 05 September 2015, Comments Off

dvp-1 “Up for auction is a really nice korg dvp-1 vocoder. It’s in excellent condition, works great, had it in my studio. Does have alittle rack rash. Closed Down my studio and selling everything, check my other auctions out for great studio gear. Will be listing everyday…” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 22 August 2015, Comments Off

dvp-1 “Works great. Couple of scuffs” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 20 June 2015, Comments Off

dvp1“Up for auction with no reserve is a KORG Dvp-1 Digital Vocal Processer. Unit powers on, but only white noise comes out. I had a buddy open it up for me, and he said that there were a few cracks on some of the boards. Some of the boards are perfect/intact though. I’m sorry, I tried to reopen it, but couldn’t (for more photos of the boards), so I am just selling this one as is. Includes power cable, rack ears and screws along with the unit. US voltage. Please see photos for details.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 16 May 2015, Comments Off

dvp-1“KORG DVP-1

Digital Voice Processor – polyphoner Synthesizer mit 8 Wellenformen und Vocoder in einem Gerät

In gutem gebrauchtem und gepflegten Zustand!
Bitte schauen Sie auf www.korg.de.
Dort erhalten Sie entsprechende Informationen.
Preis,ohne Kaltgeräte Kabel
Vielen Dank!” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 04 April 2015, Comments Off

dvp-1 “Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice processor Display item RARE VINTAGE

This DVP-1 is a display item in a music shop. Never been sold or used in a studio or somewhere else just in the shop.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 29 November 2014, Comments Off


DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 15 November 2014, Comments Off

dvp1” korg dvp1 vocoder from the 80s. really sweet vocoder! i just upgraded to a roland svc-350, so I’m selling this dude. great working condition. has scratches and whatnot from being racked. i don’t have the rack ears but ill throw in the two prong power cord. ” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 04 October 2014, Comments Off

dvp-1“Good condition.
Working perfectly :)

The unit is 220V version.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 20 September 2014, Comments Off

dvp-1 “Korg DVP 1 Digital Voice processor. Until is in great condition. Ordered from the USA A couple years back and has sat in the studio untouched since.

Hopefully someone will make use of it, i never did.

I does need a step converter to work in the UK. ” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 13 September 2014, Comments Off

dvp-1 “Powered on only. The volume knob is a little loose. I bought this from Guitar Center used a couple of years ago. They advertised it as great working condition, but I never got the chance to test it out.” Link

DVP-1, Korg @ 30 August 2014, Comments Off

dvp1 “Kann das Gerät nicht testen, da kein Kabel vorhanden ist. Es war ein Bestandteil der Musikanlage meines Schwiegervater. Er versicherte mir das es funktioniert.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 30 August 2014, Comments Off

dvp-1“vintage teil mit kratzern und gebrauchsspuren, aber voll funktionsfähig!” Link

DVP-1, Korg @ 23 August 2014, Comments Off

used dvp1 “Digital voice processor, vintage, rack ready!” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 26 July 2014, Comments Off

“Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor

Unit works and sounds great
No scratchiness or static with knobs or buttons; LCD legible too
Some physical scuffs and scratches on top and bottom of unit, but nothing that affects sounds in or out.
Does not come with rack ears
But does come with original 2-prong Roland and Korg-like power cord AND copy of Owner’s Manual” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 31 May 2014, Comments Off

“Nice unit and works fine, some clean minor scratches, and comes with power cable. It turns on and I ran audio through it, everything sounded great and works fine. Some scratches and wear on top lid, minor scratches from normal use elsewhere. Came off a working system. A PDF manual printout will be included.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 01 March 2014, Comments Off

“Up for auction is a vintage Korg DVP-1 (Digital Voice Processor) Vocoder/Harmonizer/Wave Generator from the 1980′s.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 22 February 2014, Comments Off

“korg dvp1 from a smoke and pet free home.original 80s vocoder with fantastic sound.as used by stevie wonder among others.
supplied with a printed manual.selling due to downsizing studio.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 21 December 2013, Comments Off

“Used(Very Good)
perfect working condition
with cable.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 02 November 2013, Comments Off

“Sowohl technisch als auch optisch einwandfreier Zustand! Das Display lässt sich schlecht fotografieren,
funktioniert aber tadellos.” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 18 October 2013, Comments Off

“This listing is for a Vintage KORG DVP-1.
This unit is 100% perfect working. In EXCELLENT condition.
This unit comes with the power cable.
This unit is for 100Voltage. You may need the voltage converter to use it.” Link

DVP-1, Korg @ 12 October 2013, Comments Off

“Korg DVP-1 Voice processor vocoder with rare moification

Another rare and interesting rack piece from the south florida collector’s estate sale

Midi in out and thru on rear panel

These units are hard to find and most are from Japan with high shipping costs

Power cable, printed manual are included

Serial number 001427

Some sort of professional modification on the rear panel, there is a jack above the midi

ports. You can see in picture that it looks well done on the outside. Not sure what it does, I have scanned the web for two days to try and figure out what it is. Extra input, CV /Modulation in ?

If any of you out there know what this jack does please let me know, I am still trying to understand it

Unit is in very good physical condition and has rack ears

I have tested this unit to the best of my abilities” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 10 August 2013, Comments Off

“Here’s my analogue vocoder – quite collectable and rare these days

fully working” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 27 July 2013, Comments Off

“Here is the Korg DVP-1 – Digital Voice Processor. This is an early digital synth/effect with powerful harmonization, pitch shifter, and vocoder capabilities. It is also a basic synthesizer, generating it’s own sounds for use as the vocoder carrier. It sounds great! More defined than most analog vocoders, but without the sterile sound of a plugin. Quite a powerful effect, for much less than the cost of an Eventide or such. Comes with manual. This is the more reliable later version, with a properly mounted power supply. ” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 06 July 2013, Comments Off

” I am selling my Korg DVP-1 rack mounted vintage Digital Voice Processor with original power cable. It is in very good condition, with some rack rash but with a very clean face. Everything works: the internal wavetables, the vocoder and the harmonizer. It was part of my collection, but priorities have been rearranged. ” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 22 June 2013, Comments Off

“Aus meiner Studioauflösung:

Korg DVP-1 Voice-Processor, Vocoder, Pitch-Shifter in gutem Zustand!” Link

DVP-1, Korg, Vocoder @ 01 June 2013, Comments Off

“Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor Midi Harmonizer Chorus excellent condition tested and works as it should normal wear no abuse comes with power cable.” Link