Keytar, Liberation, Moog @ 20 February 2017, “No Comments”

moogliberation “Original vintage Minimoog Liberation strap-on keytar
The Liberation keytar has 44 keys with the Moog ribbon controller and is monophonic with two oscillators, there is also a polyphonic section for organ sounds.

Keyboard and controller in good to very good condition with a very minor cosmetic blemish (see pictures). XLR connecting cable rebuilt in 1994.

Includes original case in acceptable condition (inside in good to very good condition)

Purchased used in 1994. No other owner since that time.
Model 338A / 3388X
Serial No: 1600X (for keytar)
Serial No: 3332 (for controller)” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 17 February 2017, “No Comments”

shs10 “Yamaha SHS-10 Keyboard Synthesiser.

Very good overall condition. Vintage FM keyboard synthesiser / keytar.

Boxed as pictured. Can be battery powered or played with a power supply. ” Link

JunoST-21, Keytar @ 07 February 2017, “No Comments”

justst “This is a bit of an oddity in the u.s. It is a polyphonic analog synth that came all the way from the ussr. It has an lfo that can either modulate pitch or filter, envelope shaper octave switch and a weird pitch wheel. I think that the internal trim pot for the resonance needs to be adjusted. It has a good 80s horror movie sound, but more specifically it is good for pads and string sounds. It has a handle so that it can also be strapped on as a keytar. It is old and a bit rough, but still works. A cool piece for a soviet synth enthusiast or suspense junkie looking for budget analog sounds. Included are the adapters necessary to play it here. Both din to quarter inch adapter and the voltage step down adapter are part of this lot.” Link

Keytar, SHS-200, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

shs200 “Yamaha SHS-200, all appears to work, all the keys and the pitch controller, see video, I do not have the ac adaptor, or the strap, or the instruction manual, tested using batteries which are included. I know how to wrap items for safe transit., non smoke home.” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

ed “Nice Find!!!! Vintage! Tested and works!” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 03 February 2017, Comments Off

shs10 “Item has been tested and cleaned and is in great working order but does have some cosmetic wear as shown. No power cord is included. Purchase includes unit as shown and only the item(s) in the picture are included in the auction” Link

AX-7, Keytar, Roland @ 29 January 2017, Comments Off

ax7 “Runs on 6 AA Batteries. Batteries Not Included. Power Supply Not Included.

Our Keyboard Tech did a Major Service. Everything Functions Correctly. Gig ready on Arrival!”

Keytar, Korg, RK-100 @ 28 January 2017, Comments Off

rk100s “KORG RK-100S-BK KEYTAR Used Synthesizer w/ Gigbag
Accessories: strap, soft case
Overall this is in excellent condition.There are few minor scratch/marks.
Please feel free to ask for more information.” Link

Keytar, KX-5, Yamaha @ 20 January 2017, Comments Off

kx5“Please look carefully the photograph before your buy.
There is a body where there is a damage or scratches.” Link

Keytar, Liberation, Moog @ 09 January 2017, Comments Off

liberation “Moog Liberation
1. Used Condition
2.Will need to be serviced or tuned
3.Case is in great shape
4. Vintage selling as is” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 08 January 2017, Comments Off

ax09 “My Roland Lucina, never been on a gig , had plans to use it but joined different type of band that doesn’t really fit the style . Really nice condition. Plays and performs as it should. I will include the dedicated Roland strap , manual and generic ac adapter and it will have batteries in it ready to go ! Shipping to lower 48 only. ” Link

JunoST-21, Keytar @ 27 December 2016, Comments Off

moog1120 “JUNOST-21
Vintage Soviet Analog Keytar Synthesizer JUNO Ussr Synth
Inside like new.

No power supply. Not possible check.It sold as not working.
No shipping to Australia and New Zealand.

You could take a look at the pictures.
All of the pictures are actual, you will get what you see.”

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 18 December 2016, Comments Off

axsynth “Pls note that this keytar has few scratches on the tip. Please see all photos. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. ” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 18 December 2016, Comments Off

ax09 “I won it at a charity auction and paid too much for something I never used. Best deal on ebay. Selling used on Amazon for $595. Stylish, lightweight, compact design with easy-to-use, intuitive user interface 150 high-quality sounds that cover a wide stylistic range, plus extra customized premium quality sounds (high demand) 37-note velocity-sensitive keyboard, 128-voice polyphony External-In Jack and USB-Memory Audio Player Function (You can enjoy playing your favorite songs) Runs on AC or battery power” Link

AX-1, Keytar, Roland @ 11 December 2016, Comments Off

ax1 “Selling my used ’92 Roland AX-1 Keytar. There are some marks on the back of the keytar because it’s been well loved and played. The keys on the front are a custom job and, I think, add character to the instrument. Still works great, battery powered option works, 9V DC plug works, and midi works.” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, Comments Off

sghs10 “All functions tested and working. Comes with batteries, ac adapter, and original Yamaha strap.” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 09 December 2016, Comments Off

shs10r “Yamaha Keyboard Model SHS-10r. Made in Japan. Serial #313496. Given as a gift to my son, and he never used it (sad to say), so it is in near mint condition. Original strap. Original power accessory. Original user manual. I put batteries in it to try out all of the key functions, and all is perfect. Only has the slightest of marks too small to picture. Not stored with batteries in it so battery compartment is minty. No batteries included as I don’t want shipping problems.” Link

Keytar, KX-5, Yamaha @ 25 November 2016, Comments Off

kx5 “You are bidding on the rare and vintage Yamaha KX5 Keyboard Controller in great cosmetic/working condition.” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 13 November 2016, Comments Off

ax09 “Comes with all owner’s manuals, 8 enloop hi-performance rechargeable batteries, plus spare hi-quality replacement headphone jack.” Link

Keytar, SHS-200, Yamaha @ 11 November 2016, Comments Off

shs200 “YAMAHA KEYTAR SHS 200 MIDI FM DIGITAL KEYBOARD WHITE for parts repair working but as you can see missing several keys and broken plastic on one corner.” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 30 October 2016, Comments Off

keytar “I’m going in a different direction with my music and wanted to share the opportunity that comes from doing that. I’m selling my Roland Ax-Synth keytar, its hard shell case, and keyboard stand. Its power cord, strap, and manual are included with this but it can also run on AA batteries.

I’m also including the wireless system I purchased to work with it, the Shure PGXD. This comes with its own manual, power cord, the wireless receiver (PGXD4), and the wireless transmitter that hooks onto your belt to make the keytar wireless (PGXD1).” Link

Keytar, KX-5, Yamaha @ 28 October 2016, Comments Off

kx5 “Please look carefully the photograph before your buy.
There is a body where there is a damage or scratches.
Accessories: Body” Link

Keytar, Prophet Remote, Sequential Circuits @ 20 October 2016, Comments Off

remote “Remote Keyboard for Sequential Circuits Prophet 5. Manufacturers part number 1001. Includes the connecting cable to hook it up to your Prophet 5 synthesizer. Has full sized Pitch and Mod wheels instead of the little stick thing. Also has custom paint job as you can see in the pics. Has it’s own memory bank so you can load numerous patches from your Prophet 5 onboard. Sold As-Is since I cannot currently test it because synth was sold awhile back, but it worked the last time I had it hooked up.” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 02 October 2016, Comments Off

ax09 “I’m selling this Synthesizer because I have hardly used it at all since I bought it brand new. It’ll come with the Synthesizer in full working order, the original power supply, and the original strap. This thing is a lot of fun to play with as it has many stock sounds you can use, but you can also use it as a midi keyboard. ” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 25 September 2016, Comments Off


Keytar, Liberation, Moog @ 19 September 2016, Comments Off

liberation keytar ” This is a vintage 1980 Liberation 338A/338BX with original strap, power cable and Technical Service Manual (a wealth of information) . Sold AS IS. The power supply is NOT included, it was lost during a move. I was planning on building a new power supply using the schematic but never got around to it (power supply is +15v. -15v, audio out, trigger and control voltage). The unit was fully functional up to that point. It has missing slider pot knobs but all sliders are intact and move freely. The paint does show wear as it was used.” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 18 September 2016, Comments Off

qxsnth “sell my Roland Ax-Synth 49 keys in perfect condition, everything works nothing broken, I sell with his bag, his support belt but his charger and manual, thanks and good luck in the auction.” Link

Keytar, SHS-200, Yamaha @ 16 September 2016, Comments Off


Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 09 September 2016, Comments Off

shs200 “Great condition, has original box! Works great it plays well, sounds great! Comes with strap takes C battery’s does not come with battery’s! ” Link

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 04 September 2016, Comments Off

ax09 “Here is a black Roland Lucina AX-09 Keytar synthesizer/controller with it’s Factory owner’s manual and Factory power supply in very good condition. There are no issues with this keyboard except very minor body wear. All buttons, knobs, keys and inputs/outputs work well. ”

AX-09, Keytar, Roland @ 28 August 2016, Comments Off

ax09 “Like new Roland Lucina w gig bag, power supply, Roland strap and manual. ” Link

Ax-Synth, Keytar, Roland @ 21 August 2016, Comments Off

axsynth “For sale is my Roland AX Synth Keytar, I bought this a while ago and its not really me! it comes with power adaptor it can also run on batteries,
i,m sure if you are looking you know what it can do,there is no box but if you wish to arrange your own courier to collect i will be able to bubble wrap
though i would prefer it to be collected.” Link

Keytar, SHS-10, Yamaha @ 19 August 2016, Comments Off

shs10r ” I am not familiar with any kind of musical instrument but this is what I know for certain. I turned it on and pushed the DEMO button and it played a beautiful song and had great sound. Then I pushed each black key and each white key and they all made sounds. I pushed all the other buttons on top and they all did something. The only ones I didn’t hear a difference is when I pushed the voice keys. Not sure how to test that section. The battery cover is gone. If you have any other questions please let me know before you bid. So good luck and happy bidding!” Link

Keytar, KX-5, Yamaha @ 19 August 2016, Comments Off

yamahakx5 “This is a Yamaha KX-5 Keytar MIDI controller in fine playing condition., some scratches here and there, but nothing really bad.

Missing battery cover., a piece of duct tape works fine., also missing the AA battery holder but it can be powered with a 9V battery just fine.” Link

AX-1, Keytar, Roland @ 14 August 2016, Comments Off

ax-1 keytar “See more below.

The AX-1 is a MIDI-only controller, meaning it doesn’t have an internal sound engine. Like any typical MIDI controller, you connect it to an external sound engine via a MIDI cable. This is were the TransMIDI comes in. It takes a MIDI signal in, converts it audio, passes it to a 1/4″ connection (that you would then connect to your own wireless system). That wireless system then passes everything to the far end, which then inputs to a remote TransMIDI unit, which converts it back to MIDI, and then hands it off to a sound engine.

You can see the three general pieces of the system in the picture. The larger one (and the power supply) is the receiver for the far end that plugs into your sound engine/module with a standard MIDI cable, and plugs into your standard audio wireless system. The smaller box is what pairs with a MIDI controller and the other part of your wireless receiver (typically people would velcro or hang them off a strap). In this case, the guts of that smaller module have actually been mounted inside the AX-1. This way the AX-1 can do two things; output MIDI via a standard MIDI cable, or output MIDI via 1/4″ to your wireless system.” Link