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k5m “Used as-is. No returns no refunds no exchanges. Estate sale. Working but old. Dim display no backlight and buttons need attention or patience to use. Dont think its been used in years. Sounds are killer. Original manual.” Link

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k5 “Kawai K5 Synthesizer *Very Rare Collectors Multi-Dimensional Additive Synth* (K5000 Legacy) As used by JMJarre

Kawai K5 Synthesizer Keyboard 100% functional from 1987! – very nice NEW collectors condition! Comes with AC power cord.

240v rated synth. Clear LCD – no pixels missing – very bright!” Link

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k5 “This synth makes use of additive synthesis, with control given over 63 harmonics. Comes with original owner’s manual. Sounds are best edited using editing software, since there is control given over so many parameters.” Link

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k5 “VINTAGE KAWAI K5 PROGRAMMABLE SYNTHESIZER PIANO KEYBOARD . This is in pretty good shape and work. The LCD can only be seen from one angle? It’s weird. You can see it from the angle I shot the picture. ” Link

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k5m “This is a perfectly working Kawai K5M. In amazing shape . Screen a little dim” Link

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k5” Kawai K5m multi-dimensional synthesizer module. Works perfectly-all buttons and knobs function as they should. Cosmetically this unit is a little rough (please see pics)but it does not affect any of the operations. Comes with a pdf copy of the manual and the power cord. ” Link

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k5m” This is one of my all time favorite synths, sounds really bright and spikey, pretty unique compared to everything you hear now.

I hate to have to sell it but I must…It has been sitting in my studio unused for the past 15 years or so, but I turned it on and checked it out, everything works as it should, just a little scratched up as you can see from the picts” Link

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k5m “Kawai K5m rackmount additive synthesizer with very unique FM-like sounds. It excels at pads with movement. Midi in/out/thru and 4 outs.The front face is very clean, near mint. There are a few scrapes on the back, as noted in the pictures. Fully functional.” Link

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k5“Vintage Kawai k5 digital additive synthesis synthesizer & additional memory RAM card

This vintage kawai k5 is from 1987 and works great!

all keys and buttons work – I have had this synth for about 10 years

it has been stored in a climate controlled building in plastic for the last few years” Link

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kawai k5 “Vintage Kawai k5 digital additive synthesis synthesizer & additional memory RAM card

This vintage kawai k5 is from 1987 and works great!

all keys and buttons work – I have had this synth for about 10 years

it has been stored in a climate controlled building in plastic for the last few years” Link

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k5m“If you are looking at this, you may or may not know what it is, as it is a pretty rare, unknown, underused and very under-rated synth

If I had to compare it’s unique sound to anything else…it sounds very much like a PPG with bright spikey basses, weird pads, vocals and bright bells

No software virtual instrument through a computer soundcard beats the sound of a dedicated hardware synth like this.

It is one of my all time favorite synths because it is so obscure, not many people use it and it can set you apart from everyone else who use the same synths for everything.

It pains me greatly to have to sell this, but I must, I actually have another one that I am keeping, would have been nice to have 2 but I must slim down my studio.

Everything works great as expected, a few scratches here and there, but this is how I bought it, haven’t used it much for the past few years, have to sell” Link

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k5 “We are selling this unit for parts or repair only. The reason why is because some of the keys are dead, No other test conducted. Unit will require repair before regular use. We are selling this synthesizer “as is”. No returns accepted. About cosmetic condition we highly recommend if you could Please Check Pictures Above” Link

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“This K5 synth has a few keys not working; otherwise fully functional. It is sold with out the AC plug which I need for my Akai desk, so you will have to source your own AC plug. There are a few minor marks and scratches but nothing to worry about cosmetically.” Link

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“This is a Kawai K5 Digital Multi-Dimensional Synthesizer. I tested it out and it does turn on and all the keys work expect the second “F” key from the left that is why i am selling it for parts or not working. It is still in good shape otherwise and sounds good when played. It does not have an interal speaker so you have to plug it into an amp or speaker system. It does not include an amp or speaker however. Im selling the synthesizer as is and please see pictures for more details on the condition of the synthesizer.” Link

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“K5m additive synthesizer module. Strange and beautiful cold sounding, distinctly digital but different than FM. LCD display has no backlight. Sounds can be edited through MIDI for easier programming. Unit has some rack rash and minor cosmetic scratches. All buttons and dial are functioning.” Link

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” This is a tank of a board…needs bo introduction…really hate to sell; but can’t justify 47 keyboards and no job.” Link

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“In good condition missing volume slider nob(Still works perfectly) a few minor chips and scratches from being used on stage but still in perfect working condition” Link

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“This particular unit has had modifications done to the audio output circuitry for a hotter signal and low noise. The backlight is dim, but still works. There are a few blemishes to the paint finish, some bubbling of the paint around the data dial and some scratches which have been touched up, but this is only noticeable upon close inspection Comes with original manual, and Kawai memory card for extra patch storage. ” Link

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“Kawai K5m for sale.

It has some wear on the body but works perfectly. The backlight is out.

Great synthesizer.” Link

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“You are bidding on an old school Kawai K5 synth that sounds great but has a few keys that are not working which may just need the contacts cleaned. All the buttons and knobs are in working order and it sounds great. They keys with the great tape on them are the ones that need to be fixed. The display text is nice and clear. The backlite is not super bright but can be seen in the dark with no problem. It’s in good condition but it’s old and has some cosmetic wear including some keys with burn marks on them. Not a big deal and the board is very solid and still looks great. Comes with the power cord. Packing will be top notch.” Link

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“Up for auction, is a Kawai K5M synthesizer module.

It’s in good, used condition, with the normal wear and tear that you’ll find on any well-loved piece of musical gear. There are some scratches on the control panel and rack ears, and it is missing the fader cap for the volume control (control still works fine).” Link

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“This K5 is fully functional, and doubles as a MIDI controller. The number 5 button is a little uncooperative, but that’s the only problem I know of, and it does come along with a slightly harder touch. The unit comes with a power cord.” Link

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“Vintage Kawai K5 Digital multi-dimensional Synthesizer
This is a digital keyboard that was sold in the late 80′s.
Some of the keys DO NOT work properly I counted at least eight some did not sound at all and others would sound at a certain velocities.
One button does not respond (the window 4/D button) the rest work but some require more work to get them to function.

-The keyboard case is in good condition with minor wear here and there, please refer to pics. It could use a thorough cleaning.

The volume slilder makes a scrtatchy noise while it is moved up or down. Sometimes when the slider is all the way down it goes to full volume.

-The sound functions fine (a bit noisey but duw to early analog to digital converters) and responds to MIDI which sounds all of the notes from an external keyboard.
The keyboard case is in good condition with minor wear here and there, please refer to pics. It could use a thorough cleaning.

The K-5 has a unique digital sound. (There are no PCMs or samples) again this is a digital synthesizer.” Link

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“This K5m is in good working condition, The display backlight is dim, although this is common on displays of this type and age. Cosmetically, the condition is decent, there are numerous wear marks in various places , please take a look at the pictures for further details. There is also a “Fly” sticker on the front edge. The rack mount holes have paint worn of them as well. Original manual and power cord are included. ” Link

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“Hard to find, vintage, 80′s synth with a sound unlike any other. Digital additive synth great for unique digital drones and metallic sounds. Run it through a phaser and/or a distortion and this thing KILLS! ” Link

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“NO RESERVE!!! This unit is in great cosmetic and working condition with only a few very minor surface scuffs due to normal use and has been tested! It comes with the power cord, manual not included but is very easily found online. ” Link

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“60 note, 15 part multi-timbral, 16 note polyphonic additive synthesiser. Four assignable outputs, 48 internal patch memories plus 48 on external memory card (pictured) The back light has recently been replaced.
It comes with a basic, but purpose built, plush lined, wooden flight case.

This has a couple of scuffs but is otherwise fine. It saw service in my studio as a master keyboard for quite a while on account of its multi-timbrality.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.

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“Rare vintage Kawai K5 synthesizer in excellent condition. The keyboard looks almost brand new with no wear and tear or scratches. The keyboard is built of all metal construction and has a great keyboard feel with velocity on and off ( release ) velocity. This was a groundbreaking synthesizer when it came out in 1987. It uses additive synthesis, building sounds from up to 126 harmonics. The keyboard comes in the original box with all the original manuals and a Kawai DC-32 RAM memory card for storing additional patches.” Auction ended. Click here to browse on eBay.